CCM 296

Note: Rather than 2 chapters combined, it’s 3 chapters combined this time (295-297) so it will be split into three “parts”.

Er…[insert cliffhanger warning here]? >.<

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 296 – Duo Mei’s Decision Pt. 2

The desert’s terror could only be compared to that of a great sea. Once one entered either, it was impossible to guarantee survival, no matter how strong one was. Storms, quicksand, bitter cold, scorching heat…the desert’s terrors couldn’t be described with just words.

A month after Suo Jia’s group had entered the Greater Trade Routes.

In the distant Holy Light Empire within a gold and jade palace, Duo Mei stood there trembling with a letter in her hand. Tears had already blurred her vision.

The letter had been secretly sent. There were only a few words on it: Suo Jia had already entered the Greater Trade Routes!

As she looked at the letter in her hand, Duo Mei recalled the expectations that Suo Jia had had of her in the past. That’s right…the reason Suo Jia had given them so much equipment with complete disregard to cost was because he’d hoped that they would travel through the Greater Trade Routes together. However, they had betrayed Suo Jia’s friendship.

It was now nearly two years since Suo Jia had left. During this time, the fire wind warriors seemed to have enjoyed glory, splendor, wealth and rank. They had heavy authority within their grasp, and they were proud of their success. However, they knew that this wasn’t really the life they had wanted to live. How could phoenixes that had flown high up in the air for so long be willing to crawl into a chicken’s nest to live in for their entire lives?

Money? Power? Status? Glory? Everything seemed so childish. Their hearts had lost their objectives, their souls had abandoned all direction.

Did they regret it? That’s right…since the day they’d left Suo Jia, their regret had been like a malicious bug, constantly eating away their hearts. This kind of pain not only couldn’t be forgotten as time passed, but instead grew even fiercer.

“Crunch…” Duo Mei crumpled the letter in her hand into a ball, and suddenly stood up. With a strong sigh, she hurriedly rushed out of the room to quickly pack up her bags.

Half an hour later, Duo Mei stood with a determined expression in the study room of the Fourth Prince, the current emperor of the Holy Light Empire. Across from her was the emperor, glaring at her with a furious expression.

The Fourth Prince took a deep breath and said, “Duo Mei, I have never been unkind in my care towards you these past years. When you wanted power, I gave you power, when you wanted money, I gave you money, when you wanted glory, I gave you glory. Yet now you’re telling me you want to leave. I can’t understand this at all!”

Duo Mei firmly looked at the Fourth Prince and said shakily, “Your Majesty, because of my devotion towards you, I betrayed Suo Jia two years ago. However, you’ve already become the noble Emperor. I think…that I’ve already completed my duty, and now is the time for me to leave your side.”

“Hmph!” With a cold snort, the Fourth Prince shouted angrily, “Do you still plan on trying to keep me in the dark? Don’t think I don’t know that your sudden departure is definitely to search for Suo Jia! Am I wrong?”

Duo Mei took a deep breath, and didn’t deny it. Instead, she nodded and said, “That’s right. Your Majesty is completely right. I’m leaving now in order to go search for Suo Jia in the Greater Trade Routes. No matter what, I owe a promise to him!”

“Promise?” The Fourth Prince knit his brows together in doubt.

Duo Mei resolutely nodded and replied, “Yes, we indeed had sworn loyalty and devotion to Your Majesty, but…we had also sworn to Young Master Suo Jia as well. This promise is something I plan to uphold with the rest of my life!”

“Huk!” The Fourth Prince abruptly stood up and roared, “This is betrayal! You know that Suo Jia and I are irreconcilable mortal enemies! Let me ask you, if Suo Jia returns to get his revenge, how would you treat me? Don’t tell me you’d go against him?”

Duo Mei narrowed her eyes at the Fourth Prince’s question and after a long while, strongly replied, “No…Your Majesty, no matter what, I will never personally harm Your Majesty. The animosity between you and Suo Jia should be resolved between you two alone. I definitely won’t intervene. However…that only applies to you. Aside from Your Majesty, I won’t owe anything to anyone else!”

“You!” The Fourth Prince pointed a finger at Duo Mei and roared, “Duo Mei! You’re being too brazen. This is betrayal. You’ve already gone back on your promises before, do you want to destroy all your oaths?”

Duo Mei smiled at him in contempt and stressed, “Your Majesty, even if I destroy my oaths, you are the reason for it. Originally…you had ordered me to follow Suo Jia and obey his commands. Because of your self-contradicting words, we no longer knew who to follow!”

