Cheating Craft 61

Throughout the novel so far, different brackets have been used for dialogue and for thoughts. However, there were only thought brackets used in this entire chapter, when some of them are clearly dialogue. By the end, I got so confused by what’s thought and what’s dialogue, and I just started to arbitrarily decide that myself. Maybe they all just know telepathy now…? >.>

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Frosty

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Quiz 61: Angel’s Eye

The final exam was the last exam of the semester, as well as the most important test that cumulatively tested the students.  

It wasn’t just Lin Xian VS Kui Yuan. All of the examinees present held their own goals in their hearts.  

All of the examinees were present; there wasn’t a single absence! After the proctors had handed out all of the test papers, Sun Ming Qing once again spoke. With a flippant and insincere tone, he said, “Students you can first look at the test paper but you can’t move your pens. This is the first time the test papers have been unsealed so don’t worry about there being any problems. Once I strike the gong the exam will start I wish all the students a pleasant final exam.”  

This seemingly foolish sentence seemed to draw everyone’s interest.  

He can really cater to the students well… Zhou Lun Yu felt disgust towards Sun Ming Qing. He’d ascertained ages ago that Sun Ming Qing would prepare to cheat, and he’d inwardly resolved to himself that he’d definitely see through the tricks!

After all of the test papers had been distributed, Sun Ming Qing lowered his head to look at his watch. At the exam site, the students, the Twin Towers, and the blue sky, filled with white clouds, were all within his view as he slowly raised the hammer. Everyone’s emotions seemed to rise along with the hammer.  

With a kuang! sound, the final exam officially started!  



Meng Ming hurriedly counted the number of pages that had been handed out, while putting up his guard against the enemy and browsing the question types.

The test paper has three pages, the answer sheet has two pages! The test paper only had questions, and all of the answers had to be filled in in the blanks on the answer paper. Hmm? There actually aren’t any multiple choice questions? After he’d thumbed through the entire test paper, he then discovered: There’s also…no essay?! Essays seemed to be what Zhou Lun Yu was best at. 

After carefully examining the content of the questions, he finally understood.  

The first half was literature, the second half was unexpectedly…history! “This is…a mixed test paper?!”

“Hmph, that’s not all.” Zhou Lun Yu had made a more important discovery. “Lin Xian’s test papers are different from Kui Yuan’s!”

“How can this be?!” [Meng Ming]  

Zhou Lun Yu told him, “This is designed to prevent students from copying each other. Although the questions are the same, the sequence of both party’s questions is randomized. With the students sitting interweaved with each other, it’s impossible to copy the answers even if you see the test paper of a student from the other school! This is the legendary AB paper!” 

The final exam actually had such unusual arrangements. After strict entrance inspections, there were also AB papers. This way, the examinees could only obediently sit in their spots in the exam site, and it was basically impossible for them to cheat. The proctors would be able to relax more, too.  

However, this didn’t really mean anything to the outstanding students on site.  

So it was like this! Meng Ming raised his own test paper and thought: This means…that if Zhou Lun Yu doesn’t tell me the solutions, then I won’t be able to answer.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for the sake of going against those three people, I wouldn’t bother helping you.” [Zhou Lun Yu]

“Cut the bullshit, isn’t someone helping you, too?” [Meng Ming]  

In the vast exam site under the open sky, all of the examinees had already started writing a while ago. Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu had also never stopped moving their pencils!  

Strange, those three from Kui Yuan…! Meng Ming suddenly noticed that those three had been writing on their test papers non-stop as well!

“Mm, you also noticed.” Zhou Lun Yu had already locked his attention onto them. How can they write it? Moreover, all of them are able to. It’s as if…they know the answers!  



As for Kui Yuan’s side….  

“Guo Dian, look at those two!” Lu Xiao felt there was something wrong with the situation. “Zhuge Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu are currently writing on their papers!”  

“Of course.” Guo Dian naturally understood. “Zhou Lun Yu uses invisible threads. It’s obvious they know the answers.”

