Cheating Craft 19

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 19: Powerful Enemy, Lin Xian’s Number One

Meng Ming passed the entire weekend in gloom; he just couldn’t figure out how he had lost that day in the library! His mind kept thinking back and forth, wondering how that guy had found the book instantly.

“Brother Meng Ming, get out of bed to eat breakfast so we can go to school…”

Only Huang Qiao Yi’s voice and factual tone could awake Meng Ming from his deep sleep. She even pushed him, “Why are you still so lifeless today? The past is past. We need to go to school. If Brother Meng Ming finds class boring, you can read something else.”

After <The Realm of the Death God> had been stolen by someone else, Huang Qiao Yi had helped Meng Ming find other novels, and hadn’t thought twice about it. However, Meng Ming had been brooding about the matter the whole time. If he didn’t think it completely through, he wouldn’t give up. At this point, there was no way he had the mindset to do anything else.

He was still mulling over it: He set off the same time I did, but didn’t search around at all. How had he found it so quickly? What did he rely on? Smell, hearing…or he secretly peeked?

Normal people couldn’t possibly steal a look at anything under Meng Ming’s watch.

That guy isn’t normal…

Meng Ming concluded.  

“Brother Meng Ming…get up and eat breakfast!” 

“Impossible! His ability to find things can’t be better than mine!” [Meng Ming]

“It’s all Brother Meng Ming’s fault for spacing out all the time; now we’re running to school!” [Huang Qiao Yi]

The two flew down the road to school; there were only a few minutes left before the class bell rang. Fortunately, their speeds were quite good, and they finally scrambled into room 301 the moment the bell went off.


A strange laugh came from the front desk.

“Zhuge Meng Ming, Huang Qiao Yi! The two of you were almost late!!” Teacher Wang fiercely struck her pointer on the desk, the sound echoing through the room. “If you’re late, you will be punished!!”

The two shivered, “We…know…”

“We’ll go sit in our seats…”

But they were still confused.

“Isn’t the first class today math?” [Huang Qiao Yi]

“That’s what I thought. Why is Teacher Wang standing at the front desk then? She doesn’t teach math.” [Meng Ming]

As they walked to their seats, they were shocked to discover that there seemed to be an unoccupied desk,

Immediately, a strange feeling of foreboding appeared in Meng Ming’s heart.

“Ohoho!!” Teacher Wang loudly announced to the class, “I have good news to tell everyone today! —After only a few weeks since school has started, student Zhou Lun Yu, who transferred out in junior high due to certain matters, has returned to Lin Xian! I took the initiative to inquire for the school to let him join our class!!”

Hearing this, everyone was suddenly shocked.

Less than a minute later, everyone slowly began to whisper in distressed discussion

“It’s, him…? He transferred back, huh…”

“That, that kind of person is going to join our class…?”


It seemed as if everyone recognized this student called Zhou Lun Yu. Only some new people that had tested in from other schools, including Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi, had never heard the name before. Thus, they had no clue why the classroom was in an uproar.

“Who’s Zhou Lun Yu?” Meng Ming was confused.

“Brother Meng Ming, Zhou Lun Yu is probably a student from Lin Xian Junior High…?”

Meng Ming guessed the same. When he saw how abnormal his classmates’ reactions were, he felt like this Zhou Lun Yu person must be pretty amazing. The guy next to the wall had a particularly strange reaction. Isn’t that Qiu Min Ke…? Why…

The bug user, Qiu Min Ke, was sitting at his seat near the wall with a grimace on his face. He was staring intensely at the classroom door, and it was clear to see that a lot of sweat had formed on his face.

Qiu Min Ke actually showed signs of stress after hearing this name?!

Isn’t Qiu Min Ke a new student that transferred from another school as well? How come even he is afraid…?

“Lady Huang, Sire Zhu.”

This way of speaking was…

The two people turned around and saw Shi Yun sitting next to them. He said solemnly, “It seems the two of you do not yet know. But this one understands the situation clearly. Zhou Lun Yu was originally in Lin Xian Junior High, but left the school for some reason. Back then, Sire Zhou Lun Yu was repeatedly number one in every single test at Lin Xian Junior High, and his total scores were much, much higher than the person ranked second. When he attended his last district examination, he was ranked eight among all the districts! Although his grades were excellent, all the students and teachers knew one other fact….”

What fact?

He cleared his throat and said in an even graver voice, “This person was actually a C-type…moreover, he was the top C-type in Lin Xian at that time!”  

A C-type? Huang Qiao Yi was shocked, “C-type?! Then…why did Teacher Wang take the initiative to add him to our class?”

Before they had finished their conversation, the classroom door opened. Teacher Wang invited the new student in with an extremely enticing posture.

“Ohohohohoho!! Most of the classmates recognize you, and you should make sure to get along well with them. But there are a few new faces entering senior high, so please let me reintroduce you!”

