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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 333 – Magic Automaton Baltic Pt. 2

After the control ability was activated, a purple glow suddenly radiated out from Suo Jia’s eyes. At the same time, Suo Jia could clearly sense the ice stream’s impact force, as well as its speed, agility, and power…all of them had been greatly raised!

When Suo Jia examined the functions of the control ability closer, his expression gradually changed from one of disappointment to one of delight. This Control Fruit wasn’t bad at all. After getting a boost in his control ability, Suo Jia could basically rely on his manipulation of the ice stream to retrain his enemies.

Although Suo Jia was only a Mage, both his magic power and spirit power definitely played a part in the strength of his ice stream. The magic power increased the size of the ice stream, while the spirit power increased its power and made it faster!

In addition, when the Control Fruit’s control ability combined with Suo Jia’s innate and trained manipulation ability, as well as consolidated with the temperature-lowering Ice and Snow Pact, the power that he could burst out would definitely surpass that of any ranked warrior!

In terms of magic, many people would think of the magic’s might, destructive ability, attack range, and magic effects. However, very few people knew that magic’s true power actually depended upon its control.

For example, the Middle-rank fire elemental magic: Fire Meteor Show, could summon hundreds of meteors in one go, and blast an entire city. However…if one’s manipulation ability was extremely powerful, the hundreds of meteors could blast the exact same target multiple times in succession. This was the use of the control ability.

This wasn’t just for AOE attacks. In reality, the function of the control ability ran through all magics. For example, the single-target Mysterious Ice Arrow: using his control ability, Suo Jia could increase the speed of the Mysterious Ice Arrow, and even change its flight path from a straight line to an arc!

Of course…there were still many applications of the control ability which couldn’t be listed one after another with examples. The control ability’s functional range would never be completely discovered.

Suo Jia looked at the time, and saw that there wasn’t much time left before everyone had agreed to meet up again. At the moment, Suo Jia had only received trustable credentials from Enchanting Village, Prairie Fire City, and Icebound City. He was still missing seven of them before Suo Jia’s merchant group would be qualified to pass the first checkpoint.

Although he’d earned money from the Blazing Liquor, Suo Jia’s objective for coming here wasn’t for money purposes, but to continue strengthening himself. Then, he’d go find his father—Soros! From the Adventure Union, Suo Jia had collected real information that Soros hadn’t died, and was still healthy. However, he was at the ninth checkpoint of the Greater Trade Routes! This was also the last one. If Suo Jia wanted to find him, he’d have to reach that point. That meant he needed to possess super powerful strength.

However, Suo Jia knew that before heading out, he had to prepare some Control Fruits, because there were none to eat along the journey. Suo Jia’s current Life Protection was already max gold level, and he didn’t any plans to continue eating. In other words, this was already enough.

The next morning, Suo Jia rushed back to the auction house to purchase some Control Fruits. The auction house wasn’t just a place to auction off items, but was actually a place that purchased items as well. If the item was good and had enough value to auction, they would be purchased, and then auctioned off.

Hearing Suo Jia’s intention, the auction house head expressed that they could sell Suo Jia three Control Fruits for the price of 10 million. The reason it was three was because Suo Jia’s talent in control meant he could eat exactly four to complete an energy level. Eating any more after that wouldn’t have any effect.

Although Suo Jia looked to have a lot of money, he’d already spent 30 million on three fruits. On the Greater Trade Routes, these things that could boost a human’s strength would definitely be treasured, so they were astronomically expensive.

Suo Jia loaded a large quantity of cryolite from Icebound City and steered the Diamond Dragon to quickly rush over to the next city. In the next 3 months, Suo Jia had to earn the credentials from seven other cities, an extremely difficult task.

Soon after, the path in front of them was once again blocked by magical beasts. Seeing the magical beasts glare at them like tigers hunting down prey, Suo Jia quickly raised his right hand and instantly activated Hailstone!

Following Suo Jia’s actions, the 30 or so Golden Wind Lions leapt up into the air. Suddenly, a flood of blue light surged outwards, and in the next instant…thousands of Ice Arrows pierced through the sky and descended, aiming at the Golden Wind Lions on the ground below.

Under such concentrated fire, the Golden Wind Lions all had their Life Protections broken after being pierced by the Ice Arrows, and they fell into a pool of blood before Suo Jia had even gotten near. The Diamond Dragon just casually stepped on the carcasses and continued to fly forwards at full speed.

While comfortably leaning back on the Sealed Ice Throne on the Diamond Dragon’s head, Suo Jia didn’t actually rest. He pulled out magic automaton Baltic from his interspatial ring and began to modify it. This entire time, Suo Jia hadn’t once stopped making magic automaton toys. That was because….Suo Jia had already reached a very high level in the the art of magic automaton creation.

Baltic’s composition was very simple, and could be said to just be a skeleton. It couldn’t possibly go wrong. When the Thousand Year Sandworm’s skin was split apart, one would see a human skeleton-like automaton frame. Suo Jia’s next step was to give the automaton moving parts.

These moving parts were just like a human’s tendons. A single pull would be enough for all of Baltic’s limbs to move and follow any action. This was something Suo Jia didn’t need to personally invent. The structure of the magic automaton was really just the same as a human’s tendons and muscles, and couldn’t just be randomly changed.

Using the toughest Earth Dragon’s tendons, Suo Jia completed the layout of the main muscular system. According to records, Suo Jia continued to run tests. After verifying that each muscle could function as intended, he finally stopped.

Next, Suo Jia needed to make alterations. Baltic had four legs, which was for the sake of stably pulling a cart. But that wasn’t very appropriate now. Although the four legs were stable, they lacked agility, and the muscles couldn’t be laid out! No human had four legs.

The modifications were very simple; Suo Jia connected muscles to two of the legs, and pulled the other two legs upwards to its back and formed a pair of mechanical wings. Although these mechanical wings couldn’t move, they granted the magic automaton the ability to glide through the air.

After the alterations were made, Suo Jia began to ponder in satisfaction. Generally speaking, Baltic’s current state already possessed a perfectly functional steel framework. However…he now had something like a pair of mechanical wings to glide through the air!

Since gliding was necessary, the wings were wide and very long. Although they were securely fastened on Baltic’s back, the wings could naturally fold themselves in front and form a storable, upper set of armor.

When the mechanical wings were spread open, they’d extend outwards from a spot on its back. From the air, it seemed like a glider. Although it wasn’t confirmed how far it could glide for, everything would be fine with more modifications.

Of course, the function of these mechanical wings wasn’t just to glide. The front ends of the wings had been whetted so that they were abnormally sharp, and even had teeth. When Baltic quickly flew out of a crowd, it could open its wings, and slice enemies on either side of it into halves, like the death god using its scythe.

After that, Suo Jia inputted all of a warrior’s basic battle skills into the magical beast monster core. Once the sequence was properly set, the magic automaton could activate all warrior battle skills according to a specific order. Unfortunately…Baltic still couldn’t enter a battle. Baltic, which only knew how to stick exactly to one sequence of battle movements, didn’t have any actual combat ability.

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