CCM 246

Happy [Belated] Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!This chapter is still in celebration of CNY, and is the thirtieth chapter of the mass release.

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Jafz

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Chapter 246 – Utter Destruction Pt. 2

Suo Jia wasn’t the only one confused. The thief army and Oz City’s soldiers had also raised their heads towards the sky, wondering what was going on with that thundering sound.

Everyone watched as the thundering sounds go closer and closer. In the end, it was so loud that the entire ground trembled. After a moment, everyone’s expressions changed. This…this was perhaps not the sound of thunder, but the group of newly evolved cavalry racing towards them.

The expressions of the Alliance leader and Karuda couldn’t help but change. They knew that they hadn’t set up any cavalry here. In that case, the ones that had just appeared had to be Dawn’s cavalry unit, and from the beginning to the end, Dawn only ever had one cavalry branch.

The two hurriedly commanded for the entire army to gather and prepare to retreat. As matters stood, they only wanted to safely flee. In front of the Mengmas, they’d be completely blown away. Those were definitely not something that the footsoldiers could go up against.

At the same time on the city walls, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. He had also guessed that the thundering sound was from the 5000 Mengmas, which were actually now Velociraptors. After over half a year, they had finally returned.

It wasn’t just the two commanders that had realized this fact. Even the ordinary soldiers realized something so obvious, especially Dawn Army’s slave soldiers. They roared in cheers. After being held in the city for so long, finally…Dawn’s iron fists had returned. Nobody could resist trying to sneak a peek at how the unbridled enemy troops would try to resist the Velociraptors.

The enemy troops on the battlefield frantically gathered. Although it wasn’t to the point where their formation had broken, they were definitely stuck in a dilemma. At the same time, the silver, glittering cavalry group finally appeared in the distant horizon.

Amidst the fierce booms like rolling thunder, the Velociraptors came charging over from the horizon as fast as lightning. Even after reaching the battlefield, they did not slow down, and instead rushed straight into the enemy ranks.

Against the sudden change in situation, the Alliance leader was completely thrown into disarray. Too fast, way too fast. Only 5 minutes had elapsed between when they had first heard the thundering and when the Velociraptors had arrived. The troops hadn’t even finished gathering together, yet they had been forced to meet the Velociraptors’ charge.

The Alliance leader hurried ordered for the armored chariots to defend the front while the archers prepared to shoot. At the same time….the pike users were to immediately get into formation in preparation to intercept the enemy knights.

Following the Alliance leader’s commands, the soldiers quickly spurred into action. The armored chariots rapidly formed an interception line while the archers mixed together behind the armored chariots and drew their bows, aiming at the distantly approaching Velociraptors.

The were as fast as a storm, as quick as lightning. That was the closest possible description for the Velociraptors. Right when the enemy had pretty much gotten into formation, the Velociraptors had already entered the 200 meter radius from them.

Facing the enemy troops standing in strict formation, the 5000 Velociraptors opened their large mouths. Green lights flashed, and the armored chariots, as well as the archers behind them, suddenly felt the ground underneath them undulate. The next instant…5000 sharp, two meter long thorns suddenly leapt out from the ground. The defense had reacted too late, and the chariots flipped over, as people died. The armored chariots’ defense line had been instantly overthrown by the thorns.

It wasn’t over yet. The 5000 Velociraptors opened their giant mouths again, and with more flashes of green light, moldy, piercing Rock Thorns quickly amassed together, covering the 200 meter distance in a flash to lunge at the enemy’s archer ranks.

The archers had only managed to shoot out a single wave of arrows before they were hit by the destructive attack. The sharp Rock Thorns sliced through the archers like vegetables. The enemy was sliced into pieces, and then uniformly fell to the ground. Those penetrative Rock Thorns weren’t something they could defend against.

Without waiting for the enemy to react, the Velociraptors swept through and killed the enemy troops like the wind. The 5000 Velociraptor Knights didn’t bother attacking at all, and simply leaned closely against the Velociraptors’ backs. The Velociraptors’ powerful momentum plowed through the enemy troops like a tank, paving open a road of flesh.

The Velociraptors easily ripped apart the enemy like a sharp blade slashing at a piece of battered cloth. After just a moment’s effort, the Velociraptors had opened a wide path through the group of enemies. They then wildly bounded forward another thousand meters before suddenly turning around and racing towards the enemy troops once more.

The enemy could only stand there stunned as they watched the Velociraptor Knights charge at them again. What kind of things were those. What kind of Knights were they. The enemy hadn’t ever seen, or even heard of such Knights before.

From the outside, it was only a Velociraptor. However, these Velociraptors weren’t just flesh, but metal, or they could also be said to be machines. As they watched the approaching opponents, the enemy soldiers instantly felt defeated. That wasn’t something humans could possibly resist.

At the same time, on top of the walls, Suo Jia’s eyes had widened in excitement as he watched the new Velociraptor Knights. Just as he had anticipated, they had become genuine masters among the mighty warriors, masters full of power and grandeur.

Currently, the Velociraptors were equipped with the newest generation of the dwarf blacksmiths’ armors. Their bodies were completely covered with steel. In order to prevent disrupting their movements, these Velociraptor armors had been created with a single metal sheet. There were absolutely no holes anywhere from their heads to their feet. Even their eyes were covered with scarlet crystal sheets.

Saying that they were armed to their teeth, was definitely not an exaggeration. At the moment, the Velociraptors were not only completely covered in armor, but their large and powerful feet had been fitted with sharp and penetrating blades. Their front talons were just as eye-catching. Nobody would be stupid enough to doubt these Velociraptors’ attack power. With their brute force, they could easily destroy any enemy.

Following the Velociraptors’ charge, the enemy finally fell apart completely, losing all structure and command. Everyone frantically ran away. However, they had forgotten that they couldn’t possibly outrun the speed kings on their own two feet.

The Velociraptors first increased their speed, then suddenly spread apart to form a vector-like formation, similar to that of an arrow, and rushed at the enemy. At the same time, all the Velociraptor Knights straightened their backs atop their mounts, revealing the cold war blades in their hands to the world.

The Velociraptor Knights had spent their entire lives on the battlefield, and experienced thousands of fights. They were extremely proficient in battle qi It could be said that they were battle experts, the artists of the battlefield. They didn’t think going against this routed enemy was a battle, but simply harvesting ripe crops.

The Velociraptor Knights pierced and slashed their way through with their war blades.

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