CCM 251

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 251 – Officially Setting Off Pt. 1

The Fourth Prince was able to have a taste of being the Emperor, and Wen Ya got the chance to become the Empress, just as they had both hoped. Everything seemed to have fallen right into the Fourth Prince’s calculations. It looked like from now on, they could rest easy. However, was this the reality?

Suo Jia hadn’t completely grasped the Fourth Prince’s plots. Suo Jia was in the light after all, while the Fourth Prince was in the dark. In addition, the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya combined had extremely great power, something that Suo Jia couldn’t possibly touch.

However, he refrained from hurting others, while guarding against those that harmed him. Suo Jia had already mentally prepared himself for today’s circumstances. Otherwise, Suo Jia’s mother would have definitely been taken away.

Suo Jia originally hadn’t planned on harming the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya but…while he had given them weight loss treatment, he’d secretly left behind something.

If the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya had maintained a peaceful relationship with Suo Jia forever and worked together with absolutely sincerity, the two of them wouldn’t have had any issues. They would’ve definitely been able to live past 100 years. But now that they had ripped apart any face, how were they supposed to earn Suo Jia’s help?

Half a year after he had seized the throne, just as the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya sat down on their thrones, they began to feel something a bit off with their bodies. Moreover, their conditions seemed to be getting worse and worse.

The first one to change was Wen Ya. A person like her that was a beauty with otherworldly looks, had swelled up like a balloon. In only a short 3 months time, Wen Ya had become fat and round as a ball again. In addition, there were no visible signs of her weight increase stopping. Originally, the issue wasn’t very major, but by the later weeks, Wen Ya had unexpectedly become so fat that one couldn’t even tell where her thighs were. She needed to rely on people just to help her sit down and stand up.

Basically, Wen Ya had already become so fat that only her head remained. When she lied down on a bed, she would look just look like a lump of meat. Her whole body’s flesh jiggled, making anyone that looked at her feel disgust; she couldn’t even take proper care of herself.

Seeing how Wen Ya grew fatter with every passing day, the Fourth Prince was finally unable to endure his feelings of disgust, and slowly drifted apart from her while giving her the cold shoulder. Nothing could be done about it; Wen Ya’s current appearance was so bad that even she felt disgusted when she saw herself.

Soon after, Wen Ya completely lost the honor of being the Empress. She only had a few maids remain by her side to watch over her. Her circumstances became harsher, and the Fourth Prince never came to see her again.

In reality, the reason why the Fourth Prince had chased after Wen Ya so desperately despite her fatness in the first place was to gain the favor of Duke Wen Sha. His target had been locked on the kingship. Now that he had obtained it, why would he really care about Wen Ya any longer?

Not long after she was picked up by Wen Sha, the Fourth Prince used the reason that Wen Ya’s ugliness was embarrassing the country to directly abrogate her from the throne. He then married an extremely beautiful woman, and Wen Ya became an object of the past.

Wen Ya spent all day long lying on her bed, looking up listlessly at her roof as she recalled her memories. She was currently at the point where even if she wanted to die, it would be difficult to kill herself.

It could be said that Wen Ya had reaped what she had sown. Losing Suo Jia’s support had lead to her losing everything, including her beauty, figure, love, glory, and status. The current Wen Ya had lost all hope, living a life worse than death.

Wen Ya had indeed suffered from a devastating attack, and this attack was something she seemed to have to suffer for the whole latter part of her life. But she wasn’t the one that had become evil first; before Wen Ya had even gotten to this point, there was still the Fourth Prince.

After receiving the title of the Emperor, the Fourth Prince had truly enjoyed his time for a period. He had the finest beauties of the entire Empire, and bedded a different woman every day. For each of the 365 days of the year, he managed to enjoy over 400 beautiful virgins.

Had Suo Jia let him go? Not really. Suo Jia had been more cautious with doing things to the Fourth Prince. Since Suo Jia and the Fourth Prince didn’t meet very often, his action cycles had to be prolonged for longer. Wen Ya had gotten treatment once a year, while the Fourth Prince had gotten it twice a year.

Finally, after the Fourth Prince had been the reigning monarch for a year, he felt that something was a bit off. First of all, his bodily functions gradually began to decay. Within 3 days, his little guy had completely stopped working. Even though the palace was filled with thousands of beautiful virgins, the Fourth Prince couldn’t grow hard, and thus couldn’t enjoy them.

The most unbearable part was that the Fourth Prince felt abnormally thirsty. Whenever he saw a beautiful woman, he’d feel his blood burn passionately. However, his lower part just wouldn’t cooperate with him, and didn’t react at all. No matter how much he urged it, the result would never change.

He searched for multiple doctors, as well as water and light mages in attempt to be cured. However, none of them were of any use. In the end, the Fourth Prince’s lower part had completely died, and even began to go through necrosis. In only a week, it had completely rotted and dropped off. From then on…the first, Western eunuch Emperor had been born.

After losing the symbol of his masculinity, the Fourth Prince even wanted to commit suicide. There were thousands of beauties in his harem, yet he could only look at them and not use them. That kind of feeling was simply impossible to describe.

It was at that time that a letter was delivered to the Fourth Prince. This letter had been sent by Suo Jia from out of the country. Suo Jia told the Fourth Prince through the letter that this was only the first wave of punishment. There was more to come, no need to worry…

After reading this letter, the Fourth Prince immediately understood: this was a ploy that Suo Jia had done on him since the very beginning. Now…Suo Jia’s aspirations had born fruit.

