Cheating Craft 44

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Frosty

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Quiz 44: The Minor Classroom Matter

There’s only one bike parked outside the door. No matter what, I need to first confirm how many people are inside.

Duan He walked into the clinic, and saw a middle-aged male foreigner sitting at the front desk in doctor’s attire. He was currently writing something in a notebook. Seeing someone pay a visit, the man politely invited her to sit, and used Chinese to ask her if she needed any help. 

Duan He quickly scanned the surroundings. There were only two examination tables, a few chairs, and a suspension rack. There was also a small pharmacy inside. The table had a fountain pen and a computer monitor place on top, as well as a photo frame in the deepest corner.

It’s a family photo. There’s two golden-haired children, the father, who’s a doctor, and the mother…  

“Ah, I…” Duan He sat in front of the doctor and immediately said, “My eyes always feel tired, and they’ve also become bloodshot. I might also have puffiness under my eyes as well.”  

These were lies.  

The doctor glanced at her face and asked, “Sorry, can you remove your makeup? I would like to check the area around your eyes. There’s a sink and paper towels over there.” He pointed at the area next to the pharmacy.  

Duan He agreed, and stood up to walk to the sink. She continued her act and asked, “Are you here alone, Doctor?”  

“No,” the doctor’s guard wasn’t up at all as he replied. “I have two sons. The older one went to class, and the younger one is upstairs.”  

That is to say, there’s only two of them here right now. Duan He used water to wipe clean the area around her eyes, and thought: Then it’ll be easy to handle. She picked up a paper towel and lightly wiped her face, before covering her eyes with it and turning around to walk back to her seat. When the doctor walked over to continue his examination, Duan He suddenly dropped the paper towel to reveal her eyes!

In that instant, the doctor’s consciousness was stolen away by Duan He’s pupils.  

Alright. Sit properly, and please honestly answer my questions. [Duan He]  

The doctor obediently sat down. But, unexpectedly, right after giving that suggestion, the thuds of running could be heard as a male ran down from the stairs, “Dad, I still need that book…”  

What bad timing. Duan He immediately changed her command! Use English to tell him that you’re currently busy, and to return back in an hour.  

“Thomas, I’m currently looking at a patient. You go up first, and you can do whatever in an hour,” the doctor absent-mindedly said.  

“Oh…” Thomas felt that something was off, but seeing that his father was currently peering intensely into the patient’s eyes, he felt that he couldn’t interrupt. After some hesitation, he finally ran back upstairs.  

Right after having dealt with Thomas, another patient unexpectedly walked in through the door. “Doctor! I came back again, help me with my injection!”  

What! Injection… Duan He was furious. She had admittedly forgotten that patients could still enter from the outside.  

“Haha, this is the last shot.” The patient placed a form down on the table and sat down on a chair, waiting for when the doctor was available.  

So damn annoying….

Duan He thought of a couple of methods to deal with this:

  1. Let the doctor give him the shot. But this would end up wasting her mental energy, and she might not be able to persevere for so long.
  2. Personally give him the shot. She still needed to have the doctor in her grasp though, so this required quite a bit of energy as well.
  3. Just chase him away. Dealing with two people spent just as much energy.  

Then I’ll just choose the most time-efficient method…you’d better obediently listen to me! Duan He turned around and fiercely glared at the patient, forcing him to slump into his chair and take a nap.  

You can finally attend to me properly, Doctor. Duan He could finally concentrate entirely on the doctor. Having consumed so much energy, I can’t last much longer…I’d better quickly ask about some things.



The third year classroom in Qing Xin Central High had a very heavy atmosphere. There was the threatening teacher at the front and the concentrated students in the classroom, and none of them had realized that another school’s C-types were sitting at the back of the room. Their group used books and stationery to hide their faces as they all scanned the classroom, particularly at Sean sitting near the back.

The speech in the front had already gone on for 10 minutes, but none of the students showed any peculiar behavior. They only raised their heads to listen to the teacher, before burying their head once more to take notes, occasionally flipping through their books as well.

“Is there any use in us just coming to secretly listen to a class?” Meng Ming began to question their actions.

“Of course there is. The teacher can’t possibly spend the entire afternoon talking by herself.”  

Eventually, after the teacher had repeatedly stressed the same content several times, some of the students began to show tiredness. This wasn’t only because they’d spent all of their energy fiercely studying and memorizing for a week, but also because the teacher’s words were all things that they’d heard numerous times before and had already grown cold and stale. Sean, in particular, was already beyond familiar with this information, seeing as he’d repeated for two years. It looked like he was pretty much about to fall asleep.

The Lin Xian students were intruders, so they definitely didn’t dare to doze off so easily. As time dragged on, they could tell that they were almost at their goal.  

