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Chapter 253 – Encountering a Little Thief on the Road Pt. 1

Following the hunters’ lead, Suo Jia finally reached the frontier city of Kaya Empire, City of Forests. He was also able to purchase a map of Kaya Empire from a general store. But what made Suo Jia laugh bitterly was that he wasn’t able to use the map in his hands. The map of Kaya Empire was different from that of Holy Light Empire in symbols, marks, and even the colors used.

Kaya Empire was the largest of the six empires, and was at least 10 times larger than Holy Light. The pathlines drawn on the map were so unfathomably packed together. The only thing that could be read from the map was the general directions of the cities, and there were absolutely no paths substantially expressed to choose from.

Holy Light Empire was pretty small, so the map was very detailed. If one wanted to go from point A to point B, they’d be able to find all the main paths between these two points. Because the empire had a small surface area, the map was naturally more meticulous. Thus, searching for places was much easier.

However, Kaya Empire was different. Its surface area was over 10 times greater than Holy Light’s. If one wanted to go from point A to point B, they’d have just search around themselves. The map only contained the general locations of both points, but had absolutely no roads mapped out. There was absolutely no way for such things to be represented on the map; otherwise, the entire map would just become a giant mess.

As Suo Jia looked at the map in his hands, he felt the urge to cry. A single centimeter on that map was probably a distance of over thousands of meters. There were probably also mountains, rivers, forests, and swamps in between; it wasn’t as simple as just following the map.

In this world, rivers were somewhat easier to cross, but mountains were very difficult to climb, since there were normally very powerful magical beasts there. As for forests, they were pretty much impossible to pass through alone. If one entered without any others, they’d be devoured until even their bones no longer remained.

On the other hand, swamps were death traps. These also had countless magical beasts, which made them even more frightening than magical beast forests. It could be said mountains, forests, and swamps were all obstacles that Suo Jia couldn’t surmount. A single mistake would lead to his death in this foreign land.

“Guide…” That’s right, Suo Jia knew that he needed a guide, someone to lead him across Kaya Empire to head towards the Greater Trade Routes. However, how could a guide be so easy to find?

While Kaya Empire was indeed very large, the size of ten Holy Light’s, Suo Jia had come to understand through books that Kaya was still just a small, nameless empire in this world. As for Holy Light, it was even smaller, to the point where one wouldn’t be able to find it on a world map. It was said that…Kaya was the equivalent to the a province in a great nation that contained many other provinces in terms of size.

Suo Jia stared blankly at the map in his hand. He had suddenly realized that although he needed a guide, it couldn’t just be for Kaya Empire alone, but a guide that could point him through the Greater Trade Routes. He needed a great guide that was exceptionally familiar with all the countries in the world, a journey companion.

This kind of guide did indeed exist in this world. Actually, treasure hunters made the best guides, as they weren’t bound to any one country; they’d appear in any place that had treasures. Influential treasure hunter families in particular possessed detailed world maps that they had personally drawn. That’s why…as long as he managed to get an experienced treasure hunter to lead him, Suo Jia’s guide problem would be solved.

After bidding farewell to the hunters that had led him here, Suo Jia rushed straight to the thief union. In this world, thief unions existed in all countries. Actually, all the thief unions in the world were linked, just split into different branches.

The reason he wanted to go the thief union was because while treasure hunters were called ‘hunters’, they were actually the same branch of occupation as thieves. Anything related to thieves wouldn’t be in the hunter-related occupation.

The thief union looked like a large, but run-down, two story cabin from the outside. In conformance with the thieves’ concealment speciality, the building style didn’t stick out at all. At first glance, one would think it was just a common residence.

The outside wasn’t the only part that followed that unique concealment trait. The inside of the union was also very particular. A dim chandelier hung in the old cabin, and it wasn’t bright at all. It was just as subtle as everything else…

The cabin was filled with round tables and chairs. The surrounding walls had many blackboards hung on them. Right across from the entrance was a long front desk. That’s right…actually, the thief union was basically just a bar. Anyone that entered could get a drink, although everyone knew that the bar was just a deceiving image. The true function of this place was a thief union that accepted and managed any matters related to thieves.

After entering the thief union, Suo Jia found a dark corner to sit in. According to the records of books, this kind of corner was where the more powerful thieves normally gathered. The stronger the thief was, the more they’d pay attention to concealment. Otherwise, their enemies would easily find them.

In addition, Suo Jia had chosen this corner because it was an area where all information paths were distributed. If he wanted to hear some secret in the thief realm, secretly listening in, choosing this place was definitely the right choice. Typically speaking, people discussing more secret matters preferred to choose darker and more isolated areas.

Suo Jia ordered a glass of gin, and lightly pursed his lips. On the outside, he looked to be enjoying the fragrance of the fine alcohol, but he had actually dispersed his consciousness everywhere to listen to the discussions in every corner.

Suo Jia listened for a long time, but while he heard quite a few top secret pieces of information, he wasn’t able to hear a discussion related to what he desired. After drinking three glasses of alcohol, Suo Jia was finally unable to sit there any longer. He didn’t have the time to waste here; if keeping watch here wouldn’t work, he’d have to take the initiative to attack.

After ordering another glass of gin, Suo Jia stood up with his glass in his hand. After scanning through his surroundings, he smiled and began to walk over towards a round table near the window.

The four thieves sitting at the table watched in shock as Suo Jia sat down at an empty seat with a smile. One the thieves asked in bewilderment, “Oi. Mister, I don’t think we know each other?”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled as he looked at the opposite party and calmly replied, “Not all relationships start from being acquainted. People can become friends after the relationship gradually grows.”

Suo Jia turned around and gestured at the worker, “Bring 4 more cups of gin here. I’d like to treat my friends.”

The four thieves froze at first, but then they all began to laugh. Something like this happened quite frequently in the bar. They all knew that Suo Jia definitely had something he wanted to ask them about. This was also the main function of the thief union. As long as one treated a thief in the bar to a drink, the person would be able to make inquiries. Of course…if the information was more valuable, a fee would have to be given as well.

Just then, four glasses brimming with gin were served. The fourth thieves didn’t bother holding back, and each gulped their drinks down. It was rare for someone to treat them, moreover, with something so expensive. If they didn’t drink as much as possible, then it’d be a waste on their parts.

After downing over half of their drinks in a single breath, the four thieves put down their glasses and one of the older ones said with a flushed face, “Alright friend, if there’s anything you want to ask about, go ahead.”

Suo Jia glanced around before smiling and nodding. Without bothering to gloss over anything, he said, “I would like to ask, who in Kaya Empire would understand the entire world pretty well? I need a guide, one that can lead me to advance throughout the Greater Trade Routes.”

The thieves all started, then the older thief shook his head, “Another little guy that doesn’t understand how vast the world is. What’s the good in wandering through the Greater Trade Routes?”

With a sigh, the thief continued, “But no matter what, I respect your decision. In addition…since I’ve already accepted your drink, I’ll dutily answer you.”

The thief abruptly lifted his glass and dumped all of its contents down his throat, then said in a single breath, “You can go look near Emerald City. There’s a secret treasure hunter there who can probably satisfy your request. Her name is Nicole.”

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