CCM 239

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Twenty-third CNY chapter 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz

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Chapter 239 – Awesome Might of the Ice Dragon Pt. 1

Suo Jia couldn’t contain his great excitement when he heard General Jason’s words. Abruptly turning around, Suo Jia said to the little Frost Wyrm, “Alright, now…let me see your strength. Go outside and tear them all apart!”

The little Frost Wyrm tilted its head at Suo Jia’s words and looked outside the city. The next moment…its eyes suddenly lit up. The groups locked in an intense battle instantly drew its attention.

The Great Frost Wyrm was undoubtedly a merciless and tyrannical creature that had a fight-loving nature. It was classified as a barbarous magical beast that killed easily. No creature could possibly exist in its vicinity.

In reality, the reason why the Great Frost Wyrm was so powerful was precisely because their newborn and adolescent forms lasted too long. In addition, their strength during these periods was too weak; if they continued to live in such frail bodies, what kind of fights did they have to experience? The reason the Great Frost Wyrm was unrivaled was because of its ridiculously plentiful battle experience.

After so many generations, battles had already become part of a Great Frost Wyrm’s instincts. Any creatures that approached it would be ruthlessly killed. If they didn’t stay this vigilant, how would they survive for 10,000 years?

Suo Jia and Jason watched as the little Frost Wyrm channeled some berserk and powerful magic power through its body. The next instant…a series of crackling sounds rang through the air as pieces of Glacial Armor gradually stretched out from its body in succession.

First was its torso and wings. Like a machine, they were quickly covered with thick ice layers. Following that were its limbs, and finally its claws and feet. Judging by its slowly extending, unfathomably sharp and large ice claws, one could tell that these were absolutely not inferior to any Divine weapons in terms of sharpness!

Once everything was completed, the little Frost Wyrm’s original body was completely covered by the solid Glacial Armor, making it look like a piece of amber, completely sealed by the ice.

From the distance, it looked like a large, dragon ice sculpture. The little Frost Wyrm’s two meter tall body had become over three meters tall. The next moment…Suo Jia and the others watched as the little Frost Wyrm suddenly jumped off from the city walls.

“Rumble!” A dull sound rang out as the little Frost Wyrm’s large body violently smashed into the ground below the city walls, causing the earth and mountains to quake. The little guy nonchalantly shook its head, then stood with its legs apart, opened its wings, and quickly charged towards the battle.

General Jason sighed in praise as he looked at the little dragon’s back, “Did you see that, City Lord? That’s the origin of the Diamond Dragon’s name. As its strength increases, its Glacial Armor’s ice layers get thicker and sturdier. That’s an armor that no attack can break through!”

“Heavens!” Although he had known that the Great Frost Wyrm’s other name was Diamond Dragon, Suo Jia had never really understood why. Now that he suddenly saw the little Frost Wyrm’s transformation and heard General Jason’s explanation, Suo Jia finally came to a realization.

The Great Frost Wyrm definitely wasn’t the only magical beast that could summon the Glacial Armor. However…it was the only one that could call upon such a thick one. That guy’s armor…was already over half a meter thick, and couldn’t even be called the Glacial Armor anymore; it was more like an ice pillbox!

In terms of outer appearance, it was still in the Great Frost Wyrm state. But its volumetric size had increased by 50%. It was taller by one meter, and thicker by one meter as well. Now it had a three meter tall and incomparably thick and solid body. As he stared at the .5 meter thick Glacial Armor, Suo Jia tried and failed to imagine what kind of thing could possibly pierce through it, and harm the little Frost Wyrm within.

The little Frost Wyrm had already reached an amazing speed, and charged straight towards the enemy troops. When it was about 100 meters away, the little Frost Wyrm suddenly opened both wings. Its body flashed with a cold light, and the front edge of its wings became as sharp as a blade’s edge. At the same time, the dragon’s feet quickly tread across the ground, allowing its thick and solid body to carry an unimaginable force. It instantly leapt forwards.

Everyone watched as the little Frost Wyrm’s pair of wings instantly sliced apart the enemy like the Grim Reaper’s scythe. With the impulse behind its attacks, it pressed forward to attack the enemy ranks.

