CCM 255

Third chapter of the week.

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 255 – Abuse of Magic Potions Pt. 1

The warriors watched as Suo Jia began to walk over to the battle with a stormy expression, as if he didn’t even see the warriors’ fierce gazes.

Finally, when Suo Jia had reached 5 meters outside the battle area, he coldly swept a glance around and said, “Don’t force me to make a move. I’ve already said before that this is enough. You can’t go too overboard.”

“F*cking…you’re just a puny mage, what are you trying to pull? You guys, seize him. Everyone else, tie up that thief and chop off his hands. Let’s see who dares to obstruct my decision.” The fatty faced Suo Jia and pointed around as he spoke.

Six warriors rushed at Suo Jia, while the other four continued to near the black clad thief. Just as the fatty had said, a mere mage didn’t have the power to act so arrogant towards them at such close range.

“Hmph.” The moment just before the warriors had taken their second step, a violent shriek ravaged the air, blocking the six warriors in front of Suo Jia. The warriors had just managed to defend their bodies with their weapons before getting hit with a bang, their bodies sent flying through their air. They collided into the four warriors and the fatty behind them, tumbling all the way until they crashed into a building on the side of the street. The dozen figures had all tangled into a pile of painful moans.

That’s right, this was the effect of the Atlantis armor: instantly activating Diamond Charge. The powerful warriors, who had been caught completely off guard, were unable to block the explosive attack. Thus, all of them were sent flying from its force; even the fatty hadn’t been able to escape.

In a mere moment, the area had become spacious and empty. Only Suo Jia stood there alone; everyone else had fallen to the ground. Suo Jia lowered his head and looked over at the black clad thief on the ground. Suo Jia watched as a large amount of blood poured out of the black clad thief’s wounds. Suo Jia knew that if the thief wasn’t treated soon, he’d definitely die.

Intense footsteps could be heard around them. It was clear that…the fatty’s shout just now, as well as the battle, had attracted many people’s attentions. Suo Jia bent down, scooped up the black clad thief, and quickly threaded his way through the alleyways.

As Suo Jia ran away, he lowered his head in curiosity at the black clad thief in his arms, inwardly wondering why this guy was so light. Most importantly, concealed under the metallic scent of blood, Suo Jia could clearly smell a familiar, simple and elegant fragrance. Could it be…that this thief was a female?

Just then, the black-clothed thief in his arms weakly said, “Let go of me, you filthy bastard. I don’t need your saving, don’t touch me.”

“Mm.” Hearing this, Suo Jia grew even more puzzled. He seemed to have heard this sound before. Moreover…the fragrance he had smelled just now also seemed somewhat familiar. Who was this?

Suo Jia supported the black clad person’s body with one hand, while he quickly went to remove the thief’s mask with the other hand. The next instant…a delicate and pretty small face appeared in front of Suo Jia. Currently…the owner of this face was glaring at Suo Jia in embarrassment and anger.

When Suo Jia saw that familiar face, he immediately recalled her. Wasn’t this fellow the one that had tried to assassinate Suo Jia in the Dawn City war, but had instead been caught? If Suo Jia remembered correctly, she should’ve still been in Dawn’s prison.

Suo Jia’s suddenly started. Many things he hadn’t understood before immediately became clear. This woman wasn’t anyone else but the target of Suo Jia’s current search: Nicole.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but grimly smile. No wonder he had thought Nicole’s name and sketch seemed familiar. A few months ago, he had just seen her in Dawn; how could he not be familiar with her? Even if his memory was horrible, he couldn’t possibly have forgotten her so soon. After all…that girl had almost successfully assassinated Suo Jia. Back then, if her chosen attack point had been Suo Jia’s neck, Suo Jia’s corpse would currently be rotting somewhere.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but recall their first encounter when he looked at Nicole’s embarrassed and furious expression. In order to confirm her gender, Suo Jia seemed to have touched her chest, and even threatened to hand her over to the slaves for their enjoyment. This was exactly why Nicole had called him a filthy bastard.

Suo Jia lightly pinched Nicole’s nose and smiled, “Hey, you’re my captive. Since you dared to secretly escape, I obviously have to catch you back.”

“You,” Nicole cried out in shock, “You can’t be for real. Would a grand city lord really chase me across thousands of kilometers to capture me, a minor escaped criminal?”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled and replied, “That’s right, you’re my captive. Unless I release you, you don’t have the right to run away. Even if you flew up into the heavens, I would still go and retrieve you.”