“Look, according to normal class rhythms, the teacher will soon come up with a way to stimulate the students’ minds.” [Zhou Lun Yu]

“You’re pretty familiar with classroom education, huh.” [Meng Ming]

“All Chinese students are…” [Huang Qiao Yi]  

“Alright, next we’ll do two problems.” Their calculations were very accurate; the female teacher in the front prepared to give some class assignment to the students. Hearing this, the students all immediately, and uniformly, prepared their paper and pens like robots, their actions as orderly as marching soldiers. 

“Will we also be like this in our third year…? [Huang Qiao Yi]

“We’re C-types anyways, so there’s no way we’d be like that…”  

In just a moment, the problem was being projected onto a screen. Some students were copying the problem, others were rubbing their eyes, and some stared at it without moving their pens at all. Huang Qiao Yi stared at the problem, and then also smoothly wrote it down. 

After the female teacher had displayed the question, she began to focus on the classroom’s actions. “Hm? Am I hallucinating? It seems like there are some more students today…” The students were already numb to such boring jests, and only cared about writing the problem. None of them even bothered to look around. The teacher asked again, “Sean, why aren’t you writing?”  

Because Sean had been late and already wronged the teacher, the Lin Xian students all felt like a chance had arisen.  

“My beloved and respected teacher,” Sean stood up to say. “I’ve already done this question many times, it was a question from the final exam in the provincial standardized test five years ago.  

“You can’t do it again? ….Fine, then I’ll ask you to come write it on the board. Let’s see if you can write it from memory.”  

Sean really didn’t want to, but, since the teacher had already told him to “write it from memory”, he could only leisurely walk up to the front. He picked up a piece of white chalk, and, without even looking at the question, wrote the equations on the board.  

“So, so amazing…” Huang Qiao Yi sighed in praise.

“Good thing we weren’t asked to write it…” [Meng Ming]

“Even if I was asked to write it, I’d still be able to do it.” [Zhou Lun Yu]


As Sean was writing beautiful English letters on the board, he would occasionally raise his head to look at the numbers in the problem. Like that, he easily finished the problem. He then looked up at the second problem. Just like before, he only skimmed it quickly before smiling and very confidently moving his chalk to write a new equation on the blackboard.

That fluent and swift answering made Huang Qiao Yi feel an indescribable admiration. She almost sighed out loud in astonishment—she didn’t even know how to do the first problem! Of course, this was a third year question, and she was only in her first year. Sean’s chalk smoothly wrote out row after row, and Huang Qiao Yi felt herself enjoying the graceful music coming from the problem-solving. But at the climax, the music piece suddenly stopped! 


He stopped?!  

Sean suddenly seemed to have encountered a bottleneck.  

The classroom’s atmosphere grew heavier. Sean looked back at the problem on the screen, his eyebrows tightly knit together. The teacher at the front inwardly sniggered to herself; she had put a trap in the question!  

Huang Qiao Yi immediately realized this. “This, this teacher used a technique to cause problems: ‘Disrupting Mindset.’” She was very familiar with this kind of question.

“Disrupting Mindset?”

“What does that mean?”  

Huang Qiao Yi wrote its definition on a piece of paper—

Disrupting Mindset: Students all do problems over and over again until they’re familiar with them, so anyone can solve them. However, the teacher will suddenly change a minor detail that will completely change the solution process for the entire question! A tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake. Those familiar with the original problem would all use their previous thought process to solve it, but that definitely won’t lead to the correct answer. This kind of method to give out problems is pretty threatening to those L-types that trained with that kind of drilling, naval tactic strategy.

This question was one that Sean had done many times, which had led to his current thought process…   

“What’s wrong, Sean?” The teacher’s female, sing-song voice resonated like that unfinished musical piece. “You can’t do it?”  

Sean faced the question he was unable to solve any further with a taut, helpless expression.  

“Since you can’t do it, would you like to invite another student to come try? There seems to be quite a few students here that can do it.” A look at the teacher’s face was enough for anyone to tell that she was clearly doing this on purpose.

Sean didn’t reply, and continued to think about this problem with his original method. He felt both tense and vexed…

“Class time is precious, don’t waste it. Just now, you had said that you’ve done these kinds of questions many times, yet the result was?” The teacher finally found the chance to reprimand him, and her lecture didn’t stop. “At your current state, can you still keep your place as first? Although Qiao Shun Zhi fell ill, the other students here are constantly improving. However, you have instead halted, without moving forward a single step. If any others come to compete against you, it wouldn’t be strange if you lost at your current level.”  

It looks like there are quite a few people that come looking to compete against him. [Huang Qiao Yi] 

After hearing the teacher’s reprimands, Sean could no longer keep his calm.

“Don’t think I can’t write it…!” He forcefully spat out. His left hand then reached into his pocket, taking advantage of the moment the teacher was loudly announcing this to the rest of the class. With his back facing everyone, he quickly pulled out a pill-like thing and swallowed.  

The other students in the class didn’t notice, but the two C-types from Lin Xian had spotted this detail!  

There’s something odd there!

What did he eat just now?!  

