Cheating Craft 32

Translated by: Taffy

TLCed by: Nagi

Edited by: Zeph

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Quiz 32: The Fifth One

With the surveillance camera pointed directly at him, Meng Ming couldn’t move rashly, or else it would be seen as cheating. He knew that Zhou Lun Yu still had one more red thread left that he could use to keep copying Bai Jiu’s test! If Meng Ming didn’t obstruct it, Zhou Lun Yu could rewrap new red threads around the previous students’ pencils…

If that happened, all of Meng Ming’s efforts would go down the drain. He had to break through this surveillance camera.  

Meng Ming immediately recalled the three methods he’d learned before about evading surveillance cameras—

First, use obstacles to block it. This was the most basic method;

Second, move faster than the rate at which the surveillance camera could process. This method was the hardest one to accomplish.


Basically, I can’t let the other end of the surveillance camera catch anything peculiar about me! Meng Ming began to calculate the angle that the camera was at.  

The camera was above him, so it couldn’t see below the desk. This meant that all Meng Ming had to do was cut the red thread behind him from underneath the table!  

He arched his body backwards slightly, his two hands naturally stretching out underneath the table to evade the camera. His right hand hid a disk. He aimed it behind him, closed his eyes, and carefully pinpointed the red thread’s position.  

Just then, Meng Ming abruptly opened his eyes, and used the strength of his thumb to flick out the disk!  

The fourth red thread was instantly cut.  

Zhou Lun Yu felt that the fourth red thread on his left hand had snapped as well. He wanted to reattach new ones, but after thinking it over, he realized that these reattached threads would not only be easy to sever, they would also take quite a bit of effort to reattach. He decided: Even if the fourth red thread was severed, it’s not a big deal…I still have a surveillance camera under my control.  

Meng Ming had no intention of relaxing. He hurriedly copied down the answers for the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank sections from the two tests in front of him as they were being flipped. Luckily, he had managed to gather the majority of the answers for points. On the other hand, Zhou Lun Yu had already answered the initial questions as well, and was only missing a few more fill-in-the-blanks.  

Meng Ming knew that if he wanted to beat Zhou Lun Yu, he had to prevent him from pulling out new red threads to get points!  

The surveillance camera in the upper right corner of the room was still locked onto Meng Ming. He still had 3 pencils remaining on his desk. Thus, he filled in a portion of the answers on his scantron and the fill-in-the-blank answer sheet. He did this all while also guarding against Zhou Lun Yu’s actions, as well as watching Zhou Lun Yu…  

But Meng Ming suddenly discovered: Strange, Zhou Lun Yu’s red threads should’ve all been broken…why is he still writing?  

In his confusion, he searched the upper part of the room; there were no other red threads to be seen.  

However, Zhou Lun Yu was filling in the last fill-in-the-blanks, and looked like he was confident that his answers were all correct.  

…There were five red threads?! Meng Ming considered this possibility. That’s right, there are five fingers on one hand, so he should be able to send out at least five threads!  

Thus, Zhou Lun Yu had no need to remedy the previously fractured red threads!  

Where is the other red thread…?! Meng Ming had only thought of this when the fill-in-the-blank section was almost at its end. He looked around the room from the corner of his eyes, yet couldn’t find any trace of a red thread. Thus, he changed his train of thought: Who would Zhou Lun Yu copy…whose answers would he have confidence in? 

Meng Ming immediately thought of Huang Qiao Yi. If it were him, the person whose answers he’d have the most faith in would be Huang Qiao Yi’s! He hurriedly looked over to her pencil, and carefully examined it.  

It’s not there… 

Huang Qiao Yi’s pencil didn’t have a red thread!  

It was reasonable to say that he could only copy Huang Qiao Yi’s test. In addition, Huang Qiao Yi sat in the corner, while Zhou Lun Yu sat by the window. The red threads could go around the whole classroom, and had many possible trajectories.  

Thus, Meng Ming just picked up his pencil, preparing to probe out the red thread’s location again.  

Zhou Lun Yu had almost finished writing the first two pages, but he could vaguely sense that Meng Ming had started looking for the fifth red thread.  

Still looking? Is a single surveillance camera not enough to restrict his movements…Zhou Lun Yu saw that even while under the surveillance camera’s scrutiny, Meng Ming was still looking at the tests around him without restraint, simultaneously searching for the red thread. Now, Meng Ming was even preparing to act! Zhou Lun Yu thought: Zhuge Meng Ming is going to use fire again?! That’s a bit troublesome; if my fifth red thread is cut by him, it’ll be hard to deal with. No matter what, I have to disturb him somehow and stall for time…as long as I finish copying the last few questions, I’ll definitely win!

