CCM 290

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 290 – Huge Fortune Pt. 2

“What!” The receptionist abruptly stood up and trembled as she said, “What did you say? You said…these potions can replenish 10x more energy than a normal potion?!”

Suo Jia confidently nodded and declared, “Putting aside normal mages, even Great Mages, Magic Scholars, and Great Magic Scholars would be able to restore all their magic power and spirit power at once!”

“Heavens!” The receptionist stared at Suo Jia in shock and hurriedly said, “Please wait a moment, I’ll bring these to the appraisers inside now. Once your words are verified, we’ll definitely package and sell them!” The receptionist carefully gathered the belts and ran to the appraisers in the back.

In just a moment, a middle aged fatty ran out with the receptionist, quickly approaching the counter. At the same time, the receptionist respectfully said, “Customer, this is the boss of our auction. He’ll explain the rest of the work you’ll have to do.”

Suo Jia nodded and turned to look at the auction boss. The auction boss respectfully nodded back and said politely, “The potions you supplied just now have already been appraised. They are indeed as you say; any mages under the Magister rank can restore their magic power completely with only one bottle. But exactly how many of these potions do you have?”

“Hmm…” After some thinking, Suo Jia firmly displayed the number with his fingers, “Not that many, a total of 10 sets!”

“Heavens!” The auction boss cried out in delight and said, “Mister, if you sell all 10 sets of potions at our auction house, we’ll lower our auction fees from 10% to 5%. What do you think…”

“Hmm…” After pretending to ponder it for a while, Suo Jia firmly replied, “Ok then. I’ll sell all 10 sets of potions here. However…you can’t sell them all in one day, but rather throughout the week. Sell one set every day from Monday to Saturday, then four on Sunday. I hope that Boss can help me publicize it a bit.”

After hearing Suo Jia’s agreement, the auction boss was so happy that he couldn’t hide his large smile. He reached into his pocket to pull out a golden card, and passed it over to Suo Jia. “This is the VIP card for our auction house. With this, you can come every night at 8pm and attend our great auctions!”

“This…” Suo Jia hesitantly looked at the golden card and then back at the boss before struggling to say, “Boss, can you give me a few more cards? Look…we have four people!”

“Hahahaha…” The boss laughed and carefreely replied, “Don’t worry, I noticed that a while ago. Using this card, you can bring 5 people in with you. This card also grants you a box that can fit 6 people at most, so you don’t need to worry at all.”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded before bidding farewell to the boss. He then brought everyone back to the hotel for closed door training up until 7pm. Afterwards, they gathered at the entrance once more to attend the auction together.

The course of events that passed at the auction wasn’t anything of note, it was just people shouting out various prices. The only thing worth mentioning was that Suo Jia had finally witnessed real “wealthy people”. They seemed to be using the diamond coins like gold coins. Suo Jia’s little bit of money was nothing in comparison.

Luckily, Suo Jia soon got over his envy. After a week, all ten sets of the potions had been sold. Each set had been sold for a high price of a million diamond coins. After selling all of them, Suo Jia had also become a millionaire.

Now that he had money, Suo Jia naturally went to purchase various ores and materials without holding back. Suo Jia soon discovered that this amount of money turned out to be less than he’d thought. Just buying the materials for Roger’s legguards and combat boots, in addition to manufacturing fee, already used up over 200,000!

Helpless, Suo Jia could only take out another ten sets of potions to auction off, then continue to shop around the bazaar. At the same time, Roger’s legguards and combat boots were beginning to be made.

Originally, Suo Jia had only wanted to stay in Amin City for a week before leaving, but seeing the various extremely rare and precious ores and materials in the shops, Suo Jia wasn’t able to bring himself to leave at all. These things were priceless to him; they were materials necessary for alchemic products and the magic automatons!

Finally, after staying in Amin City for an entire month and auctioning off hundreds of four colored potions, Suo Jia finally used an astronomical amount of money to purchase off all the ores and materials that he fancied.

With these materials, Suo Jia first created some second generation interspatial rings, three each for Nicole and Xiang Yun. One to store everyday products, one to store tents and clothes, and the final one to store weapons or other items used for battle. Of course…if one had enough spirit power, the second generation interspatial rings could also instantly materialize Space Shields without end! This was an extremely effective defense weapon.

As for Roger, he demanded 10 interspatial rings. One used for everyday items, one for bedding and tents, and the remaining 8 all used to store cooking equipment and various foods!

Finally was Suo Jia. Even he personally didn’t know how many 10 cubic meter space second generation interspatial rings he’d filled. He only knew that all of Amin City’s peak grade ores and materials were already completely swept away by him.

After buying the last material, Suo Jia’s group rushed to a forging master to custom order both the combat boots and legguards.

Roger’s weapons were different from any other person’s: boots and legguards. Moreover, these two parts largely impacted movements, so they couldn’t be too heavy or hard. Crossing the Greater Trade Routes mostly relied on walking. Although there were roads, majority of it still needed to be passed through on foot.

If the combat boots and legguards were made of metal, the sturdy metal would cause huge blisters to arise on one’s legs. In addition, its heaviness would make walking difficult. Ordinary movements would become a problem, let alone fighting.