Duo Mei breath became more rushed. “Your Majesty, we’ve already helped you gain the throne. Right now, you’re the noble ruler of the empire. We’ve been acting on our oath of loyalty to you. However…under your instructions, we also swore loyalty to Young Master Suo Jia, so for the rest of my life, it’s time for me to put my other promise into practice!”

“Such impudence!” The Fourth Prince bellowed. “I’m the emperor of Holy Light Empire. As one of my citizens, you are obligated to listen to whatever I say. You want to betray me, betray the Holy Light Empire?”

Duo Mei forced a smile and said resolutely, “Your Majesty, perhaps you don’t understand. To us warriors, promises and oaths are more important than anything else. Since I’ve established oaths, I must carry them out. Because Your Majesty has already made me betray Young Master once…I no longer owe the Empire anything!”

Duo Mei respectfully bowed and declared, “Duo Mei will now leave. From today onwards, I will be faithful to only Young Master Suo Jia for the rest of my life!” She slowly straightened her back, and after coldly glaring at the Emperor, confidently turned to stride out the door.

“Hmph!” Seeing this scene, a dark smile suddenly appeared on the Fourth Prince’s face. He coldly stated, “Duo Mei, I’ve known for a while that I couldn’t possibly raise you to be skilled enough. However…where did you think this was? Did you think you could just come and go as you pleased?”

“Clang!” The Fourth Prince suddenly raised his teacup and smashed it onto the ground as hard as he could. With a fierce clatter, the teacup shattered into pieces. At the same time, figures flashed outside the study, and began to jump into the room from the windows and the door.

Duo Mei abruptly froze in her tracks and surveyed her surroundings. The people that arrived entered her vision; they were nobody else but her Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix sisters that she’d known for so many years!

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35 thoughts on “CCM 296

  1. deadlybell says:

    If i was suo jia I still wouldn’t accept her back she had her chance. And before someone plays internet warrior to try and defend her, Save it I made my arguments and reasons for this viewpoint ages ago when she betrayed him.

    Thanks for the chapter taffy.


    • fatpanda says:

      Not to defend, as I’m not a warrior in the first place, nor I want to be one, aren’t you curious as how Suo Jia *and the gang) will react to the result of this (if they knew)? Since it was said that Suo Jia has (relatively) matured and all.


      • deadlybell says:

        Yes indeed I am, Was only stating how I would deal with it, How suo jia wishes to is up to him and I respect that. In fact if he does accept her back It means he’s a bigger man than I will ever be since I wouldn’t let go something that hurt me that much


    • solmagnum says:

      She hasn’t done enough to be completely disregarded if you look at the full circumstances. She made an oath before she met the mc and she kept that oath. But she did betray trust, which is not something easily gained back. In other words, most likely her relationship with mc now will be one of rebuilding the broken trust slowly. It’s not about being a bigger man, it’s about understanding what is actually going on and not being blinded by emotions.

      What sets her apart from the rest of the group is the decision to do something about it on her own.


  2. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—!
    bah! who cares about the girls! but then, why isit she can leave, and isn’t afraid of her family getting hurt, i wonder. well, anyway, i don’t care about her or the phoenixes anymore. they don’t deserve to work alongside suo jia! suo jia can do much better than them! i really hope suo jia uses them, but keeps them at an arm’s length. they are undeserving of suo jia, seriously! suo jia’s current team is way better!


  3. fatpanda says:

    Thanks for the chapters. It’s been a long time since chapter 249-250.
    Hee~ Nice self-contradicting arguments you got there, Duo Mei. That’s sarcasm by the way. Now to see whether the other fire-wind warriors feel the same way as her and add another, slightly large, misery for the eunuch king, or maybe all 36 off them will die by each other’s hands? And how Suo Jia (and his band of pirat… merchants) will react to the result and see how much has he matured. Now, who was it that sent that message? One of San… Roger’s subordinate?

    Almost one year after that former fourth prince entirely lost his symbol of masculinity and started having recurrent head-banging headaches huh (chapter 251). I wonder if Wen Ya’s still alive. And the five sisters too…

    … Although… how do his mother, Aimi, and Aila fare now?

    Sorry for being lengthy again. Thanks again, feminime named robot Taffy. Panda out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • takumi168 says:

      I remember them saying the two classmates and the mother is hidden away somewhere so their fine as for this fire wind warrior I doubt she’ll find him so easily remember it’s the greater trade route iono how she’ll enter by herself unless the other warriors go with her. Still I don’t see them making any progress.