A harvester. That’s right…as he watched the little Frost Wyrm, all Suo Jia could think of was a harvester. The dragon was clearly not fazed by the people at all. It harvested their lives just like one harvested grass, easily and cheerfully.

When the little Frost Wyrm’s force was gradually negated by the enemy’s attacks, its wings suddenly flapped downwards, sending its body into the air. Right afterwards, its wings comfortably laid straight down along both sides of its back, and its body flew straight upwards like an airplane taking off.

Seeing the little Frost Wyrm take off, the archers on the ground opened fire. Countless arrows flew at the dragon in midair like a storm…

“Ding dong…” A chain of sounds rang out. The little Frost Wyrm had completely ignored the arrows. Although as archers, their attacks had a certain level of penetrative ability, the force behind their attacks was too low, and they were absolutely no match for the dragon. Those .5m thick ice layers weren’t something such puny arrows could break through.

Soon…the little Frost Wyrm’s body had reached a sizeable height and…the wings behind it suddenly opened wide. The dragon’s body miraculously froze 10 meters in the air. Seeing this scene, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. Hehe…wasn’t that the theory behind the Wave Walking? He hadn’t imagined that it would be from the Great Frost Wyrm’s body. Despite having such an extremely enormous body, it could stop right where it wanted to! This completely defied the laws of physics.

The little Frost Wyrm initiated its attack. Its body shook slightly, and then it suddenly opened its jaws. Airmed at the enemy 10 meters below it, it fiercely began shooting something out of its mouth.

“Whoosh…” A strong humming noise rang through the air as boundless white mist instantly sprayed out of the dragon’s mouth. Seeing this scene, General Jason cried out, “Ice Dragon Breath! Heavens…your dragon really has evolved into the adolescent form’s final state!”

Following Jason’s exclamation, all the enemy men surrounding the little Frost Wyrm were quickly covered with hoar frost. Suo Jia couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh in praise at this sight. He knew that those guys had been completely frozen into ice cubes. They couldn’t even die if they wanted to.

The Ice Dragon Breath could be blocked. Experts could use their battle qi to repel the cold air outside their bodies. However…if it wasn’t blocked, they’d die for sure. The Ice Dragon Breath would freeze people from inside out. Once the hoar frost appeared outside the body, it indicated that the body had been completely frozen. Otherwise, this frost wouldn’t appear!

Looking at the crowd of humans that now looked like wax underneath it in satisfaction, the little Frost Wyrm slowly flapped its wings and flew deeper into the enemy ranks. Before it had gotten very far, it opened its great mouth once more, and sprayed out another Ice Dragon Breath. In an instant, hundreds of enemies below it had become wax figures.

Seeing this scene, the roar of cheers rang out from Dawn’s side. However, the Alliance’s side had all turned pale with fright. If this creature kept killing its way through, the entire Alliance army would soon be wiped out.

After thinking over it carefully, the Alliance leader abruptly turned around and transmitted an order, “Immediately pass on my command: the experts of the 180 thief groups are to go obstruct that ice dragon. They must not let it continue killing.”

The officials quickly ran out to transmit the message. At the same time, the Alliance leader couldn’t hold back his sigh. Originally…these 180 experts had been prepared to work together with the army from the opposite direction and attack at the same time to seize Dawn in one go. But he hadn’t imagined that such a domineering creature would suddenly appear on Dawn’s side. This had forced him to dispatch his strongest troops earlier.

Although they only had 180 experts, these experts weren’t soldiers. They were the strongest people among the 180 thief groups aside from the heads of command. Any one of them could face an expert by themselves, and they couldn’t be compared to soldiers.

The Alliance leader had a helpless expression in his eyes as he bitterly looked at the little Frost Wyrm flying in midair, continuously spraying freezing air below it. Such a powerful overlord of the sky had too much destructive power; it could completely ignore long ranged attacks, yet could kill the troops on the ground in huge batches. It was really too overpowered.

Suo Jia watched in delight at the little Frost Wyrm’s display of might. With the protection of the .5m thick Glacial Armor, the pet was completely able to ignore any flying projectiles, as well as the long distance archers, and any other attacks that came flying through the air. All of them were deflected from the firm Glacial Armor, and the little Frost Wyrm’s body didn’t even shake.

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