CCM 342

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Chapter 342 – Extreme Fierceness Pt. 1

“Putong..” Having seemingly sensed that the assassin behind him had already been violently killed, Suo Jia indifferently stretched his right hand out, and the next moment…the ice stream wrapped around the assassin slowly loosened. With a dull thud, the assassin’s corpse heavily fell to the ground. From its abnormal shape, one could tell that all the bones in his body had most likely been completely crushed.

The ice stream that had released the corpse was now dyed crimson from the blood. It began to circle around Suo Jia’s body; at first glance, it seemed like a sinister, blood-red python that was both devastating and horrifying.

“Papapa…” Just then, the sound of a clap rang out, and a bunch of people separated the crowd to walk to the middle of the square. A bald, one-eyed man with a sinister scar on his face leading 8-9 of his lackeys entered the small square, one after another.

After arriving about 20 steps away from Suo Jia, the bald man stopped and glanced at the seven corpses on the ground. Without changing his expression, he said, “Not bad…really not bad at all. I’m surprised that you managed to kill of seven of my underlings, that’s pretty remarkable. However…”

Here, the one-eyed baldie’s expression suddenly changed, and he fiercely declared, “Since you dared to touch the people under me, One-Eyed Bald Dragon, then you have to be prepared to pay the price!”

“Tch…” After hearing these words, Xiang Yun couldn’t help but stand up in a burst of anger, stubbornly leaning on his war blade. He spat out, “F***, in spite of everything, you’re acting so arrogantly? Captain…let me go up and deal with him!”

With a smile, Suo Jia shook his head and replied, “No, no, no…everyone has already taken turns to go up, so….now it’s my turn. If I can’t hold my own against them, then you can go up instead.”

Xiang Yun froze for a moment before sitting back down on the ground. In reality, it didn’t matter if he or Suo Jia went out, everyone knew that allowing Xiang Yun to go out now was just seeking to be crushed. Although Xiang Yun was mighty, he was injured now, and hadn’t had enough time to recover yet. Perhaps he’d still be able to kill off one or two enemies, but in the end, he’d definitely end up being suppressed.

Originally, Suo Jia could’ve forcibly commanded Xiang Yun to stay out of battle, or allowed him to go out to fight as he wanted and suffer as much as he wanted. However, Suo Jia didn’t do either of those. When he’d spoken, he’d also considered Xiang Yun’s feelings, and conserved Xiang Yun’s reputation and pride. It was also precisely due to this reason that Xiang Yun had no choice but to obediently sit back down.

Suo Jia smiled and nodded at the sight of Xiang Yun sitting back down. Just as he was about to turn around and continue negotiating with the opposite party, Suo Jia suddenly sensed something. His brows furrowed, and his right hand reached out as fast as lightning to instantly activate Ice Roar.

“Yah!” Upon activation, hundreds of ice blades frenziedly shot out from Suo Jia, devastating his surroundings. As the ice blades cut through the air, a blood-curling, inhuman scream mournfully pierced the air.

Following this, a green-clothed thief covered with numerous wounds gradually appeared about 5 meters away from Suo Jia. At the moment…blood was profusely pouring out of this guy’s wounds without stopping; it was clear to see that he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Suo Jia coldly lifted his right hand once more, and with a flash of blue light, a Mysterious Ice Arrow shot out. It instantly covered the 5 meters distance and pierced through the green-clothed thief’s throat, ending his life and agony.

As he slowly retracted his hand, Suo Jia frigidly glared at One-Eyed Bald Dragon across from him and declared, “Don’t bother dispatching these trash thieves onto me. In my eyes, these kinds of things are completely useless!”

One-Eyed Bald Dragon couldn’t help but be shocked by how powerful Suo Jia was. However, he soon regained his calm, and with a turn of his head, said in contempt, “#3, #4, #5, #6, surround him from both sides. #7 and #8, use your arrows to cover him. #9 and #10, immediately activate your magics, and attack the enemy!”

