CCM 343

I must be crazy for releasing all these chapters in a single week even though I’m reaching the end of my stockpile and I have no time to translate…I guess I’m just a whimsical person. >.<

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 343 – Extreme Fierceness Pt. 2

Following Suo Jia’s words, the Diamond Dragon’s legs suddenly bent. The instant the four warriors were charging towards it, it suddenly leapt up. The giant body immediately covered a distance of 20 meters, soaring high up through the air and descending back down towards where One-Eyed Bald Dragon was.

One-Eyed Bald Dragon couldn’t help but cry out, and along with the two archers and mages, swiftly dodged. All of them rushed away in various directions; there was no way they could handle a pressure as heavy as this.

When he saw the five people scamper out like mice, Suo Jia couldn’t help but sneer. One-Eyed Bald Dragon and the two archers may have been able to evade the Diamond Dragon, but there was no way the two mages could with their movement abilities. Even if they could dodge the Diamond Dragon’s attack, they wouldn’t be able to evade the following attacks.

As expected, the reality was just as Suo Jia had anticipated. The Diamond Dragon’s body slammed into the ground, and at the same time, used the inertia to move forwards. Its body violently wriggled from side to side, its 9 meter long and incomparable thick dragon’s tail lashing out piercingly and heavily crashing into the two mages that were unable to evade.

“Snap…” After receiving such strong attacks, it was obvious that the two mages’ Life Protections were instantly drained. There was absolutely no need for the Diamond Dragon to continue its rampage. The rain of hail that descended from the skies instantly stabbed into the two mages under Suo Jia’s control, turning them into porcupines, killing them completely.

Suo Jia tilted his head upwards slightly, looking at the thousands of arrows raining down from the sky, and he couldn’t help but inwardly sigh in admiration. He’d really made the right decision to use this Control Fruit. After acquiring its energy, Suo Jia could completely place himself amidst his own magic, and control any Magic Arrows shooting towards himself to change directions and go towards the enemy instead.

Everyone watched as Suo Jia and the Diamond Dragon proudly stood in place as the rain of arrows that filled the sky came down towards their heads. However…the moment they reached Suo Jia’s head, they would all change directions by some strange force, shooting towards the archers like machine guns.

Suo Jia had considered this before, but the reason One-Eyed Bald Dragon wasn’t chosen as a target was because, typically speaking, the leader of a group definitely had the most outstanding strength, and was harder to deal with. What Suo Jia needed to do now was to quickly eliminate the enemies’ Life Energies, and then gather all firepower towards the strongest enemy to kill them off.

Against such concentrated attacks, the archers were completely unable to attack back. Even though they tried their best to dodge, Suo Jia’s attacks were just too closely packed, and the combination of the air filled with arrows and Suo Jia’s control ability allowing him to change the arrows’ direction trapped them. They were completely unable to escape the sticky predicament.

Suo Jia gave a cold smirk at the sight of the two archers jumping around wildly like two grasshoppers to dodge. His right hand reached out again, and two Ice Roars burst outwards in succession, the magic completely covering the archers.

Now, the scene had grown chaotic. In that second of their lives left, the archers not only had to rain of ice arrows above them, but also the revolving ice blades flying around on the ground and in midair. This was completely unavoidable; the only solution was defense!

Under everyone’s gazes, the two archers’ Life Protections seemed to diminish like a flood. Finally…with two mournful cries and piteous, regretful wails, the two archers’ shields shattered, and they met their deaths as their bodies were completely sliced up by the ice blades. Moreover, they were then smashed into pieces by the Ice Arrows. Being alive was something they’d have to wait until their next reincarnation.

Seeing how violent Suo Jia’s actions were, One-Eyed Bald Dragon and the remaining four warriors couldn’t keep themselves from revealing expressions of fear. It wasn’t like they’d never seen powerful experts before, but this was. in fact, their first time seeing strength of this level. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed to stay at the first checkpoint and bully around others this whole time.

Although One-Eyed Bald Dragon was filled with fear, he knew that at this point, there was already no way they could retreat. Even if he tried to flee, the opponent’s flying magical beast would make it so that there was no way he could successfully escape. Even if he had a 10 minute lead, the opposite party would still be able to catch up within a few minutes.