The boy entered the classroom and walked up to the front desk reluctantly. Teacher Wang waved her pointer and loudly introduced

“This is Zhou Lun Yu!!”

The students didn’t show any reaction. Only the last row became restless.

It was really unexpected…

It’s, him…?! [Huang Qiao Yi]

How could it really be him… [Meng Ming]

Meng Ming stared at the new student’s face. He had recognized him in a flash!

It was the guy he had met in the Lin Xian library that time. The one that challenged Meng Ming over a book, and managed to find it immediately. This was the guy that had instantly defeated the eyesight that Meng Ming had been so proud of!

Zhou Lun Yu stood at the front desk, his gaze sweeping across the room. Finally, his eyes stopped on Meng Ming sitting in the back row.

The two exchanged glances once again. Currently, Zhou Lun Yu’s expression was still provocative. He slightly lowered his head as the corners of his mouth tilted up.

This guy…he recognized me before? Meng Ming remembered that the guy’s gaze that day had been the exact same.

After only a single afternoon, news of Zhou Lun Yu’s return seemed to have spread throughout the entire grade. Discussions about him could be heard in the small shop, the field, and even while the students were eating lunch.

Four people were sitting in the cafeteria, their ears having already crusted over.

“Ah, that Zhou whatever Yu, is he really as amazing as people say he is?” Lin Jing Xuan was extremely curious, “Ranked number eight in the entire district…the district is so large; it has dozens of schools. Yet he managed to rank number eight! He sounds like a legend.”

Huang Qiao Yi was silently mulling over the events with Zhou Lun Yu that day in the library. Meng Ming was just as silent. The two still hadn’t figured out how exactly Zhou Lun Yu had found that book.

The only one that remained unconcerned about this name was Bai Jiu.

“As long as we L-types focus on our own studies, isn’t it fine?” Bai Jiu said as she ate. She innocently thought to herself: Students that cheat on exams aren’t anything worth thinking about.

However, Zhou Lun Yi was a figure that all the students in the grade minded; it was clear to see that he wasn’t a simple existence.

“I heard that Zhou Lun Yu, mind you, I only heard it…” Lin Jing Xuan stopped memorizing his vocabulary and turned around to speak to everyone. It looked like he had been listening to quite a few rumors. “Zhou Lun Yu can see anything that any other examinee in the exam area is writing.”

Was that possible!?

“Lin Jing Xuan, are you saying that he can read through people’s writing strokes?”  

“That’s possible.”

Because Lin Jing Xuan heard that Zhou Lun Yu had cheated multiple times during exams with the method of ‘Complete Copy’ on another examinee’s test paper! After the scores had come out and everyone had seen Zhou Lun Yu’s exam paper, they could tell that he had copied it all. It was clear that he was a C-type. However, nobody could do anything to him…because the proctors at the exam sites had never once caught any traces of him cheating!

“During literature exams, Zhou Lun Yi copied the student with the best literature grades; during maths exams, he copied the student with the best maths grades. With this, he was able to become first in overall score.” This was how Lin Jing Xuan personally analyzed it. His last words were rumors again, “In addition, he has a very particular personality. He doesn’t write anything for exams that he doesn’t find interesting, or ones that he doesn’t like, and gets a 0.”

“Tch! If it’s just reading people’s writing motions, I can do it as well!” Meng Ming interrupted.

“Brother Meng Ming…” Huang Qiao Yi tried to stop him, reminding him that Bai Jiu was eating together with them.  

“It’s fine, Little Qiao. This kind of skill is nothing. Lin Jing Xuan, write something without letting me look. I’ll just watch your pen from a distance as you move it, and I’ll immediately be able to guess what words you wrote!” Meng Ming made Lin Jing Xuan take out a small notebook to write in.  

“Classmate Meng Ming, you even know how to do this?” Bai Jiu asked. She really didn’t like Zhou Lun Yu, and was only extremely interested in Meng Ming.  

Actually, Meng Ming didn’t know this kind of technique at all. He simply wanted to try it and see if he’d be able to. If Zhou Lun Yu really could read people’s writing motions…no matter where in the site area he sat, he still couldn’t possibly see everyone’s pens.

Unable to refuse, Lin Jing Xuan could only take out the pen and paper. He pushed aside his bowl and chopsticks, and carefully began writing on the paper. Meng Ming’s eyes were glued onto his pen the whole time. After Ling Jing Xuan finished writing, Meng Ming very confidently said

“You wrote: Little Qiao makes me neglect sleep and forget about food.”  

Huang Qiao Yi’s face turned red, and even Bai Jiu was shocked.  

“Wrong!” Lin Jing Xuan picked up the paper and showed his words: “Little Qiao is wearing white panties today.”  

