CCM 224

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Eighth CNY chapter 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 224 – First Sign of a Conspiracy Pt.2

Seeing Suo Jia and his group’s performance, Karuda felt angry, ashamed, and heartache all at the same time. Putting aside those 20,000 swordsmen and 10,000 armored chariot soldiers, who were just ordinary soldiers, didn’t matter much if they died. It wasn’t worth feeling heartache over their deaths. However, the 200 member rescue team that had rushed over later were experts among experts, yet all of them had been cut down here. This was too great of a loss.

This was a battlefield. Nobody could stand straight after going against that shower of arrows. Even if they stood against the first wave, there’s no way they could’ve lasted after the second wave. Humans had limits after all. No matter how powerful an expert was, they’d be the same as any other average person after reaching their limits.

Karuda had used up lots of energy and time to subdue these 200 experts on the rescue team. Warriors in this world were all arrogant, and would never easily follow another person.

Under the gazes of Karuda and the Alliance leader, Suo Jia’s group of people stood tall and straight, with mocking expressions on their faces. Behind Suo Jia’s group, thousands of ropes were let down from the top of the walls. Afterwards…thousands of figures quickly slid down the ropes, rushing to the battlefront. They gathered all the refined iron arrows from the enemy corpses, then transported them back to the city walls.

“Not good, they’re recollecting their arrows.” The Alliance leader shouted.

The Alliance leader and Karuda exchanged knowing glances as they both thought that the opposite party was extremely brazen; going to recollect arrows without caring about the possible dangers. Surely, this was because there weren’t many arrows in the city. In that case, they couldn’t let their soldiers’ deaths be in vain. No matter what, they wouldn’t let the other party collect their arrows. Otherwise, that piercing rain of arrows would make it impossible for them to attack back.

After the dozen waves of arrow showers earlier, the ground was covered with at least 100,000 refined iron arrows. When summed together, they were worth a massive amount. Karuda and the Alliance leader firmly believed that Dawn couldn’t possibly have that many arrows of this type.

There wasn’t any time to think about it any further. Karuda hurriedly ordered for the large army to quickly press forwards and block their opponents from obtaining the arrows. After receiving this command, the 100,000 pike users from Oz City, as well as 20,000 archers, gradually began to advance. No matter what, they had to prevent the other party from recovering their arrows.

Suo Jia’s group didn’t pay any mind to the nearing enemy troops at all; they just stood in the same place. They knew that the longer they stayed there, the more arrows they’d be able to retrieve. These arrows were just too valuable; one was worth 100,000 gold. Losing any of them would be heart-wrenching.

Seeing the attitudes of Suo Jia’s group further solidified Karuda’s and the Alliance leader’s belief that there weren’t many arrows remaining in Dawn. They ordered all the soldiers to quickly advance; once they entered the shooting range, the archers on their side would immediately fire.

After receiving the order, the army’s advancement speed immediately increased by several fold. Everyone began to break into a run. Soon afterwards, Suo Jia’s group was already within their shooting range. The 20,000 archers all drew their bows, and a rain of arrows filled the air, whizzing down towards them.

Faced against the enemy rain of fire, Suo Jia bitterly laughed and helplessly shook his head. He said to Duo Mei, who was standing next to him, “You guys hold this attack off for a bit, as I can’t do anything about it. My Water God’s Shield can’t block this kind of arrow shower.”

Duo Mei nodded and slowly drew the Angelic Phoenix war blade from her back. She brandished her blade and led her companions to brave against the raining arrows. Everyone watched as they charged over at the enemy archers.

“Oh….my god.” Everyone couldn’t help but gasp when they saw the arrows that struck the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ bodies all fall to the ground. What the hell did that count as? What in the world were those guys wearing? They weren’t even afraid of a rain of arrows, how were they supposed to be fought against?

The 36 figures flashed with lightning fast speed, instantly covering the 200 meter distance, and slaughtered their way through the group of enemy archers. Their 2 meter long war blades danced through the air, and the archers that only wore light leather armor became the victims of a massacre. In a mere moment, the entire enemy frontline had fallen apart; the pike users in the back couldn’t move up, and the archers in the front couldn’t move back.

120,000 enemy soldiers were dumbstruck and scared witless as they watched the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes slaughtering their way through. Dawn City’s 100,000 slave soldiers were completely stunned as well. What…the hell were these people? Were they War Deities that had descended from the heavens? They were impervious to sword and spear, and had gone through the 100,000 man army as if they hadn’t existed.

