Cheating Craft 36 (1/2)

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Zeph

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Quiz 36: Fierce Battle Between Fire And Wind (1/2)

Meng Ming didn’t need to fake the listening part? He paid close attention, and smoothly wrote down the answers to the first two problems!  

I can do them…moreover, they’re really easy!  

Meng Ming didn’t disrupt Zhou Lun Yu’s copying. His plans were very clear—he had to restrain himself in the beginning!

Disrupting Zhou Lun Yu’s pace right now won’t do anything. With listening type questions, all of the examinees will simultaneously finish the same questions. After doing only two problems, Meng Ming had realized this pattern.  

Zhou Lun Yu…hasn’t noticed my mannerism yet? Meng Ming began to feel somewhat anxious. It was such a great opportunity—he could actually do the problems in front of him! This was a fact as solid as iron, and something that even Zhou Lun Yu wouldn’t be able to catch and expose. He made a self-confident expression, and wrote in a practiced posture…Within the frame of these 20 questions, now is the best time to draw Zhou Lun Yu’s attention to me…!

He straightened his posture in his seat; his eyes filled with a thirst for knowledge as he looked at the questions with hot tears of emotion welling up in his eyes.

As expected, Zhou Lun Yu soon noticed his behavior from next to the window…

Zhou Lun Yu was extremely bewildered. Is Zhuge Meng Ming…a primary school student?  

This strange posture had indeed drawn Zhou Lun Yu’s attention. Zhou Lun Yu remembered that in the previous exams, Meng Ming had only started writing whenever other examinees flipped their pages. But this time, he had started writing as soon as the test had started. Could it be…  

That he was using some kind of new technique?  

Meng Ming had already been locked onto by Zhou Lun Yu’s gaze. One question later, the both of them wrote down the answers at the same time! 

Zhou Lun Yu swept his gaze around Meng Ming, but didn’t detect anything suspicious. I don’t see anything…what cheating technique is he using?! Not only can I not detect it…but… Zhou Lun Yu recalled the previous two exams, which made him even more doubtful. He’s completely ignoring my copying of others this time and remains unmoved? Based on his character…he should be trying his best to intercept me instead.

The more Zhou Lun Yu thought about it, the more he began to doubt it in his mind. He began to think that Meng Ming was using an extremely formidable and hard to detect cheating technique—one that allowed Meng Ming to completely ignore Zhou Lun Yu’s red threads. 

He toiled over the issue for a long time and only after he’d filled in the sixth answer did an idea flash in Zhou Lun Yu’s mind: ….Zhuge Meng Ming can answer the English questions by himself? 

Meng Ming had also noticed that Zhou Lun Yu had somewhat reached a conclusion. Did he finally realize…he noticed it faster than the Three Missing One Quartet. He continued to write his own answers. 

No, I can’t be certain yet… Zhou Lun Yu was still skeptical. If he’s acting, then doesn’t that mean I have fallen for his trap? I have to personally verify it…   

Meng Ming had sensed the doubtful air around Zhou Lun Yu. This was what he had wanted!  

Zhou Lun Yu cast out his red threads, and they charged towards Meng Ming!  

1, 2…no, 3…! Meng Ming counted the number of red threads. One is really clear, one’s somewhat concealed, and the last one went in a really roundabout path in order to avoid my notice. Fine then….  

Meng Ming suddenly tilted his head to the right, quickly aiming at the two red threads in front of him. Disks flew out, striking each of the threads down. He didn’t target the red thread circling around from the distance, pretending that he hadn’t noticed it, and allowing it to land onto his pencil!

The red thread easily wrapped around the pencil, and Zhou Lun Yu felt that Meng Ming seemed to have thrown this round. It doesn’t matter if you’re letting me go on purpose, or if you are using some technique and are unable to focus…either way, I need to see if your answers are right or wrong! Moreover, my threads aren’t aimed at just you.  

Zhou Lun Yu hadn’t just sent out three red threads. He’d also used his other hand to shoot a large quantity of red threads towards the examinees around Meng Ming! —This would allow him to better determine the method that Meng Ming was using. 

Five questions later, they were now on the 11th listening question! Zhou Lun Yu could tell that among these five questions, the surrounding students’ answers didn’t match up, and were also very different from Meng Ming’s. However…Huang Qiao Yi’s answers were all identical to Meng Ming’s, except for one!  

That means Zhuge Meng Ming isn’t copying anyone at all! …Moreover, his accuracy is extremely high! After scanning this information, Zhou Lun Yu could only come to this conclusion. Is his English that amazing…how come I have never noticed this before?  

Another five questions passed, and the answers confirmed Zhou Lun Yu’s analysis!

