CCM 306

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 306 – To Reach Agreement Pt. 1

The tall and sturdy figure shakingly said, “Alright, I’ve already answered everything you’ve asked. The fight has already finished as well. Now…you should be willing to hand the chariot over, right?”

Xiang Yun was stunned for a moment before he began to laugh out loud. Shaking his head, he said, “What are you talking about! Aren’t I perfectly fine? As long as I’m still conscious, I definitely won’t admit defeat!”

“Tch…” The tall and sturdy figure tsked in disdain at Xiang Yun’s words. “Youngster, bravery and belligerence are useless. Before, I was even fiercer than you were. Although I was afraid of that guy, it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. Since you’re seeking death, I’ll help you out.” The person suddenly struck out with his claws, his arms slowly opening wide as his body charged forwards…

Seeing the opposite party about to attack, Xiang Yun said in contempt, “Hey! I advise you to just leave. You can’t possibly beat me. In reality, you’ve already lost your will to fight. The only reason you’re still fighting is because you want to obtain the chariot from me so that you can run away. A person without any fighting intent can’t possibly beat me, Xiang Yun, no matter how excellent your battle skills are!”

Xiang Yun’s hands simultaneously gripped the hilt and he coldly locked gazes with the other party, “I, Xiang Yun, can lose. However, even if I die, I won’t allow myself to lose in the hands of some cowardly person here. That’s a humiliation that I can’t possibly bear!”

It was impossible to endure Xiang Yun’s taunts, no matter how good one’s temper was. Xiang Yun’s words were undoubtedly piercing the opposite party’s weak points. In an instant, the tall and sturdy figure roared in anger, threw his arms open wide, and shot outwards like electricity…

“Yah!” With a strange shout, the figure waved his long arms around and wildly attacked as fast as lightning. His claws arranged in a sky-filling claw net that tried to enshroud Xiang Yun.

Faced against the claw’s after-images that filled the air, Xiang Yun refused to retreat. He clenched his teeth and suddenly jumped high up in the air, the Chasm Moon Blade raised above his head. With a flash of yellow light, it slashed at the claw after-images with all its might.

“Clang!” With a fierce sound of metal on metal, the claw after-images immediately disappeared. Xiang Yun’s Chasm Moon Blade accurately hacked at the other party’s right claw. However, it only managed to block it; the right claw drew an arc in the air lightning-fast, horizontally coming at Xiang Yun’s unprotected lower abdomen area.

Xiang Yun saw the quickly approaching claw blades, and knew that if those swept across him, he’d probably be sliced in half. He gritted his teeth and channeled power through his hands to rebound his war blade off the opponent’s right claw, his body spinning away in the direction the claw blade was pushed off towards.

“Clang!” The fierce sound of collision could be heard as the opponent’s claw violently slashed at the stone wall behind Xiang Yun. Immediately…the five sharp claw blades left five deep scars dozens of centimeters long in the hard limestone. The incisions were as flat and smooth as mirrors.

Although the claws had missed, the figure seemed to have already encountered this before. He raised his right hand high, earth-shatteringly chopping down at Xiang Yun, who’d just evaded to the right. Xiang Yun could only flip outwards in response to the swift attacks. The claw blade brushed past Xiang Yun’s body and deeply embedded itself into the limestone. Of the 20 centimeter long claw blades, a dozen or so centimeters were not buried underneath the stone.

Seeing Xiang Yun dodge his attacks one after another, the tall and sturdy man seemed to grow angry. His body moved like a ghost, chasing after Xiang Yun’s figure. His sharp claws shot outwards over and over again. In a mere moment, the surrounding walls and the limestone floor all sported deep scars.

Finally…Xiang Yun’s somersaulted forwards, using his right palm to push off the floor. His body soared upwards, and after a few consecutive flips, re-landed in front of the house.

The tall and study figure silently retracted his claws and slowly turned around. He looked down at Xiang Yun and said, “Youngster, you won’t find any way out if you just keep dodging like this. Look at your wound, how much more blood can you lose?”

Lightly touching the claw marks on his lower abdomen area, Xiang Yun nonchalantly said, “You don’t need to worry about that. I’ve gotten used to this kind of minor wound ages ago. Hehe…rather, after all this time, you still haven’t defeated me. Are you not concerned at all?”

“What?” The tall and sturdy figure looked at Xiang Yun in confusion and asked, “What are you saying? What do I need to be worried about? In my opinion, in just a bit, you’ll faint from blood loss. To me, victory is easily obtainable!”

