CCM 344

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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 344 – Advancing Forwards Pt. 1

Everyone watched as all movements seemed to continuously slow down. The last warrior approached Suo Jia inch by inch in midair. On the other hand, Suo Jia expressionlessly watched the weapon gradually nearing his chest, showing no signs of evading or dodging.

“Whoosh…crunch!” The instant the weapon was about to pierce Suo Jia, a large blue figure flashed…and the warrior’s body mysteriously disappeared in midair.

One Eyed Bald Dragon stood in shock for a while. Finally…he discovered that the warrior’s legs were sticking out of the Diamond Dragon’s large mouth. The rest of the warrior was already inside.

“Crunch…crunch….crunch…” One Eyed Bald Dragon watched as the Diamond Dragon mercilessly began to chew. Every crunch would cause an entire strip of the Life Protection to disappear. After just a few rounds, the warrior’s Life Protection was completely drained. With the final chomp, the warrior was completely crushed on the spot.

At the same time, the Diamond Dragon’s claws continued to tighten. Finally, under this powerful force, the two warriors in the Diamond Dragon’s claws began to frantically release their battle qi in attempt to break free from the dragon’s grip.

The Diamond Dragon suddenly lowered its head to coldly stare at the two small things in its hold. Then…it raised its right claw, tossing the warrior in its grasp into its mouth, and the crunching sounds could be heard once more.

Everyone watching couldn’t help but be absolutely horrified at this cruel scene. How was this a battle? It was clearly a massacre, torturing people to their deaths!

As if for the sake of further proving everyone’s thoughts, the Diamond Dragon clasped its two claws together as it continued to rigorously chew. Its sharp talons condensed from Mysterious Ice tightly grasped the last warrior in its hands, and it suddenly exerted strength outwards towards both sides…

“Yah!” A choked cry of misery was all that could be heard before the warrior’s body was ripped apart into two even halves. The Diamond Dragon looked at the broken and badly damaged corpse in its hands, and seemingly losing all interest, tossed the two halves to a side without giving it another glance.

“Whoosh…” A piercingly chilly wind blew across the square. At that moment, the Diamond Dragon was still standing proudly there, its mouth and talons full of blood. Suo Jia’s body was firmly planted on the dragon’s shoulder, his wide mage robes dancing around in the air behind him.

Suo Jia stared intensely at One Eyed Bald Dragon and stated, “We’ve already restrained ourselves. I didn’t want to become enemies with you, but…if that is Heaven’s decision, we must become the enemy. That’s why…you should go ahead and die without any regrets. If reincarnation exists, don’t ever come to the Greater Trade Routes again!”

With this, Suo Jia slowly reached forwards with his right hand. In that instant, the crimson ice stream that had been restlessly circling around him immediately left his side and leapt towards One Eyed Bald Dragon with a shriek.

As he watched the ice stream jump towards him, One Eyed Bald Dragon obviously wasn’t willing to just wait for death. He tightened his grip on his greatsword and his eyes flashed wildly. No matter what, he had to give it his all until the end. A wild beast being pressured towards death was when it was fiercest!

“Sfx…” Just when everyone had thought that a bitter struggle was about to unfold, the Diamond Dragon tilted its head in disdain and breathed outwards, freezing One Eyed Bald Dragon to the ground he stood on.

Although the Diamond Dragon’s Ice Seal couldn’t really seal One Eyed Bald Dragon’s movements, this small delay was enough for Suo Jia’s ice stream to arrive. Instantly, it wrapped itself around One Eyed Bald Dragon’s body several dozen times until it covered everything, even his head. Suo Jia and the Diamond Dragon’s coordination had reached a nearly perfect level.

With his right hand holding the tail of the ice stream, Suo Jia silently activated Freezing Touch, activating four Ice and Snow Pacts. Finally, Suo Jia let go of the stream, allowing it to drop to the ground.

On the surface, it didn’t seem like Suo Jia had done anything. The scene was completely calm. But within this calm, a life full of vigor had already unknowingly left.