“But…how come they haven’t made any moves towards us?!” Lu Xiao was wondering if Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu were waiting for an opportunity, or if they were making some scary preparations he couldn’t see. 

“Because they’re afraid.” Guo Dian told him, “You can just slowly let your imagination run wild, I can’t wait any longer.”  

As Guo Dian was writing his answers, he picked up a bottle of something he’d prepared a while ago from under the table—X-seven’s mineral spring water!  



“Zhuge Meng Ming, do you understand what we need to do?” Zhou Lun Yu had seen Guo Dian’s actions! 

“Of course I understand.” Meng Ming had also thoroughly grasped the situation.

“Our opponents aren’t just Guo Dian and Lu Xiao…they must also have an answer source!” [Zhou Lun Yu]

“Don’t let them discover our answer source until the exam ends.” [Meng Ming]

“Basically, for the sake of the examinees’ safeties, we must first cause them to target us instead!”



Guo Dian looked at the lower levels of the exam site, and felt upset. To think that I’d be so far from Zhou Lun Yu…there are so many people between us. Doesn’t that mean I can’t see his depressed expression? Forget it, there’s no harm in waiting until after the exam ends to look at it.

Guo Dian reached his hand out, and was just about to twist open the bottle of mineral spring water.

“Wait a moment!” Lu Xiao warned him of his actions.

“Hmph, the exam time is really precious.” Guo Dian continued to use his hand to twist open the bottle cap.

“Be careful!” Lu Xiao reminded, telling him to look to his left!

Multiple Fire Arrows suddenly came flying at Guo Dian. He didn’t have the time to evade, and the arrows directly struck the bottle mouth! The bottle was made out of plastic, and ended up being deformed by the flames. The flames’ temperature was just enough to melt the plastic and firmly seal the opening!

As long as I keep sealing your water bottle and make it impossible for you to get your water, you won’t have any way of drawing!” [Meng Ming]

Zhuge Meng Ming?! Guo Dian fixed his gaze in Meng Ming’s direction. What is that…? He actually dares to meet me head-on. Hmph, don’t think that I can’t retrieve any water! Guo Dian was about to stretch his hand out to pick up the small blade on his table, but discovered that his small blade had been split apart by another small blade that came flying from the left! Both of the blades flew dozens of meters away from Guo Dian’s seat.

He reacts so quickly! The consecutive attacks shocked Guo Dian.

“Guo Dian, use this!” Lu Xiao tossed his own small blade to Guo Dian, who caught it and held it in his hand.

—It looked like with Guo Dian on site, Lu Xiao was just acting as support.

Hmph, you’re really meddling too much! Guo Dian pulled out this new small blade and immediately tried to cut open the bottle mouth. Instead, he saw the bottle split into 4-5 pieces with a ‘bang’. He hurriedly tossed the bottle onto the ground, and all the water stored inside spilled out.

This time it’s Zhou Lun Yu? [Guo Dian]

If you want to cut it open, I’ll just help do it for you. Zhou Lun Yu was a bit annoyed by the fact that Guo Dian seemed to have forgotten about his existence. Can your actions get any slower?  



Both parties had exchanged moves several times already, but the proctors hadn’t noticed at all! The speed of their movements, the subtlety of their actions, and the secrecy of their skills made them completely able to evade the Twin Towers’ proctors standing high above. 

But it was very clear that Guo Dian had underestimated his enemy. 

These two bastards…The more he thought, the more annoyed he got, and he scarcely realised that Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu were purposely drawing his attention. I must make it so that they don’t find the answers on the test papers…! Qi Tian Ao! Freeze right there!  

Qi Tian Ao nodded.  

“You can see Zhou Lun Yu’s threads right?! Where are all of them located, hurry up and tell me! [Guo Dian]  

Qi Tian Ao didn’t react at all.  

“Oi, do you know or not?! Hurry up and tell me!” Guo Dian was extremely anxious.  

“Stop fighting.”  


