CCM 293

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 293 – The Leader’s Jurisdiction Pt. 1

Seeing Xiang Yun instantly appear in the air, Suo Jia couldn’t help but admit that he’d indeed been careless. However, one couldn’t really blame him…Xiang Yun’s body had been frozen, how could he still have such a ridiculous speed? To think that he could still cover a distance of 20 meters and take the initiative to attack; this was something that Suo Jia hadn’t ever heard of before!

If Suo Jia wasn’t cautious enough, he’d fall to a single slash. But currently, the Water God’s Shield still existed. Although Xiang Yun attacked 6 times in succession, they only broke the shield.

Since when had the Water God’s Shield become so amazing? It actually wasn’t anything surprising, Suo Jia and Xiang Yun were only 3 years apart, and Suo Jia had started collecting the Epic ranked equipment set ages ago. His training speed was something that was impossible to either his ancestors or his descendents.

Aside from providing a set defensive ability, the Water God’s Shield also had the unique trait of being able to utilize the user’s magic power and spirit power to strengthen itself. Suo Jia’s current spirit and magic power levels had far surpassed the norm. Thus…although the might of Suo Jia’s magic wasn’t very great because of the realm he’d reached, his magic power and spirit power were terrifyingly high.

It could be said that Xiang Yun’s ability to break Suo Jia’s Water God’s Shield within six attacks was already something to be proud of. Although there were many, many people that could do this, those that could reach this point by the age of 19 were very few, even if one scoured the entire world for them.

Faced against Xiang Yun’s attack, Suo Jia felt fear for the first time in his life. Too fast, each of his six strikes just got faster and faster. The six attacks could practically be said to have combined into one. In just a mere moment, they’d already cut through six different locations. After Xiang Yun finished attacking, Suo Jia finally had the time to activate the third generation interspatial ring on his left hand, instantly materializing a Space Shield!

The interspatial rings above the third generation were the storage devices with the largest space in the entire world. They could release the Space Shield as an absolute defense; within 3 seconds, even gods wouldn’t be able to dream of breaking through this absolute shield.

Right now, with the amplification of Suo Jia’s powerful magic power and spirit power, the absolute shield could last for a great length of six seconds. In other words, no matter who the enemy was, Suo Jia was absolutely safe for six seconds under the protection of the activated third generation Space Shield.

“Bang! Bang! Bang…” Xiang Yun wildly slashed down a dozen times, but he was shocked to discover that although the blue energy shield clearly shattered, he still couldn’t cut Suo Jia. Every time the war blade was within a 1 meter radius from Suo Jia, it’d encounter an unsurpassable protective energy that would completely dissipate his attacks.

While Xiang Yun was feeling shocked, Suo Jia was also astonished to death. If Xiang Yun continued to slash down like this, he’d be extremely troubled after six seconds was up. Although Xiang Yun’s skin was frozen, his speed didn’t slow down at all. If he continued to attack like this, Suo Jia would definitely fall to his attack right then and there.

In his panic, Suo Jia stopped caring about his magic power and spirit power consumption. The instant the Space Shield’s protection disappeared, Suo Jia’s right foot stamped down three times. Instantly, three Diamond Charges rushed out like waves one after another.

Xiang Yun could completely block one Diamond Charge, and just barely deal with two in succession. But when three attacked him at once, Xiang Yun couldn’t help but be swept away by the powerful force, despite how strong he was. His body was sent flying back over 50 meters before he managed to stop.

“Pant…pant…pant…” The sounds of intense breathing could be heard. There was a 50 meter difference between Xiang Yun and Suo Jia as they looked at each other from the distance. The waves of attack just now had drained too much energy from both of them. In such a fierce battle, neither person could hold back. Even if they charged at the other party with all their might, they might not necessarily win. In that case, they had to use all of their strength.

“Powerful!” This word appeared in both Xiang Yun’s and Suo Jia’s minds at the same time. Although…they’d both encountered stronger existences before and seen countless of them, having this kind of strength at such an age was something neither of them had seen before.

