Cheating Craft 33

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 33: Let’s Bathe Together

“Even though we were let out of school, we don’t have any homework today, it feels strange.” [Meng Ming]

“Even if we did, wouldn’t Brother Meng Ming just be copying me…” [Huang Qiao Yi]

“Brat, did you use the skills that I taught you last minute?” [Carron]

“Putting that aside! Why did you appear in my house again!” [Meng Ming] 

Huang Qiao Yi was already familiar with the two of them squabbling, and just went to make some tea. When Meng Ming saw Carron sitting in a chair with his legs crossed, he thought: Isn’t it just some wooden carvings, is there any reason to act so high and mighty… But he didn’t say this out loud, since he had hung on today by relying on these 2 techniques.  

Carron asked, “Approximately how many points?”  

The grades hadn’t come out yet; if Meng Ming had to guess his score excluding the essay…he’d probably gotten at least above 90% of the 60 points from the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks.  

Hearing this, the other two silently stared at Meng Ming in disappointment—

“That means…” [Huang Qiao Yi]

“You didn’t pass…” [Carron]  

“Can you two stop talking about passing or not passing!!” Meng Ming wanted to flip the table in anger, “Zhou Lun Yu didn’t copy the essay either! As long as I didn’t lose to him this round, I’m fine!”  

This suddenly made Huang Qiao Yi think of something, “Didn’t we hear before that Zhou Lun Yu always got #1, and his total points were always much higher than #2’s? If he never did the essay on any exam, there’s no way he’d be able to get #1…”  

Meng Ming felt that these words made sense, but he still found it strange, “How are you supposed to cheat on the essay?” He turned around to ask Carron for answers, but Carron didn’t move from his position as he honestly replied, “I don’t know, I don’t have any experience cheating on essays.”


It was at this moment that Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi seemed to sense something….  

“Ah, haha! The next exam is math, huh?” Meng Ming smiled fakely, “I need to start preparing, I can’t lose. What kind of questions does math have?”  

He couldn’t make any mistakes in the next exams, or else everyone would know Meng Ming was a C-type student.  

Huang Qiao Yi thought a bit; just as before, there were 3 types. Like the literature and language exam, there were multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. But the last part was an open-calculation response, where the student had to show calculations for each solution. Thus, they needed to write a lot.  

Carron interrupted, “How many words can you memorize at most by just glancing at the test?”  

Meng Ming considered it, then replied 54 maximum.  

“That’s also the number of cards in a deck…” Huang Qiao Yi immediately recognized that this number was the amount of poker cards in a deck including jokers.  

“Not enough…” Carron thought.  

According to his past experience with math exams, calculation questions required hundreds of numbers and symbols in their solutions. One page of the test could contain over 2 calculation questions. A single glance was nowhere near enough for a typical person to see all the content on one page, let alone remember so many people’s solution methods.  

“Calculation questions should be okay as long as I just copy the final answers, right?” Meng Ming blurted out.  

Meng Ming’s words made the other two people in the room quickly turn to face him.  

Huang Qiao Yi said, “That’s not enough. They won’t give you points if you just write the answer without its solving process.”  

“No, no, that should be enough.” Carron suddenly said.  

Huang Qiao Yi didn’t understand.

In the history of math questions, the calculation problems on math tests required one to clearly write the entire process of solving in order to pass. Just writing the answers was useless.  

Carron explained, “If you’re using the Heavenly Eye Technique, you can first verify the correct answer for the calculation problems. Look at the people around you, and see which answer is written the most. That will most likely be the correct one.”  

That way, there was no need to look at everyone’s solving processes!  

“Then…” Carron hadn’t yet finished speaking before Meng Ming cut in, “Copy the test that has the least steps and characters in its solving method!”  

“Right…right.” Carron quickly patted Meng Ming’s head and said, “It looks like you improved a bit, you’re understanding test-cheating more and more.”

Who wouldn’t think of something so simple… Meng Ming arrogantly thought. He then suddenly saw that Carron was still patting his head. “Stop patting!”


Nighttime was always the period when students were most active. They weren’t playing around outside, but diligently studying either at school or in their own rooms.   

Not everyone was studying knowledge from books, there were also some students studying cheating techniques similar to the “Heavenly Eye”.  

—“Isn’t math just finding XYZ, using the four operations, and the 10 Arabic numerals? Cards have AKQJ, four suits, and 10 Arabic numerals, what difference is there? If you can play cards, you can do math.” These were Carron’s final words before he left.  

That old baldie is quite funny… Meng Ming was home alone, cleaning up the cards he used for practice while also turning on the lamp.  

Tomorrow was the math exam. He checked the clock; it was nearly 23:00 already. Everything was quiet. Meng Ming wearily looked at his reflection, and discovered that his eyes had become quite bloodshot. The exam this morning and his training today had overused his eyes.  

He took out a change of clothes, and took off his shirt in preparation to take a shower. Just then, Huang Qiao Yi pushed open the door and walked in.  

“Wow…” Huang Qiao Yi saw Meng Ming’s naked torso and hurriedly asked, “Brother Meng Ming, aren’t you cold?”  