In the letter, Suo Jia informed the Fourth Prince that originally…he could’ve made it so that the Fourth Prince could’ve just dropped dead. But Suo Jia hadn’t done so because that was letting him off too easily. Since he had dared to betray Suo Jia, the Fourth Prince had to live in eternal repentance. And this was still unable to dispel Suo Jia’s anger.

Suo Jia consoled the Fourth Prince over and over to take good care of his body. If that thing was gone, then it was gone; it wouldn’t impact his life. He advised the Fourth Prince to cheer up, and to make sure he didn’t die. Otherwise, who was Suo Jia supposed to look for revenge?

After reading Suo Jia’s letter, the Fourth Prince spat tons of blood right there. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. What made the Fourth Prince feel the most horrified was that the letter had said this was only the first wave of punishment; there was still another one.

Soon after receiving the letter, the Fourth Prince was hit by the second wave. Actually, it wasn’t much, just a headache that hit every 6 hours, thus four per day.

Nobody knew exactly how much it hurted, but whenever it did, the Fourth Prince would cradle his head in his hands and bang it against the wall until blood flowed down his face. If he didn’t do this, he wasn’t able to stop the pain.

The pain would kick in every 6 hours, and would last for 2 hours. Thus…the Fourth Prince would be in pain for over 8 hrs every day. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had water and light mages following him everywhere that could treat him any time, he would’ve died ages ago. However…in contrast to this pain, he’d be much happier dying.

Basically, although the Fourth Prince sat on the throne, he only enjoyed the pleasures of being Emperor for one year. After that, he was completely unable to find pleasure in his life at all. Actually, he couldn’t even sleep properly; since he felt pain for two hours every 6 hours, he’d be hit by a wave of pain before he was able to fall into deep sleep.

While the Fourth Prince was suffering to the point of reaching seventh heaven, the dwarves sent someone to urge him to hand over the payments. Moreover, various matters in the Holy Light Empire began to flood in. Now, the Fourth Prince finally regretted his actions. What kind of transaction was this? He had to go by himself. If he could choose his fate right now, he’d much prefer to be a commoner all his life rather than be the Emperor.

Cutting off his head would just leave a huge scar, but Suo Jia’s punishment never ended. Until the day that Fourth Prince took his last breath, this retribution would never stop.

Since the day the Fourth Prince was unable to enjoy the awesomeness of his power, he no longer even had the mood to deal with political matters. Aside from receiving Suo Jia’s punishment of excruciating pain every day, he just sat there in repentance. Unfortunately, everything was already over. Even if he went to beg Suo Jia now, Suo Jia wouldn’t come back here. He no longer had faith in the Fourth Prince.

By now, the pain of the betrayal had finally made its mark. Nobody had been the victor, everybody had lost. Moreover, every loss was worse than the last since there was no room for redemption.

As for Suo Jia, he had already left Holy Light Empire. He had already started his own journey. After experiencing so much, Suo Jia had finally realized that people couldn’t be relied on; the Velociraptor Knights were like this, as were the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. The only one he could rely on was himself.

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97 thoughts on “CCM 251

    • Cannibox says:

      I still have hopes for the return of the phoenix’s at some point down the line. They never truly betrayed him and they do have feelings for him….the only question is if he will accept them back…

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      • GinMagi says:

        I don’t really think so, i believe it to be a 100% betrayal due to the fact that if he hadn’t thought far enough his mother would have been caught at the point will you still say they didn’t betray him even though his mother is a hostage now?


        • Cannibox says:

          either way, our opinions on the matter matter not. as the author has said, he doesn’t entirely see the phoenixes as betrayers, as they had dual loyalties from the start. At any rate, the author clearly has something in mind, and the phoenixes are not written out of the story yet.


  1. dididi says:

    He can only rely on himself? What about Aimi and Aila? Are they not his best friends? Can’t he trust them? Are they also going to betray him?


    • Colin says:

      It’s possible they might. You must remember that the only reason that they and the rest of the girls were helping Suo Jia was because their parents told them to. If their parents told them to not support him anymore then I’m pretty all the other girls would leave and there’s maybe a 60-70% chance that Aimi and Aila would be forced to as well.


  2. madmerlin999 says:

    finished this is less then 2 days….this really hurts, hope somehow we find at what happens to the 36 phoenixes as it still matters to the readers hopefully it will be explained later on as this kinda hurts but still great hope for the future.

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  3. camperbee says:

    shiiet this WN is so awesome
    thx for rhe hard work
    just read all 251chaps in 4Days
    i’m just like !wuooooor!
    what a story twist at the end
    thx again~~~

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  4. gman says:

    I thought of coming back to read this sh*tty novel from last chapter and it seems it got more ridiculous just to satisfy readers. Really? SJ being able to plant some hidden ploy into their bodies that is like a timebomb?


    • Invictus says:

      Dude, if you don’t like the story you can fuck of at anytime, no one is stopping you, you’re not contributing to the story, so there is no reason for you to be here.


  5. Gigaknife says:

    The only thing that can even possibly begin to convey how good I feel about this chapter, would be the combination of smug pepe, and the feels good guy. Thanks T.L.

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  6. MdNwaar says:

    Would you trust them as much u trust them before once they stab u at the back? They had mutual loyalty? What the fuck is that even suppose to mean? Don’t give me that crap, yes they deserve second chance. But trust me they will never earn my trust ever again even with their life on the line.


  7. MdNwaar says:

    Wen ya, how does it feel ? Becoming the fattest empress ever in the history of holy light city who soon after dethroned from you’re sit. Is it worth it? I think it’s worth it.


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