CCM 339

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 339 – So Powerful Pt. 2

The young warrior didn’t panic in the face of Roger’s attack. Although Roger’s attack frequency had increased, as well as his overall speed, his feet couldn’t ever be as fast as hands.

The young warrior watched Roger kick towards him and confidently pierced outwards with his sword. With three flourishes, he instantly punctured through Roger’s left leg 3 times, and then his body subconsciously retreated.

Roger seemingly didn’t even feel this powerful attack, and as the opposite party moved back, Roger’s body instantly charged forwards. The opponent was immediately buried in layer upon layer of afterimages of his leg. In terms of movement alone, how could the young warrior outrun Roger, who was widely known for his leg abilities? Moreover, while Roger was charging forwards, the young warrior was walking backwards!

Following Roger’s wild attacks, a series of hazy images of a leg filled the space in front of the warrior. The warrior’s body didn’t have the time to react to the sudden stress from the successive attacks, and his body shook as he was kicked dozens of times in a row. From this, anyone could see exactly what level Roger’s attack frequency had reached!

“Hah!” As Roger loudly exhaled, he smashed his leg down with all his strength. The force that had accumulated inside the warrior’s body finally exploded outwards, and the young warrior’s body was shattered into pieces that scattered all over the area. The sky became filled with flesh and other bits that fluttered slowly onto the ground of the large square.

At first, everyone was dead silent at the sight. But soon after, violent sounds filled the air. Some reacted so extremely that they turned around and began to heavily vomit. This was the first time many people had witnessed such a cruel killing method.

At the sight of Roger standing there like a Death God, the remaining three people on the opposing side couldn’t help but begin to tremble. At the same time, as Roger was coldly glaring at those three warriors, his body involuntarily began to sway. Having used up all of the Hormone fruit’s energy, he finally felt the pain in his legs, and fell hard onto the ground.

While the Hormone fruit sounded similar to the Speed fruit, its effects weren’t the same. Under the Hormone fruit’s influence, both attack and movement rates would be exponentially boosted. Moreover, one wouldn’t be able to feel pain. Basically, the Hormone fruit allowed one to enter a nearly crazed state.

After noticing Roger’s fierce breathing, Suo Jia hurriedly exchanged glances with Nicole, and she then stealthily concealed her body. At the same time, Xiang Yun, who’d already rested for a while, hurriedly ran forwards, prepared to help Roger back.

Seeing this, while the enemy was afraid of the opposing party’s strength, both sides realised at this point in battle that this fight could only end when one party was completely eradicated. One had to pull out a weed by its roots, or else the spring wind would bring it back to life. Nobody was willing to leave behind any possible seeds of disaster.

While thinking this, a man with a graceful posture on the opposite side swiftly tore off a slender, green bow from his back. The arrow was mounted on the bow in only an instant, and the tip of the arrow was already quickly locked onto the weakened Roger on the ground.

Seeing that the sharp arrow was just about to leave the bow, a piercing light noiselessly shone from behind the archer, and a silver light ray immediately bore through his chest.

“Tch!” The archer stared down at his chest–which was now wildly spurting out blood– in utter disbelief. He just couldn’t figure out how he’d suddenly been hit by a fatal attack!

While the archer was muddled with his thoughts, the mystery was finally solved; Nicole’s body silently appeared to his front left. At the moment…Nicole’s body was leaning forward, with an unsheathed dagger held outwards in her right hand. It was clear to see that she’d already completed an attack.

Nicole slowly straightened her back and coldly stated, “You can be at ease, Instant Kill Revised, in addition to the combination of Backstab, Critical Attack, and the Piercing fruit’s abilities, makes it hard for even a warrior to narrowly escape. If you want to blame something, you should blame yourself for being too careless. If you reincarnate, you must remember that you must not let down your guard at any moment!”

“Plop…” As soon as Nicole finished speaking, the archer finally lost his last sliver of strength, and his corpse fell heavily to the ground with a bang.

“Piercing fruit?” Suo Jia couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in disbelief. This was the first time he’d ever heard of such thing.

Nicole smugly looked at Suo Jia and proudly declared, “How about it? You’ve never heard of such a fruit, right? Let me tell you…my family’s ancestors have all used this fruit. Under the Piercing fruit’s effects, the Instant Kill Revised’s ability to penetrate objects is improved to the point where it can pierce through any person, ignoring all defenses!”

At this, Suo Jia, Xiang Yun, and Roger couldn’t help but all begin to sweat. Nicole’s Instant Kill Revised had already been pretty powerful. Now, aside from its threefold attack speed, it was also boosted by the Piercing fruit. Adding a Backstab to Instant Kill Revised was already extremely terrifying in the first place, now that the Piercing fruit abilities were added to it, what kind of defense could ever block Nicole’s attack?

Backstab wasn’t actually a type of battle skill. In reality, as long as one attacked from behind, it qualified as a backstab. Everyone knew that an expert would never leave their back open to the enemy. Because of the distinctive traits of human physiology, humans were doomed to have poor perceptiveness for attacks that came from behind them. Defenses also weren’t of any use.

Nicole’s attack just now had seemed really simple, but it definitely contained something complex. Anyone that encountered this kind of attack would most likely be doomed.

The combination of Instant Kill Revised, Backstab, and the Piercing fruit was already extremely frightening, but Nicole still wasn’t satisfied, and had targeted the middle of the archer’s back. This made the attack even more critical.

Everyone knew that the composition of a human’s physiology made humans more vulnerable. Even a light strike to these vulnerable parts could directly end a person’s life, let alone a combination of Instant Kill Revised, Backstab, and the Piercing fruit’s powerful attack.

Nicole nodded in satisfaction at the sight of Roger, Xiang Yun, and Suo Jia sweating profusely. She then turned around to look over at the remaining two enemies. Since she’d already gone out, she planned on taking care of the last two people alone!

As Nicole slowly turned around, her body suddenly froze and she shouted, “Everyone, be careful. Their thief has entered the concealed state. Watch out for sneak attacks!” Nicole didn’t dare waste any time, and with a flash, her body also disappeared into thin air.

“Yah!” A miserable howl could be heard. Before the opposing thief had executed his sneak attack, Nicole had beat him to it and directly gotten rid of the last member of the enemy side, an earth elemental mage that had just raised a Magic Shield.

Although the earth mage had swiftly raised his Earth Shield…any defense was a joke to Nicole. While earth mages were proficient in defense, it didn’t seem to make any difference to Nicole. At such close distance, the opposing mage hadn’t yet gotten any chance to throw out attack magic before he’d tragically died by Nicole’s hands.

To be fair, if the mage had managed to pull some distance between him and Nicole, it would’ve been much harder to determine the victor and loser. However, once Nicole had stealthily arrived at their sides, both mage and archer had no choice but to be sent on the path of death.

After the end of the attack, Nicole once again revealed herself from her stealth state. At that instant…a piercing sound split the air as a brilliant glow instantly flashed from Nicole’s side. The bright light burst out and leapt towards Nicole’s throat at lightning fast speed…

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