Cheating Craft 43

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Frosty

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Quiz 43: Infiltrating Qing Xin Central High

When they’d woken up the next morning, it was already past 9, and the sun’s rays were bright. Huang Qiao Yi had prepared breakfast early in the morning, and called everyone to eat.  

Zhou Lun Yu had originally planned to investigate all three of the major schools in Qing Xin, which is why he’d needed so many people to help him. But now, his target had already been set—Qing Xin Central High.  

To Zhou Lun Yu, Qing Xin Central High had been the main target in the first place. Qiao Shun Zhi had studied there before, so there were obviously more people there that knew of his situation. In addition, this school’s college admittance rate was much higher than the other two’s.

“Search for: Qiao Shun Zhi’s greatest competitive rival for the college entrance exam.” It was obvious that only those that had the same ability to get into that college would be able to do something like this!

“But…investigate a school? Schools normally don’t let outsiders in, so how do we investigate?”

“Today is Saturday, but the third years still have remedial classes. I’ve already prepared everything. As long as we pretend to be students there, we can directly enter when the school gates open in the afternoon.” Zhou Lun Yu took out a bag of clothing, “These were distributed by my school back when I’d returned to Qing Xin at the beginning of the year.”  

It was Zhou Lun Yu’s uniform from Qing Xin Central High! There were a total of 3 sets, and they were obviously only the male uniform. Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu’s physiques weren’t that different, so Meng Ming didn’t have any problems with putting it on.  

Seeing this clothing, Huang Qiao Yi suddenly also wanted to go look around the school. Duan He chuckled, “Then go in dressed up as a male.”  

“Stop fooling around.” Zhou Lun Yu said. “Getting caught for infiltrating the school isn’t a joke. L-types should just stay behind and do their homework.” 

“Putting that aside first,” Duan He asked. “Weren’t you going to visit Qiao Shun Zhi’s place in the morning to ask for exact details about the situation?”  

Zhou Lun Yu thought about this for a bit. “I’ve asked him before. Based on his words, I’d suspected some people originally. But I don’t know these students, so I can’t say anything for sure. If I meet them today…then perhaps I’ll be able to confirm.” 

He picked up the burnt cloth from yesterday. I must really thank him for shrinking our search range by so much.  



Qiao Shun Zhi lived in a room on the second floor. This place was only several hundred meters away from Qing Xiu Hall. After going upstairs, they were met with complete darkness.  

The window curtains were very thick, and the doors and windows were all firmly locked, too. There really was no way for light to shine through.  

Zhou Lun Yu pushed open the door and led his schoolmates in. He told Qiao Shun Zhi that they were just casually dropping by and would leave soon. Qiao Shun Zhi still sat up to talk to them. After some short conversations, Qiao Shun Zhi could only remember their names without knowing what they looked like. In this kind of place, it was hard to tell who was speaking unless one listened carefully. 

“Oh? Are you all C-types?”  

“Pretty much. But one girl is like you, an L-type.”  

“Haha, it doesn’t matter what kind of students they are, I welcome them all. My name is Qiao Shun Zhi.”  

“Does this mean that Qiao Shun Zhi always stays here and never goes outside?”  

“I can go take walks deep at night, but I still wear a cover.” It seemed that Qiao Shun Zhi used the red threads to aid him with normal movements and to guide him as he walked. 

“That’s right. You brought up several people from your class before. Can you say anything more specific about them?” Zhou Lun Yu asked. 

“My class? There were only 2…that meant to apply to the college entrance exam.”  

“They have to have around the same grades as you.”  

“Then it’s only him. But…you want to suspect him? That’s absolutely impossible.”  


“That foreigner, Sean Bozmann.”  

Him? Several people recalled their encounter with him before in front of the Bozmann Clinic.  

He doesn’t seem like a bad person.  

“He can’t possibly do anything on purpose, he’s an L-type.” Qiao Shun Zhi earnestly said to everyone, “I’ve known him since the first year of senior high. At that time, he was a third year, and we were extremely close. He always aspired to test into Provincial University of Medicine. But, regretfully, aside from chemistry, he wasn’t doing very well in other subjects, and flunked for two years straight. In the end, we ended up being the same year. This ought to be his third time taking the exam.”  

“He repeated twice? And he still plans to test for that place?”  

“Yes, because…we agreed on it before.” Qiao Shun Zhi’s voice gradually began to tremble, “Back when I was a first year and he was a third year, our friendship was already pretty deep. We’re both learning medicine, and have the same aspiration: Provincial University of Medicine.”  

The atmosphere was silent as Qiao Shun Zhi slowly exhaled. He then continued, “We had made an agreement once that we’d have to meet again at that university, and continue to stay in contact there.” 

Yet Sean was constantly re-testing?! In order to get into the agreed school, he remained diligent. But this time, he was the same grade as Qiao Shun Zhi, and that university only recruited one person…in that case…   

“I can only go up against him. Fate is really peculiar…” Qiao Shun Zhi said. “Despite this, I believe that he is still respecting our agreement. I am, too.”  

