Cheating Craft 25

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 25: Just Give Me The Answers! 

Thus, the two of them sat across each other at the table, and started their practice tests at the same time!

Bai Jiu lowered her head and began to earnestly write down the answers. Every time she studied or did problems, she would be deeply immersed, as if possessed by a demon. When Meng Ming saw Bai Jiu’s serious expression, he thought: Getting a higher score than her is very easy… He didn’t attempt to do any problems, and instead turned around to look at that white booklet just now. Those contain the answers…!  

Meng Ming first looked at the problems on his own practice test and memorized them so that searching for the answers would be easier.  

That white booklet was placed next to a pile of books, and was around 2 meters away from Meng Ming. Grabbing it wouldn’t actually be difficult. He needed to get closer first, and then he could use the Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueSecret Exchange. It was really too easy!  

I need to draw Bai Jiu’s attention away first. Meng Ming had already surveyed his surroundings. Easy.  

He picked up a piece of draft paper: Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueWater Splitting Blade Draw!  

In an instant, the single pieces of draft paper had become very thin. He then used the Zhuge Style Cheating Technique’s secret folding skilland managed to use the Water Splitting Blade Draw to split the paper into tons of pieces! 

The draft paper in his hand was swiftly folded into a very long and flexible piece of paper. Meng Ming secretly stretched a long piece of paper underneath the table.  

I’ll tickle her…! When her concentration is broken, I’ll take the opportunity to grab the answer set! He had used this move during the entrance examination.  

Meng Ming began to tickle the skin on Bai Jiu’s lower body.  

Five minutes later…  

…Why, why hasn’t she reacted?  

Meng Ming tickled her endlessly, and even tried in 10 different locations. But Bai Jiu still remained completely focused in writing her answers, and didn’t show any signs of being ticklish.  

During this moment, Bai Jiu hadn’t reacted at all. She had already finished answering many questions.  

Crap, I definitely cannot let her finish writing first! Meng Ming realized that tickling was useless! He put away the paper and thought: What should I do now…is there any better method of shattering her concentration…

In his sudden anxiety, Meng Ming began to feel hot.  

…Hot?! He looked around, That’s right…I can try using that! 

He saw that there was a revolving electric fan on the ground endlessly spinning.  

I’ll turn off the electric fan! That way, she’ll feel even hotter, and go over to turn it on! …That’s right, she just needs to leave for a moment. No matter how short that moment is, it’ll be enough! Meng Ming eyed the electric fan’s switch. He quietly picked up a pencil, aimed it at the switch, then tossed it out, directly hitting it! The electric fan was turned off.

The electric fan stopped turning, and the room’s temperature gradually began to rise.



Another 5 minutes passed. Bai Jiu had already answered dozens of questions, and she didn’t seem to feel the heat at all!  

How has she not reacted?!…. In the end, Meng Ming was the one that felt even hotter, and he was starting to feel uncomfortable. Zhuge Style Cheating Technique… He picked up another pencil and brushed it against the bottom of the table. Igniting Flames!

Meng Ming was going to create a man-made heater!  

The hot air diffused outwards, and the temperature below the table increased very quickly….  

At that moment, Meng Ming suddenly saw that there were beads of sweat forming on Bai Jiu’s chest!

Great, as long as she thinks it’s warm, she’ll immediately go turn on the fan…!

Bai Jiu’s sweat slowly dripped down, and she’d unconsciously wipe it away from time to time.

You should feel the heat now….  

But Bai Jiu just wiped her face a few times, her concentration still focused on the exam paper!  

Meng Ming was burning to death.  

The sky was already darkening outside, but Bai Jiu’s pen hadn’t once stopped writing on her practice exam! She had already finished a large portion of the questions!

…Is it really that hard to get a booklet of answers?! Meng Ming began to panic more, and secretly sent a text to Huang Qiao Yi: “Little Qiao, give a call to Bai Jiu! It doesn’t matter what you talk about, anything is fine!”

Huang Qiao Yi replied: “Her phone’s off.”  

