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Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Twenty-second CNY chapter 🙂

The Frost Wyrm~~ ❤

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz

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Chapter 238 – Pet Evolution Pt. 2

After completing this work, Suo Jia finally sighed in relief. Now, he had finally completed the equipment sets for the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. Although this wasn’t necessarily the strongest equipment they could have, Suo Jia wouldn’t spend any more energy on them for the time being. Now, everyone had collected two equipment sets each, but Suo Jia hadn’t even completed one. That wouldn’t do.

With the Fire Phoenix equipment set replicas, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were even more powerful. However…Suo Jia stuck by his previous words; they weren’t to activate the equipment sets unless at critical moments. These equipments sets were most helpful in boosting training speed. Unless they had no other alternative, they weren’t to change their battle methods.

Of course, in order for everyone to familiarize themselves with the Fire Phoenix imitation sets, everyone normally gathered to train together. If it was just that, they could activate them. If they never used it, Suo Jia was afraid that everyone wouldn’t be able to get used to the abrupt rise in strength when they did suddenly use it.

After the alchemy matters were dealt with, Suo Jia took out the alchemy furnace and prepared to begin making potions again. Although the stock of the four colored potions still had quite a bit remaining, Enchanted Zhiyao’s effects also boosted his magic power and spirit power by a substantial amount, faster than meditation. The only thing was…meditation also deepened one’s comprehension and communication with the elements, while Enchanted Zhiyao couldn’t.

After properly placing the alchemy furnace down, Suo Jia opened his interspatial ring, planning to pull out the Great Frost Wyrm icy core as he normally did to use as a cold-condensing medium. But after opening his interspatial ring, a large, blue guy came out instead.

Suo Jia looked in shock at the large blue dragon that now had a body 1.5 meters tall and incomparably tall and solid. It had a pair of massive wings, and a pair of long and pointy horns that arched backwards. Suo Jia was absolutely stupefied; what the heck was that? Was this his little pet?

The little Frost Wyrm abruptly opened its eyes, and after giving Suo Jia a frightened look, it hurriedly reached out with its front claws to grab the blue object and toss it into its mouth. After a loud chomp and sudden swallow, an expression of bliss appeared on its face.

“That…” Suo Jia had clearly seen that the thing it had thrown into its mouth was the icy core, which had shrunken to the size of a longan. As Suo Jia watched the little Frost Wyrm chew the core in its large mouth and then swallow it down, his face instantly paled. He was screwed…the Great Frost Wyrm’s core had been eaten!

The little Frost Wyrm suddenly closed its eyes, and its body began to emit a freezing air. At the same time, the little Frost Wyrm’s body began to swell up like a balloon at a rate at which the naked eye could follow.

The little Frost Wyrm grew from 1.5m to 2m in height before finally stopping. When Suo Jia looked at the incomparably thick and solid pet that was now taller than him by two heads, Suo Jia was completely stunned. Judging from its current state, this little pet had already entered the final phase of the adolescent stage!

The Great Frost Wyrm’s newborn state lasted 10 years, and the adolescent state required 100 years. But just now, when Suo Jia retrieved the little Frost Wyrm from his ring, the little pet seemed to have broken through the middle phase of the adolescent state. Afterwards…Suo Jia watched the little pet swallow the icy core, and break through the adolescent state’s final phase! In only a year, the little Frost Wyrm had skipped over 100 years of time and successfully entered the last phase of the adolescent stage!

According to the records, the Great Frost Wyrm would have the ability to fly after the later stages of the adolescent period, but still couldn’t carry people. Most importantly, it’s strength had already reached the peak of middle level magical beast, and the lowest point of high level magical beasts.

Since the icy core had already been digested by the little pet, there was no way Suo Jia could continue the Enchanted Zhiyao process. Suo Jia brought the little Frost Wyrm with him and rushed towards the city walls. He wanted to personally confirm whether the little Frost Wyrm’s might was as great as the legends said it was.

Although its body was only 2 meters tall, the little Frost Wyrm’s wings were quite sizable already, reaching a span of 6 meters, and the wings were both wide and thick. But when thinking about how the wings had to lift up such a heavy, solid body into the air, how could they not be large?

Following closely behind Suo Jia, the two of them quickly reached the front of the city walls. When the slave soldiers saw the strange little pet, they couldn’t help but try to guess, what in the world was it? Why did it look like a dragon? But what kind of dragon was blue in color? Unless it was…

While everyone else was still guessing, General Jason charged over in shock to stare incredulously at the little Frost Wyrm. He asked in disbelief, “City Lord, this…is this your pet?!”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia rubbed his nose and nodded, “That’s right, this is my pet: the Great Frost Wyrm. However…I call it ‘little pet’.”

“That…” General Jason couldn’t help but break out in sweat, “That…City Lord, that no longer counts as ‘small’. I don’t really understand, how did your dragon grow so quickly?”

Suo Jia glanced at General Jason and bitterly smiled, “I don’t know either. However…it’s been hugging that Great Frost Wyrm icy core since it was small. Just now, it even swallowed it in a single gulp. That’s why it became so large.”

“Gasp!” Jason sharply inhaled and said in praise, “That’s about right. The fastest way for pets to mature is for them to eat magic cores from magical beasts of the same type with the similar traits. That will allow it to directly evolve into its full form. However…completely absorbing and digesting all that energy will require quite a bit more time.”

“What?” Suo Jia exclaimed in shock, “Do you mean to say that the little pet hasn’t yet completely digested all of the icy core? How is that possible?”

General Jason glanced at Suo Jia and firmly said, “I’m absolutely certain. After all…there are 5000 pets in this army. I can’t possibly get that wrong. Magic cores can contain about 80% of a magical beast’s energy. If your pet manages to absorb all of it, it would already become a thousand year dragon. How would it possibly maintain its adolescent form in that case?

Jason paused for a moment before continuing, “Right now, it’s digesting the icy core, and hasn’t absorbed it yet. It will probably take ten years before it successfully digests all the energy within it.”

General Jason said to Suo Jia in a tone of admiration: “In other words, ten years from now, you will become the first Epic-ranked hero in history to have a Great Frost Wyrm as a pet. Just that alone will make you unrivaled in the entire world!”

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