CCM 346

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Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: NoriPixel

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Chapter 346 – I Want to Slaughter the Bears Pt. 1

The Diamond Dragon would first break through the snow monsters’ Life Protections. Then, Roger and Xiang Yun would send the creatures to hell. As such, the three of them flawlessly worked together. They constantly moved in methodic patterns, sometimes gathering together, sometimes dispersing.

They battled for some long while. By the time Xiang Yun and Roger had realised that there were no traces of snow monsters to be seen in their surroundings, the battle qi in their bodies had already been completely exhausted by an alarming amount. With the Diamond Dragon’s help, they returned to their places on top of its head.

As soon as they returned, Xiang Yun and Roger were pleasantly surprised after discovering that Suo Jia had actually already awoken, his eyes shining as he looked at the two of them. Seeing how bright his expression was, the two men finally let out a breath. It was clear to them that Suo Jia had already recovered!

Not daring to waste any time, Xiang Yun and Roger hurriedly returned to their seats and closed their eyes to rest, putting all of their efforts into restoring their battle qi. Although Suo Jia’s magic power and spirit power were overpowering, he was, after all, just one person. Him managing to slaughter so many magical beasts alone was already an extreme; Roger and Xiang Yun’s combined powers were needed to complete such a task.

As the Diamond Dragon advanced, snow monsters appeared around them once more, and Suo Jia couldn’t help but sigh at the sight of them gathering together. Just as he was about to start attacking….Suo Jia suddenly felt something give away underneath his feet. His body strangely sank downwards.

Amidst his confusion, Suo Jia was shocked to discover that his body had started to sink downwards. Soon after, he had fallen three to four meters, down to the Diamond Dragon’s central core area. With this, Suo Jia was abruptly faced with the little pet’s body before him.

“Chirp chirp!” Facing Suo Jia, the Diamond Dragon chirped urgently. Hearing this, Suo Jia couldn’t help but start as he suddenly realised…the Diamond Dragon’s combat state seemed to be nearing its limit!

Suo Jia raised his head to look upwards in shock. He knew that if the Diamond Dragon released its form now, Xiang Yun and Roger would most likely die. There were so many snow monsters surrounding them that they would soon be consumed to the point where not even their bones remained. Suo Jia’s strength alone wasn’t enough to protect them.

Actually, it wasn’t just Roger and Xiang Yun; Suo Jia also wouldn’t be able to escape either. At the moment, his position was at the center of the snow monster mass. He couldn’t possibly advance or retreat!

“Chirp chirp!” While Suo Jia was exhausting his entire spirit and mind on thinking this over, the Diamond Dragon urgently cried again. It opened and closed its small mouth repeatedly, using its small, red tongue to lick the corners of its mouth.

Seeing this, Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly shone brightly. He excitedly pulled out a batch of four colored potions from his interspatial ring, and without a second thought, tossed it into the Diamond Dragon’s mouth.

With a single gulp, the Diamond Dragon swallowed the potions and contentedly closed its eyes. Its body emitted a hazy blue light that quickly spread outwards.

As the blue glow passed by, the Diamond Dragon’s two meter thick Glacial Armor suddenly gave out a clear, cracking sound. The Diamond Dragon’s somewhat deflating figure once again stood tall and straight. The cold air around it increased, and the dragon’s armor was even shining brighter than before!

“Hahahaha….” At first, Suo Jia had frozen for a bit at the sight, but he then threw his head back and laughed joyously. The Diamond Dragon could actually keep eating four colored potions like this to restore its state in this situation; that meant there was no problem at all. As long as enough four colored potions were used, wouldn’t the Diamond Dragon be able to maintain its combat state forever?

Suo Jia didn’t waste any time and quickly used telepathy to communicate with the Diamond Dragon. The next moment…Suo Jia’s body rose upwards and appeared once more on the dragon’s head.

Suo Jia looked around and saw the densely packed snow monsters flooding towards the Diamond Dragon again. With a sigh, he once again activated the ice magic: Hailstone!

Finally, after Suo Jia had eradicated all the snow monsters before him once more, everything before them had calmed down. They traveled very far without encountering any more snow monsters. After circling a small mound, an extremely large snow wolf appeared before them!