“Oh…so that means Classmate Meng Ming could only recognize two of the words….”

“Oh, it seems like it’s no good….”


“That isn’t important!” Huang Qiao Yi pummeled Lin Jing Xuan into the wall.  

Classes continued in the afternoon. During this time, Meng Ming was closely inspecting Zhou Lun Yu’s movements from the back row

That guy…

Zhou Lun Yu was sitting in the seat closest to the window. His head was lowered, and he was leisurely flipping a page from a book.

So despicable…he’s reading <Realm of the Death God>…! Meng Ming was about to stand up to run over there and toss the book out the window.

“Brother Meng Ming, calm down…we’re in class…” Seeing Meng Ming somewhat unable to hold back his anger, Huang Qiao Yi coaxed him.

The teacher in front was an old man over 50 years old. His unique trait—was that he had a bald spot on the left side of his head. This old man was currently using his very small windpipe to explain information about geography with thick pronunciation. Meng Ming didn’t listen to the class at all, and was watching Zhou Lun Yu the whole time. He wanted to grab even the slightest clues about him. But Zhou Lun Yu didn’t act improperly at all. His head was still lowered as he flipped through the book.

That book…I should be the one reading it! Meng Ming was in a bad mood.

Since the book had been stolen, Meng Ming could only watch enviously, unable to do anything about it.  

That book he stole…Oh?…Isn’t he reading? Why did he suddenly stop reacting… Meng Ming discovered that there was something off with Zhou Lun Yu’s movements.

Three minutes had passed already, yet Zhou Lun Yu hadn’t flipped to the next page. It didn’t seem like he was listening to the lecture either.


That bastard actually fell asleep…!! It was like he was taking up a toilet without actually going to the bathroom… Meng Ming grew furious.

“Give it back to me!!” Meng Ming shouted as he abruptly stood up with a slam on his desk.  

This frightened all the classmates in the class, and shocked Zhou Lun Yu awake as well. The old man lecturing in front of the class panicked as well, “Ai, ai? What…did I say something wrong?!” 

Meng Ming immediately realized that he had lost control.


In the end, Meng Ming became the center of everyone’s attention, the focal point of everyone in the class.

The old man lecturing scratched his head and asked, “Student Zhuge Meng Ming, if I didn’t say anything wrong, then why shout so loudly?”

The whole class erupted in laughter.

The old man was slightly upset by the mocking laughs that had interrupted his lecture. “Alright, alright, don’t waste any more time. Next…according to the class material just now, I’ll pose some questions. Everyone must answer them by themselves…Oh, I’ll invite two students to write the answers on the board. Zhuge Meng Ming, you’re one of them!”

The old man placed the chalk on the left corner desk, and gestured at Zhuge Meng Ming to come up. Who’d asked him to shout so loudly?

This was the first time Meng Ming had ever been asked to answer a question in front. This had never happened to him before! Huang Qiao Yi was slightly worried, and she whispered, “Brother Meng Ming, you can’t answer the question, right? If you go up, Little Qiao can’t help you…”

Meng Ming didn’t know what to do either, but he could only go up. Meng Ming didn’t feel like thinking about it too much. He believed that as long as he went, he’d figure something out.

“And another student…” The old man placed another piece of chalk on the right corner of the desk, “Oh, I’ll ask the one that just transferred backStudent Zhou Lun Yu. Alright, both of you, come to the board now to write.”  

Why is it him again?! Meng Ming’s heart shook. He was slightly vexed, but then he thought about it again. But Zhou Lun Yu should be a C-type. Even if he’s the whatever ranked eight in the entire district, he surely doesn’t know the answer to any question either! That’s right─Hmph, like I’d lose to him! Perhaps he’d be able to see through Zhou Lun Yu’s strength and tricks.

The teacher spoke these two names, and the whole class waited expectantlyZhou Lun Yu was a C-type that was Lin Xian’s number one, and the district’s number eight. Meng Ming was the L-type that had scored the highest on the entrance exam. What would the both of them write on the board?

The two of them gracefully strode to the front, their imposing manners equally impressive.

The old man slowly walked away from the front desk with the lesson plan in his hand. He looked at it again and again; from this, it could be seen that he hadn’t actually prepared a question at all.

The two people in the front picked up their chalks and faced the board with their backs facing everyone.

Zhou Lun Yu stood at the front desk. He turned around to glance at Meng Ming, who wasn’t very far away, and then whispered

“You still want to compete against me? Zhuge Meng Ming, you’re a C-type, aren’t you.”

This completely shocked Meng Ming.


Meng Ming had still been planning methods on how to figure out the tricks the other party used, but was now thrown into complete disarray by Zhou Lun Yu’s words.

He suddenly felt nervous, and the sweat on his forehead began to drip down

Zhou Lun Yu…how did he know…!

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