Having considered all this, Suo Jia didn’t choose metal as materials. Instead, he’d chosen flexible and soft, as well as incomparably solid Black Dragon’s inverted scale leather. With these boots, even magic could be dispersed with the feet. The Black Dragon’s inverted scale’s immunity to magic wasn’t a mere exaggeration.

However, everyone knew that while the Black Dragon’s inverted scale was flexible, soft, and incomparably solid; it couldn’t block the slashes of a sharp weapon. If the foot kicked a sharp blade, the boot would be completely cut apart, rendering it unusable.

Roger used his feet and legs to fight. Thus…he chose the soles to be made of the extremely light and thin, yet indestructible Black Dragon horn. No weapon could ever leave any mark on a Black Dragon’s horn. Being kicked by Roger’s foot wouldn’t be any different from crashing into a Black Dragon’s head.

Of course, the entire horn couldn’t be used as the sole. Although it was indestructible, that depended on the person. To a blacksmith, it was still possible to break it by soaking it in Aqua regia for an entire week. This caused the horn to soften, making it easy to mold into any shape.

The Black Dragon horn was very thick so…after it was softened, a sharp blade was used to carve out the Black Dragon’s inverted scale leather within. The horn’s body was then bent to form combat boots. The super black combat boots were thus formed.

After creating the dragon horn soles, the outside of the boots were made entirely of the horn, bent into the shape of boots. The outside surface was covered with openwork engravings, revealing the inverted scale in the inner layers. The tips of the boots were slightly tapered to form flat yet piercing tips.

The combat boots were shining black, and the carvings on the exterior surface were especially filled with an indescribable mysterious feeling. The boots were both simple and elegant. No person could keep their eyes off of them, they were just too cool, too handsome, too stylish.

As for the legguards, or combat trousers, Suo Jia used the Wind Dragon’s wing leather as material. He cut out the long golden trousers according to Roger’s body, skillfully forming a pair of pants. The good thing about the Wind Dragon wing leather was that no matter how fast one was, the leather negated any air resistance. With the help of the wind elements, the speed of Roger’s legs would be increased.

Of course, this was still not even Legendary ranked magic equipment at the moment. They were just made of Black Dragon horn, inverted scale, and Wind Dragon wing leather. If one wanted to turn them into true magic equipment, Suo Jia would need to help. Although the craftsmen could do this as well, Suo Jia believed that he was more suitable for this work. In terms of alchemy, Suo Jia far surpassed any of these crafting masters.

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15 thoughts on “CCM 290

  1. ReadDxD says:

    …..He spent a single part to both invalidate the finances we had for 250 chapters, and then make hundreds of times more money than he ever did before….. Man hows hes going to invalidate that next, its almost exciting.


    • xias1 says:

      The real questions are:
      If Holy Light Empire´s money was so “worthless” then how did complete legendary and even epic ranked equipments only cost a few millions of gold coins while the material already would cost several fold as much?

      Not to mention that those legendary and epic ranked equipments had to be brought to Holy Light Empire first which means they would have had to travel partly through the Greater Trade Routes to reach there in the first place.
      So how did Suo Jia with his limited amount of Holy Light Empire´s money ever manage to collect the WHOLE epic ranked Atlantis Set that was rumored to have gone missing for thousands of years and most likely was ditributed all over the world?

      I think the author completely forgot about this inconsistency when degrading Holy Light Empire´s money´s worth.


      • gildoniel says:

        I guess he kind of “ditched” the entire story at the breaking point with the Holy Light Empire…
        Only keeping some skeleton parts. So there will be some “rough edges” left…


      • Anononon says:

        Probaly not? Since the epic rank weapons were things fit for kings on H.E. and only ppl with real power could have it, you can think it was the share H.E. got after some ppl made incursions on the great route, the way nicole family operates was around this too, they rob special itens and gift to powerfull ppl rainsing their family status, H.E. have a great guild of “specialized” ppl, so its possible.

        About the atlantis set, humm i guess there is two options, first because the mc was “destined” to get it, ok thats lamme, but happens wen the author want op the mc with easy.
        Second he got it because he was set up by luck and the 4 prince, the 4 prince after all hooked Suo in spend all hes gold buying itens and trash that adventures from all place got, this would keep him from perceive the 4 prince moves and he could become greed enough to become a partner later, you can relate this to the offer the 4 prince did when he got betrayed.
        And buying every thing tha show up he was like to find something good to use or trade, (like that dagger), and Suon did some offensive atacks(like the temple) to complete the set.
        Ok thats all good too but theres one more thing to remmember, Atlantis set is a water set, not the best thing mages want to have, so, yeah its good, its something only filth rich ppl could get but, in the most, its something no one watend or could complete in H.E. because water magic was like trash until Suo and hes 2 waifus appeared. This make me think that maybe there are better sets out there and they are to appear or in the future Suo will make hes on legendary set himself.

        One extra thing, even the so awe powerfull fire set and 40(its 40 right?) fire wind soldiers were not powerfull enough to compete on the great route, even the normal ones were a challenge so… yeah atlantis is not so awesome or powerfull as Suo paint it, but the mc sure is a golden goose with the alchemy pratice he have.


  2. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    oh, the auction is ony for a bit? fine—! well now, time for suo jia to make the items ranked! go—!


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