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Chapter 331 – Flash Freezing Ability Pt. 2

After the scare, Suo Jia wiped away the cold sweat on his brow and tossed the rank one Freezing Fruit into the Diamond Dragon’s mouth. After closing its jaws around the entire thing, the Diamond Dragon heartily gulped it down.

Seeing the little pet swallow, Suo Jia couldn’t help but activate Spirit’s Eye and closely examine the dragon. It had a half red and half orange Life Protection strip, but after eating the Freezing Fruit, another energy strip appeared that was deep blue in color. At the moment, this energy strip was being enshrouded by a blue mist.

Suo Jia stared at the blue energy strip in excitement. He knew that this was a special ability energy strip. Once the Freezing Fruit’s flash freezing ability was activated, it would consume this blue energy. When the energy was completely exhausted, it would disappear, and the flash freezing ability would not be able to be reactivated until this energy was restored.

This flash freezing was a type of ability that quickly froze an object. It could be used independently or as a supplement. As for its exact effects, he’d have to use it in a practical sense to know.

As he was observing this, all the blue mist around the energy strip suddenly began to surge. It progressed so fiercely that Suo Jia was worried the energy strip would just burst!

Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel astonishment as he watched the blue mist surge to its maximum point. The extent to which it was excited determined the Diamond Dragon’s maturation rate, and represented its talent. According to what the old village chief had said, this Diamond Dragon’s flash freezing maturation was too ridiculous. It was possible that it only needed two Freezing Fruits as boost to enter the next realm!

Suo Jia didn’t dare waste any time, and directly left Icebound City to rush towards Prairie Fire City at full speed. This was firstly because he wanted to ship the Blazing Wine back as soon as possible, and secondly, because he wanted to test the effects of the flash freezing ability.

After leaving the city, Suo Jia suddenly commanded the Diamond Dragon to leap into the air. At the same time, a flash of blue light burst outwards, and layers of Glacial Armor rumbled as they appeared on the Diamond Dragon’s body, one after another. By the time the dragon had finally landed on the ground, it was now a great Diamond Dragon the size of a 9 meter tall building that stood before Suo Jia.

The instant before the Diamond Dragon had even jumped up, Suo Jia had already made his move and activated the Unrivaled Wave Walking to stand in midair. When the Diamond Dragon descended to the ground, Suo Jia was suspended just above it, and he lightly landed on its bus-sized head.

Sensing Suo Jia’s appearance, the Diamond Dragon’s mouth tilted upwards and…Suo Jia’s body gradually began to fall downwards. In just a few seconds, Suo JIa was sitting on the embedded Ice Seal throne. At the same time, the Diamond Dragon had begun to race forwards with all it strength.

Throughout the entire journey, Suo Jia was anticipating the sight of the surrounding forest. Soon afterwards, the trees in front of them seemed to shake, and a few dozen enormous magical beasts leapt out to block their path!

“Crimson Bears?” Seeing the creatures that had once easily defeated the Diamond Dragon, Suo Jia licked his lips in excitement and looked at the Diamond Dragon underneath his feet. At the moment…the dragon was clearly a bit afraid. After all…the Crimson Bears with inexhaustible brute strength had once easily shattered the Diamond Dragon’s Glacial Armor, there was no way it couldn’t feel fear!

Seeing the dragon’s scared appearance, Suo Jia couldn’t help but jokingly scold, “You brat, what are you afraid of? These guys just have some more strength, some thicker defense. However, their speed is very slow, and they cannot fly. That’s why, there is absolutely no danger involved with facing against them. Even if we lose, you can just immediately fly back to my shoulder. I can use the Unrivalled Wave Walking to pass through the air, and use speed to shake them off.”

The Diamond Dragon rubbed its head and though over Suo Jia’s words for a bit. As its intelligence that was at the level of a 10 year old child’s, it quickly understood that Suo Jia had meant to say that while these guys had higher defense, there was nothing to fear. Even if they could defeat the Diamond Dragon, they didn’t possibly have the ability to kill it!

Noticing that the Diamond Dragon was no longer fearful, Suo Jia loudly declared, “You brat, the current you is different from the previous you. Go on…use the Freezing Fruit’s energy!”

The Diamond Dragon’s eyes naturally lit up. The next moment…a beautiful blue glow flashed gloriously from the center of its core.

“Crunch…crunch…crunch…” Clear crunching sounds could be heard as the Diamond Dragon’s pale blue body quickly changed to a deeper color. As the blue light extended outwards, the entire Diamond Dragon transformed into a gem-colored blue; it was a beauty that would make anyone breathless at the sight!

