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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 337 – Beheading Fruit Pt. 2

“Hyah!” The burly warrior activated his wild transformation ability, and his entire body practically changed into a body as undefeatable as a Mengma beast’s. With a scarlet aura, that incomparably large sword seemed to as weightless as a rice straw. However…nobody really believed that it was so light. This was clear to see just by Xiang Yun’s troubled stance.

Before the wild beast transformation had been activated, Xiang Yun could’ve tied the opponent in a battle. But now that the transformation was completed, Xiang Yun was absolutely unable to resist against the opponent’s violent and explosive attacks.

Following the sound of a fierce collision, Xiang Yuns’ body was continuously bent in different ways by the robust warrior’s attacks, like a small blade of grass in the wind. After a full-power sweep from the warrior, Xiang Yun’s body was blasted outwards a dozen of meters before he finally stood back up with difficulty.

Drenched in sweat, Xiang Yun looked at the opposite warrior that seemed to be made of indestructible diamond. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and uttered in a low voice, “It looks like…coming to these Greater Trade Routes was indeed the correct decision. Without using the fruits’ power, there’s no way one can defeat another fruit user!”

With a low groan, Xiang Yun slowly straightened his body. His right hand shook, and the 2 meter long Holy Cross Blade in his hand instantly let out an indistinct, piercing glow. At the same time, Xiang Yun said with a smile that wasn’t really a smile, “Since you’ve already put the fruits’ power into use, I won’t hold back. Come…Beheading Fruit’s power: Slash!”

At Xiang Yun’s words, the robust warrior couldn’t help but feel slight shock. But without letting him think much, Xiang Yun had already abruptly leaned forward and charged, the Holy Cross Blade in his hand pelting down in a chop.

The burly warrior couldn’t just take Xiang Yun’s full-strength slash lying down. He tightly gripped the hilt of his large blade, and his body spun a few times. The blade lit up and burned the heavens as it borrowed the body’s centrifugal force and whizzed downwards to meet Xiang Yun’s war blade.

“Clang!” Xiang Yun’s extremely violent attack instantly broke the incomparably large sword. The power of his blade didn’t diminish at all, and with another wild chop, a crimson flash shot out in all directions. The warrior’s face was filled with disbelief as he slowly fell down, crimson blood spurting out of his chest.

With a heavy stagger, Xiang Yun’s throat was agitated and…scarlet blood came spraying out of his mouth. In terms of pure strength, Xiang Yun wasn’t the same level as his opponent. Although he’d use the power of the slash to meet the opponent’s attack, the shock from the strength of the opponent’s sword had still injured him.

Wiping the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth, Xiang Yun abruptly raised his head and laughed out loud. Although this fight hadn’t been easy…the Beheading Fruit’s might was already undoubtedly clear!

While he was laughing, a figure suddenly charged outwards at full speed from amidst the rugged warrior’s five companions. The large sword in his hand whizzed down at Xiang Yun.

Seeing this, Xiang Yun couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. Although the final victor of the battle had been him just now, he was already spent, completely unable to continue fighting.

Seeing that Xiang Yun was about to be injured by the opposite party…a mirage-like figure instantly appeared in front of him. With a precisely aimed kick of the right foot, the opposite party’s large sword was instantly struck.

“Bang!” Under the fierce attack, the guy that had attempted a sneak attack could only feel the weight in his hands lighten as the large sword was shattered into thousands of pieces by that kick. Without waiting to let him realize what had happened, the guy that had intercepted the sneak attack just then spun like a phantom, and his left foot instantly kicked at the opposite party’s chest.

Seeing this, the opponent didn’t dare be careless. The power of this guy’s foot couldn’t possibly be small; it had even turned the hard sword just now into powder with a single kick. If this attack landed on a person’s body, how could they end well? Thinking this, the opponent immediately drew back.

That’s right, the interceptor that had appeared just now was Roger. The reason he’d been able to break the opposite party’s large sword with a kick just now was mainly due to Suo Jia’s contribution. The strongest ability the combat boots that Roger wore was turning things into powder. As long as the opposite material wasn’t as hard as the combat boots, and the force of the collision was great enough, the opposite party’s weapons would definitely shatter. If a human body was hit, their skin would tear open and their bones would break; moreover, there was absolutely no way they’d be able to escape.

