Cheating Craft 39

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Zeph

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Quiz 39: Temporarily Calm Conclusion

“Haha…my head has swelled up.”

As soon as he walked out of the library, Meng Ming immediately let out a deep breath. “I’d already racked my brains to override him; I hadn’t imagined that he’d still attack last minute…” Before, Meng Ming had assumed that calculating the end of the exam time would be enough.  

“Brother Meng Ming…” Huang Qiao Yi was following next to him, unsure of what to say. In general, she was absolutely speechless in response to Meng Ming’s cheating. She stuttered for a long while before finally saying, “Why did you guys have to fight with a ‘you die, I live’ mentality…in the end, neither of you got points.”  

The result of estimating points yesterday had already indicated that if Meng Ming wanted to beat Zhou Lun Yu, he was pressured to get at least 30 points. So Meng Ming explained, “There was no other choice, nothing else that I could do…”

But with Meng Ming’s final mistake, it was possible that the result would be him not reaching his expected objective. “This means that my points probably aren’t as high as his…moreover, I didn’t get points from geography.” Aside from this, Meng Ming recalled his bet with Zhou Lun Yu, “I’ll have to listen to him…” 

“Brother Meng Ming, you can’t say that for sure yet!” Huang Qiao Yi cheered Meng Ming on and said, “The points haven’t come out yet. Before that, there are still many possibilities! It’s not necessarily impossible to beat him.” This was originally a word of encouragement normally exchanged between L-types, but Huang Qiao Yi said it to Meng Ming. 

“Ahaha, that’s right!” As soon as Meng Ming laughed, a huge figure blocked the two of them.


The two of them slowly lifted their heads. They saw a human figure with a dark, overcast face. Only the top of his head emitted a strange glow.  

Old baldie…?

Uncle Carron? Why is he like this…  

“I say, you brat!!” Carron roared as he charged over to Meng Ming. His body was so large, his imposing manner so great. “Fighting in the exam site is fine, but…who told you to affect L-types from taking their test!!!”

“Eh….ah?” L-type? Was it Zhang Chuan? This surprised Meng Ming. “ did I…I at most just made him cough a bit, and dragged out some time! I didn’t affect his answering!” What Meng Ming found stranger was how Carron seemed to know all of this…  

“If you were just making him do things like cough, then it doesn’t matter, but that’s not all you did, right…?!” Carron’s face was fierce-looking as he continued shouting at Meng Ming. “Why did you burn his test?!”  

What…? Meng Ming’s jaw dropped open.  

Huang Qiao Yi had originally thought Meng Ming knew. Now she finally understood that Meng Ming actually hadn’t noticed this at all while he’d been furiously staking his all. She softly told him, “Brother Meng Ming…you and Zhou Lun Yu weren’t the only ones that didn’t hand in complete papers….classmate Zhang Chuan, also only handed in one sheet…”  

“Huh? What…” Meng Ming still didn’t understand.  

“What what!” Carron fiercely whacked Meng Ming on the head. “Just now, you also burned up one of his answer sheets!”  

—That ink-soaked red thread, which had been pulled taut between Zhou Lu Yu and Meng Ming, had also passed through Zhang Chuan’s desk. Zhang Chuan had been misfortunate enough to have black ink drip onto his second answer sheet from the soaking red thread as well…  

“It was by accident!!” Meng Ming wanted to run away.

“You’d better pay more attention!!” Carron immediately began to chase after him with a murderous intent.

What! Even if Zhang Chuan had one sheet burned, he still had 70 points… Meng Ming still felt that his own situation was more tragic.

At that moment, a voice from the library called out to them.

“Meng Ming, Little Qiao!”  

They looked back, and saw Lin Jing Xuan? And there was a female classmate next to him.  

When Carron saw the female student, he immediately charged over and squatted down in front of her. He pressed his hands against her shoulders and his sunglasses glinted as he asked, “Daughter, how was the test? You didn’t get injured, right?”

Father…didn’t I say many times that you can’t appear at school? Even if this place is the library… Seeing her father act so deranged and draw a bunch of students’ gazes, Bai Jiu was embarrassed to death. She could only halfheartedly reply, “…I…It was ok. Why would I get injured…during a test…”  

Carron stood up and sternly adjusted his sunglasses. He then said very articulately, “Daughter, let me tell you of the dangers at the exam site. That person called Zhuge Meng Ming…”  

“You shut up!!” Meng Ming rushed over to stop him with a forced smile.  



Afterwards, Carron turned around tearfully to say farewell.   

Is there really no need for me to escort him? Huang Qiao Yi had actually hoped to go for a joyride and relax a bit after exams, but Carron had instead told them to go play. Also, “While you’re at it, help me teach that brat Zhuge Meng Ming a lesson.” 

“Then what do we do now? Go home…?” Meng Ming asked for everyone’s opinions. He’d overused his brain cells today, and was severalfold more tired than the L-types actually doing the problems, so he wanted to go home early and rest a bit.  

“Going home now? No way, that won’t do!” Lin Jing Xuan saw Meng Ming’s intent on going home and hurriedly stopped him, “Since we just finished exams, we obviously need to summarize it.”  


Even Bai Jiu looked extremely excited.  

Huang Qiao Yi secretly told Meng Ming that after a large exam was over, L-types typically held discussions and estimated scores. 

In the end, it was decided that they’d go to a nearby fast-food place to eat lunch.  



It was a two-story fast-food restaurant. The second floor was open-air, and there were umbrellas on top to shield them from the sun. This place was located near Lin Xian Library. There were normally many customers in the afternoon, especially today since the examinees from three of Lin Xian’s classes had come to visit.  