“This exam is completely unfair to them” Qi Tian Ao earnestly stopped his pen, and sternly said to Guo Dian again, “We know the answers, so there’s no need to interfere with others’ tests.”  

A bit after Qi Tian Ao made this statement, Guo Dian, who’d originally been panicked, had become apathetic once more.  

“Hmph…those useless words of yours again.” Guo Dian didn’t pay any mind at all to them. “As if I care whether the test is fair or not. I don’t care about the exam scores at all! I just want those two guys to have a taste of my drawings…don’t think that just because you won’t help, that means that I can’t see those threads!”  

Guo Dian had been long prepared. His hand reached under the table to take out a second bottle of mineral spring water! Unlike before, he’d placed his hand in the correct position so that he was able to remove the cap while he was retrieving water.

“How many more water bottles does he have?” [Meng Ming]

“At least 10 bottles, we can’t possibly seal them all.” [Zhou Lun Yu]  

Have you seen the scroll painting of The Break of Spring After Rainfall before… Gou Dian extracted the water and gradually poured it into his palms, before raising his palms up high into the air. While controlling the direction and amount of power, he violently clenched his hand into a fist! This is the spring rain that moisturizes all living things.  

Guo Dian pointed at the countless tiny water droplets in between the cracks, the mist spraying like wine spreading throughout the entire exam site! Dancing, drifting water droplets fell onto the examinees’ heads, clothes, and all of the extremely thin red threads spread throughout the exam site!  

The wetted red threads could be clearly seen!  

Crap. [Meng Ming]  

To think he’d use this kind of method… [Zhou Lun Yu]  

So it was like this! Guo Dian saw all of the red threads, instantly seeing all of Lin Xian’s secrets! The important threads are those two! Aside from the thread between Zhou Lun Yu and Zhuge Meng Ming, there’s also a thread between Zhou Lun Yu and the Lin Xian girl on site!

Lu Xiao also saw the scene, and was unconvinced. That girl?! They’re all copying that girl’s test paper? Lu Xiao looked at her, and felt that he’d seen her before. Suddenly, he recalled that he’d met her at the X-seven Western pastry shop!

Without a doubt, that glasses girl is the source of their answers! She’s a C-type, and she knows all of the solutions! Guo Dian immediately determined.  

The exam had just started, but they’d already discovered Jin Nai Nai!  

Why? Why does that girl know all of the answers? Lu Xiao didn’t understand.  

“Look around you…carefully,” Guo Dian reminded him.  

Lu Xiao looked around, but he didn’t discover anything special, aside from the fact that there were some delicate, square crystal pieces embedded into the corner of the examinees’ desks, and some beautiful, round plastic stickers on the high walls. The most eye-catching was the round steel marble within a crack between rocks nearby.

Lu Xiao still didn’t really comprehend. “Aren’t all those things just some trash? What do they have to do with her?”

“You idiot, she’s using those to see everyone’s test papers! Those aren’t pure plastic or steel!” Guo Dian told him. “In fact, they’re lenses, flat and round! Those are all her eyes that she placed there!”



Mirrors were Jin Nai Nai’s first secret in every exam.  

As long as there was light, all items could be seen using mirrors. Jin Nai Nai’s light seemed extremely unordinary! She had a grasp of the entire terrain, and could, at any time, grasp the entire terrain using extreme logic, to position mirrors that allowed her to integrate together all the partial images obtained through countless light transmissions, light scattering, and reflections passing through her eyes. Thus, she relied on just her two eyes, many mirrors, and numerous reflections to see any corner, and anything she wanted to see!

This was a perfect cheating technique! —It was the Angel’s Eye, the one that could separate everything, whatever that meant. No detail on the exam site could get past her!  

Chen Fei had said before, Sister is the most powerful C-type. These words definitely weren’t just bragging.  

Lin Xian’s fighting methods were already clear—Jin Nai Nai passed down the answers, while Zhou Lun Yu connected the two ends to communicate, and Zhuge Meng Ming drew the opposite party’s firepower towards him.

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