One-Eyed Bald Dragon wildly roared, “Brothers, don’t be afraid. This guy has already activated so many magics in succession, his magic power and spirit power must be mostly exhausted by now. Everyone, gather your strength and kill him off!”

The four warriors’ eyes all lit up at these words, and they brandished the weapons in their hands before charging together with One-Eyed Bald Dragon towards where Suo Jia was.

Suo Jia looked at the enemies swiftly approaching him with pity. He knew that a pure warrior group would be unable to defeat him. With the Diamond Dragon’s protection, they wouldn’t even have the privilege of nearing him.

Suo Jia once again activated Hailstone Technique, then reached his hands out to instantly cast 4 Ice Roars in a row so that the four warriors and One-Eyed Bald Dragon were completely trapped in the magics.

At this, everyone’s jaws had dropped open in shock, including One-Eyed Bald Dragon, his four companions, and even the watching Nicole, Xiang Yun, and Roger. They couldn’t fathom just how great Suo Jia’s magic power and spirit power were. He had only just turned 17, a small brat not even 18 years of age yet. How could he possess such powerful strength!

The cold wind shrieked through the air as the ice blades flew around and the rain of arrows pelted downwards. One-Eyed Bald Dragon and his four companions frantically tried to endure against the magic attacks, and charged straight towards Suo Jia. They knew that at this point, they could only get close to Suo Jia to completely destroy him. This was their only chance of surviving. In other words, the only thing they could do was put all their efforts into nearing him.

With a blink of the eyes, the frost on his eyelashes instantly froze together. One-Eyed Bald Dragon rubbed at it in annoyance, but discovered that, in this mere moment, his four companions had already passed him and were charging towards Suo Jia at full speed.

Through layers of chilling mist and hail, One-Eyed Bald Dragon could clearly see that Suo Jia was proudly standing atop the Diamond Dragon’s left shoulder in midair, looking at them with a pitying expression. At this, One-Eyed Bald Dragon suddenly realised that he’d seemed to have forgotten something extremely important!

While One-Eyed Bald Dragon was thinking, the enormous Diamond Dragon finally began to move. It first opened its large mouth, causing blue, frozen streams to flow outwards, instantly sealing the warrior in front. It then lifted its thick, pillar-like right leg, and stamped down violently at the nearest warrior, crushing him underneath its foot.

“Snap…” A fierce cracking sound rang out. One-Eyed Bald Dragon could clearly see his sealed companion’s Life Protection instantly drain under the Diamond Dragon’s foot, then after holding up for less than 0.01 seconds, the Diamond Dragon’s large foot smashed into the ground. Red blood shot out in all directions from underneath!

Despair! That’s right…after seeing this, One-Eyed Bald Dragon could only feel despair. As matters had reached this point already he finally realised what he had forgotten. Obviously…it was that he’d forgotten this giant ice dragon this whole time. To a warrior-type occupation, something as large as this thing was obviously the most brutal opponent. If they wanted to harm the mage under its protection, they’d have to get through the dragon first. But they clearly hadn’t properly realised they’d have to face this issue!

He looked on in desperation as the figures of the three warriors nearly simultaneously leapt up. They only shared one objective: Suo Jia. Just as the One-Eyed Bald Dragon was thinking all this, those three fellows were completely looking past the Diamond Dragon as if it didn’t exist. Although one of their companions had died under the Diamond Dragon’s foot, the battle was too intense for them to realize the bigger picture.

As One-Eyed Bald Dragon watched his three companions rise up in the air, he began to pray sincerely for the first time in his life. Although he clearly knew that hope was distant, One-Eyed Bald Dragon still prayed for God to miraculously descend!

Unfortunately, putting aside the question of whether God was omnipotent or not, even if he was, it was unknown if he’d really be willing to help…

Seeing that the three guys that had completely ignored it, the Diamond Dragon exploded in fury. Its claws flashed outwards like lightning, and each of its thick talons instantly caught onto a warrior’s arm, wrapping itself around their entire bodies as well. Only one warrior remained, and he charged towards Suo Jia at full strength.

One-Eyed Bald Dragon’s fists tightly curled up as he anxiously prayed, his gaze locked onto that last warrior’s body. This was already the final hope…

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