CCM 310

I translated a new teaser here that all of you should try reading :P It’s definitely interesting and different, and I know that I personally enjoyed the first few chapters I read~ ^^

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 310 – Mystical Shield Pt. 1

Fortunately, although the lions were very powerful, Xiang Yun’s and Roger’s strength weren’t ordinary either. After fighting for 5 minutes, over 20 lion beasts had died by Xiang Yun’s and Roger’s hands.

Breathing hard, Roger seemed to shift over to the chariot and use it as support in his exhaustion. He muttered, “This won’t do, Boss. Hurry up and stop the chariot for some rest. If we continue like this, I might actually be killed. If I don’t get killed by the magical beasts, I’ll die of exhaustion!”

Suo Jia looked at how beaten to death Roger and Xiang Yun were, and only coldly stated, “You can’t even take this? If that’s really true, then you guys might as well choose to retreat now while it’s still early!”

“Eh!” Roger and Xiang Yun were stunned. They blankly stared at Suo Jia, unable to speak.

As if he didn’t sense their gazes, Suo Jia said in a heavy voice, “These are the Greater Trade Routes, a place where challenges can appear anywhere. The two of you must get something straight: everything here isn’t something that only we encounter; all of these encounters are all things that everyone on the Greater Trade Routes experiences.”

“That…” After some hesitation, Nicole still stated, “Young Master Suo Jia, other people choose to go around. As long as one doesn’t go straight and follows the path, with a thief present to search for the way, it’s possible to quickly pass through with few obstructions.”

Suo Jia nodded and looked at Nicole, “You’re right. If we didn’t go straight down the main road and had sent you out to look for the road instead, we would’ve indeed been able to avoid these magical beasts. But, do you guys know what our goal here is? It can’t be just to avoid difficulties, right?”

Suo Jia looked over at Xiang Yun, “Xiang Yun, in the past, you always thought you didn’t have enough opponents. Now you won’t ever have such a regret. Don’t tell me you want to choose to shrink back?”

Xiang Yun narrowed his eyes and darkly smiled, “I understand, Captain. Don’t worry, I was just complaining early. No matter who my opponent is or how many there are, I, Xiang Yun, have never once shrunk back!”

Hearing Xiang Yun’s words, Roger hurriedly interjected, “Right, right, right…I’m the same, hehe…it’s fine if there are slightly more magical beasts. If one comes, I’ll just suppress it. If a pair comes, I’ll get rid of both of them. I definitely won’t hold back!”

Suo Jia rolled his eyes in exasperation and said, “Whatever, if we just rely on you two, you guys will die of exhaustion soon. Next…I’ll go out and change shifts as well. If all three of us rotate shifts, we should be able to rest well.”

Suo Jia moved over to open the door and said, “You three should hurry up and get back into the chariot. I’ll drive, Xiang Yun and Roger, quickly go rest so you can change with me later.”

After hearing Suo Jia’s words, Xiang Yun and Roger didn’t waste any more time talking and climbed straight into the chariot to sleep and recover their energy. Everyone knew that this wasn’t the time to boast of their abilities. Otherwise, it’d definitely be hard to keep everyone. The magical beasts here weren’t as easy to slaughter as sheep were!

With Suo Jia driving, the chariot continued to advance along the main road. What was strange was that he drove for over an hour, yet they actually hadn’t encountered a single wave of magical beasts.

In the afternoon, they stopped the chariot and Roger cooked a plentiful lunch. Once everyone had eaten their fill, they continued moving forwards. Not long after they began to move, finally…the magical beasts appeared again.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the sight of the magic bears quickly leaping out of the brush on the side of the road. There were roughly over 30 of these giant bears. These creatures were covered with long, red fur, and were over 3 meters tall. In addition, they were extremely solid and sturdy. A single glance was enough to tell that these creatures wouldn’t be easy to defeat.

Suo Jia stopped the chariot and pushed the door open to leave. He knew that these bears definitely couldn’t be allowed near the chariot. Otherwise, a single swipe would be enough to cause the chariot to topple to the ground, or even fall apart.

