Cheating Craft 26.5 (April Fool’s)

Written by: snowfallsdown

Edited by: Taffy

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Quiz 26: Secret Exposed

Meng Ming began to panic when he realized that the practice test had been crumpled up into a ball. He didn’t know how much longer it would take until Bai Jiu finished her own test.

He’d be in a dangerous situation once Bai Jiu noticed that his practice test was crumpled, seeing as the paper was supposed to have been left untouched on the table, finished. No matter how dense she was, it wasn’t possible to come up with any other excuse for such a matter.

What should I do?

While pondering hard, Bai Jiu had finished her test without Meng Ming realizing.

“Meng Ming, I’ve finished my test as well. Let’s compare our answers together.”

This sentence was like lightning striking the ground under a clear sky; it had seemingly come out of nowhere, and completely caught Meng Ming off guard. Cold sweat started to bead on his forehead.

What should I do? If I go in like this she’ll notice that the practice test is missing from the table. Then if I take it out from my hands in a crumpled state like this, I’ll have no way of explaining my way out of the situation. Oh wait, I still have an idea.

“Meng Ming…?”

Seeing Meng Ming stand as silent and still as a statue on the balcony, Bai Jiu couldn’t help but call out to him once more. With this, he was aroused from his racing thoughts, and he began to walk inside.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about something,” Meng Ming casually replied.

Bai Jiu sighed in admiration,”Wow, still thinking about the extra problems you were doing? Classmate Meng Ming is really too studious.”

Meng Ming could only force a smile in response. He then looked up at the light that Bai Jiu had just turned on. As fast as lightning, his hand stretched back to throw a pencil aimed at it. The light bulb was punctured by the pencil, immediately disconnecting the wires within. The pencil had been thrown so quickly and so precisely that the light bulb didn’t even shatter. Meng Ming’s hands weren’t any slower; Bai Jiu hadn’t even seen his hand move when he’d launched the pencil at the ceiling. With the light suddenly cut, the room was instantly engulfed in darkness. Bai Jiu let out a small cry of shock, but Meng Ming ignored her and made his move.

Zhuge Style Cheating Technique──Secret Exchange! Zhuge Style Cheating Technique──Water Splitting Blade Draw!

At that moment, Meng Ming used these two techniques in succession. Secret Exchange was used first to grab Bai Jiu’s practice test. Water Splitting Blade Draw was then used to split this paper in half to produce a new paper for his use. After that, he quickly returned Bai Jiu’s practice paper to its original place in her hands. Although it was dark, Meng Ming’s eyesight far exceeded a normal person’s so it wasn’t a problem at all.

“Meng Ming, are you there? Do you know what happened?”

Bai Jiu panicked at first, but after figuring that the light had been turned off, she calmed herself down a bit and called out for Meng Ming.

“I don’t know, the light seems to be out. Here, I can check it out. Do you have a flashlight?”

“There should be one in that drawer near the balcony. Can you find it?”

Since Meng Ming had a sharp memory, he immediately recalled the drawer that he’d passed on his way out to the balcony earlier. However, he made sure to continue his act, slowly walking around randomly in the darkness as if searching for the drawer for the first time. He used this delayed time to fill out his newly acquired practice test paper. This time, he didn’t need any light. Instead, he used his hand to brush across the paper’s surface, where he was able to feel the indents on the paper from Bai Jiu’s writing. Like this, he was able to trace the marks left behind to replicate the answers.

By the time he’d finally reached the drawer, he had already finished refilling the answers. However, he suddenly realized that he’d made a major mistake.

If I just do this, I can’t possibly defeat her. We’ll only end up in a draw instead…

Just then, another idea flashed in Meng Ming’s mind as he took out the flashlight from the drawer. He’d realized that if he shone the flashlight beam on the light bulb, his trick would be exposed; the pencil he’d thrown up there was still stuck in the light bulb. Thus, he intentionally flashed the light into Bai Jiu’s eyes to temporarily blind her.

“Ah! What are you doing?!” Bai Jiu exclaimed in shock.

“Oh, sorry,” Meng Ming replied apologetically.

During that short moment Bai Jiu was blinded, he threw the pen he’d been writing with to knock the pencil away from the light bulb. After the collision, both the pen and pencil fell down from the ceiling, safely and quietly landing into Meng Ming’s outstretched palm.

Good, now there’s only one more thing left to do.

