Cheating Craft 30 (2/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 30: Rules of the Exam Room (2/2)

Library Examination Regulations  

  1. Examinees are not allowed to bring any suspicious items into the exam site. Stationery is prepared by the school.
  2. When examinees enter the site, they must verify their identity, and sit in their appointed seats. They are not allowed to exchange seats with others as they please.
  3. Before the exam, the examinee must check the stationery on their desk. If any problems with the stationery are discovered, the examinee can notify the proctor before the exam starts. After the exam bell rings, no compensation will be offered.
  4. After the exam bell rings, the examination formally begins, and the students can only then start moving their pencils. There are 120 minutes given for every test.
  5. After the exam begins, the site must maintain silence. No form of conversation and interaction are allowed.
  6. Anyone that arrives later than 15 minutes will not be allowed into the site. Examinees may hand in their tests and leave the site after 30 minutes.
  7. Examinees can only raise their hand to ask questions about the test’s printing or points distribution. They cannot ask the proctors anything related to the solution’s content.
  8. Examinees must write their answers with the distributed pencils, and write as clearly and neatly as possible.
  9. Examinees must follow the questions’ directions and write their answers in the appropriate spaces. Any answers written on the draft paper are invalid.
  10. Aside from the provided spaces on the test for writing the examinee’s name and test number, do not mark up any other spaces.
  11. Examinees cannot look at other people’s answers, test papers cannot be exchanged, etc.
  12. If any abnormal circumstances occur during the exam, the examination is to continue as long as the proctor does not declare the examination suspended. The exceptions are any life-endangering situations, circumstances that threaten personal safety, or instances where the proctor is unable to make any announcements.
  13. If an examinee hands in their test early, they must immediately leave the site. They cannot loiter near the site, discuss it, or return to the site.
  14. After the exam bell rings, the examinees must put down their pencils, and are not allowed to further touch any stationery afterwards.
  15. Any students taking an examination in the library must follow the above regulations. If any of the regulations are discovered to be violated, it will be treated as cheating.

“Are you going to utilize these regulations?” Huang Qiao Yi asked Meng Ming.

“Look at #15,” Meng Ming pondered it for a bit and said, “As long as one is caught violating any regulation, it’ll be immediately viewed as cheating…”  

“That’s right! Hm, as long as Brother Meng Ming forces Zhou Lun Yu to violate a regulation, then…” 

Meng Ming tossed the regulations sheet in his hand, having seemingly memorized it already. He leisurely smiled and said, “Cheating isn’t like that. We already agreed earlier that we’d be competing in total points, not who would get caught. Regulations, I’m sure we’ll both violate; moreover, it’s necessary. What we need to is—make sure our violating actions aren’t discovered by anyone.”



Although most of the first year Class A students had been to Lin Xian Library before, that didn’t mean they knew how the test site arrangement was like. After several minutes, the students all alighted the bus at the library. When they saw the sign in front that said “Occupied by Lin Xian Central High For Midterm, Suspended Business For 4 Days”, they weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry.  

The examinees in Class A all used the elevator to get to the third floor. After walking out, they saw a pair of glass doors on their left with a seal stuck on them.

This was the exam site.

This room had originally been full of bookshelves, but those shelves had been moved to another place to clear out many spaces. Afterwards, the large tables and chairs from the reading area had been brought in for the examinees to use.

The exam site is pretty simple… Meng Ming inspected the entire room.

The large, square-shaped room had surveillance cameras hanging from all four corners of the ceiling. These devices had originally been used to prevent people from stealing books, but were now being used to proctor the exam. The tables and chairs were arranged from east to west, so that the windows facing the south provided enough light. The reading area had originally been in the north, but because it was a small area, it wasn’t being used for the exam.

“Not bad, there are surveillance cameras in every direction.” Meng Ming hadn’t seen these kinds of cameras in ages, and grew slightly excited, “Those models are way too old. The camera lens is actually exposed on the outside.”  