Sean’s impatience quickly disappeared, and he soon calmed down completely. He raised his head to read the problem once more. In just a moment, it seemed like he’d seen through the whole solution! He raised the blackboard eraser, and wiped away his previous method in one swift movement, writing a new one in its place. Then, with this same method, he quickly wrote the whole solution process to the second problem as well, in a speed even faster than he’d written the first!  

The teacher was stunned.  

She hadn’t imagined that Sean, who’d been familiar with the old problem, had smoothly solved this one…she only said that the answer was correct.  

Sean walked away from the board, his eyes filled with an indescribable darkness. He returned to his seat and sat down, each of his actions serious and attentive, completely different from how he’d been before.  

While Huang Qiao Yi was constantly worshiping him, Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu remained silent.

“Did you notice as well?”

“Yea, there’s definitely something wrong with that drug.”

The teacher in the front had originally prepared to explain this solution process, because she’d thought that Sean definitely would’ve been unable to solve it. But now, the solution was clearly written on the board, so, for a moment, she was at loss on what to talk about. She suspected that Sean had just coincidentally managed to solve it. According to this kind of education method, he couldn’t have possibly come up with a new thought process.

“Next, I’ll ask a student to talk about this problem and the thought process behind its solution.” The teacher couldn’t come up with anything to speak about, and she couldn’t choose Sean again. Thus, she planned to check everyone else’s thoughts. She raised her head and randomly swept a look around. “The one sitting in the middle of the back row, you explain it.”

The one in the middle of the back row…   

Little Qiao?!

How…! We’ve been super low-key this whole time, right?!  

With cautious gazes, they saw that the teacher still had her head lowered, flipping through her own lesson plans. The students were all apathetically sitting in their seats, writing something. Everyone was indifferent. However, if the student chosen didn’t stand up to answer, the classroom would very easily gain an unnatural air!

“What do we do…Little Qiao can’t speak!” [Meng Ming]

“I can change her voice! Hurry up and draw others’ attentions away!” [Zhou Lun Yu]  

He wanted Meng Ming to distract others…?  

Zhou Lun Yu had a very good understanding of the human body’s meridians, and quickly wrapped some red threads around Huang Qiao Yi’s neck. Around the voice box, he created a fake Adam’s apple!  

What do I do? Meng Ming reacted on the spot. Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueBlazing Wall!  

A row of flames ignited, causing an invisible gas to appear in front of Huang Qiao Yi’s desk. This had the effect of distorting others’ visions…   

“Oi, exactly what use is that supposed to serve?!” [Zhou Lun Yu]

“How would I know! Who asked you to say it so suddenly…” [Meng Ming]  

“Eh…” Huang Qiao Yi tried making a sound. As expected, her voice had gotten a lot deeper.  

“A bit louder, I can’t hear you,” the teacher said without raising her head.  

It was only at that moment that they discovered another very important issue.  

That’s right, Little Qiao, she…

She doesn’t know how to solve it…!  

Where in the classroom were they supposed to find something like “the thought process behind the solution”? Once she was unable to reply, the teacher would continue questioning her. If that happened…   

Sean, who felt that the class was boring, suddenly glanced back at them.  

“Crap, he saw us.”

“Danger, prepare to flee!”  

Both of them stretched their hands into their backpack straps, already planning for the worst. Meng Ming’s hand grasped a large pencil, inwardly thinking that if anything sudden happened, he’d quickly release a fire and take advantage of the disturbance to slip out.  

“Let me say it.” At that moment, Sean suddenly stood up to speak to the teacher!  

This shocking action had actually saved them.  

The teacher had actually wanted to hear Sean’s thoughts, so she immediately agreed, shifting her focus entirely on Sean.  

Thus, Sean slowly explained his thought process cleanly and clearly. The teacher had originally thought that Sean hadn’t actually been able to solve the problem, so she became moody after hearing his thoughts. With the lack of a better option, the teacher could only temporarily let him go.  

Sean sat down, and looked back once more. However, the three seats in the back were already completely empty.  



“Phew, that scared me to death!”  

They had run for their lives to the outside.  

Although they’d only listened in on one chemistry class, their freeloading had allowed them the chance to discover something interesting…  

It was a bit clearer now.  

Zhou Lun Yu had already brought up the question. “Do you guys still think that Sean is truly an L-type?”  

“Of course he is,” Huang Qiao Yi replied. “Putting the last question aside, he managed to answer the first question smoothly as well.”  

It was a good thing that Sean had saved them. For the moment, they would not discuss the reasons behind it.  

Meng Ming asked, “Did that drug pass the standard inspections? A tranquilizer?”  

“I don’t think so. It seems to be a tranquilizer, and it seems to activate the mind’s efficacy within a short period of time as well. Such a thing has never appeared in China before,” Zhou Lun Yu said.

“In that case…” The conclusion had been reached, and it was enough to overthrow their previous judgments. “His answer at most confirms that he’s part L-type. Or, it could be said that two years ago, no, he was an L-type during the four years he had earnestly spent studying in high school…but,during this year at least, it can be seen from his movements just now that he has done things only a C-type would do.”

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