Qiao Shun Zhi suddenly realized that the atmosphere around him had become depressing. He hurriedly changed the mood and said, “Like I said, he’s definitely an L-type. From his family, he inherited techniques to manufacture medicines. These techniques are extremely exquisite, and he can definitely open his own business with it. Yet he still repeated two years, and eventually ended up becoming the same year as me.” He bitterly smiled and said, “During these several years that Sean has studied in China for, he’s never lost to anyone in chemistry, except for me.”

“What do you mean? Like exam grades?”  

“Not just exam grades, lab showdowns as well.” Qiao Shun Zhi could tell that they still didn’t quite understand, and told them, “After your second and third years, you’ll be witnessing quite a few science-specialized students having lab showdowns. Sean’s hands-on ability is very strong. I’ve only gone against him once, and that resulted in a dangerous victory on my part with a purity 0.382% higher than his…That’s why, I later suggested that he return to his country to study medicine. A future there would be much better than one from studying in China, and there’d be no need to mingle with us college examinees. But he was very determined, and was set on entering Provincial University of Medicine.”

Sean did that just for that agreement?!



In the end, Zhou Lun Yu told Qiao Shun Zhi about what had happened at the Scarlet Dragon Pool the previous night. When Qiao Shun Zhi heard this, he was completely flabbergasted. Everyone else exchanged a few short sentences before leaving. But this time, the discussion had cleared up quite a few matters.  

They wanted to suspect Sean? Qiao Shun Zhi had already clearly pointed out that Sean was a hard-working L-type. Zhou Lun Yu still felt that the more this was the case, the more it needed to be checked out. —In short, the plans wouldn’t be changed.

If he wants to go, then he should just go. Yet Zhou Lun Yu insists on finding some insufficient excuse…. [Meng Ming] 

“The third years’ specialized classes are in the afternoon. There’s only one chemistry class. We can go in and take a look before discussing anything further.” This was the reason behind Zhou Lun Yu preparing three sets of uniforms.  

“Sorry.” Duan Hu interjected. “Actually…I just thought of a place I would like to check out. How about having Little Qiao accompany you guys in the afternoon?”  

“What joke are you trying to pull, this should be your first time coming to Qing Xin.” Zhou Lun Yu couldn’t understand why she’d suddenly want to visit some place, and was even more unwilling to mess up any of the original plans. “Even if you don’t go, we can’t let an L-type tag along.”  

“Doesn’t Little Qiao really want to go? Just let her follow you then, it’s not a big deal.” Duan He’s words seem to hint that she insisted on Little Qiao going.  

At that time, Huang Qiao Yi looked at Zhou Lun Yu from behind with eyes filled with anticipation. Zhou Lun Yu could feel the gaze of fierce desire coming from behind him.

What is she doing, declaring she won’t go last minute. Girls are really troublesome. Feeling the gaze behind him grow stronger and stronger, Zhou Lun Yu hurriedly said to Huang Qiao Yi without turning his back, “Alright, alright. You’ll have to stick tight, and don’t forget to do your hair up. You can’t make any sound either.”  



Because the third year was split into specialized subjects, the entire grade took classes together according to the subjects chosen by the students. That’s why all of the students from various classes that would end up taking the chemistry college exam would gather in the same classroom. Zhou Lun Yu had attended Qing Xin Central High before, and he had already completely grasped the layout of the school. They went through the plans to infiltrate the school.

The first step was to calmly and naturally walk in through the front gates. Given that they wore the school uniform, the school’s gate guards wouldn’t deny their entrance.

The second step was to enter Room 511 on the fifth floor of the building. According to Qiao Shun Zhi, this was the third year’s chemistry classroom. There were probably around 50 students, so it’d be easy to mingle in for the sake of their cause.

The third step was to stay in the class for the entire afternoon. In addition, there would definitely be class exercises assigned. They had to keep their eyes focused on the students’ movements, and refer to the teacher’s responses and his evaluations of the students during class. That way, they’d definitely be able to find the C-type. 



A bit past 2 in the afternoon, Qing Xin Central High’s school gates opened! Three fake third year students wearing male uniforms and carrying backpacks walked up to the gates.

When they looked into the reception room at the entrance of Qing Xin Central High, they saw that there was only one guard! He also had a very languid appearance, and was currently watering the single vased plant on the window ledge. Thus, the three prepared themselves…  

Just go in. [Meng Ming]

Entering the school is very easy, the troubling place isn’t here. [Zhou Lun Yu]

……. [Huang Qiao Yi]  

They raised their bags and lifted their legs, about to cross through the gates. They had originally been certain that there wouldn’t be a problem, but the moment they stepped through the gates, a frightening sound suddenly came from behind them—


Fear shook their hearts, but their reactions were sharp. They completely ignored these words, and quickened their pace towards the inside of the school!  