After a moment of silence, a world-shaking cheer came from all of Dawn City’s walls. It was just too amazing, too powerful. Seeing the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes make their way through the enemy troops unhindered made all the slave soldiers want to just charge out as well, and kill everything without restraint.

For a while, the slave soldiers all began to roar, shouting for the enemies to be let go so that they could kill as much as they wanted as well. Merely spectating made them unbearably restless.

Seeing how the morale of the soldiers had risen to an extreme, General Jason lightly waved his hand. In that moment…the clear sound of a gong rang out. Hearing this, the group collecting arrows all stopped their work, and immediately turned around to head back towards the walls. Like a group of agile monkeys, they climbed up the ropes to get back onto the city walls. In only a moment, the entire area in front of the city walls had become empty.

Although not that much time had passed, 80,000/120,000 refined arrows that had been shot out had already been retrieved. This result was already quite good; there was no need to collect all of the arrows. It wasn’t like the arrows were going to sprout legs and run away or anything.

Seeing the arrow-collecting group disperse after completing their job, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes stopped their zealous fighting as well. They left the battle perimeter to re-gather behind Suo Jia. Then, all of them sped back towards the city walls, and 37 figures rose up into the air, instantly scaling up the 10 meter high city walls. They unyieldingly turned around, and made a provocative gesture at the army behind them. If they had skill, they should come up and attack.

Although the soldiers were all furious at the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ taunt, none of them dared to move without any orders. Instead, they held themselves back and internally dealt with their frustration, their morale also falling by leaps and bounds.

Karuda and the Alliance leader both knew that continuing to battle like this would only lead to more losses, and wouldn’t be of any use at all. If they continued to get heavily injured by Dawn Army’s power, their soldiers would probably end up feeling fear and resignation towards the opposite party.

Karuda laughed maliciously and commanded loudly, “Spread my orders. Immediately go back to original stations. Let them hide in their shell; we’ll slowly exhaust them.”

Following this command, the enemy army all retreated backwards to set up camp, confronting Dawn Army from the distance. They weren’t willing to send out war chariots, nor were they willing to initiate any attacks, which left them stuck in a helpless situation.

As time passed by, the night grew deeper and deeper. It was a cloudy night, and the starlight from the sky was almost nonexistent. General Jason frowned as he lifted his head to look at the black clouds in the sky, and said, “Not good, the enemy will definitely take advantage of such a dark night and attack the city. After all…the opposite party’s army has 100,000 thieves. They’re experts at night battles. On the other hand, our archers become blind from the darkness.”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled at this and said, “Don’t worry about that. I’ll immediately dispatch the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes to guard the city. It doesn’t matter if those thieves don’t come, but if they do dare to come, Dawn Army won’t be afraid of them either.”

Suo Jia turned around and whispered a few sentences to Duo Mei. Afterwards…Duo Mei excitedly nodded, and led her companions to quickly leave the room so that they could carry out Suo Jia’s plans.

General Jason couldn’t help but feel puzzled at Suo Jia’s mysterious expression. Even after contemplating the situation for a long time, he still couldn’t understand it. Helpless, he asked Suo Jia for help. After Suo Jia explained, General Jason was completely stunned for a moment, before he raised his head and heartily laughed. The worry on his face had completely vanished as well.

It was night, when the starlight was dim, and the wind was extremely swift Just as General Jason had anticipated, in the attempt to seize Dawn City in one go, the 100,000 man thief army had been completely dispatched, all charging towards Dawn City.

It wasn’t that the Alliance leader was trying to get ahead of himself and was willing to send all his people at once. The thieves were just really too proficient at night. Even if they didn’t have enough power, they could still safely retreat. Thus, this movement could only lead to a battle with benefits, and no major losses.

In the middle of the night, the 100,000 thieves concealed themselves with the darkness, and silently made their way towards Dawn’s city walls. However, they hadn’t imagined that their every movement and action would be tracked by the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ eyes.

Seeing the mass of thieves that stretched far and wide, Duo Mei furrowed her brows. This thief army was really too formidable. They could run up the current city walls by foot, and the walls would fall into enemy hands within seconds. Exactly what kind of plans did Suo Jia have to disrupt the thief army’s night raid attack?

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