Meng Ming began to move! Although Zhou Lun Yu didn’t know what Meng Ming wanted to do, he still watched for the right moment to disrupt Meng Ming!

Zhou Lun Yu temporarily stopped moving his pencil. He shifted his right index finger, casting out a red thread! Without Meng Ming noticing, this red thread attached directly to the old man proctor. Zhou Lun Yu thought that as long as the old man proctor disturbed the exam site for a bit, Meng Ming and the other students would be temporarily thrown into disarray, and he could gain some additional time to finish copying the last few problems!  

The red thread neared the sleeping old man. It nimbly wrapped itself around him, and with a quick flick of a finger, swiftly hooked onto the old man’s fake hair! This shocked the old man awake. The old man proctor saw his own fake hair leave his head, and suddenly fly into the air, descending towards Meng Ming’s table! In great shock, the old man hurriedly ran away from the front desk to catch the hair.

The students in the middle of the room were all distracted by the old man’s movements. The old man went to go chase his fake hair! This way, Zhuge Meng Ming won’t be able to use his fire! Zhou Lun Yu’s plan had succeeded, and he immediately picked up his pencil again to continue writing his own test.

The scene in front of Meng Ming was outside of his expectations. The old man’s fake hair had unexpectedly flown into the air, and was even falling towards him?! Crap! Zhou Lun Yu is manipulating me to keep me from acting? What do I do…no, this, this is…

Meng Ming’s eyes flashed—A chance!

Seeing the soaring fake hair, a lightbulb went off in Meng Ming’s head, and he changed his plans: I can use this! Meng Ming quickly took out a single long arrow, and aimed. At that moment, the surveillance camera, the fake hair, and Meng Ming were all lined up! Just at that instant, Meng Ming’s right hand powerfully shot the arrow out. The arrow pierced through the fake hair, bringing it along as it flew towards the surveillance camera in the upper right corner of the room !

Zhou Lun Yu discovered that the situation was off; the fake hair had changed its trajectory? The old man’s fake hair was now being dragged by Meng Ming’s arrow towards the upper right surveillance camera’s lens. The arrow accurately jammed itself in a crack of the camera, while the fake hair covered the lens!

The lens was completely blocked by the hair, so Meng Ming would no longer be threatened by that camera anymore!

Zhou Lun Yu quickly responded: What about this?! His two hands cast out all of his red threads, wanting to take the advantage of this chance to point the other three cameras at Meng Ming, and locking them there!

Seeing Zhou Lun Yu’s movements, Meng Ming immediately realized his intention! There was only one bundle of fake hair; if the other three surveillance cameras were pointed at him, his situation would become extremely dangerous! His mind once again brought up the three methods of avoiding cameras—

First, use obstacles to block it;

Second, move faster than the rate at which the camera can process;

Third, …..

The third way! Meng Ming didn’t have the time to think too much about it; he had to act before Zhou Lun Yu did! He violently sliced the two pencils on his table into four sections. New Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueFlaming Arrow! While the three cameras were turning to point towards the center, Meng Ming sent out flaming pencils towards all four corners of the ceiling!

The four pencils hit each of the surveillance cameras, breaking all of the lenses. The flames then penetrated the insides of the cameras, destroying all of its internal parts! With a few zaps, and finally four bangs, all of the surveillance cameras were completely incinerated.

The third methodbreak the surveillance cameras. 


The old man saw that his fake hair had been burned as well, and he shouted, “Who did this!” Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu both ignored him, and wrote their own tests instead.  

Zhuge Meng Ming’s reactions aren’t bad! Zhou Lun Yu had used up all of the red threads he had prepared, and didn’t make any more obvious movements. However, he had already smoothly finished copying the first two pages using the five red threads from before.

…Piece of cake.

Without any surveillance cameras, Meng Ming quickly finished writing the first two pages. He let out a breath; only the one pencil in his hand remained.  

There was still nearly an hour until the end of the exam, and he couldn’t compare the initial answers anymore. The only thing left was the last page, the 40 point essay.  

But…there was absolutely no way two identical essays could appear in the same exam site. Otherwise, it would be regarded as having secretly had a ready-made essay, and both the identical essays would receive 0 points! …This meant that Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu couldn’t copy. Besides, Zhou Lun Yu no longer had any red threads left, and Meng Ming only had one pencil remaining.  

The two of them had finished their duel?  

No, it still hadn’t ended!  

Did you think I’d just give up? [Zhou Lun Yu]  

Hmph, then just come at me! [Meng Ming]  

There was still time! The two of them simultaneously began to read the question. As they stared at their tests, they began to move their pencils!  