However, Suo Jia alone couldn’t keep so many giant bears away. Although he could call Xiang Yun and Roger out, that was a bit too shameful.

Suo Jia waved his left hand to open his interspatial ring, and the little pet’s milky-white body instantly leapt out. Its two short front claws were tightly hugging Suo Jia’s neck, and it looked at Suo Jia with joyous eyes.

Suo Jia struggled to disentangle the little pet and urged, “Stop fooling around and immediately start fighting. If you continue playing, you’ll be flattened like a pancake!”

Hearing this, the little creature’s body suddenly stiffened, and it woodenly turned its head to look behind. The next moment…a large, broad body of a red giant bear appeared before its line of sight.

Faced against such a sturdy Crimson Bear, the little creature immediately jumped out of Suo Jia’s arms. With a flap of its wings, its body remained suspended in mid-air. At the same time, layer after layer of Glacial Armor began to appear on its body.

“Rumble!” Finally…after covering itself with dozens of layers of Glacial Armor, its height reached 6 meters, and was an even more solid figure than that Crimson Bear. Like a meteor, the little pet descended down from the sky to obstruct all the Crimson Bears before it.

Despite going against a cockroach-like creature that was larger and sturdier than it, the Crimson Bears didn’t seem to be scared at all. They all stood up and brandished their giant claws, moving to surround the Diamond Dragon.

“Pei!” Seeing the quickly approaching bear, the Diamond Dragon opened its great mouth and suddenly spat out balls of blue, ice-cold mist, instantly freezing bear after bear to the ground.

“Snap…crack…” Against the ice layers surrounding their bodies, the Crimson Bears only struggled for a bit because the bindings around them fell into shattered pieces of ice onto the floor. At the same time, the Crimson Bears that had been previously sealed by ice began to charge forwards, blazing towards the Diamond Dragon.

Suo Jia, and even the Diamond Dragon, dropped their jaws open in astonishment. Weren’t these Crimson Bears a bit too powerful? They made the Ice Seal seem like it was nothing. If Suo Jia didn’t know just how powerful the Diamond Dragon’s Ice Seal was, he would’ve suspected the Ice Seal was made of paper.

Stunned for a moment, the Crimson Bears immediately encircled the Diamond Dragon, waving their giant paws around as they swatted at the dragon.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but proudly smile at this scene. Although these bears were powerful, wanting to confront the Diamond Dragon was too naive of a thought. This meter thick Glacial Armor wasn’t something that they could break through!

The battle between the Crimson Bears and the Diamond Dragon finally began. Suo Jia watched blankly as the Glacial Armor broke off into flying shards with a loud “snap” upon contact with each swat. This was completely different from what Suo Jia had imagined!

These bears were just too strong and powerful. A single slap was enough to immediately send a large chunk of the Glacial Armor flying. If a dozen or so wildly swatted at the same time, the Diamond Dragon’s body would immediately crumble under the bears’ claws.

“Chirp…” With a miserable cry, the little pet’s milky white body suddenly dropped out from the Glacial Armor in midair. It struggled to flap its wings and fly into Suo Jia’s arms.

Suo Jia lifted the little pet and carefully looked over it a few times. After confirming that it hadn’t really gotten hurt, Suo Jia finally gave a sigh of relief. Luckily…these Crimson Bears couldn’t fly, and thus were unable to do anything to the little pet. Otherwise, it would’ve been dangerous just now.

Suo Jia examined the trembling little pet in his hands, and sighed. He knew that the reason the Diamond Dragon had been utterly defeated so quickly was firstly because the power of the Crimson Bears was too great. Secondly, the Diamond Dragon had only just entered the long term period and so its strength was still too little. Most importantly, its strength was still lacking; its Glacial Armor’s temperature wasn’t low enough, and thus it wasn’t hard enough either.

Suo Jia sent the little creature back into the interspatial ring and took a deep breath. He knew that next…he would have to rely on himself to resolve these troubles.

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    Hmm.. I still remember when Suo Jia bullied his little pet, guess the temptation for those four coloured potions is more than enough for the little pet to forget all that had happened.


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