Seeing the opposite party try to escape from his feet, Roger couldn’t help but give a smirk of disdain. Roger didn’t dare boast about other things, but in terms of leg speed, Roger had nothing to fear. Even Nicole couldn’t beat the abnormal Roger in terms of purely movement speed. Nicole’s speed was more focused on attack, not movement.

With a swift stamp of his legs, Roger instantly closed the distance between the two, and his legs kicked out right after each other. Finally…that despicable fellow that had attempted to pull a sneak attack couldn’t continue dodging, and was accurately blasted onto the chest by three of Roger’s attacks in succession. By the time this guy’s corpse had fallen back amidst his group of companions, his entire chest had already sunken inwards, and he’d completely died.

Lightly rubbing his nose, Roger arrogantly stood in place as he provokingly curled his finger at the remaining four people. “Come, come, come, who is next?”

The opposite party was clearly not frightened by the sight just now. A youth wearing graceful warrior clothing with a sword at his waist calmly walked out, his expression indifferent as he stood before Roger.

“Clang!” Facing Roger, the youth elegantly stretched his hand out and drew the sword at his waist like a fencer. The next instant…a two-finger wide but 1.2 meter long and narrow tapered sword appeared before everyone.

“That’s…” Roger couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the sight. Strictly speaking, this kind of sword should be called a stinger. With its thin and narrow blade, this kind of blade only had a single edge to maintain its hardness. Its attacks mainly remained on stabs, with pares as support. It was an extremely swift and nimble type of weapon.

Typically speaking, many fencers in the western world enjoyed using this kind of blade. Although it looked narrow and skinny, it was extremely terrifying, to the point where it induced headaches in others. This kind of blade was the fastest blade in the entire world. In terms of stabs alone, there was no sword that could move as quickly as this one.

A fencer using this kind of blade had only two methods of attack. The first was the passive attack, where neither the enemy nor the user moved. If the enemy moved, the user would move first, and pierce through the enemy with a single attack.

The second method of attack was the active attack. Using the incomparably fast thrusting speed, the blade could instantly stab out dozens of times. If only a single attack was blocked, the opponent would be instantly pierced through. As for evading…this kind of sword-play was impossible to dodge. At most, one could only block.

Although Roger’s legs were indeed very fast, the legs could never be as fast as the hands. Even the most normal jabbing fists would be faster than the fastest kick of the leg. It could be said that the young warrior only dared to walk out because he’d seen that his battle skills could subdue Roger!

The youth faced opposite of Roger and he stabbed his narrow sword forward once, before holding it vertically in front of him. He displayed an extremely elegant and unrestrained stance, his eyes focused on Roger. He unexpectedly wanted to wait for the first attack!

Seeing this, Roger couldn’t help but grit his teeth. Although he’d never encountered this kind of opponent before, Roger wouldn’t retreat. He had absolute confidence in his own legs! After thinking for a bit, Roger lightly jumped up from his place. By attacking first, he’d set the rhythm of the battle.

Seeing that Roger had already entered the combat state, the young warrior naturally became serious. With a wave of the narrow blade in his hand, he lowered it at an incline forwards. At the same time, the young warrior’s legs bent slightly, and he placed one leg in front and one in back, adopting a T-shape. He lowered his center of mass, his upper body stooping forwards, while the other hand was raised at an incline from behind, maintaining his body’s balance.

Xiang Yun, who’d already retreated back into his group of comrades, furrowed his brows and said in a low voice, “Not good, this is the prevalent Western sword-play called fencing. Its speed is abnormally and incomparably fast. Roger will most likely be at a disadvantage!”

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  1. asta says:

    1st companion is a treasure hunter
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    is the 4th companion should be a doctor?
    btw are the 7 lords in “Greater Trade Routes” is same like shichibukai in one piece


  2. ruthlessmcblog says:

    I’m betting this will end up being the time where the MC proves himself to Xiang Yun
    The pet is still the best imo


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