There was no need to attend classes that afternoon, so there was plenty of time. But the discussion topics made it impossible for Meng Ming to chime in.  

“Math? I had absolutely no clue how to do those questions.”

“Even Little Qiao couldn’t do them? I asked many students strong at math, but not a single person knew them!”

“Yea….the geography calculation question as well. Are all senior high calculation questions so hard!”

“Have either of you two asked him?” Lin Jing Xuan suddenly pointed at Meng Ming and said, “Meng Ming, did you know how to do the calculation question? It can’t be that even you…”

“Meng Ming…?”  

Meng Ming’s mind was wandering; he was tired.  

After seeing his state, Lin Jing Xuan could only wave his hand in front of Meng Ming’s eyes. Meng Ming immediately returned to his senses— “Ah?”  

“Meng Ming, what are you thinking of? We’re discussing the midterm exams.” Lin Jing Xuan said.  

Seeing that Lin Jing Xuan wanted to drag Meng Ming into the discussion as well, Huang Qiao Yi felt that the situation was taking a bad turn. She hurriedly suggested, “Haha, we’ve all finished already, so just forget it. There’s no need to think about it any further. All we have to do is take extra lessons after our grades come out.” 

“Who says!” Lin Jing Xuan reminded Huang Qiao Yi, “This exam is related to whether or not we can get our student IDs! How could there not be pressure? Right, Meng Ming?”  

“Ah, yea, ha! That’s right, when exactly are the grades being posted?” Meng Ming didn’t really know what they’d been discussing earlier, so he could only continue from the last thing said.  

Huang Qiao Yi thought a bit. She seemed to have heard that, “It seems like it’s not very fast. Grading so many people’s tests requires time. They’ll probably announce it next Monday, after the weekend passes.” 

Today was Thursday, so they’d have to wait for 3, 4 days for their scores.  

“I really want to hurry up and find out my grades…I put so much effort and time into preparing for this midterm, so I have to get my results,” Bai Jiu said.  

“No way!” Lin Jing Xuan shouted. “I’m scared of the exam grades! It’s not just that I’m concerned about how low they are, but if I don’t get my student ID, how am I supposed to tell my family…”

“Ah, that’s true. Every time I get lower scores than expected, I’m depressed for a while…” Bai Jiu said. “But nobody in my family cares about my grades. It’s just that I personally really want to know what I got…”  

“All students in China are afraid of having their grades announced!” Lin Jing Xuan huffed, “Only you’re unafraid…”  

“I’m not afraid either,” Huang Qiao Yi raised her hand.  

“I want to know my grades too,” Meng Ming said.  

“You freaks…” Lin Jing Xuan could only lean to one side dizzily. Don’t tell me that all students with good grades get anxious to know their grades…?!  

Meng Ming continued his own analysis, “The points are probably relative. If nobody knew how to do the calculation questions on the math exam, then even if you don’t pass, it doesn’t count as doing badly.”  

“That’s what you say, but the rankings within each year are still very important.” Lin Jing Xuan argued, “The first exam here is already such a difficult battle. With my type of mental capability…I expect my ranking to be on the lower end…”  

Huang Qiao Yi urged everyone to stop thinking of scores. “I heard that student IDs aren’t really handed out based on how high one’s scores are. Speaking of which, have any of you seen the senior high student ID? What it’s like? It’s supposed to be uniform throughout China…”  

The other three shook their heads.  

“I haven’t seen it either. I really want to hurry up and get a look…” Before Huang Qiao Yi had finished speaking, a strange laugh came from behind their table—

“Hehe…you guys want to see what the student ID looks like?”  

That sound seemed to be somewhat familiar. The four of them lifted their heads, and immediately recognized—

“Jinsi Que?!”

“Why is it you!”

“That means, the other 3 people…”  

As expected, there were three others behind Jinsi Que. The Three Missing One Quartet flashily made their appearance at the fast-food place!  

“Hahaha!” Boss Ma Que walked up to the front and flaunted, “You want to see the student ID? As your seniors, we’ll show you! Here!” With a shua, he flashed his own student ID.  

The three others also displayed theirs, frantically trying to look cool in the fast-food joint.  

Meng Ming and the others all looked over at the student IDs and reveled at them. It was a delicate, magnetic card. There was a colorful picture of the person printed on them, as well as their name, their school, their school emblem, their student number, barcode, and even a label to defend against frauds.

The middle of the magnetic card also had various other data about the student, including their fingerprint.  

“Hahaha! Are you shocked? Incidentally, it doesn’t say gender because male student IDs are light blue in color, while female student IDs are pale red,” Boss Ma Que wildly laughed. “This is the national, uniform—senior high student ID! Although we’re C-types, the four of us have extremely outstanding strength in terms of taking exams!”

Are they really that good…?

Why haven’t they repeated a year yet…?

Exactly how do they cheat…


“How about it, you’re shocked speechless, right?” Boss Ma Que continued to show off, “We’re 120% sure that we didn’t have any problems on this midterm. Just wait until our grades are announced with a bang! You guys must get your student IDs too!”  

The people around them were all frightened by his cold, magnetic voice, and all swiveled their heads to look at him, greatly shocked by the Quartet’s gorgeous poses.

Basically, everyone headed home after eating, but they were bugged by the Three Missing One Quartet en route for half the afternoon.

Today, all of the public exam sites returned to their normal operations.

That same day, the temperature began to drop. The students all wore additional layers of clothing as they waited for their grades.

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