CCM 334

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Chapter 334 – Various Remarkable Abilities

There were a total of two paths in front of Suo Jia. One was like before, when Suo Jia had gained those magic automatons, and design Baltic like a magic automaton with a combat mechanism. The advantage to this was that within a designated area, Baltic could fight with pretty much no slip-ups. The downside was that once it left the designated area, Baltic would become a pile of scrap metal.

This designated area was actually a place with mechanisms laid out. These mechanisms determined Baltic’s movements. In other words, if it was to engage into combat, the mechanisms need to first be installed before it actually started fighting.

If used as defense, this first method was pretty good. However, if the goal was to move around to fight, this method was a joke. How could an enemy give one hours to fight within that specific area?

The other method was autonomous. This so-called autonomous mode was embedding a magic beast egg’s consciousness into the power-generating core, and then using the consciousness within the egg to control the entire magic automaton.

This power-generating core was actually a six-pointed star array. Each of its points had water, fire, wind, light, and dark type crystals embedded. The magical beast egg was set outside the core. This way, the consciousness within the automaton would be able to control the energies within all six crystals. This would be used to drive, attack, or defend with the magic automaton.

At the moment, Suo Jia only had an earth magic core. This belonged to the Thousand Year Sandworm. Currently speaking, all of Baltic was relying on just this earth elemental magic core to drive it. This magic automaton was simply a toy that could move around.

Suo Jia shook his head in disappointment and gave up on this thought. He pulled out various ores and materials from his interspatial ring and began to smelt them in his alchemy furnace. Those ores and materials that could be made into Epic-ranked magic equipment outside the Greater Trade Routes could be used to make Baltic’s body.

Although it seemed like a waste, it actually wasn’t at all. If Suo Jia wanted to use them again, all he had to do was knock a piece off of Baltic. Nothing was wasted.

During the following three months, Suo Jia continued passing through various cities as he modified Baltic, and finally…after the third month, Suo Jia’s control ability had reached the third level. The Diamond Dragon’s freezing ability had pretty much completed the first level as well. At this point, the Diamond Dragon could already maintain its Diamond state for an hour.

As for Baltic, he’d already been completely changed. Suo Jia had exhausted all of his precious ores and materials worth millions before finally refining its frame so that its indestructibility level was the same as diamond’s. After three months of planning, Suo Jia had also decided that Baltic would be shaped into an autonomous combat automaton.

Three months later, Suo Jia rushed back to Enchanting Village. The reason he was returning to that place was because, back then, he and his party members had agreed to gather here. Today was the time they’d decided to meet again.

Suo Jia leisurely sat inside the inn, lightly sipping a cup of red wine. His anxious gaze constantly swept back to the door. Although they hadn’t known each other for long, Suo Jia had discovered that he’d already started missing them.

“Oi! Brat…get out of my way immediately! This is specifically meant for the amazing me to use!” Just as Suo Jia was scanning the doorway, an arrogant voice sounded from next to Suo Jia’s ear.

Suo Jia slightly turned his head to look towards the sound. A tall and sturdy, gorilla-like warrior over 2 meters tall was carrying a large sword on his back and coldly staring at Suo Jia.

Suo Jia helplessly shrugged and stood up to sit at an adjacent table. While others might’ve thought that Suo Jia would be annoyed, after experiencing the adventurer’s way of life for so long, Suo Jia was no longer a young and inexperienced child. Although he was a week away from becoming 17 years old, Suo Jia’s experience as an adventurer was already incomparably plentiful.

Was Suo Jia fierce? That’s right…Suo Jia was definitely pretty fierce. If one became his enemy, they wouldn’t even be able to dream of remaining alive. However…Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t classify the opposite party as a great archnemesis just because of one sentence. If he got angry so easily, how could he become an expert?

Seeing Suo Jia unexpectedly shift to the side obediently, the tall and sturdy warrior tsked in disdain, and called his five companions to come sit down. They then ordered a large barrel of wine and began to heartily drink it.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the world-shaking shouts from the table next to him. Although there was no lack of clamor in the inn, something this loud was too noisy after all, and made anyone feel uncomfortable.

“Creak…” As Suo Jia was secretly casting sidelong glances of indignation, a sound rang out from the doorway. Suo Jia excitedly turned around to look and saw Roger dumbly standing at the entrance, his eyes searching the inside of the inn. It was clear to see that he was looking for Suo Jia.

“Here!” Suo Jia abruptly stood up and waved over Roger with a shout.

Hearing Suo Jia’s voice, Roger immediately turned his head. The instant he saw Suo Jia, Roger’s eyes flashed with a keen glow. Seeing how piercing his gaze was, Suo Jia couldn’t help but inwardly feel happy. They’d been apart for only a bit more than half a year, but it looked like this guy’s strength had increased by quite a bit!

Roger speedily arrived at Suo Jia’s side and plopped down in the seat next to him. He chuckled, “Boss, it’s been over half a year since we last met. You’ve been doing fine recently, right?”

Suo Jia nodded with a smile as he surveyed Roger while praising him, “Yea…I’m fine. However, I can’t seem to compare to you. Your strength improved really quickly. Tell me, how did you spend this half a year or so?”

In response, Roger opened his mouth, just about to reply. But just then, that thick and sturdy warrior suddenly shouted out loud, “AHAHAHAHA….come, come, come, let’s cheer!”

Seeing the opposite party act without the slightest restraint, Roger couldn’t help but knit his brows together, his face turning darker. He turned around to say to the people at the next table, “Lower your voices a bit. You’ve already started to disturb us with your noise!”

“Hm?” That thick and sturdy warrior stood up in anger and furiously shouted, “You brat….you seem to have complaints about me?!” As he spoke, he stretched his hand out to grab the large sword leaning against a wall.

Seeing the warrior act so unbridled, Roger couldn’t help but explode in anger. With an abrupt burst of force, he prepared to stand up and start a fight. Since someone wanted to die, then Roger had no qualms about sending them there!

Seeing Roger’s movements, Suo Jia suddenly reached out his hand to grab Roger. As Roger looked back at Suo Jia in confusion, Suo Jia only lightly shook his head, gesturing at him not to act.

After shooting a hateful glare at the thick and solid warrior, Roger powerlessly say down. No matter what, he still needed to listen to Boss’s words, even if he wasn’t happy with it.

Seeing that Roger seemed to have given in, the thick and solid warrior couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “And here I’d thought a real man had arrived. I hadn’t imagined that it’d just be a useless scoundrel.” While speaking, the thick and solid warrior loosened his grip on his greatsword, sat back down, grabbed the cup of wine, and began to make a loud racket once more.

Roger shook as he lowered his head and gloomily stated, “Boss, why won’t you let me deal with them? There’s no one that can humiliate me, Roger, like this!”

Suo Jia smiled and calmly replied, “Roger, although you’ve improved a lot this past half a year, it currently looks like your mental state seems to be far from enough. If something so minor baits your murderous intent, you are still very far from becoming an expert.”

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