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Chapter 257 – Terrifying Magic Power Pt. 1

The essential factors that affected the might of magic were magic power, spirit power, element affinity, element comprehension, and magic familiarity. After consuming the potions, one’s magic power, spirit power, and magic familiarity wildly increased at an astounding speed, but element comprehensions and affinity were completely lost.

Right now, Suo Jia was like a starving person despite protecting a large grain depot. With the help of the Enchantment Zhiyao, Suo Jia’s magic power, spirit power, and physical strength had become frighteningly strong. His training speed had also made rapid progress. However, despite his mighty magic and spirit powers, he couldn’t use them.

The magic elements were actually like the army that mages commanded. One had to create an affinity with them to understand them, comprehend them, and to properly use them. Currently, Suo Jia was only able to use 20-30% of his magic and spirit powers.

People that are extremely strong aren’t necessarily amazing at fighting, and people that are less powerful aren’t necessary weaklings. It really depends on one’s comprehension of their strength and how to utilize it. An extremely lightweight boxing champion can easily knock out an extremely heavyweight, normal person. The amount of power they possess isn’t important; what’s important is the amount of power that one can display.

Some people can easily lift up a 150kg burlap, but can only put about that much weight behind their punches. On the other hand, there are some people that can only lift up a 50kg burlap, but can still carry a 150kg weight behind their punches.

Once a mage reached the Advanced realm, they had to pay particular attention to their affinity and comprehension of the elements. The more proficient they were at such things, the more powerful their magic would become.

Suo Jia wiped away the sweat that had formed on his forehead in his fear, and secretly sighed in relief. If it weren’t for Nicole’s reminder, he might’ve made one extra turn too many. As for now, it was a blessing in disguise, and it wouldn’t necessarily stir up any issues.

Although one’s affinity and understanding of the elements was extremely important, this still had to be built on one’s foundation on magic and spirit power. For example, a 3 year old could never defeat an adult, no matter how much they tried.

During the past 2 years, although Suo Jia hadn’t advanced through any realms, the Enchantment Zhiyao had improved his speed in improving in magic power, spirit power, and physical strength, to a terrifying degree. Although this had resulted in a loss of his comprehension and cultivation of the elements…he felt that what he gained far surpassed what he lost.

Suo Jia now possessed an enormous amount of magic power and spirit power. Even his physical strength could compare to that of a warrior. Afterwards…Suo Jia could only try to understand and foster the elements as much as possible, so that he could gradually display more and more of his might.

After thinking it over for a while, Suo Jia decided that even if God had given him another life, he’d still have focused on Enchantment Zhiyao two years ago to boost his magic power, spirit power, and physical strength. But the today two years later was the point where he’d definitely be unable to use Zhiyao anymore. Otherwise, it would just prove to be a waste. No matter how much magic power he had, the amount he could actually display was limited.

Suo Jia gratefully glanced at Nicole, inwardly glad that she’d told him about this so that he didn’t go down the wrong path. If he’d made this revelation a year later, he’d really suffer serious losses. But currently, he wasn’t losing anything, and was instead gaining many unique benefits. Actually…this was the most logical, fastest, and most effective training method.

The Enchantment Zhiyao’s ability to increase his attributes was faster than anything else. Only the Exhaustion Training Method was comparable. To a mage, the most important thing was always magic power, with spirit power second. But things like affinity and comprehension only affected the might of the magic.

Without affinity and understanding of the magical elements, the magic’s formidability would be lower, but without magic power and spirit power, there was no way to even activate high ranked magics. A magic could completely drain a person. After weighing both options, even an idiot would be able to choose to focus on the correct one.

Suo Jia looked at the colorful glass bottle in his hand, and grit his teeth, throwing all the bottles back into his interspatial ring. These potions couldn’t be used from now on; at the very least, they couldn’t be used as often. Otherwise, while he could theoretically still activate magics, there was a possibility that the activation could fail due to his affinity and comprehension levels being too low.

“Mm…” Suo Jia resolutely nodded. Unless he was at a critical moment of life or death, these potions would continue sleeping within the interspatial ring. Suo Jia knew that if he wanted to pass through the Greater Trade Routes, he had to improve himself in every way. This included his affinity and understanding of the magical elements.

Early morning…the light of dawn jumped out from the sky. Suo Jia was within a forest, swiftly waving his right hand to send Mysterious Ice Arrows whizzing out from his palms one after another. After a flash of blue light, a sharp, penetrating ice arrow would shoot out and pierce through a large, thick tree, and then disappear deep into the forest.

To Suo Jia, this was completely normal. He did this kind of training every day for an hour, shooting out a total of 3600 Mysterious Ice Arrows per day, no matter what. This not only improved his familiarity with the ice arrows and improved its destructive power, but it would also simultaneously train the four great auxiliary magics…Precision Strike, Spirit Lock, Acceleration Drive, and Berserk Impact.

With the help of the four great auxiliary magics, Suo Jia’s ice arrows were completely different from any other ice mage’s. Their speed was double, and their impact force and penetration ability were also more than double. In addition, his Precision Strike and Spirit Lock were so accurate that they could strike someone in the nose without straying the slightest bit to the eyes.

Nicole stood there, stunned as she watched Suo Jia’s right hand sway back and forth, with flashes of blue light dying out one after another. Her mouth was wide open, as she was frozen there with an incredulous expression.

Since the day he’d first learned the Mysterious Ice Arrow up until now, Suo Jia had already shot out millions of Mysterious Ice Arrows, to the point where it flowed from him like a river. Even without the four great auxiliary magics, his speed, destructive power, penetration ability, and accuracy had already reached frightening levels. No other mage could possibly shoot out so many ice arrows. After all…who else had done what Suo Jia had, drinking the Magic Potions, Spirit Potions, and Endurance Potions like water.

Under Nicole’s dumbfounded watch, Suo Jia shot out over 1000 ice arrows in succession, before stopping with a frown, and he shook his head in dissatisfaction. Although he still had magic power and spirit power remaining, Suo Jia knew that this was pretty much his limit. If he activated any more, he’d end up collapsing in exhaustion.

Suo Jia wiped away the sweat on his forehead and turned around, preparing to get some breakfast. But when he looked back, Suo Jia discovered that Nicole was currently…standing there with a hilarious posture as she stared at Suo Jia in shock.

In confusion, Suo Jia touched his face to check if there was anything wrong. After discovering that nothing was amiss, he asked, “Uh…Nicole, why are you looking at me like that? Is there anything wrong with me?”

“Eh.” Nicole was finally shocked awake by Suo Jia’s voice. Her eyes swept over him in astonishment as she said with difficulty, “God, are you sure you’re only a Great Mage?”

Although he didn’t understand the reason for her question, Suo Jia nodded with certainty, “That’s right, I can assure you that I’m currently only a Great Mage. That’s because the highest ranked magic I can activate is the Ice Roar.”

“Gulp…” Nicole swallowed hard and said incredulously, “That’s really hard to believe. I don’t understand, where in the world did you get such amazing magic power and spirit power? Do you know how many ice arrows a typical Great Mage can activate?”

“That…” Suo Jia rubbed his head and smiled in embarrassment, “Hehe…I’ve never bothered to look into that question. Why…did I cast too many?”

Nicole wordlessly looked at Suo Jia, then helplessly shook her head, “You, ah…sometimes it seems like you know everything, but sometimes it seems like you don’t know anything. Here, let me explain it to you…”

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  1. Whynn says:

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      • Whynn says:

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    Nicole, I’m guessing you haven’t realized how many he’s made, let alone how many hours he’s spent meditating…

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