  4. BrightLight (Valikar) says:

    Thanks for the chapter :3

    No idea why, but I thought Dou Mei and the girls had already left to find him on the Greater Trade Routes. I have mixed feelings about her though tbh. I understand her plight and want to see them reconcile but part of me wants to have Sou Jia stick to his guns and reject her for the betrayal.

    Ahhh, but more importntly I wonder how Aimee and Aila are doing and if they are going to be able to be remotely close to his strength when he finally returns to visit his mother.

    Also, is anyone else curious about the other girls from his class. You know, since he basically hired them and they spent a lot of their time practicing the moisture technique together at the villa. Maybe I missed/forgot a chapter that explained it. But I feel like all his classmates have been forgotten.


      • BrightLight (Valikar) says:

        I guess I’ll just assume they kept on working at the villa under the 6 maid-sisters and just “forgot” about the only boy in their class that they spent countless weeks playing naked with. And that none of them thought it was weird when he was exiled… haha


        • Neko says:

          Guys I think you forgot in previous chapters it was mentioned both classmates were in hiding outside of the Empires reach with Suo Jia’s mother.
          Yes they have been forgotten story-wise but no they weren’t left at the Empire Mercy or anything like that.


          • BrightLight (Valikar) says:

            Ah no, I didn’t mean Aimee and Ailee, but the rest of his classmates.
            I know they were never really a major feature but curiosity makes me wonder what happened to them and their situation.


    • gildoniel says:

      She did not betray him. She ignored the order of the prince to act – so actually that cannot be counted as betrayal. The thing now with her sisters acting against her (probably) can (but we shall see).


      • BrightLight (Valikar) says:

        Hmm, I get your point and I actually find that I agree. Just feel that if I was the person involved and not an observer then I would find it harder to differentiate as the way it went down could be counted as them standing against him.
        Either way I look forward to seeing which way it goes.


  5. han2xiah says:

    Well things are getting smoother from the heart clenching arc. This story is really good at protraying tragedy that it is hard to revover some even dropped the story because of it But that means it is way effective as a plot not as a money making story with all actions and good stuff. I have high hopes for the future chapter.

    BTW i like dou’me8 character so i want her to be a part of sou jia core group, but only her since most other sister pheonixes side chara, but i don’t want it to be smooth a little tear jerking story to reunit tjem might be good like sacrifying his life once or twice to make sou jia approve of her hut warry of her at the same time. Yhen deeper story with feelings..

    Ahh the long post with fan fics sorry for that


    • Erebus says:

      I doubt any of the other phoenixes will show up. They never had as strong a connection with him, they only had fake fire phoenix sets, and they don’t have names.


  6. Anononon says:

    ok, now thats strange, was not after a year after Suo left that 4 prince litle toy started to rot ? If this was me i would never talk about such a schemer so freely, and was not after 2 years that the head aches started?Why is the 4 ok so? he should be very, i mean really very angry with just hearing Suo name, but here we are 2 years later, and the 4(looks like naruto on a twisted way) appears to be ok… the author made a bad connection here or what? and Duo mei do not appear to be as crazy and devasted as it was painted in the author talks, just that i confirmed what i think, they operated with two masters and in the end she give Suo the 1st place, but wat a hell? were is the crazy 4 over his pain and all?


  7. Erebus says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I don’t expect the other phoenixes to leave with her, but I expect next chapter she’ll pull out a ‘what i learned from Suo – never reveal all your cards!’ or sommit and then somehow cause the other phoenix’s ‘fake’ fire phoenix sets to malfunction or sommit using the real one or who knows
    While to some extent, it’s annoying that it feels the first good bit of this story was filler to make Suo be decent at magic, have the atlantis set, and be bitter and untrusting, it is nice that there’s much more of a grey area instead of black and white where some of the characters are concerned.


  8. mrgoorin says:

    Awesome job, thanks for the chapter!

    So much hate from everybody jeez. Let’s be honest we already got enough spoilers from the author ahead of time explaining that Dou Mei was the only one of the Phoenixes important to the story. She fell in love with Sou Jia thinking he proposed to her. Named characters don’t reserve the right to disappear when the going gets tough lol. Although I would also like to know what happens to Aila and Aimi in the current time period.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. AnimeLover says:

    Annoying women’s! They should all just die! Do they really think they can defeat 1#? She still has her hidden trump card! I still think she should die though. Took her 2 years that long to figure it out?


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