“Hey! I said wait a moment!”  

A male wearing the Qing Xin Central High uniform blocked them, and lowered his head as he asked, “I say, are you guys third years?” Huang Qiao Yi immediately turned her face away to the side, trying to avoid being recognized as a female.  

The guard that had been focused on watering the flowers just now suddenly heard this voice. He hurriedly placed his watering pot down and turned to look at them.  

“Of course we are.” Meng Ming calmly replied.  

“No, that’s not right! I don’t recall ever seeing you guys!” The male said confidently, “I know all the male students in our year!”  

Now way, how did we encounter this kind of person as soon as we entered…  

“Please, don’t just go around running your mouth.” Zhou Lun Yu retorted at Meng Ming. “We’re clearly second years, yet you’re pretending to be a third year.”  

The second years also had to take a remedial lesson over the weekend. He wanted to quickly get away from this sharp person.  

“That makes even less sense!” The male student that was blocking them refused to let them go. “The second years don’t take their class until tomorrow!”  

Ah? [Zhou Lun Yu]

Oi, do you actually understand the situation?! [Meng Ming] 

“Right now, only third years are allowed to enter the school!” The male student said.  

As they were speaking, the guard had already stood up and begun walking over. Both parties were still speaking, completely overlooking the guard’s approach.  

“Hey, what’s going on?” The guard questioned.  

The guard’s sudden appearance completely alarmed the three of them. Just as the male student was about to speak to the guard, an idea flashed through Zhou Lun Yu’s mind. He loudly spoke first, “Brother Guard,” he said as he pointed at the strange male student. “He said that he placed a minor explosive in the reception room’s vase to tease you. He was telling us to wait here and watch the show.”

“What?!” The guard was shocked.  

Just as the male student was about to deny it, Zhou Lun Yu’s finger secretly twitched. The sound of the reception room’s vase shattering immediately followed. 

Hearing this, everyone in the vicinity turned to look towards the reception room. The guard’s mind froze, and that male student was even more taken aback! Just as he was about to explain, a large hand heavily pressed down on him. “Don’t run!” The guard fiercely clutched the male student’s hand and dragged him towards the reception room.

“Hey! I’m innocent!”  

“You brat, get in here!” [Guard]  

“Let’s leave quickly!” Huang Qiao Yi was already beyond frightened, and was the first to run into the math building.  

“Getting somebody else to do your dirty work. Did you already have this prepared?” [Meng Ming]  

“Hmph, it was originally just for the guard. I hadn’t imagined I’d be able to drive away two people at once.” [Zhou Lun Yu]  

Taking advantage of this chance, they practically bounded to the fifth floor of the math building. According to the standard numbering system, they easily found Room 511. It was a very normal room, with over 60 seats. They just managed to find spots to hide. There were quite a few students inside already. A middle-aged female teacher also stood at the front, preparing to teach the class.  

“There are already so many students here…are you certain this is the chemistry classroom?” [Meng Ming]  

“There’s no mistake, let’s go in.” [Zhou Lun Yu]  

They found empty seats in the back row and sat down. Meng Ming sat on the left, Zhou Lun Yu sat on the right, and the cross-dressed Huang Qiao Yi was stuck in the middle. They took out the class materials and notebooks to put on an act as they whispered to each other while waiting for class to start.

“If you don’t do anything too eye-catching, the teacher shouldn’t be able to discover us.”

“But haven’t we forgotten something?”


“Isn’t Sean in this class? Why haven’t I seen anyone with light colored hair?”

“That’s right, where is he?”


The class bell unyieldingly rang. The students in the classroom all sat down properly in their seats. The teacher also puffed out her chest and picked up a piece of chalk, prepared to begin.  

“Oi! Did you make a mistake somewhere? Is this place the chemistry classroom or not?”

“How would I know! There shouldn’t be a mistake!”

“Realizing now won’t do anything, we no longer have the time to run!”  

At that moment, the teacher standing in the front firmly declared, “Student Sean, how many times have I told you? This place isn’t the same as your country, being tardy isn’t allowed!”  

They looked over at the door, and saw a male student with light colored hair standing at the door. He said, with very standard Mandarin, “Aiya, I’m very sorry. When I thought of how I’d meet you, the honorable teacher, today, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but relish in that thought for a bit at home, which ended up holding up some time. Please, may I go to my seat?”  

“What’s he doing? Making us think we’d gone to the wrong place…”

“Comparable to our class’s Shi Yun…”

“That’s right, we’ve met him before. He was the one that had made an agreement with Qiao Shun Zhi, as well as being his competitor—Sean Bozmann.” 



Duan He, who’d left the rest of the group, had gone alone to the place she’d wanted to investigate. Relying on her memories of the previous night, she found this bright place. When she lifted her head, she could see those glowing black words on the white signboard: Bozmann Clinic.

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