CCM 304

This is the last chapter before my hiatus mentioned in my announcement, making the 5th chapter (maximum quota) for the week.

Thank you for all your support and understanding, and see you all again in two months!

(Edit: [insert cliffhanger warning here]. It may be better not to read the chapter until after my hiatus is over, as it’s the first part. Read at your own discretion.)

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 304 – Unimaginable Horror Pt. 1

The old man led Suo Jia’s party of four into the relay station. This relay station was actually just a small village of around 200 residents. Although it didn’t look big, it had every amenity: a blacksmith, a miscellaneous goods shop, an inn…it was extremely complete.

Suo Jia’s party followed the old man. They entered the village by following a dividing limestone road. Although it was already evening, there were idle crowds packed on either side of the road. They were gathered into groups of three or two, observing Suo Jia’s party through the corners of their eyes.

Nicole didn’t pay any mind to these strangers’ gazes. Xiang Yun, whom possessed a bestial-like instinct, had his right hand at his waist with a serious expression on his face. It was clear to see that…Suo Jia and Xiang Yun both felt dark murderous intent from the crowds on the roadsides.

Suo Jia’s and Xiang Yun’s raised guards clearly didn’t escape the elder’s observation. He frowned, and suddenly shouted toward the crowds on the roadsides, “All of you, go the f*ck back to your rooms and stay there! If the visitors are frightened off, I’ll definitely halve your provisions tonight!”

The people on the roadsides slowly began to turn their bodies after having heard the elder’s words. They dispersed after giving Suo Jia’s party one last glance. With only a bit of effort, the road regained its quietness; not a single human figure could be seen.

“Bunch of trash…” The elder cursed in anger and contempt as he looked off in the direction the crowds had disappeared towards.

Suo Jia frowned in confusion. “Mister, what’s up with those guys? They…”

“Hmph!” The elder snorted in disdain and used his surprisingly loud and clear voice to say, “Those guys already lost their courage, trash that don’t dare to continue adventuring the Greater Trade Routes. They’ve been scared shitless, and now they just want to hurry back to the human world to save their petty lives.”

Suo Jia understood the elder’s words. These guys had originally wanted to return to the starting point of the Greater Trade Routes, but due to the obstruction of the Thorn Mice, they couldn’t embark on their journey. Thus, they could only be firmly blocked off here.

The elder gloomily said, “Youngsters, coming here means you’ve already stepped onto the Greater Trade Routes. There are no rules or laws here. You guys need to be careful, those people aren’t good figures. They do pretty much anything!”

“Huh?” Nicole shot a puzzled look at the elder and asked, “Isn’t this place a relay station? They shouldn’t dare to do whatever they want, right? Otherwise, why didn’t they just all come at us together?”

The elder glanced at Nicole and said in a heavy voice, “Those bastards only keep me in consideration. As long as I’m here, they really don’t dare to do anything. But once I’m not, they’ll stop caring. You guys must be careful, even a relay station is not safe. Not a single corner on the Greater Trade Routes is safe!”

“Hehe…” With a dark smile, Xiang Yun ravenously licked his tongue before excitedly saying, “Captain, you really found the best place. This kind of location can’t be any more well suited for my diet. It looks like…we probably won’t be lonesome anymore!”

“Tch…” Suo Jia tilted his head back to yawn in disdain. “Since you’re so excited, you can take watch tonight. No matter what happens, don’t call me.”

Suo Jia turned around to look at the elder and lazily said, “Mister, please arrange places for us to live and eat. We haven’t slept properly on a bed in ages.”

“Um…” The elder looked at Suo Jia in astonishment and hesitated. “Young friend, you guys shouldn’t be careless. Although those people were scared shitless, their strengths are just as overpowering. It was just that…the thing that scared them was just too mighty.”

As soon as the elder finished speaking, Xiang Yun happily continued, “The more I listen to you, the more excited I get! Quick, hurry up, where exactly are we living at? I’m already unable to wait any longer to meet those so-called experts!”