Not daring to continue forwards and seeing that it was already getting late… Suo Jia ordered the Diamond Dragon to jump and fly to the top of the mound, where it was tall enough for neither the snow monsters nor the snow wolf to climb up. It was a guaranteed safe zone.

The night passed without incident. The next morning, the four of them headed out again. Like they did the day before, they continued onwards towards Icebound Valley. Within the following week, the party of four passed through areas with snow wolves, snowmen, snow lions, and snow leopards before finally reaching the outskirts of Icebound Valley.

Icebound Valley was a ravine shaped like a “C”. It only had one entrance and there were many Giant Icebears dwelling there. These kinds of bears not only possessed powerful defense and tyrannical strength, they were most importantly great in number. It was impossible to tell from a single glance how many there were.

Originally, if it were just Icebears, this place wouldn’t be hard for thieves adept at stealth to pass through. However, there was also a flying type magical beast here: Bikun. It was similar to a bat; it didn’t have eyes and relied solely on heat detection to determine where it and its enemy were located. As long as its enemy was warm-blooded, they’d be discovered and attacked.

Although stealth could allow one to sneak past the Icebears, it was useless before the Bikuns. No matter how much one tried to conceal themselves, they’d definitely be discovered. And once attacked by the Bikun, their concealment would drop, and they’d end up being surrounded by Giant Icebears.

The Giant Icebears were rank nine magical beasts. Although they weren’t as powerful as the Frost Wyrm, they were lower by only one level and had a lifespan of at least 800 years!

In this world, anything with a “Giant Ice/Frost” in its name was an extremely amazing magical beast. The Great Icebear was well-known; aside from the overwhelming defensive and offensive powers it naturally possessed, it also had illusion level Life Protections! Most importantly, the Great Icebear had tyrannical physical power. Although it couldn’t be compared to a Diamond Dragon in its peak phase, it couldn’t be compared to a typical magical beast either.

The Great Icebear was over 6 meters tall, with a more robust body than the Diamond Dragon, and was proficient in the use of the Trampling fruit’s ability. This allowed it to instantly make all life forms within a 10 meter perimeter feel dizzy. That instant was enough for the Great Icebear’s sharp claws to begin tearing apart any defenses.

It would be accurate to say that, aside from the Diamond Dragon in its peak period, no defense could block the Great Icebear’s attacks. If there was just one of them, then it might’ve been possible, but there were at least over 10,000 of them here. Receiving any attack consisted of more than just one Icebear’s attacks!

In addition, each gathering area for Great Icebears had a Great Icebear King. Based on records, the Great Icebear King had a height of around 10 meters, and…its Trampling fruit’s abilities could extend to 100 meters. Even the Black Dragon couldn’t possibly escape this fruit’s effects. Thus…although the Icebear wasn’t on par with the Frost Wyrm in terms of just strength, it was actually a ruler of the magical beasts without a natural enemy! Even a Diamond Dragon wouldn’t dare to charge into Great Icebear territory alone.

Looking at the extremely large and tall Icebear from a distance, Suo Jia knew that challenging one alone wouldn’t be impossible to beat. However, the problem was that these bears never fought alone!

Nicole looked towards the distant Icebound Valley in excitement and said, “Boss, I can guarantee that the ruins in Icebound Valley have never been excavated before. No person can go through the entrance of those prehistoric remains alive. Even those Epic ranked hero grandpas from back then wouldn’t have had any means of entering!”

Suo Jia nodded, deep in thought. He also understood that in terms of just strength, nobody could possibly ever go near those prehistoric remains. Even the Seven Pinnacles combined would be just as powerless.

The only way one would be able to break through the Icebears’ interception would be with the aid of 10+ Diamond Dragons. But the issue now was, how few Diamond Dragons existed at the moment? Even if there did exist ten, why would they ever offer to help? In reality, even finding ten Diamond Dragons would be like the Arabian Nights.

Suo Jia stared at the Great Icebears roaming around in the distance and fell into deep thought. Relying on martial power, one could continue training until their death and still be unable to come close to the prehistoric remains. In that case, the only thing that they could depend on was knowledge!

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