As expected, he can do them…! This had far exceeded his expectations. Zhou Lun Yu had to act first to defeat Meng Ming! But the listening portion of the exam hadn’t yet ended, and he was having difficulty getting the correct answers. Thus, it was difficult for him to attack.

Zhou Lun Yu ultimately decided to first ensure that he’d get enough points first.

Both parties’ points continued to accumulate, and both of them painfully restrained themselves. By the 20th question, it practically became a competition of who stayed more calm and collected. Once the 20 questions were finished, the listening portion had ended. Meng Ming had easily filled in all of the answers on his scantron. He then lifted his pencil and lightly spun it, purposely shaking off the red thread wrapped around it.

Zhou Lun Yu retracted the thread and locked his gaze onto Meng Ming. Meng Ming didn’t bother paying him any attention at all, and began his non-listening type questions!  

He cast a glance at the questions.

As expected, I can’t do any of these later problems… Meng Ming could only do listening comprehension. He raised his pencil, pretending to continue the test. Hehe, I’ll just let Zhou Lun Yu slowly grow anxious. Let’s first see how many red threads he sends out after the listening portion has ended.

Zhou Lun Yu indeed felt slightly pressured, and he finally prepared his move. At the same time, Meng Ming was analyzing the number of red threads Zhou Lun Yu was using. By his calculations, severing those red threads would be enough to render Zhou Lun Yu unable to write down any more answers! 



I’ve searched around many timesthere are a total of…eight threads! They’re all hanging from the surveillance cameras…if I want to cut them all in one go… [Meng Ming]  

Since Zhuge Meng Ming can write all of the answers, then I can only destroy his scantron! [Zhou Lun Yu]  

Alternate Dimension Vacuum Blade…! Zhou Lun Yu threw out another three threads which circled towards Meng Ming from his left back! Meng Ming saw this and didn’t hesitate to break up the blade on his table, setting up a teeth-like defensive formation as he had done before in the last exam.

Hmph, did you think I’d be hindered by that! Zhou Lun Yu completely ignored Meng Ming’s blade formation and directly dropped his threads! Alternate Dimension Vacuum Blade can also lash out from around your defenses! Although it can’t erase your writing, it can still tear your paper to shreds!

Three red threads fell onto Meng Ming’s desk, pressing Meng Ming’s test paper down! Meng Ming was taken aback: He’s not afraid of the blade formation?! Just as he was about to whisk the scantron and test paper away, he discovered that it was too late! Zhou Lun Yu yanked his fingers back hard, and the three red threads knotted together in the bottom left direction came apart with a single pull.

Although Meng Ming’s blade pieces formed a teeth-like defense, those three red threads were like dental floss as they slipped through the cracks between the blades and strongly brushed against Meng Ming’s desk.

The instant the red threads slashed across the paper, Meng Ming’s three pages of questions were immediately sliced into countless pieces! Luckily, the scantron was small, so only a small corner of it had been sliced off. On the whole, it had remained intact.

Hmph, to think that I’d miss the scantron. Zhou Lun Yu still hadn’t given up. He had to go all-out and crush Meng Ming’s scantron as well, or else he wouldn’t let the matter drop. He wanted to attack Meng Ming so that he’d be caught unprepared, and use random blades to forcefully destroy his scantron! Immediately, another three red threads appeared. This time, he aimed all of his attacks at the scantron!

Meng Ming began to panic: Crap! Before I’d even managed to cut those red threads, Zhou Lun Yu violently attacked again like this! The blade pieces on his table had some cracks, and couldn’t defend against this…those red threads were so thin that Meng Ming couldn’t possibly block this kind of attack from the Vacuum Blades!

In that critical moment, an idea suddenly flashed in Meng Ming’s mind! As long as there are no cracks, it should be fine! He quickly carved out long and thin pieces of wood. These pieces were lined up and placed along the desk’s right side. I have quite a few pencils this time!

The three red threads had already begun their descent. Zhou Lun Yu had to quickly attack, and had absolutely no time to care about what kind of tricks Meng Ming was pulling: He wants to raise the edges of the table? That’s useless, even pencils can be sliced in half!

Meng Ming set the thin pieces of wood in place, linking them together head to tail so there were absolutely no cracks. It was like a short, wooden wall had been built between Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu! In that instant, Meng Ming lit up the short wall—

New Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueBlazing Wall!!

The three red threads fell on Meng Ming’s table once more. Before Zhou Lun Yu had gotten a chance to retract them, the flames had already begun to burn!

What! That’s… Zhou Lun Yu hadn’t imagined that Meng Ming’s wooden placements were actually for the sake of using flames as a defense. The three red threads were suddenly burnt apart, rendering them incapable of further use.

After mastering the second level of flame manipulation, Meng Ming was extremely proficient at controlling the size of his flaming wall! He made it so that other people couldn’t see the fire, even though it was clearly burning!