Hearing this, Huang Qiao Yi couldn’t help but say, “…The other exam sites I mentioned earlier, including the zoo, all have surveillance cameras…”  

Teacher Wang had already left. The students all stood outside the exam room, waiting for their proctor to come and break the seal.  

“Zhuge Meng Ming.” Another male voice called out to Meng Ming. This time, it was Qiu Min Ke.  

“You won’t have a problem with the surveillance cameras, right?” He said, “I won’t get involved this time.” He then left with a strange expression.  

Actually, Meng Ming hadn’t even noticed him.  

At that moment, someone came from the elevator. It was the first year Class A’s proctor! When the students noticed him, they all turned around in excitement to look—and discovered that it was actually that geography teacher with a patch of his hair missing! He was normally pretty muddle-headed, so the fact that they had drawn him as their proctor made the L-types feel happy, thinking that the exam would be pretty relaxing.

The old man was wearing his fake hair, and had a key tightly gripped in his hand. He said to the students, “You students can all enter now. Don’t think of cheating; it doesn’t matter if I can’t see it clearly, as the four surveillance cameras on the ceiling can definitely catch it.”

He then ripped open the seal in front of the door.  

Now that they were about to enter the room, everyone began to feel nervous about where their arranged seating was. Meng Ming was no exception.  

He thought: No matter how many surveillance cameras there are, I’m not afraid of being caught with the Heavenly Eye Technique. I just cannot sit in the frontmost row…compared to the surveillance cameras, I need to be more cautious of that guy…”  

Meng Ming glanced at Zhou Lun Yu, only to see him run his fingers through his hair and calmly enter the room, as though any exam environment would be unable to phase him!  

Hmph… Meng Ming rubbed his fingers together and began to run some mental calculations. It’s a good thing that old baldie taught me the flying disk. As long as I use the disk, I can cut his red threads. Let’s see what you do then! He followed the crowd and walked into the exam site as well.

After entering the room, the people were all shocked at seeing the arrangement of the tables and chairs.

They were normal rectangular-shaped tables, with no drawers, so the stationery was placed on the tables. The tables were were each 2 meters apart, and perfectly filled the entire square-shaped room. The seats were arranged in 7 rows and 6 columns, but the main point was—that the tables were arranged in opposite direction of those in the adjacent columns!

The point of this arrangement is to decrease the chances of examinees looking at others’ tests…if the text on the test papers are backwards, it’ll be much harder to copy. Meng Ming immediately analyzed the intention of this arrangement. However, this isn’t any hindrance to the Heavenly Eye Technique.  

“Very interesting!” Just like all the other examinees, Meng Ming searched for the seat that corresponded with his student number. Luckily, it was in the middle! The fifth seat in the third column. After Meng Ming sat down, he reflexively looked around again. It felt like he’d just entered a casino, and sat down at a gambling table.  

He continued to analyze: …Zhou Lun Yu’s seat…is at the window on the right. He’s facing this direction, I really don’t want to see him…Little Qiao is in the upper left corner…the other people don’t matter, but…”  

Meng Ming turned around to look—


     ↑HQY            ↓     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓   

     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓     ↑LJX          ↓   

     ↑SY          ↓     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓ZLY

     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓   

     ↑     ↓     ↑ZMM          ↓     ↑     ↓   

     ↑     ↓     ↑BJ      ↓     ↑     ↓   

     ↑     ↓     ↑     ↓     ↑QMK     ↓   


Why is Bai Jiu sitting behind me…! When Meng Ming saw the girl behind him, he began to panic.  

Just then, Zhou Lun Yu seemed to look around as well.  

Finally, the two people’s gazes met again!  

Just before the exam began, Zhou Lun Yu organized his stationery and smirked at Meng Ming: Zhuge Meng Ming, do you really think you have the skills to beat me? You’re about to experience just how great the difference between our strengths is.  

On the other hand, Meng Ming was extremely confident: Difference? The Zhuge Style Cheating Technique is the quintessence. No matter how good or bad the situation is, anyone has a chance of winning! I’ll prove that to you in this exam!

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