Suo Jia looked at the distant Xiang Yun. He knew that if they continued to fight like this, the final loss would definitely be his. The freezing effect was useless on Xiang Yun, and long ranged attacks wouldn’t be much of a threat to him either. When Suo Jia’s magic power was completely exhausted, he’d be unable to escape from his fate of losing.

Of course, Suo Jia could drink potions. However…that was like drinking poison to quench one’s thirst. After drinking the potions, Suo Jia’s efforts this past half a year would pretty much become wasted. This was like killing a goose that laid golden eggs. Unless he was in a critical life-or-death moment, Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.

Suo Jia gravely looked at Xiang Yun and said, “You are indeed very formidable. I can only display all of my strength if I hope to defeat you!”

Suo Jia stretched out his left hand. With a flash of blue light, a milky-white figure gradually appeared in the air before him.

“That’s?” Xiang Yun couldn’t help but be puzzled about the little creature that appeared before Suo Jia.

Suo Jia calmly replied with a smile, “This is my magical pet. You’d better watch out, you can’t underestimate it just because it’s small right now. Once it enters its combat state, it’s extremely powerful!”

Xiang Yun couldn’t help but curiously look over at the creation in front of Suo Jia. It was about the size of a pug, and had a pair of wings. Its entire body was covered with milky-white scales. Xiang Yun furrowed his brows, he was certain that he could pulverize this little creature just by stepping on it, and couldn’t imagine how it could be any powerful.

Suo Jia was actually very shocked as well. Compared to before, the Diamond Dragon seemed to have shrunk by quite a bit again. It had gone from a mature wolfdog size to a pug dog size. Its body was less than a meter tall, and it was round and chubby. It looked pretty cute, and didn’t show any hints of being very formidable.

However, the Diamond Dragon’s inner essence-like cold air couldn’t be faked. Suo Jia knew that the Diamond Dragon’s strength had remarkably increased once more during these short few months.

Suo Jia loudly declared, “Alright, Diamond Dragon, prepare for battle!”

“Chirp chip!” The Diamond Dragon quickly flapped its little wings and chirped in reply. At the same time, layers of blue Glacial Armor quickly appeared on the surface of its body.

Everyone watched as layer after layer of Mysterious Ice covered the little dragon’s outer body. Within only 2-3 seconds, a giant Diamond Dragon 6 meters tall was flapping its great wings of ice in front of everyone.

“This…this is!” Xiang Yun couldn’t help but gape at the feeling of the pressuring and freezing aura. He couldn’t wrap his mind around what exactly had happened just now. Why did something that looked like a cute pug turn into such a frightening ice beast in the blink of an eye!

Xiang Yun shook his head and forced himself to look at the great creature as a paper tiger. He brandished the war blade in his hand, and wildly shot out towards Suo Jia. Unfortunately for him, after only a few steps, the Great Frost Wyrm opened its humongous mouth and abruptly blew outwards, instantly locking Xiang Yun and his blades in their original position, maintaining his frontal charge stance.

The onlookers couldn’t help but feel like they were about to faint. What did this count as? This was the Great Frost Wyrm’s signature battle skill, the unreplicable Ice Seal Technique. Once it struck, its target would become sealed within a block of Mysterious Ice. The most unfathomable part was that even the magic-immune Black Dragon would be sealed by this, because…the ice seal used space as its target, not a physical object. As long as the body was within this space, they’d be sealed in!

Of course, this Ice Seal wasn’t unrivaled. Like the Freezing Touch, one only had to break through a few of the ice layers. But…the more ridiculous part was that this Ice Seal was only the Great Frost Wyrm’s normal attack. In reality, after mastering the Ice Seal Technique, it would indicate that it had entered the long term period! From this moment on, the little creature was finally suited to be called “Great Frost Wyrm”!

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    • Aurium says:

      1st n 2nd gen only block 1 hit.
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