“Hehe…” Xiang Yun gave a dark smile and smugly declared, “Although I can’t strike you, I’ve completely seen through your moves, and completely grasped your traits. I can defeat you in only three moves!”

The tall and sturdy person was stunned for a moment, before he threw his head back and laughed out loud. He gasped for breath as he said, “Hey! There’s no way you can defeat anyone just by bragging. If you really have this ability, then stop dodging, and fight me properly by meeting force with force!”

Xiang Yun slightly raised his Chasm Moon Blade and smiled, “If you want to fight, then come on over and attack. I didn’t ask you to stop!”

“Tch…” The opponent’s body suddenly lowered, and his arms opened towards the left this time. His legs cycled forwards like a mirage, and he came leaping towards Xiang Yun at an amazingly fast speed once more!

Seeing an opponent burst forwards in attack so wildly, Xiang Yun’s gaze suddenly shifted upwards. His hands tightly gripped the sabre hilt as he chopped down to disperse the opponent’s claw mirages that filled the air. The sequence of attacks and stances were exactly the same as before!

“Tch…” The tall and sturdy guy curled his lip in disdain. His right claw reached forwards, while his left claw sped towards Xiang Yun’s right side. This time, he definitely wouldn’t allow Xiang Yun to dodge!

“Bang!” Xiang Yun chopped down at the opponent’s right claw once more, however, this time was different. The Chasm Moon Blade only just touched the right claw, but with a flash of yellow light, the Chasm Moon Blade suddenly retracted. The blade turned 180 degrees, the upward slash transforming into a downward one.

The tall and sturdy figure was suddenly motionless, his left claw shakily stopped at his body’s left side. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to move, but that he didn’t dare to. Currently…the point of Xiang Yun’s Chasm Moon Blade was at his throat. The lightest bit of pressure would be enough to pierce his throat and completely kill him off.

The tall and sturdy fellow gave an incredulous stare at the extremely close-by Xiang Yun, and stated in shock, “How did you do it? My right claw clearly came into contact with your war blade, didn’t it?”

Xiang Yun leisurely looked at his opponent. Only he knew the sabre’s secret. Putting aside the attack that had rolled back or how fast it was, the explosive yellow light was enough to blind any person. Nobody could see where the sabre was unfurled from.

It was actually quite simple; it was just utilizing borrowed power and clever methods to take advantage of the opponent’s force to allow the blade to reverse itself from an upward to a downward slash. It could also change from a left chop to a right slash, but one’s actions had to be much faster.

After so many years of training, Xiang Yun could already shrink the gap between the two blades in less than 0.2 seconds, which had already far surpassed the limits of human vision. It was something that the naked eye couldn’t possibly catch. To the enemy, this Chasm Moon Blade was actually two sabres. There was no way one could sense the time gap between the first and second strikes of the attack. In reality, this attack that was impossible to follow with the eyes was the most powerful.

The person watched Xiang Yun heave his sabre downwards. Actually, defense wasn’t only for the upper part, but the lower part as well. Otherwise, how would one block when the war blade was curling back?

Furthermore, the Chasm Moon Blade Technique had to fully utilize the Chasm Moon Blade’s arched blade suitable for rapidly changing directions. In addition…the blade’s body would emit a fierce yellow light when attacking, which cleverly and seamlessly concealed it. No matter how good one’s eyesight was, they most definitely wouldn’t be able to see through this clever mystery.

Xiang Yun chirped, “You only saw the full moon in the sky, but you didn’t realize that the same, bright moon was suspended underneath the water. How could you block that!”

Actually, the name alone already explained the clever mysteries of this move. The Chasm Moon Blade was naturally like a moon in a well’s killing potential. The blade out in the open was meant to draw one’s attention. Once the person was intercepting that blade, a blade hidden in a secret location would instantly take their life.

Xiang Yun re-sheathed his war blade, and leaned on it as he smiled at the tall and sturdy fellow, “Don’t think about it anymore, the results of this battle aren’t something you can understand just by pondering it. Since you’ve already lost, I think…that you shouldn’t continue staying around here!”

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12 thoughts on “CCM 306

  1. WTT says:

    SAN KYU! Interesting chapter. Though I’m wondering why all of Xiang Yun’s blade and techniques are named after the moon? Will his ultimate form become something like the True One Moon Blade and the True One Moon Blade Technique?


    • Novo says:

      Naw naw True One Moon is too subtle….you know these Chinese folks….it’s gotta be something like Heavens Defying Nine Moons Destroy the Sun Had Eyes No See Mount Tai Obscure Demonic Be-header Secret Sword Technique…

      It’s very important to have the word “Secret” in there….nods

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