Flames aren’t something that you can cut! At this intensity, it should last until the end of the exam. [Meng Ming]  

This move is…an absolute defense against the Vacuum Blades? Hmph, if I want to destroy your scantron, I have more than one way of doing so…!  

Meng Ming thought: Let Zhou Lun Yu attack here. At the same time, I can find and use the moment he lowers his guard to once again break his rhythm, achieving victory!

Under such circumstances, Zhou Lun Yu obviously wasn’t going to stop attacking! Let me show you…the designated finishing blow for my attack!  

The threads also had a fixed finishing blow?!  

A large number of red threads were gathered together in Zhou Lun Yu’s hand, while at least 10 other threads were wrapped around his fingers. They were tangled together like ropes, and combined to form a long rope half a centimeter in diameter! The Vacuum Blade is just a basic technique. This is the fixed-point attack weaponVacuum Whip!

An invisible, long rope whirled around in Zhou Lun Yu’s hand.

“And, and what’s that…?” Meng Ming saw Zhou Lun Yu’s actions. “How will he attack…?”  

Zhou Lun Yu used the force from his arms to wave the whip, proficiently controlling it with high precision. Although the red threads formed a long whip together, it remained concealed as it flew through the air!

It’s even flexible? Meng Ming raised his head to look over and saw that the long, thick whip was attacking him like a python! Block! This was Meng Ming’s first reaction. He wanted to grab the draft paper, and as such, hurriedly began to grope around the desk.

…Hah? Why…

There was no draft paper on the desk! —The English examination didn’t provide draft paper.

I’ll just use this! Meng Ming picked up the test paper that had been destroyed just now. Either way, the questions aren’t of any use to me…! He raised the tattered paper up to block the whip’s path. A clean ripping sound rang out as the Vacuum Whip tore a large, unmendable hole in the paper. The whip’s trajectory had been disrupted, and Zhou Lun Yu retracted it in the air. However, this didn’t mean that the assault had stopped!

You want to block it? Then just keep blocking until your entire test paper turns into paper shreds! Zhou Lun Yu lashed out again, aiming for the scantron.

Meng Ming picked up the scantron in an attempt to evade the attack, but the Vacuum Whip followed its target! Meng Ming could only use his test paper to block it once more. With another ripping sound, the whip was quickly retracted again.

Zhou Lun Yu relentlessly attacked Meng Ming’s scantron over and over—it was too dangerous! If this continued, Meng Ming’s test paper would be completely shredded apart, which would put the “pretending to be able to solve the questions” tactic to an end! Moreover, the scantron would be hard to protect as well.

I just need to capture it…! Meng Ming thought.

The whip that moved back and forth at high speeds had a set target; Zhou Lun Yu’s tactics were extremely clear! …How could Meng Ming catch it?


This term suddenly appeared in Meng Ming’s mind again. This was a technique used in casinos! That’s right, aren’t today’s tactics precisely meant to disturb him! As long as Zhou Lun Yu felt any kind of suspicion or doubt, that moment of hesitation would definitely provide an opportunity for Meng Ming!

The Vacuum Whip attacked once more.

Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueWater Splitting Blade Draw!

In that short instant, Meng Ming transformed all of the test papers. A large amount of paper suddenly appeared on his desk! There was absolutely no way of knowing which paper was which, making Zhou Lun Yu’s mind momentarily short circuit!

What kind of technique is that?!

With so many sheets of paper flying about, Zhou Lun Yu was unable to find his attack target for a moment, and the whip carelessly penetrated the pile of papers! He was about to hurriedly pull it back, but it was instead strongly and firmly held in place amidst the papers. The papers dispersed, revealing Meng Ming’s right hand tightly gripping the whip.

Meng Ming refused to let go. Both of them had the whip wrapped around their hands, as if in a game of tug-of-war, eventually pulling it taut.

What does he plan on doing? It can’t be…Zhou Lun Yu’s weapon had been seized, and he felt that the next step would be anything but reassuring. Meng Ming slowly and unhurriedly placed the whip down so that it touched the ignited Blazing Wall.

Over a dozen threads were completely burnt. The current length was no longer usable.


This situation was extremely strange: 

Zhou Lun Yu’s attacks had been repeatedly blocked by Meng Ming. Although Meng Ming’s test paper was now a complete mess, his scantron was still intact.  

Hmph, now that I’ve seen that move of Zhuge Meng Ming’s once, I won’t be distracted by it again. Zhou Lun Yu didn’t believe that he would lose any more red threads. He pinched together another Vacuum Whip, and prepared to continue attacking.

Alright, just like this! Once Zhou Lun Yu strengthens his offense, he’ll neglect his defense. The time is ripe…  

Meng Ming finished all of his preparations. He wanted to settle the outcome of this battle before Zhou Lun Yu lashed out with his whip.

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