Nicole couldn’t help but bitterly smile. She shook her head and weakly said, “Sigh…if I had known it would be like this earlier, I wouldn’t have accepted that business proposal. Forget it…I give up. You can punish me however you’d like.”

As Suo Jia looked at Nicole grow weaker and weaker in his arms, he furrowed his brows together. Only then did he remember that this girl still had heavy wounds. Suo Jia once again lifted Nicole up, and quickly began to rush towards an abandoned building.

“Siiikk…” A crisp sound of ripping silk rang out as Suo Jia tore open the clothes around Nicole’s wounds, revealing the harsh injury hidden underneath the cloth. Although Suo Jia had Life Potions, they were most effective only when they were directly applied onto the injuries.

Although Suo Jia knew what he was doing, the problem was that Nicole didn’t. When she saw Suo Jia destroy her clothes so roughly, Nicole couldn’t help but clutch her clothes to her chest in horror as she trembled, “Hey. Let me warn you, if you dare to…dare to do that to me, I won’t ever forgive you even if I die.”

Suo Jia grimaced and said in disdain, “Where does a brat like you get such complicated thoughts from? With a body like yours that hasn’t even finished developing, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it even if you asked me to.”

Suo Jia then pulled out Life Potions from his pocket, and poured their contents out bit by bit onto Nicole’s wounds. Instantly…a refreshing feeling spread out from the injuries. Only then did Nicole finally realize why Suo Jia had ripped apart her clothes.

Although she now knew Suo Jia had good intentions, Nicole still clearly minded Suo Jia’s words. She pouted and said indignantly, “I’m only 18 years old, so having a body like this is already pretty good. Moreover, I didn’t have that kind of explosive body type in the first place.”

While Nicole spoke, Suo Jia had finally finished pouring the potions on her injuries. When he saw the snow-white, resin-like skin underneath her clothes, he couldn’t help but reach his hand out and stroke the buds in front of Nicole’s chest. At the same time, he praised, “Yea…not bad, not bad, they’re quite smooth.”

Nicole was still, unable to react for the longest time. She could stare blankly at Suo Jia. Only after Suo Jia had finished caressing her and had retracted his hand did Nicole finally realize what had just happened. In that moment, Nicole couldn’t help but open her throat and cry out sharply.

After hearing the ear-piercing shriek, Suo Jia abruptly thrust out his hand to cover Nicole’s mouth. He fiercely growled, “What in the world are you shouting for? It’s just a touch, not like you lost anything from it.”

“Eh.” Nicole suddenly stopped shouting in shock. Although she inwardly knew that a girl couldn’t be touched by a boy, Nicole didn’t actually know why. Only after hearing Suo Jia’s words did Nicole realize that she couldn’t really argue.

Seeing that Nicole was still embarrassed, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “Forget it, if you don’t like it, then I simply won’t touch you. You should rest properly. After you finish resting, we’ll head out.”

“Head out? Where…” Nicole instantly forgot what had happened just now, and asked in confusion.

Suo Jia slowly sat down next to Nicole and looked off into the distant sky with glowing eyes. “The Greater Trade Routes.”

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25 thoughts on “CCM 255

  1. opala82 says:

    I think he will have problem getting he girls at the start. Like he grew up bahing with a 100 girls and dealing with their bodies and 36 grown up girls and shaping older women bodies. If you ask me the dude doesn’t see anything special anywhere he touches and without knowing his background he will be easily misundrstood.

    And for a highly eveluated thief Nicole surrendered auite easily lol

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  2. Whynn says:

    Main party member 1 obtained, who’s next i wonder? (I don’t count the two mage girls first since they are just acquaintances initially and now aren’t really the same since Suo Jia kinda lost his nobility) Thanks for the chapter taffy, how are you doing now? Wonder how the thief troupe (his slave army) is doing right now and if they will either meet up with Suo Jia later to either fight or ally with him.


  3. midoriha says:

    Well, he finally recognised her lol! Too bad he couldn’t kill that rich guy first. Suo jia still hasn’t been taught that he shouldn’t touch girls randomly…-sighs-


  4. Sam360 says:

    I wonder what would happen if i did the same thing to my colleague and said
    “What in the world are you shouting for? It’s just a touch, not like you lost anything from it.”
    what would happen He he..
    2.get kicked out of job.
    3.late night dinner.


  5. Invictus says:

    “Where does a brat like you get such complicated thoughts from? With a body like yours that hasn’t even finished developing, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it even if you asked me to.”
    Pure. Savagery.


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