One hour quickly passed, and the literature and language exam ended. The old man extremely gloomily collected all the examinees’ tests, before dismissing the students.  

“Meng Ming?” Bai Jiu’s voice came from behind Meng Ming. He turned around, afraid to look at her. He hoped that she wouldn’t, under any circumstance, say anything strange.  

Bai Jiu whispered to Meng Ming, “Meng Ming, do you know how Teacher’s fake hair flew up like that and how the surveillance cameras exploded just now? It scared me to death…” 

Of course I know… Meng Ming couldn’t tell her the truth, so he randomly made something up. “…Ah, perhaps the old man’s fake hair had too much static electricity, and was pulled towards the surveillance cameras. The static electricity was just so strong that all of the cameras…exploded!”  

“Ah, so it’s like that! Meng Ming is so smart…” Bai Jiu suddenly realized, “Hm? Although I feel that…there’s still something off, there’s still the math test tomorrow. I’ll go home first to prepare.” She turned around with a smile and left.  

The other students all dispersed while discussing the fake hair, leaving only 3 people in the exam room.  

Zhuge Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi were preparing to go home together. There was also Zhou Lun Yu, who was sitting on a table.  

Does Zhou Lun Yu really like sitting in high places that much…? [Meng Ming]

May, maybe… [Huang Qiao Yi]  

Zhou Lun Yu turned around and asked, “Hmph, how did you see my red threads?”  

Meng Ming had mastered the skill of seeing the red threads ages ago. He replied, “The red threads are just extremely thin and transparent threads. Although they are hard to see with the naked eye, light still hits them.”

Meng Ming had come to see this reasoning when he had been in the water—“As long as light passes through your threads, the medium different from air causes a refraction!” 

Zhou Lun Yu laughed grimly, “Ha, how can you see the internal refractions of things you can’t see?”  

Meng Ming confidently smiled and replied, “Heh, the eyes’ focus obviously isn’t on the red thread, but the physical objects behind them—the background! If a red thread is hanging there, the naked eye can easily see a distortion in the background, and thus discern the red thread’s location!”  

Zhou Lun Yu listened; Meng Ming’s analysis was indeed correct.  

“You saw it during this test as well,” Meng Ming said. “Although these results haven’t come out yet, I definitely have methods to defeat you no matter what.”  

“Hmph, did you think I went all out today?” Zhou Lun Yu jumped off from the table, prepared to leave the room. “I only completely grasped your skills in today’s exam. During the second exam tomorrow, I definitely won’t just write answers without acting like I did today.”

Meng Ming was stunned for a moment before stopping Zhou Lun Yu, “Wait a minute.”  

Zhou Lun Yu stopped. Meng Ming asked, “Where was the fifth red thread?”  

From beginning to end, Meng Ming had never found the location of the fifth thread. Zhou Lun Yu didn’t answer directly. He just turned his head to look at Huang Qiao Yi and said, “She might often suffer from oxygen deficiency.” With that, he left the room.   

As expected, it was with Little Qiao? Meng Ming ran to Huang Qiao Yi’s side, but still couldn’t find anything. He inspected the pencils that Huang Qiao Yi used, yet couldn’t find any trace of the red thread binding them. In the end, he finally discovered a very light impression left on Little Qiao’s right wrist.

Zhou Lun Yu actually wrapped the red thread around Little Qiao’s wrist. He can determine words like that too…?! In addition, he’d even determined Little Qiao’s physical condition… 

Meng Ming raised his head to look at the room’s doors. Before Zhou Lun Yu had left, he’d said: Tomorrow, I definitely won’t just write answers without acting. Meng Ming thought: He didn’t attack at all today, and was purely observing me?! …That means he still has so many tricks that he hasn’t used…

Huang Qiao Yi asked, “Brother Meng Ming, are we still not leaving…” Only then did Meng Ming arouse from his thoughts.  

“Brother Meng Ming, what’s wrong with you guys…it’s just the first exam, and you’ve already destroyed all of the surveillance cameras. By the way, was that fake hair incident also the work of you two?” Huang Qiao Yi had a general understanding of what had gone on between the two. She felt puzzled; no matter how they cheated, there was no need to go as far as to fight so chaotically right in the beginning, right?  

“I don’t know…in general, as long as I can get even 1 point more, I need to get it. Isn’t that every student’s commitment?” Meng Ming’s answer was very clear.  


A man with a massive physique sat in the monitor room. There were many TV screens in front of him, but he only looked at the third floor’s exam site’s. The scene that those broken surveillance cameras projected made the man’s face break out into an indescribable expression.

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