Does she really have to turn off her phone when she studies!!! Meng Ming was helpless. And when it’s dark, she doesn’t turn on the light? …And at this kind of time, she doesn’t feel hungry either?!  

No matter how their environment changed, it absolutely wouldn’t affect Bai Jiu’s work! Her concentration was completely assimilated in the sea of questions.  

Meng Ming inwardly let out a sorrowful sigh. Bai Jiu becomes a robot when she studies.  

It was getting darker and darker outside, but judging from how Bai Jiu was going, she would probably finish the exam before night fell!

Meng Ming thought of many more schemes, but all of them failed. If things continued like this, Meng Ming wouldn’t be able to write a single answer, and he’d immediately be screwed!

Time passed minute by minute, second by second. Meng Ming finally realized that his thought process seemed a bit wrong. Don’t tell me….

He slowly got up and directly reached out to grab the answers.  

Meng Ming had just come to a realization: If Bai Jiu is so concentrated, I can just grab it directly, and she won’t discover it!  

He openly reached out to grab the answers in his clutches.


Bai Jiu suddenly lifted her head, and just happened to see this scene, causing her to cry out in surprise.  


Meng Ming was in utter shock. His hand was still reaching halfway towards the pile of books! Crap, I’m screwed…!   

“Meng Ming…?” Bai Jiu stared at him with wide eyes and cried out in astonishment, “You…”  

“Eh, I…wasn’t Bai Jiu working on the practice test the whole time?” Meng Ming was so frightened that he didn’t know what to say. I was…caught by her…?!  

Bai Jiu put down her pen and stretched her arm a bit as she said, “Yes. But just now, the problem I was doing was quite difficult, and I couldn’t do it, so I stopped a bit before thinking over it again. That way, it’s easier to open my mind to more trains of thought.”  

And so she just happened to see Meng Ming stealing the answers?! How come you just had to do it then… Meng Ming was in a complete mess.  

Bai Jiu said passionately, “Meng Ming finished it so quickly, and wanted to compare answers? So amazing! I only finished a bit over half….”  

“Eh…I…” Meng Ming eyed his own blank practice test, and hurriedly hugged it against his chest as he pragmatically said, “Y…Yea…! I finished!”  

Thus, Bai Jiu earnestly replied, “Wait a bit, and we’ll compare together. We’re competing in accuracy, not speed.”  

Meng Ming retracted his hand bitterly and replied, “Well, I’ve already finished!” He rolled up the practice test and placed it on the table, “Then I’ll wait for you to finish…”  

After saying this, Meng Ming stood up to stretch and left the table. He didn’t touch the answers again and thought: Thank…thank goodness she thought that I had tried to get the answers because I had already finished…but I already said I finished, and placed the practice test there…isn’t that equivalent to handing it in?  

Meng Ming’s practice test was still blank! Haven’t I lost already?! He was about to go crazy. What kind of expression would Bai Jiu have later when they compared answers, and saw that Meng Ming’s was still blank?!  

As Bai Jiu watched Meng Ming leave, she thought in admiration: Meng Ming finished so quickly, and doesn’t need to even double-check…really too amazing. 

Meng Ming stood alone on the balcony, and sighed.  

Copying the answers in front of her is unexpectedly so difficult… 

The moves that he had used multiple times before had all failed. To the intelligent Meng Ming, it seemed like Bai Jiu was extremely difficult to defeat.  

….And I had even said that I’d definitely obtain that ring. That old baldie seemed to have anticipated all of this, and was completely pulling my leg! Now I’m screwed, I lost to the L-type, Bai Jiu, and got 0 points….  

That’s right, Meng Ming had already said that he’d finished, but he was handing in a blank paper….  

Should I take advantage of this time to search for the ring? But I might not necessarily find it… Meng Ming wildly thought: I’ve handed in a blank paper, so I’ve already lost…  

He turned around to look back at Bai Jiu, who was still trying her all to answer the questions.  

I hate students that cheat on exams the most.

Bai Jiu’s words suddenly flashed in Meng Ming’s mind!  