Meng Ming approached Bai Jiu again, this time lighting up the ceiling with flashlight. However, he still avoided the light bulb on purpose.

“I don’t see anything wrong.” [Meng Ming]

“That’s because you’re not examining the lights properly. There, move it a little to the left, no, a little bit more to the right…”

Meng Ming continued to miss the light on purpose as he made his next move. Zhuge Style Cheating Technique──Secret Exchange!

Once again, Bai Jiu’s practice paper appeared within his hands. This time, he erased some answers on her paper to create “mistakes”. After finishing his work, he swapped the test paper back into Bai Jiu’s hand, and finally pointed the flashlight beam at the light bulb.

“Ah, it seems that the light bulb is broken. Do you have any spare ones?” Meng Ming innocently asked Bai Jiu.

“There should be some in the storage closet. Give me the flashlight, and I’ll go find them,” Bai Jiu replied.

Meng Ming passed the flashlight over to Bai Jiu and stood there silently in the dark. His heart and mind had calmed down now that his victory in this contest was assured. After all, he now had more correct answers than her, even if he’d copied them all.

Afterwards, Bai Jiu walked back to Meng Ming with a new light bulb in hand. Meng Ming took it and replaced the broken bulb. The light was then turned back on.

“Now, let’s compare our answers.”

Without wasting any time, Meng Ming took the initiative to get straight to the point. He immediately picked up the answer booklet and began to compare his answers. While he was calmly doing this, Bai Jiu suddenly frowned.

“Eh, how come my answer is missing? I’m pretty sure I answered this already. This one too, and this one is missing an answer as well…”

Meng Ming only smiled at Bai Jiu’s bewilderment. As the saying goes, it’s best to strike while it’s still hot. Meng Ming took advantage of Bai Jiu’s confusion to shift her attention and prevent her from realizing that his answers were an identical copy of hers.

“So, it’s my win, right?” [Meng Ming]

“Um…I guess.” [Bai Jiu]

Bai Jiu was hesitant to accept the results, but what worried her more was the bet they’d made earlier. She was very nervous about what Meng Ming would request her to do.

“Alright then! Take of your clothes.”

Hearing Meng Ming’s words, Bai Jiu was completely stunned. Had she heard wrongly? She had never imagined Meng Ming to be that kind of person.

“Wh-wh-what did you say?” Bai Jiu nervously asked.

“Didn’t you hear me? Take off your clothes!” Meng Ming’s tone had turned forceful, making Bai Jiu even more scared.

Bai Jiu wanted to refuse, but after looking at Meng Ming’s expression, she could only resign to her fate. Her eyes drifted away from his face, and just happened to land on his test paper. Just then, she noticed something.


Bai Jiu’s shout caused Meng Ming to freeze. He then noticed that Bai Jiu was looking at his test paper; it seemed like she’d noticed something wrong.

“Meng Ming, how did you come up with the solution to this question?”

Bai Jiu noticed the flaw. For one of the questions, she’d used an equation from a foreign book that she’d been reading earlier, instead of the conventional one used in their textbook. Meng Ming hadn’t expected something like that, and without knowing, had carelessly copied the entire thing verbatim.

“Meng Ming, did you really know this equation? Or….?”

Bai Jiu didn’t finish her sentence, and chose to leave it hanging with a questioning tone. At this point, Meng Ming was sure that his secret was finally exposed. This was bad. Because the one thing that Bai Jiu hated the most was someone that cheated.

At this point, he was nearly 100% sure that Bai Jiu had discovered Meng Ming was actually a C-type student. Meng Ming desperately struggled to come up with an explanation.

“Bai Jiu, it’s really not what you think. I do actually know that equation.”


Bai Jiu wasn’t very convinced.

“Here, let me show it to you. First, you define variable A, followed by P and R. Then after that, plug in I and L. Finally, you need to add in F, O times two, and end it with an L and ‘s.”

Bai Jiu glanced at what Meng Ming had written, and was immediately stunned speechless by the paper’s contents. It could be said that Meng Ming’s secret had been exposed.


“Meng Ming, that spells APRIL FOOL’S!!!”

Note: Many thanks to snowfallsdown (aka FrozenFacade) for writing this amazing chapter! Definitely much better than anything I would’ve ever come up with, and I had loads of fun reading and editing it. I hope that you all enjoyed the chapter as well xD

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