Although Freezing Touch and Ice and Snow Pact didn’t look like they’d have any extreme effects, directly using them on the enemy’s body or even inside their body would be extremely powerful. Although one couldn’t say it was guaranteed that the victim would die, but the four Ice and Snow Pacts, in addition to Freezing Touch, on the human body would, at the very least, have the strength of 10 Ice Roars.

Under Suo Jia’s commands, the Diamond Dragon walked up to Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger, and then lifted them up to its shoulder as well. It then swiftly jumped 4-5 meters into the air, and with a slight flap of its wings, began to soar towards outside the city.

While in the air, Suo Jia’s party crossed over several streets before landing at a wide cross-section. Then…under Suo Jia’s control, the Diamond Dragon landed and left its combat state, before heading towards Suo Jia’s residence with them.

Upon entering the luxurious living room, Suo Jia’s party finally relaxed tiredly on the fur carpet. Suo Jia had used up all of his ability in that battle just now. If he still hadn’t been able to kill off the opposite party, then Suo Jia would’ve been completely powerless. That was also why Suo Jia had so hurriedly fled the scene.

Seeing the still somewhat panicked three companions, Suo Jia let out a sigh and turned to say to Roger, “Roger, now you should understand why I had so much self-restraint and tolerance, right? If it’s just exchanging a few words of argument, we needn’t be that bothered. After all…it’s not like we’re the murderous demon king!”

Still feeling some lingering fear, Roger patted his chest and sincerely replied, “I understand now; exercising forbearance doesn’t necessarily indicate weakness, it simply prevents situations from being too troublesome. In reality, if we went around doing these huge fights to death all day, our image to others would definitely be reduced to a murderous demon king that viewed others as mere weeds!”

Gratified, Suo Jia nodded. Just as he was about to speak, Xiang Yun cut in, “That’s right, real experts aren’t people that wouldn’t refuse to let someone go just because of a few upsetting words. If that were the case, their lives would be too exhausting. We have no qualms about killing others, but it’s not like we enjoy it either.”

“Mhm…” Bobbing her agreement, Nicole earnestly added, “That’s right, every life is precious. Unless we have absolutely no other option, we can’t kill people, and preventing that from happening is still best. In order to avoid these predicaments, we should all learn to be more patient in the future.”

After some discussion, they finally restored their spirits. Although their strengths hadn’t recovered, moving around was no longer an issue anymore, especially after Suo Jia had treated their wounds with the Moisture Technique. Only their physical strength, spirit power, magic power, and battle qi hadn’t yet recovered to their best states.

The four people all crawled up, and comfortable leaned against chairs. At the same time, Suo Jia said in a heavy voice, “Everyone has already trained for half a year, and I’ve already passed the first checkpoint’s task. Is there anything else you guys have to do? If not, I think we should advance to the second checkpoint!”

In response to Suo Jia’s question, Xiang Yun and Roger simultaneously shook their heads, indicating they didn’t have any other matters to attend to. Only Nicole looked at Suo Jia excitedly. “I think there’s a place we definitely need to visit. I believe…this location will definitely have pleasant surprises for us!”

“Oh?” Suo Jia glanced at Nicole questioningly, and asked, “Tell me, where exactly is this place? Is it in some special area?”

Nicole firmly replied, “If we head out east about 1000 kilometers, there’s a hidden valley. There are prehistoric remains that Giant Icebears are currently guarding. I believe…that if we can defeat the Giant Icebears and enter this area, we can definitely gain profit!”

“Giant Icebears!” Suo Jia abruptly stood up, and looked at Nicole in excitement. After confirming that Nicole had personally seen the Giant Icebears, Suo Jia immediately decided that they wouldn’t try to pass the next checkpoint at the moment, and would instead advance towards this hidden valley…

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    1. there are the 7 lords in “Greater Trade Routes”
    2. the first companion is a treasure hunter
    2. second companion is a blade user
    3. third companion is a chef who use his leg to fight
    4. is the 4th companion should be a doctor?
    5. and now a fruit user :)
    6. and last maybe in the future suo jia as a water mage will use his abilities to pump his blood in his body and shout “2nd gear”

    but overall i like this novel very much..

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