No…it, it still hasn’t ended!!! Meng Ming suddenly aroused from his thoughts. If Bai Jiu saw that he hadn’t done the exam, wouldn’t she….  

Meng Ming’s hands curled into fists. I, I have to win! The competition hasn’t yet ended…that’s right, as long as classmate Bai Jiu hasn’t finished hers, I still have a chance! Meng Ming immediately returned to his previous mentality. I must think of a way to defeat her…!  

He inspected his surroundings once more, and thought back a few more times. Balcony, table, practice test….  

The sky was getting even darker, and the light was barely enough to write anymore.  

The most annoying part is that I admitted I finished already…so I can’t touch the practice test again… Meng Ming mulled over the issue.  

He saw that Bai Jiu was currently in deep concentration and hurriedly finishing her practice test.  

…Hm?! Meng Ming suddenly thought of something else. That’s right, she thinks I already finished, so can’t I just use that…?!  

Dusk arrived, and the room became dark. He thought: I, I have an idea! As long as I do this…

Meng Ming secretly walked back into the room.  

Classmate Bai Jiu really thinks that I finished my practice test in the living room ages ago. But she definitely hasn’t considered that I’d complete the test after handing it in!  

The competition hadn’t ended yet; Meng Ming wanted to use this disrepancy in time and location to cheat!  

In the dark living room, Bai Jiu was still diligently working, and she hadn’t noticed Meng Ming’s presence at all. Fortunately, it’s evening now, so she won’t notice me. Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueSecret Exchange!  

He’d gotten it!  

Silently, Meng Ming managed to retrieve his pencil, his practice test, and the answer booklet!  

He then gleefully ran back to the balcony.  

Why didn’t I think of such a simple method earlier? I can just finish writing my practice test on the balcony! It’s so dark out, she definitely won’t believe that I’m doing it out here. But it isn’t a problem to me at all! Meng Ming twirled his pencil. Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueIgniting Flames!  

The sun had mostly set already, and the slight flame lit up the practice test in front of Meng Ming. He stood there on the balcony, facing the scene of nightfall outside the room, and picked up his pen to start copying the answers.  

He’d finally be able to fill in all the answers on this blank practice test without a hitch!  

“Meng Ming?”

Bai Jiu’s voice came from behind Meng Ming, causing him to jump in alarm. 

“Aiya?!” Meng Ming was so shocked that he almost dropped the pencil in his hand off the balcony. He discovered that Bai Jiu was standing right behind him looking at him in amazement.  

Bai Jiu, she…already finished?! Meng Ming hurriedly hid the practice test in his hand.  

“I haven’t finished yet. It’s so dark that I can’t see the words, so I got up to turn on the light.” Bai Jiu asked, “What is Meng Ming doing on the balcony?”  

“I…I,” Meng Ming was still holding the large booklet in his hands, and couldn’t hide it! “This…”  

“Meng Ming was doing other problems?” Bai Jiu had seen him flip through the book earlier, and said, “You’re really hard-working. But the light outside here isn’t enough, come in and write.”  

I, am doing other problems? Meng Ming thought this over, then immediately played along with Bai Jiu, “Ah, that…no, no need, I’ll just write here…”  

“Can you see it clearly enough on the balcony?” Bai Jiu asked. “Or is Meng Ming saying that you’re afraid of disrupting me? Don’t worry, I’m very concentrated!”

“It’s not like that! I just…I actually really, really like doing problems on the balcony…” He bitterly smiled.  



Is that so?  Bai Jiu couldn’t do anything about it, so she only turned on the lights inside the room. “Alright…then I’ll continue doing my practice test.” And she went back to the table.  

Exactly why… Meng Ming had been so frightened that he had broken out into a cold sweat. She doesn’t go earlier or later, but just has to go turn on the lights now…! The old baldie couldn’t have possibly calculated this too….  

He felt at his practice test and answer booklet to check that they were still in his hand. However, because he had hid the practice test so quickly just now, it had already been crumpled up into a ball.

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  1. “I just…I actually really, really like doing problems on the balcony…”
    Really? That was the best you could come up with? >.>


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