CCM 313

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 313 – Parting Ways Pt. 2

Suo Jia wryly smiled at Nicole and shook his head. “I don’t know that either. At the moment, I don’t know much about the different types of magic fruits and their abilities, so…it’ll take some more time before I can decide.”

The other three couldn’t help but ponder this. It wasn’t just Suo Jia who couldn’t decide, none of them could. They stood up one by one to return to their own beds and close their eyes to think about it more.

The second morning, after arranging a place and time to gather, Nicole, Roger, and Xiang Yun packed up their things and left Enchanting Village. Only Suo Jia continued to stay there, waiting for the villages to appear.

After waiting for two days, finally…while unwilling, the villagers were forced to come out of their homes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to continue living their normal lives. Even if they were unwilling, they couldn’t worry about such things too much.

Seeing the village gradually turn livelier, Suo Jia pondered something for a bit before smiling at some thought. He turned around to return the tent, and took out a blanket. He also took out from the interspatial ring large amounts of rare items originating from outside the Trade Routes, and placed them on the blanket.

After calmly sitting on the blanket, Suo Jia narrowed his eyes and waved his right hand. He began to train in the Ice and Snow Pact, seemingly completely ignoring the villagers moving around, and without any intention of peddling.

After tentatively walking about for a while, the villagers’ courage gradually increased. The number of villagers also increased, and soon after, everyone had put their worries aside and begun to freely move around.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but secretly celebrate. He returned to the inside of the tent to create a golden flag. On it were large, colorful words that read: Suo Jia’s Miscellaneous Goods!

Suo Jia used a rod to support the large flag, then returned to the area in front of the carpet outside the tent, and stuck it into the ground. Then…Suo Jia began to patiently place the items onto the blanket for display.

He first took the Life Potions out, and used beast tendons to tie every three up into a bundle. Before the Life Potions, Suo Jia placed a manual. He believed that these items were definitely things that the hunters here yearned for in their dreams.

Of course, the Life Potions alone weren’t enough. Suo Jia also took out Endurance Potions, Magic Potions, and Spirit Potions. Obviously…Suo Jia didn’t take out the refined ones. To these villagers, normal potions were already enough.

If it were just these four colored potions, the booth would’ve just been called a medicine stand. But this was clearly not what Suo Jia wanted. Fortunately, although he’d just entered the Greater Trade Routes, Suo Jia had some strange items.

He first took out a cozy recliner. This was something from outside the Greater Trade Routes, a undoubtedly a luxury product. It wasn’t used for anything but enjoyment. Suo Jia believed such a good item would definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Travel tables, chairs, tents, everyday products, various utensils, wine glasses, plates and bowls. Suo Jia practically took everything out, and began his peddling.

There was no concern about Suo Jia running out of things to use. In reality, the villagers also used these things. All it was that the shapes and features were different because of cultural variance. Even if Suo Jia sold his, he’d be completely able to buy another set right here.

These things were used to attract the bigshots. However, Suo Jia knew that these bigshots were very experienced, and acted very cautiously; there would most likely be some difficulty. If he wanted to attract the interest of adults, he’d need to use children to get through to them.

Suo Jia pulled out a refining furnace and then took out some old parts from his interspatial ring to begin making something. With Suo Jia’s skilled hands, a toy quickly made its appearance in front of him.

Suo Jia was an alchemist that could make even magic automatons. Although Suo Jia’s strength in this respect was still very limited, Suo Jia was undoubtedly the peak grade alchemist in this current age where the alchemy arts had been lost.

He used the methods of making magic automatons to create toys that were light and easy to lift. After only a morning, Suo Jia had managed to make dozens of toys. These toys could not only make strange sounds, but a single press was enough make them walk away and do random, cute movements. It was beyond mystical.

Of course, these were actually extremely simple things. They were just toys. However…Suo Jia had used magic automaton materials to make these, which made them even more miraculous.

Suo Jia excitedly watched several people walk by, while also dancing with joy, and producing some strange sounding toys. Originally…Suo Jia had only wanted to make some toys to attract some children. However, he hadn’t imagined that after making things for the entire morning, and constantly using magic automaton creation skills and tricks, Suo Jia’s comprehension of the magical automatons had suddenly soared.

The first toy Suo Jia created could only walk. As he made more, they became able to automatically walk on the ground. After creating the first toy and integrating the magic automaton arts, Suo Jia’s mind had suddenly been flooded with idea and inspirations.

Thus, the second toy could not only just walk, but coordinate its walking with making various sounds. The third toy could already walk as it danced, all while making strange noises.

It could be said that each time Suo Jia made a toy, his understanding of the magic automaton arts would deepen somewhat as well. One Suo Jia completed his tenth toy, he couldn’t dare believe he’d been the one to make them.

A whole morning passed. Suo Jia blankly stared at the thirteenth, and final, product. This had a humanoid shape, and held a fake sword in its hand as well. Once it was activated, this toy would cry out while waving the toy sword in its hand, then activate the warrior style attack routine: chop, raise, pierce, spinning horizontal slash, barbaric collision. At the very end, it would put away its sword while standing tall, giving off the air of a highly respectable person.

This set of moves couldn’t be underestimated. These reflected the level Suo Jia’s magic automaton creation was at. The toy seemed very balanced, and its movements were extremely fluid. With its body structure, its presence and charm had reached a level so high that even Suo Jia couldn’t believe.

“Wa! This little guy is too amazing. I really want one!” As Suo Jia was sighing about his last toy, Suo Jia heard some words ring out from in front of him.

Suo Jia lifted his head in confusion and looked around. At some point, children had surrounded his blanket, forming an impenetrable circle..

Suo Jia gently placed the toy down onto the blanket and kindly asked the children, “Do you want a toy?”

“I want!” The children had all simultaneously answered around the same time.

Suo Jia nodded with a smile and continued, “Alright, the young friends that want a toy should immediately go home and tell their parents that I’m selling toys here. These can be purchased with money, or you can exchange them with other items!”

The children that heard Suo Jia’s words probably hadn’t seen a merchant before, and just blankly stood there. Seeing this, Suo Jia continued to say, “Everyone must act quickly. There are only thirteen toys here. If other children exchange it away for something, there will be nothing left!”

As soon as Suo Jia said this, all the children immediately turned around as fast as possible and wildly bounded off in different directions. Suo Jia couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat at the sight of that speed. Those kids were so young, yet could run so fast. It looked like…nothing on the Greater Trade Routes could be judged by looking at a normal person’s point of view.

After waiting for a short while, those kids all returned. Each one of them was dragging an adult by the hand. At that moment, the villagers seemed to have relaxed a bit, as they were pulled by the children towards Suo Jia.

The dozen villagers that had been dragged over by the children didn’t seem interested in the things on Suo Jia’s display. Rather, they were very interested in the last toy that Suo Jia had created. They stared unblinkingly at that little human with an expression that looked like they really wanted to buy it.

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