CCM 287

So….yesterday was apparently CCM’s first anniversary, as well as my translating career’s first year mark :O I can’t believe an entire year has already passed, it’s really flown by. I also do question why in the world I decided translating during finals was a good idea last year….

As I’ve been working on CCM since the project first began, I can say that it’s been a long and rough ride. However, I’ve been able to gain so much from the experience as well. Translating has changed from an occasional hobby to an amazingly fun addiction to me. It’s also allowed me to meet all the awesome people in this community, and all-in-all, entering the world of translations was a life-changing experience.

I sincerely thank all of CCM’s readers for their support, especially the ones that have stuck with it since it first started a year ago. Of course, even though it’s been an entire year, I still have much to learn about translating, and I thank you for sticking through any of my flaws. I will continue striving to improve myself.

Since I translate purely as a hobby, I cannot make any guarantees about finishing the series. However, I hope that regardless of where CCM may end up, I hope that you all continue to support it ^^

I wish I could mass release in celebration of CCM’s anniversary, but I sadly cannot due to finals. I did manage to scrape together a bonus chapter though, so you get two chapters! As stated in the announcement, I will not necessarily have the time to release 3 chapters this week, but I will make up for any missing ones after I finish finals. Of course, this bonus chapter does not count in that queue. Enjoy!

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 287 – City of Freedom Pt. 1

The mysterious guest first froze a bit after seeing Xiang Yun’s mighty blade. With no better option, the person’s body whirled around lightning fast, as his right leg filled with a shocking amount of energy that flashed a brilliant red. In an instant, the yellow glowing blade and the red glowing foot charged at each other.

“Freeze!” An earth-shaking shout rang through the air after seeing the two people about to clash. The next instant…the fierce sound of an explosion, followed by a violent ball of light, shook the earth.

“F*ck!” Suo Jia lowly cursed. He didn’t dare waste any time, and hurriedly rushed towards the fight. As he neared, Suo Jia saw exactly what he’d expected; Xiang Yun and that mysterious guest had been miserably sent flying out dozens of meters by each other’s energies, and collapsed on the ground. Although judging from their outer appearance, the two seemed as intact as they’d been at the start, one could tell from the trace of blood trickling down the corner of their mouths and their green complexions that they’d both suffered heavy internal injuries.

Suo Jia quickly waved his right hand, casting two Moisture Techniques in succession at both Xiang Yun and the mysterious guest. Seeing this, Nicole cried out in shock from behind him, “Heavens! Are you stupid? We just managed to defeat that guy, yet you assisted him!”

Suo Jia bitterly laughed, and didn’t pay any mind to Nicole. He turned to say to Xiang Yun and the mysterious guest, “You guys are like fighting cocks, so belligerent! If I hadn’t shouted then, you guys probably would’ve ended in mutual destruction.”

Seeing that Suo Jia was yelling at the mysterious guest as well, Xiang Yun realized that Suo Jia seemed to recognize the guy. Xiang Yun looked at Suo Jia with uncertainty, then looked back at the fellow, who was in an equally miserable state as him. He then asked, “Suo Jia, this guy is…”

Suo Jia bitterly laughed and shook his head. He then turned around to walk to the bonfire, and without turning back around, called out, “Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole, all three of you come over here.”

Hearing this, Nicole and Xiang Yun could immediately confirm that Suo Jia was indeed acquainted with this fellow. If he even knew the mysterious person’s name, how could they not know each other? Xiang Yun went over to support Roger, and the two walked over to the bonfire.

After they’d all sat around the fire, Suo Jia said to the mysterious guest, “Roger, didn’t you go out to look for your family members? Why did you run over here? This place is thousands of kilometers away from Holy Light Empire!”

Before Roger could even respond, Nicole nudged Suo Jia’s arm and said, “Hey! Don’t just pretend we aren’t here, introduce us first!”

“Oh!” Suo Jia patted his head and said, “This fellow is my friend from back at Dawn City.”

Suo Jia turned around and said to Nicole, “You’ve also been to Dawn City before. This guy is the leader of the 100,000 slave soldiers. Hehe…but after I took over, I dragged them out and restored their freedom. Right now…he’s the vice-commander of the Dark Angels thief group!”

Once Nicole heard that he was a friend from the thief realm, Nicole immediately perked up and excitedly said, “You’re pretty amazing, to become a leader at such a young age. Who’s your commander?”

“Eh!” Roger blankly stared at her, and looked at Suo Jia, before looking back at Nicole. He then said in bewilderment, “Our commander is Young Master Suo Jia. You didn’t know this?”

“Pa!” Nicole facepalmed and chuckled, “Hehe…after being with Suo Jia for so long, I’d already forgotten how mighty he had been. Hehe…it’s a small mistake on my part.”

“Oh!” Xiang Yun asked curiously, “What? Suo Jia was pretty mighty before?”

Nicole stuck out her hip and replied, “What are you talking about? What’s pretty mighty supposed to mean? He’s quite mighty!”

Nicole rolled her sleeves, seemingly about to thoroughly explain to Xiang Yun her family background. Seeing this, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “Forget it, that’s all the past. The current me is just an ordinary person.”

Suo Jia eyes gradually lit up as he said, “If I, Suo Jia, was a very mighty person, then it would be something that’d happen after we pass through the Greater Trade Routes. That level of greatness is what I desire the most!”

“No, no, no…” Xiang Yun was clearly dissatisfied with Suo Jia’s words. He furiously shook his head and argued, “Crossing it alone isn’t anything big, it’s not like it’s mountains of daggers and seas of flames. Only by trying to proclaim yourself as the hegemon of the Greater Trade Routes will it be challenging. I won’t bother with anything else!”

