Cheating Craft – Romantic Night [Parody]

To all the Cheating Craft readers, I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not a new chapter.  I hope y’all have no hard feelings regarding this!

I decided to compose this when I was reading Cheating Craft long time ago, and my perverted side took over.

Anyway.. Shout out to Taffy for putting this thing together despite being so busy in real life!

Love u Taffy. 


Romantic Night – Slightly NSFW/Wincest

Composed by: Nagi
TL’ed  by: Taffygirl13

It’s…been a while, huh. But….why did Little Qiao come over tonight?

Don’t tell me…she wants to… At this point, Meng Ming’s body suddenly began to heat up.

No, no way…! How is that possible…

Little Qiao doesn’t have any experience… [Meng Ming]

….. [Huang Qiao Yi]

He hurriedly asked, “Little….Qiao, why did you come here so late?”

At Meng Ming’s question, Huang Qiao Yi suddenly lowered her head, looking very embarrassed.

The light that lit up the room during the late night shone on her face, showing that it was slightly red.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was so soft that Meng Ming almost couldn’t hear it.

Little Qiao?!

Seeing Huang Qiao Yi’s nervous expression, Meng Ming though: Don’t tell me it really is…no, that can’t happen!

Can’t happen?

Although we’re siblings, we, we’ve grown so old already…

Huang Qiao Yi also suddenly understood!

“Brother Meng Ming, is it really ok?” Huang Qiao Yi was a bit concerned.

“Little Qiao, don’t worry!”

Huang Qiao Yi hadn’t thought that it would end up like this!

“Brother Meng Ming…” Huang Qiao Yi lowered her head.

“Alright, let’s hurry up and start!”

“Quick! Little Qiao!:

“Oi! What are you doing there!”

“Hey! Stick it in the hole!”


Enter? [Meng Ming]

You’re joking! Isn’t the hole too small!

Seeing Huang Qiao Yi was about to cry, Meng Ming hurriedly comforted her, “Little Qiao, don’t worry!”

“I can do it!”

“It’s in!” Meng Ming felt something deeply enter the hole!

So, so amazing… Huang Qiao Yi sighed.

Huang Qiao Yi’s hands fell onto the ground, her eyes welling up with tears, almost about to cry.

“Can you last?”

“I’m ok, I’m ok…” Huang Qiao Yi let out a breath.

Little Qiao, aren’t you tired?

She replied to Meng Ming that she wasn’t tired.


When they woke up the second morning, it was already past 9. The sun was bright. Huang Qiao Yi prepared breakfast for Meng Ming to eat.





Is the end? Of course not!

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