Cheating Craft 34 (2/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 34: Vacuum Blade (2/2)

Most of the examinees had finished the multiple choice questions worth 40 points. The next questions would be the fill-in-the-blanks worth 28 points. Zhou Lun Yu was beginning to find the exam more and more interesting.  

Zhou Lun Yu looked back at the last exams he had participated in and thought: …It’s been a long time since I seriously used my skills. He contemplated a bit and counted the red threads he had brought with him today; there were still quite a few left. Zhuge Meng Ming’s techniques have exceeded my expectations; exchanging tricks with him means that I will inevitably encounter something unexpected…if I go against him head-on instead, I’ll have a certain chance of grasping victory.  

Zhou Lun Yu continued to cast out red threads towards his two previous targets! It wasn’t any different from his earlier trick.  

Meng Ming found this strange: …What is he doing? He clearly knows that I can block those! Throwing out a short arrow, he blocked Zhou Lun Yu’s red threads once more!  

Zhou Lun Yu changed the angle, and attacked in another polygonal line. But this was still shot down by Meng Ming’s short arrow.  

This repeated over and over as time continued to trickle by. Meng Ming began to discover that his pencil was clearly shrinking in size! Only then did he see through Zhou Lun Yu’s scheme.  

The arrows were made from pencil. If he used up all of the pencil, Meng Ming wouldn’t be able to act any further; he wouldn’t even be able to write…! However, Zhou Lun Yu’s red threads could be retracted and used once more.  

He…stole two of my pencils for this reason! The pencil in Meng Ming’s hand was now less than 15 centimeters long. He couldn’t continue using it however he pleased!  

Zhou Lun Yu smiled evilly. You’d better just treasure your last bullets. In that case, I can just relax and continue attacking! He fiercely casted out another thread, which circled around the camera behind Meng Ming and wrapped around the leg of the sixth table in the first column!

Meng Ming didn’t stop it. His current circumstances were forcing him to think of another countermeasure!  

Zhou Lun Yu relaxed a finger, and the red thread around the camera fell down. Meng Ming was still deep in thought, and hadn’t noticed it! Zhou Lun Yu exerted some strength to suddenly pull the red thread taut, allowing it to fall directly onto Meng Ming’s table!

Meng Ming suddenly noticed; a red thread had suddenly fallen from the air? He hurriedly grabbed the items around him tightly to prevent them from being stolen again!

Try this. Zhou Lun Yu had let the red thread fall and press down onto the draft paper that Meng Ming had recorded the answers on! —The threads that come from another dimension, Vacuum Blade!

Zhou Lun Yu pulled the thread straight, and it quickly and powerfully swept across the surface of the draft paper! With a shua, the pencil markings on the paper were completely wiped out by ‘Vacuum Blade’ right before Meng Ming’s eyes, as if removed by an eraser! The entire draft paper had become incomparably smooth. The dust from the graphite had all been scattered through the air, and not a single trace remained on the edge of the blade!

You’re pulling it so hard that it actually helps me. Zhou Lun Yu’s ‘Alternate Dimension Vacuum Blade’ used the thinness and toughness of the thread like a sharp blade!

Meng Ming was completely shocked by this sight. He thought that no matter what, there must still be some kind of trace left in the places he’d written on! Raising the draft paper, he tried to see something by holding it up to the light…

Aren’t you ignoring my existence too much? Continue suffering from my Vacuum Blade then! Zhou Lun Yu’s red thread was still on Meng Ming’s table! He lifted his hand, and his finger speedily moved back and forth to direct the thread. With various ripping sounds, the draft paper Meng Ming had held up was sliced into pieces by the Vacuum Blade!

The thread skill’s first level was to wrap around objects and probe around, while its second level was to attack.

Don’t even try looking for markings on a paper that’s been rolled across.  

That move, is really formidable… Meng Ming was pressured by the Vacuum Blade, and began to grow impatient. He lifted up his blade, wanting to cut the red thread! Who knew that Zhou Lun Yu would stretch out his hand, causing the red thread to leap up and wrap around the suspended camera once more.  

