CCM 234

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Eighteenth CNY chapter 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz

Note: Six Pointed Array/Formation/Diagram = Hexagram.

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Chapter 234 – Frantic Training Pt. 2

The enemy’s side had over 2000 people like yesterday’s experts, and that wasn’t all. They also had people even more formidable. Just the Thief Alliance alone had nearly 200 of such people. In addition…General Jason’s conjecture had already been confirmed; there were indeed enemy troops heading out towards here from the opposite direction, ready to attack at any moment.

As matters stood, just being afraid of this wouldn’t get him anywhere. After pondering over this situation for the whole night, Suo Jia finally called in the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. When they saw his grave expression, the girls all knew that Suo Jia had made some kind of important decision again.

Suo Jia declared, “Ok, the reason I called everyone here today was to tell you all that while we successfully killed 200 enemy experts yesterday…the enemy still has 2000 more people like those. In addition…they also have over 200 people that are even more formidable than that.”

“Wa?!” The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. That was too ridiculous, ridiculous to the point where they couldn’t believe it. How could there be so many experts here?

Suo Jia smiled at everyone’s doubtful expressions and continued, “In addition, I also wanted to tell everyone that in the near future, the enemy will initiate an attack on us from the other direction. Their total forces number 200,000, and 30,000 of them or so have strengths the same level as yesterday’s.”

The girls all dropped their jaws open in shock. Only now did they finally truly realize what kind of realm their own strength reached. They were far too lacking, and not even comparable to the enemy elite soldiers’ formidability.

Seeing everyone’s astonished expressions, Suo Jia continued, “Originally, I had wanted everyone to rest for a few days. However, time doesn’t wait, and we don’t have any left to waste. From today onwards, all of you are to battle outside the city every day. That’s right…your opponents will be those 2000 experts and those 200 powerful masters. You must all raise your strengths as quickly as possible before the war with the enemy from the direction of the border station begins.”

Suo Jia quietly turned around to look at Duo Mei and he said, “You’re the captain of the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, so I hope that you’ll properly lead everyone else. I don’t want to lose a single sister, so you must take that responsibility, understand?”

“Pa.” Duo Mei stepped forwards and solemnly said, “Don’t worry, Young Master. No matter what, even if I need to sacrifice my own life, I will protect the safety of all my sisters. If I bring them out, then I must also bring them back to the Young Master.”

Suo Jia nodded and replied, “Alright, time is running short, so you should all head out now. Remember closely that while practicing is very important, your lives are more important. If you lose your life, you’ll lose all hopes. While you’re all diligently practicing, you must also properly protect yourselves, as well as your own companions.”

The 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes walked out of the hall one by one. The prologue to their frantic training was about to start. They waited for their enemy, who would definitely attack them non-stop.

Suo Jia stared off into space in the direction that the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had disappeared. After hesitating for a long time, he finally stood up. Unless he confirmed that they were alright with his own eyes, he wouldn’t be able to relax.

By the time Suo Jia had rushed to the city walls, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had already killed their way through the enemy formation. It was clear to see that the enemy’s experts hadn’t yet arrived. Thus, the scene before the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes was filled with war blades swinging about, people all over the place, blood flying everywhere, an all-around awe-inspiring sight.

But soon afterwards, the enemy expert group rushed over. They firmly surrounded the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes with 6 layers of people. Suo Jia watched as the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were clearly not as underprepared as they had been yesterday. Although they had been surrounded, they remained organized, and formed their hexagram formation. They then slowly used the Thousand Feathers from the inside of their formation to break open a path that allowed them to charge back to the city walls.

There were still 200 enemy experts present. Even if they had more people, it wouldn’t be of any use, as it would just make the area very crowded and hard to display their true might. In an instant, the battle became deadlocked.

Because they had arranged themselves into formation, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were all able to retreat to the inside of the formation to drink potions before they were drained of energy. Their companions behind them that would resist would suffer some difficulties, but they managed to maintain a strong, fortified defense that showed absolutely no signs of disappearing.

Timed slowly ticked by. The fierce battle had continued on for nearly an hour, and the enemy experts were finally exhausted of their energy. After the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had taken advantage of this opportunity to burst out and crazily kill over a hundred people, the remaining ones finally fled.

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes recognized that this was the time to stop, so they directly charged out from the enemy ranks and rushed back to the city. Each one of them had bright smiles on their faces. This great victory was enough to relieve a large majority of their pent-up frustrations from yesterday. However…this was obviously not enough. They’d have to continue in the afternoon as well.

After eating lunch, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes impatiently rushed back to the battlefield. They weren’t willing to waste a single second. However this time, the enemy had learned their lesson, so all of the experts were sent out. Although only 200 people could encircle the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes at the same time, when the first wave of people had exhausted their energy, they’d immediately retreat and switch with another wave.

Like this, the 2000 experts continued to battle in rotation. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all struggled to withstand them. To the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, it seemed like the enemy was always in their strongest state, and impossible to cut down.

This fierce battle continued until deep in the night. Only then did the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes use the cover of the darkness to successfully escape. After an entire day of fighting, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all felt that they had benefited quite a bit. There was already a world of difference to be seen between their state in the morning and their state in the night.

When they had gone out in the morning, they had still been disorganized from the enemy’s attacks and at loss on what to do, stuck in a completely hopeless situation. But after the whole day of intense training had passed, they had become familiar with this kind of situation, and now knew how to deal with the enemy’s attacks at any moment. They knew how to shadow each other, how to cooperate with each other, to resist the enemy’s attacks.

During the following week, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would leave early and come back late to battle outside the city. This had already become their daily training subject. The fact that they had free experts to train with them was something that they could only ever find here.

Faced with the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ relentless attacks, the enemy had no way of ignoring them, unless they retreated. Otherwise, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ killing power was so frightening that if the experts weren’t deployed to stop them, these 36 girls would be able to bring about a large number of casualties.

A week later, the letter that Suo Jia had sent out had finally come back. In light of the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ situation, Suo Jia had asked Wen Ya to search and gather a few books regarding the hexagram formation. Suo Jia knew that only this formation would keep the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes firmly stuck together to form a powerful whole.

The hexagram formation was the most powerful formation in the world. It was both the foundation of magic spell arrays, as well as the basics of battle formations. As long one actively used this shape, they’d be able to display peerless might.

Every night, Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would come together to study the formation’s subtle functions to try to integrate the shape into real battle and deepen their comprehension. By morning, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would go out to the battlefield and use all the things they learned the previous night. With the addition of the confirmation from various books they consolidated notes on, they slowly began to understand and digest the information.

The six-pointed array was actually a formation that could gather and release energy. After endless experiments, Suo Jia was delighted to discover that this formation wasn’t simple at all. According to certain arrangements, it could produce unimaginable effects.

In short, the hexagram had a total of 6 effects which split between the attributes of the six magics: Earth’s defense, Water’s freezing, Fire’s attack, Wind’s speed, Light’s recovery, and Dark’s engulfment.

The most unique part was that the hexagram congregated from the basic origins of the shape could contain everyone’s energy. This six-pointed formation would link them all together to form a storage of energy, and as long as this supply wasn’t exhausted, all of them would be able to continue attacking.

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