“Heavens!” Hearing Xiang Yun’s delusional speech, Roger gasped, “Boss, you can’t actually be heading towards the Greater Trade Routes!”

Suo Jia gave at Roger a bewildered gaze and said, “Of course I’m actually going, why would it be fake! That’s right…you still haven’t answered me. Why did you run all the way here? And you just happened to bump into me. Don’t try to tell me it was just a coincidence!”

“Hehe…” Roger smiled and explained, “Didn’t you go to search for my mother this morning? My mother came back and told me. After hearing her description of you, I immediately recognized who you were!”

Suo Jia stared at Roger in utter confusion. After a long time…Suo Jia’s body shook, and he cried out in shock, “God! Don’t tell me that Lauren Aili is your mother!”

Roger wordlessly stared at Suo Jia for a bit, not sure whether to laugh or cry. “We’re all part of the Aili Clan. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that my name was Roger Aili?”

“Then you can cook?” This question was Nicole’s first reaction to this information.

Roger looked at her in confusion and nodded, “Yea, of course I can. Cooking is something that’s passed down through our family. Anyone from my family, regardless of male or female, all have to learn and master it!”

Roger proudly pointed at himself with his thumb and declared, “This isn’t just me bragging, but my cooking isn’t just “high level”. Even my mother admits that I’m a cooking genius that far surpasses her!”

“Yahoo!” Nicole jumped up in delight and cried out joyously, “Now, the difficult problem is finally solved. I don’t have to eat meat every day any longer!”

Suo Jia couldn’t help but sweat drop. What kind of statement was that? …Was eating meat every day really that hellish of a lifestyle? But when he thought it through again, this really did seem to be the case.

Xiang Yun nodded and said, “Mmm…that’s indeed not bad. You can both cook and fight. Although your strength is just the slightest bit less than mine, that’s already enough.”

“What!” Roger abruptly stood up and glared at Xiang Yun in anger. “Short haired guy, who did you say was slightly weaker than you? The fight just now didn’t actually have an outcome. Let’s go again!”

“Hm?” Xiang Yun furrowed his brows, and like a fighting cock ready for a fight, he slowly stood up and said, “If you want to go at it, then let’s go. Do you think I’m scared of you? This time, I’ll definitely defeat you!”

“Aha!” Roger threw his head back and laughed as he shook his head, “You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m not looking down on you or anything, but you’re still too early to defeat me!”

After just this short exchange, Xiang Yun immediately pulled out his sabre and began to fight with Roger. The resonant sounds of collisions rang through the air as the two began to travel further and further away while fighting. In just a moment, the two of them had disappeared from Suo Jia’s and Nicole’s sights.

Suo Jia stared dumbfoundedly towards the direction they’d disappeared in, and couldn’t help but laugh dryly. Xiang Yun’s belligerence was something he’d been born with; if he didn’t fight, he couldn’t live. But Roger’s love for fighting was related to his dignity as a man.

Although Roger had been a slave for a long time, he’d been the strongest one amongst the 100,000 slave soldiers. No ordinary person could possibly make so many criminals concede to him. It could be said that Roger had never obeyed anyone; aside from owing Suo Jia a favor, he didn’t give a damn about anyone else.

While Suo Jia was standing in a daze, Nicole indifferently said, “Suo Jia, there’s no need to bother with them, just let them fight. Everyone’s already companions with each other, and I’m sure they know this too. Nothing big can come out of it. At most…you’ll have to heal them properly when they return.”

While neither Suo Jia nor Nicole completely understood the two guys’ strengths, they seemed more or less evenly matched in fighting prowess. Even if there was a difference between them, it wasn’t something that could be determined in a short amount of time. But to their surprise, Roger and Xiang Yun soon began walking back, one behind the other.

Nicole looked at them incredulously and cried out, “God! You guys were actually able to determine the victor and loser so soon? Quick…tell me, who exactly won?!”

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—!
    woo—! congratulations on your translating career’s first mark, taffy—! -gives ice-cream cakes to celebrate-
    ooh—! it was roger! that ws awesome!
    -screams- suo jia so cool,yelling in time to stop them—! kyaa—! nice!
    it was roger’s mother?! eh—?!
    lol, all these hot-blooded people! stop, all of you, stop—-!
    heh? theh came back really fast indeed!

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  2. Wes says:

    wasn’t Roger one of the people who betrayed him? Why is he suddenly on good terms… and that still doesn’t really explain why he is where he is.

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    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      As mentioned above, Roger was sent off to search for his family members before the major war. Thus, he wasn’t present during the betrayal (he probably didn’t even know of it until much later). Moreover, unlike the other two generals that were loyal to the Empire, Roger was a slave for many years, and thus has no obligations to obey the Emperor, which is why Suo Jia targeted him to make him the head of the Dark Angels thief group, a secret army without the Emperor’s knowledge. The Emperor didn’t even think about confronting Roger because he was just a mere slave. Since Suo Jia essentially freed Roger and allowed him to reunite with his family, Roger owes Suo Jia a huge debt, and wouldn’t betray him.


  3. Whynn says:

    Congratulations on the one year mark, glad your passion for translating hasn’t died down one bit. Thanks for the chapter and all the hard work you’ve put into translating for us.

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  4. dhoes says:

    the story and skills of the his party ( nicole, xiang yun and roger) seems similar to luffy’s nakama ( nami, zoro, and sanji). hahaha


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