You want to break my thread? You might as well use your toothpicks then. [Zhou Lun Yu]

It managed to escape! …Exactly how many threads does he have? [Meng Ming]

Meng Ming had put in so much effort to write down all the multiple choice questions, but those 40 points had all been lost at once. Moreover, only half of the pencil in his hand remained! On the other hand, Zhou Lun Yu had definitely gotten all 40 of the points. From the beginning, Meng Ming had basically been pressured as he fought. What was he supposed to do?



Complete defense? Meng Ming hurriedly changed his method. As long as I can copy all the answers here, I won’t lose too many points to him, even if I lose this round.

This was indeed the wisest decision under these circumstances.  

If he riskily attacked, the slightest mishap would easily lead to being unable to even obtain points. Was he supposed to abandon these thoughts and continue attacking, or instead save up on his own points? Meng Ming definitely wasn’t fighting against Zhou Lun Yu for the sake of scores. He believed in his strength, in the Zhuge Style Cheating Technique. No matter how harsh the conditions were, there would always be a chance to turn the tables!



As long as I find where Zhou Lun Yu is hiding his red threads, his weapon will be eliminated, and he’ll become like me…..  

He didn’t have much of the pencil left, so he couldn’t go against Zhou Lun Yu head-on.  

I still have to defend against that blade-like attack of Zhou Lun Yu’s, and can’t write very easily…is there any way… Meng Ming had never noticed where Zhou Lun Yu cast out his red threads from. Zhou Lun Yu was wearing short sleeves, so the threads couldn’t possibly be hidden in sleeves. Pockets? Wrapped around his body? Anything was possible…

Got it, a method that’ll kill two birds with one stone!  

Meng Ming wanted to test it: Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueSmall Flaming Arrow! He sent one arrow flying towards the leg of the sixth table in the first column. With a snap, the red thread wrapped around it was severed.  

Hm? Willing to use the toothpicks? Zhou Lun Yu had thought that Meng Ming wouldn’t use the pencil anymore, and hadn’t imagined that Meng Ming would even throw out the Flaming Arrow, burning the threatening weapons that Zhou Lun Yu had set up around the area. Zhou Lun Yu guessed: It looks like the Vacuum Blade pressured him quite a bit. As long as I continue to attack without stopping… He lifted his hand, feeling around for the threads he’d hid.  

This is my chance! Meng Ming attentively watched Zhou Lun Yu, waiting for the moment for him to cast out the red threads. Instead, he just saw Zhou Lun Yu playing with his hair.

Hair?! Meng Ming realized that—with Zhou Lun Yu’s hair being so long, that had to be where the red threads were hidden!   

Zhou Lun Yu sneered. The red threads being hidden in his hair wasn’t any kind of major secret, and Meng Ming had wasted yet another arrow for probing. The gains didn’t make up for the losses.  

I know where the red threads are being hidden, which means I can break them all in one attack! Meng Ming thought. But not now…  

Zhou Lun Yu had already sent out 4 red threads. They passed through the top part of the room, splitting up to tie around four places to Meng Ming’s left and right. This was the might of the ‘Alternate Dimension Vacuum Blade’! Meng Ming’s expression didn’t change. He lifted his little blade and separated all the blade pieces to form 9 pieces in total! Then, he stuck them firmly in a line along the edge of his table.

Releasing the thread was fine, but as soon as it was pulled taut, it’d be severed. 

This had really exceeded Zhou Lun Yu’s expectations; he had never seen someone doing anything like this before! Meng Ming had invented this blade trap just now. This indeed blocked the Vacuum Blade from erasing pencil marks.  

It wasn’t a bad mechanism, but Meng Ming still couldn’t lift his test paper.  

Meng Ming had almost forgotten that he also needed to write down answers. The two people flipping their test in front of him finally snapped him back into attention. His multiple choice questions were already gone; the classmates had just finished filling in the fill-in-the-blanks. He’d lost 40 points, but perhaps he’d be able to make up for it with those 28 points.



Strange! Meng Ming was trying to think of other methods as he recorded the fill-in-the-blank solutions. But just then, he discovered that something was off—

Why is the last fill-in-the-blank question…

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