Ai…? Meng Ming hadn’t imagined Huang Qiao Yi would suddenly say that. Although the temperature recently had indeed lowered a bit, he only felt it now. When he saw that Huang Qiao Yi was currently wearing long-sleeves, he began to feel some chills on his bare torso. 

“Speaking of which, it’s been ages since I saw Meng Ming without clothes.” In order to minimize the cold, Huang Qiao Yi quickly shut the door, and walked into the room.  

Yea…probably a long time. But…why did Little Qiao come here so late? Meng Ming thought. He was just about to take a shower, but Huang Qiao Yi had interrupted him. He then wondered: It’s already so late, and it looks like Little Qiao hasn’t showered yet either. No wait, it can’t be that…she wants…  

When he thought of this, Meng Ming’s entire body abruptly heated up. No, no way…! How is that possible… He hurriedly asked, “Little…Qiao, why did you come here so late…”  

Faced with Meng Ming’s question, Huang Qiao Yi suddenly lowered her head, and looked extremely embarrassed, so nervous that she couldn’t speak. The lamps in the room that shone in the night reflected off her face, making it look a bit red. After a long while, she squeezed out in a small voice. “Oh…I, I’m a bit…embarrassed to say…”  

Huang Qiao Yi originally had a weak voice, now her sound was so soft it was practically impossible to hear.  

“Wha…what?” Meng Ming didn’t hear her clearly.  

“It’s…!” Huang Qiao Yi made her voice a bit louder, but just as she reached the crucial point, she lost her courage to continue in a loud tone, “That…oh…” Her voice gradually faded out to her previous volume.  

…This reaction of hers, Meng Ming saw Huang Qiao Yi’s anxious expression. There’s no way she actually wants to…no, we can’t! Although we’re practically siblings, we, we’ve grown up so much already…  

The longer Huang Qiao Yi dragged on, the stranger Meng Ming’s expression became. Huang Qiao Yi thought, if she continued to stay silent, it was very possible that she’d turn the matter into a mess. She hurriedly searched for another subject—

“Brother Meng Ming, I seem to have…not done my best on today’s literature and language exam. Especially that essay; I couldn’t write anything. I might not have even gotten 35/40 of those points.” She finally returned to her original volume.  

This was the first time Meng Ming had ever seen Huang Qiao Yi panic over an exam. He hurriedly replied, “It should be fine, perhaps the question was a bit unexpected. There’s still the math exam tomorrow, don’t let this one test mess up your later tests.”  

Meng Ming felt that something about this was off. Why am I teaching her…aren’t these exam mentalities all things that she had taught me? 

“Right, that’s right!” Huang Qiao Yi recalled the exam today and said, “This essay question was indeed strange compared to previous essays. Did Brother Meng Ming also feel the same?”  

How would I know, this the first time I’d ever seen an essay question in my life. [Meng Ming]  

“To have come up with such a question, that teacher that wrote the question must be a bit weird in the brain somewhere.”  

Did Little Qiao come here just to say this stuff…   

“Also, there were two multiple choice questions I hadn’t completely understood. The fill-in-the-blanks seemed to have been alright though…”  

As a conservative estimate, she probably has over 85 points in total.  

“I rarely got lower than 90 points in my literature and language exams in junior high. Really, I hadn’t imagined senior high exams would be so hard.”  

I didn’t even go to junior high…

“For Brother Meng Ming to be half naked, does that mean you were going to take a shower?”

“Of course!” Meng Ming replied. Did you only just react to that?  

Huang Qiao Yi seemed to suddenly wake up, and discovered that her words had gotten further and further from her original subject. She momentarily panicked and rushed out, “Then I’ll go back to rest, Brother Meng Ming should also sleep early.”  

Hah? Then, then just go… Meng Ming found the situation even stranger. If it was just for something this minor, why had she been so embarrassed in the beginning? “Then, there’s nothing else?”  

This instead made Huang Qiao Yi feel that something was off, “Nothing, did Brother Meng Ming have something else to say?”  

“Then…” Meng Ming said, “Why did Little Qiao act so embarrassed in the beginning? …Also, if you just go back now…you’ll stop me from showering again?” 


“Yes, showering!”  

“Oh, that’s right!” With showering brought up, Huang Qiao Yi suddenly recalled, “It was like this; just now, when I was sending Uncle Carron back home, I found a baby sika deer next to the road…” Huang Qiao Yi pushed the door open, and carried in a brown, baby sika deer. “It looked too pitiful, so I brought it home and asked Mother if I could raise it. Mother didn’t let me, and said that the zoo’s carelessness allowed it to escape…so I thought that I could only bring it back. But its entire body is covered in mud, and is pretty dirty…so I wanted to ask Brother Meng Ming if you would be willing to help me give it a bath…”   

Of course it couldn’t be raised, it’d grow very large soon. But giving it a bath probably wasn’t an issue…  

“I was afraid Brother Meng Ming wouldn’t be willing…so I was too embarrassed to say it earlier…” Huang Qiao Yi and the baby deer both looked at Meng Ming with innocent expressions.  

You, why are the both of you looking at me with eyes like that! Oi…don’t I count as the most innocent here! [Meng Ming]


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