The elder couldn’t help but sigh as he saw Xiang Yun’s reckless expression. The elder brought Suo Jia’s party to a limestone building, and pulled out a key from his pocket. As he passed it to Suo Jia, he said, “While you are at this relay station, you guys can live in this stone building. There’s no other option…the inn was filled ages ago.”

Suo Jia casually accepted the key and sincerely replied, “Then thank you very much, Mister.”

“Mhm…” The elder nodded anxiously and said in a heavy voice, “My home is next to the village’s east gate. If they come to stir trouble with you guys, you can send someone to call me, or run in that direction. As long as you flee to my place, nobody will dare to touch you guys!”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia smiled gratefully and said, “Don’t worry, Mister. Since we dared to enter the Greater Trade Routes, there’s no way we’d fear any challenge. If those people are reckless enough to really come here, we won’t have mercy!”

As soon as Suo Jia finished speaking, Xiang Yun added, “That’s right, old man, if I try killing someone here, will anyone interfere? It’s not illegal to kill here right?”

The elder shook his head bitterly and stated, “On the Greater Trade Routes, laws are dictated by experts. As long as you win, you are the law. As for whether or not people will interfere, who knows? If someone tried to kill your companion, would you interfere?”

Xiang Yun nodded in understanding and gave a strange smile. “Thank you very much, old man. I understand what you mean. Whoever has larger fists is the law, right?”

“Yes…” The elder firmly nodded, and shot Xiang Yun a bemused look, “That’s right, that is the meaning. However…I stick by my previous words; you must be extra careful about everything. The Greater Trade Routes is definitely nowhere close to anything you could ever imagine!”

The elder stared deeply at Suo Jia’s party. He knew that he’d already done his best, if they didn’t go through any major hardships, they wouldn’t understand how terrifying the Greater Trade Routes were. Thus, he helplessly turned around and began to walk towards the east side of the village.

After bidding farewell to the elder, Suo Jia’s party entered the stone house. Suo Jia, Nicole, and Xiang Yun began to organize their luggage, spreading out bed covers, while Roger began to prepare dinner.

Roger was indeed worthy of being the descendent of a legendary family of chefs. His work was so high quality that Suo Jia and the other two almost ate their own tongues while wolfing the food down. After they’d eaten until they were beyond full, they all cleaned up. The three of them then fell asleep, leaving only Xiang Yun to keep watch.

Xiang Yun couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his three companions in deep sleep on the wooden beds. The more he interacted with them, the more he felt the warmth of friendship. To someone like him that had been a wanderer for so long, such a feeling was too precious.

Xiang Yun pulled out a cushion from his interspatial ring and sat cross-legged at the entrance. He quietly controlled his breathing, waiting for the so-called trouble that the elder had claimed would happen.

It was obvious that the elder understood those people too well. Time passed, and once the curtain of darkness had completely fallen, the clear sound of footsteps rang out from the limestone house. Xiang Yun frowned, and listened attentively. The sound of footsteps was clearly headed towards this stone house.

Xiang Yun excitedly opened his eyes, and lightly stood up from his cushion to check his body’s condition. Without question, Xiang Yun was currently in his optimal state. Qi circulated throughout his entire body. He almost wanted to immediately find an opponent and break out into a fierce fight.

Xiang Yun tightened his belt, tidied his clothes, and gently pushed open the door. Outside, under the reflection of the moonlight, a group of black figures were gathering at the stone house from both sides of the path.

Xiang Yun took a deep breath, and softly stepped outside the room. He then quietly closed the door. He didn’t want to shock his sleeping companions awake; he would deal with these guys!

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    Xiang Yun – Swordsman who uses multiple swords has no sense of direction, desires to be the greatest swordsman/ is a battle junkie and hates Roger (Zoro)
    Roger Aili – A cook / fighter that got into trouble and got saved by the MC only fights with his feet and makes food for the crew, Also a battle junkie doesn’t like Xiang Yun ( Sanji )

    Like even the order he meets them in is the same, Btw im currently reading from chapter 288 so if miss anything sorry. 😦


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