CCM 280

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 280 – Internal Competition Pt. 2

“Wait,” Suo Jia suddenly shouted to stop the mysterious swordsman from leaving.

The mysterious swordsman abruptly stopped in his tracks once more, but he didn’t turn around this time. Suo Jia smiled at the man’s back and said, “The reason you aren’t willing to become our companion is only because we’re too young, and don’t seem to be any skilled, right?”

Nicole found Suo Jia’s words extremely strange. She tugged at Suo Jia’s clothes and whispered, “Why must you have him become our comrade? Isn’t he the same as Picolo? He also thinks that our abilities are too weak. Why must you insist on him?”

Suo Jia smiled at the mysterious swordsman’s back and shook his head. “No, he’s different. Although he thinks our abilities are too lacking, Picolo believes that we can’t protect him, while this strange person thinks that we’ll drag him down.”

“Tch…” Nicole tsked and muttered in annoyance, “No matter what, they both turned their backs on us. I don’t want to become comrades with a person like that. If we’re together every day, won’t we annoy each other to death?”

“Haha…” Suo Jia shook his head and whispered back, “You, you never understand these kinds of things. Couldn’t you tell from his words just now? The person in front of you is a hot-blooded, responsible, and loyal man. Once he becomes our companion, he’ll support us with his life. We only just met, so how could he be willing to hand his life over to us?”

“What?” Nicole was stunned. “When did he say he’d hand his life over to us? I didn’t hear it at all. Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating?”

Suo Jia shook his head and firmly replied, “Didn’t he say it? He said that if he became our comrade, we’d definitely form relationships with each other after being acquainted for so long. Once we encounter danger, we’ll end up being his burdens. For example, if we were captured by enemies with blades held against our throats, and he was threatened to place his weapons down, what is he supposed to do?”

“Oh.” Nicole’s jaw dropped opened in shock and she excitedly stated, “I get it, I completely understand now. That guy is too straightforward. Either he doesn’t give us a single chance, or he becomes a mutual companion that he entrusts his life to. Indeed…there’s nobody more suitable than he is.”

Nicole hurriedly grabbed Suo Jia’s sleeve and urged, “Quick, hurry up and think of something. If we miss a fellow like that, where else are we supposed to find someone this great? We’ll end up regretting this for the rest of our lives.”

The mysterious swordsman had heard Suo Jia’s and Nicole’s blatant discussion just now. He shook his head helplessly and declared, “Oi, I’ve been listening the whole time. Can you please not discuss how to deal with someone right in front of the said person? It feels so strange.”

“Eh!” Hearing the mysterious swordsman’s voice, Suo Jia and Nicole couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock. They had only just realized that the person hadn’t actually left this whole time, but had been closely listening to one side.

Suo Jia awkwardly rubbed his head and chuckled, “Friend, judging from your voice, you don’t seem that much older than us. I don’t understand, why are you so certain that we’d tie you down? Have you ever considered the possibility that you’d be burdens to us instead?”

“Hmm?” The mysterious swordsman cross his arms in front of his chest in interest, and the corners of his mouth lifted up to form a lazy smile. “That is really something I haven’t once considered. It’s also something completely impossible.”

“Fine,” Suo Jia firmly asserted, his eyes glowing. “No matter what, I will definitely make you our comrade today. Since you suspect our strengths, then go ahead and come at us with all you’ve got. You can choose either one of us. As long as you beat either of us two, we’ll turn around and leave, and won’t ever bring this up again.”

“Oh?” The mysterious swordsman was shocked, and he asked doubtfully, “Are you sure you know what you’re saying? I believe you’ve already watched the fight I just had with Picolo. Even with that, you’re still so confident?”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia laughed strangely and narrowed his eyes. “Honestly, I’m not confident at all. In reality, who has 100% confidence before the start of a battle? Strictly speaking, if you challenge me, my chances of losing are definitely greater than 50%.”

The mysterious swordsman was extremely confused. “In that case, why are you still so persistent? I can honestly say that since I was 15, I’ve experienced around 96 fights, and I’ve had successive wins for the past 4 years.”

Suo Jia took a deep breath and nodded, “I know that even Picolo couldn’t possibly draw out your strongest move. If I guessed correctly, you’re carrying seven different types of blades on your back, with each one having its own blade technique. I only saw two types, right?”

The mysterious person blankly raised his head to look up at the distant skies. He murmured, “In reality, I have 9 blades total. I have 7 on my back, one at my waist, and my last one is my life’s greatest secret. If anyone ever forces me to use this ninth blade, I believe it to be my loss, even if the other party isn’t the victor.”

The mysterious swordsman then lowered his head to look straight at Suo Jia and say, “Actually, you should realize that I wouldn’t choose a girl as my opponent. In other words, for the sake of making me your comrade, you’re challenging me, right?”

“Oi. What are you doing… are you discriminating against females? I refuse to believe it.” Nicole indignantly rolled up her sleeves, as if prepared to stir up a huge commotion.

Suo Jia smiled at Nicole, then said sincerely to the mysterious swordsman, “No, you’re mistaken…if you really chose Nicole as your opponent, then I can guarantee that you will at most be able to prevent yourself from losing. Actually beating her is definitely impossible.”

The mysterious swordsman was extremely shocked. He glanced at Nicole once more, then shook his head and said, “I really don’t understand what you guys are trying to do. Fine then…I won’t choose. You guys can decide who will challenge me.”

As soon as the mysterious person finished speaking, Nicole immediately jumped out. She arrogantly puffed out her chest and declared, “Since you look down on us girls so much, then I’ll be the one to defeat you.”

The mysterious swordsman indifferently nodded and replied, “Whatever, it’s the same no matter who comes at me. You decide on how we should compete.”

“Hmm…” Nicole rolled her eyes and smiled, “We aren’t enemies fighting to the death, but trying to learn more of each other through interaction to become companions. In that case… it doesn’t seem the best idea to have a life-or-death battle.”

“Mmm…” The mysterious swordsman nodded in agreement and smiled, “That’s right. No matter what, I never kill women. Naturally, that means we can’t possibly fight to the death. Tell me, exactly how should we compete then?”

Having already planned in advance, Nicole pulled out a thin rope and two golden coins. She then used her dagger to punch a hole in each of the coins, and strung the ropes through them to form two simple necklaces.

Nicole dropped one of the necklaces into the mysterious swordsman’s hand and gestured, “Each of us will wear a necklace. Go on…hurry up and put it around your neck.”

“This…” The mysterious swordsman hesitantly looked at the simple and crude necklace in his hands and bitterly smiled, “What’s this for? I don’t have the time to play around with you.”

In response to the mysterious swordsman’s dissatisfaction, Nicole seriously declared, “After putting on the necklaces, the gold coins will be on the area right underneath our throats. Whoever removes the other party’s gold coin first in the battle is the winner. How about it?”

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