Seated on the Ice Seal Throne, Suo Jia waved his hand and said, “Alright, now let me see your performance. Charge over and let them have a proper taste of how mighty the effects of the Freezing Fruit’s special ability are!”

The Diamond Dragon’s legs suddenly spread apart as its body abruptly burst upwards. Its pair of enormous wings flapped powerfully in midair, and like an arrow being shot out, it dived down towards the Crimson Bears below.

The Crimson Bears were very large and sturdy, but who were they comparing to? Those three meter tall, extremely thick and solid Crimson Bears seemed like infants in front of the nine meter tall Diamond Dragon.

“Bang!” With a powerful boom, the Diamond Dragon carrying an incomparably large momentum force abruptly landed on top of a Crimson Bear’s body. While being trampled on in, that pitiful Crimson Bear’s Life Protection shield instantly shattered into pieces!

“Diamond Step!” This was the name Suo Jia had come up with for this move. Up until now, this Diamond Dragon’s strongest attacks had depended on the weight of its body, its momentum, and the great increase of acceleration from falling towards the ground from a height. With this, the destructive power the Diamond Dragon exhibited was several fold greater than its original power level. Even the formidable Crimson Bear couldn’t possibly withstand the Diamond Dragon’s stomp.

It wasn’t just that one Crimson Bear that suffered damage. The large impact induced a formless shockwave coming from the Diamond Dragon’s body. This boundless cold air dispersed in all four corners, causing many of the bears to begin shivering. Under this explosive attack, the dozens of Crimson Bears simultaneously collapsed. Although they hadn’t suffered from much harm, they were in an extremely pitiful state.

When were beasts the most frightening? That’s right….injured beasts were the most terrifying, the most wild. In that moment, stimulated by the fear of meeting miserable ends under the Diamond Dragon’s feet, the dozens of Crimson Bears became crazed. Having completely lost their minds, red glows burst out from their bodies as they entered a half-crazed state.

“Whoosh…” While the Diamond Dragon let out an Ice Dragon’s Breath and successfully froze one of the Crimson Bears, the other eight bears had circled around the Diamond Dragon with their large and sharp paws raised high as they frenzily swung them around. A clear ring sounded out as the Diamond Dragon closed its eyes in fear. His previous experience told him that these Crimson Bears’ paws could easily rip his Glacial Armor apart!

However, after a long while, the Diamond Dragon only felt a slight vibration against his body, yet didn’t feel anything off. In surprise, it opened its eyes to look down at its body, and saw that the Crimson Bears’ attack with their claws had only left five, deep scars. Aside from this, there was no other trace of the attack.

The Crimson Bears’ sharp claws were very long, at least 10 centimeters in length. However, the Diamond Dragon was a height of 9 meters and was extremely thick and sturdy. Its armor was nearly 2 meters thick. What damage could 10 centimeters possibly do?

The Diamond Dragon’s scale-like armor cancelled out most of the damage. Plus…with the help of the Freezing Fruits special ability, the hardness of the mysterious ice making up its body had been increased. At the moment…the Crimson Bears were no longer able to inflict any physical harm on the Diamond Dragon.

The five deep claw scars only stayed for 3 seconds because the cold air began to condense together, quickly making the scars disappear. The Diamond Dragon’s entire body once again returned to its sleek state, reflecting off bright blue rays of light.

Raising its head to roar at the skies, the Diamond Dragon suddenly turned around and its nine meter long and extremely thick tail powerfully swept across…instantly the Crimson Bears were all lashed onto the ground. At the same time, the Diamond Dragon abruptly lifted its large foot to stomp towards the Crimson Bears on the ground.

What followed after was practically torture. Those Crimson Bears’ Life Protections would completely disappear after only 3-4 of the Diamond Dragon’s violent stomps, and the bears would be crushed to a pulp.

The Diamond Dragon’s tail, feet, and claws, pretty much all of its attack weapons, had been used. Although the Crimson Bears were relentlessly attacking the dragon as well, the Diamond Dragon completely ignored it all. With little effort, it killed all the Crimson Bears right then and there.

Suo Jia’s jaw hung open in shock as he stared at the Diamond Dragon currently as berserk as a large, barbarous creature. Was this the unrivaled Diamond Dragon from the legends? This was really too frightening. With an unequalled defense, it could completely ignore any attacks. It could then use its powerful physical attacks to rip the enemy into pieces. Suo Jia couldn’t think of any existence that could possibly defeat the Diamond Dragon!

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