Following his commands, four warriors immediately pulled out the weapons on their backs and quickly ran along the two sides of the small square to surround Suo Jia. That way, even if Suo Jia activated magic, he could only attack two people at a time. Moreover…the four warriors were so fast that they could dodge the attacks.

“Pfft…” With a laugh, Suo Jia arrogantly reached out and coldly stated, “Since you’ve chosen to become my enemy, then I’m sorry, you must all die in this fight!”

Following his words, a strong, blue light rapidly rushed out from Suo Jia’s hand, and the next instant…the air above the small square flashed brilliantly in the same blue color.

Seeing this, One-Eyed Bald Dragon paused for a moment before throwing his head back and laughing heartily. As he laughed, he loudly shouted, “Everyone, be careful. Since this brat wants to attack us directly, you should all raise your shields. Let this guy witness our Bald Dragon group’s defensive abilities!”

Following this, the two archers and mages, as well as Bald Dragon himself, swiftly put up their Energy Shields. They believed that with the interference of the archers, Suo Jia would definitely be unable to activate magic for long.

“Heh…” While everyone was waiting for more of Suo Jia’s jesting, a blue figure instantly leapt out from behind him. The Diamond Dragon’s body spun 360 degrees in midair, and after suddenly stopping in a certain position, layer after layer of Glacial Armor appeared on its body.

“Boom!” With a fierce bang, the Diamond Dragon’s large body smashed down on the ground before Suo Jia. It not only blocked the shooting trajectories of the archers, but also blocked off the four warriors that were coming in to surround them from the front.

Seeing the huge Diamond Dragon come out, the One-Eyed Bald Dragon couldn’t help but be taken aback, and he urged, “Quick….mages, immediately activate your magic and strike the magical beast’s owner directly!”

The two mages didn’t dare waste any time, and swiftly gathered their magic power in preparation to activate their magic. However…no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t possibly be faster than Suo Jia, who activated magic with a special method. Moreover…with the effects of the Atlantis equipment set, Hailstone could be instantly activated!

Finally…before the opposing mages could attack, Suo Jia’s Hailstone Technique was immediately launched. Sharp Mysterious Ice Arrows rained down from a ball of blue light in the air above the square, piercing towards One-Eyed Bald Dragon and the two archers and mages.

One-Eyed Bald Dragon glanced at the Ice Arrows above, but wasn’t particularly concerned. This kind of attack would need a while to break through the Energy Shields. As a warrior, One-Eyed Bald Dragon could definitely help block the Ice Arrows for the mages; moreover, the two archers could still dodge.

As One-Eyed Bald Dragon was thinking this, the Ice Arrows from above finally began to shoot downwards. The next moment…those sharp arrows, as if by some influence, suddenly began to move around in random directions, quickly turning around. The first dozen arrows gave up on their original target, and instead raced towards the two mages.

One-Eyed Bald Dragon was stunned for a moment, and he shouted out in horror, “Crap, he’s a control ability user. Quick…mages, give up on attacking and concentrate on defense!”

Without wasting any time, the two mages swiftly dispersed the magic they’d half accumulated already, instead prepared to re-open their Magic Shields.

Suo Jia smiled darkly at this. In reality, although Suo Jia was indeed a control ability user, he had actually just started eating those fruits, and his power wasn’t that strong yet. If One-Eyed Bald Dragon had ignored this, Suo Jia wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for long anyways.

Suo Jia’s feet stamped down, and his body quickly burst upwards and landed on the Diamond Dragon’s left shoulder. The reason he hadn’t landed on the Diamond Dragon’s head was because during battle, landing on the shoulder was more appropriate. Like this, the Diamond Dragon’s claws and its mouth could both protect Suo Jia at any time.

Suo Jia looked at the four warriors coming to surround the Diamond Dragon, then back at the archers that had already locked onto him, and laughed, “Alright, Diamond Dragon, now…it’s showtime!”

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