CCM 348

Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: Frosty

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Chapter 348 – Impossible Transaction Pt. 1

Suo Jia looked at Nicole in shock, and asked in confusion, “What happened? It can’t be that…the bears didn’t see you?”

Nicole gloomily met Suo Jia’s gaze and smiled bitterly, “They saw me, but…those guys actually dared to ignore me. I didn’t dare to get any closer either, so I could only come back out.”

Suo Jia’s body trembled upon hearing these words. Only now did he suddenly realize another issue; this whole time, he’d seemed to have regarded the Giant Icebears as wild beasts, when, in fact, anything that had survived for over a hundred years like them would have become elites by this point.

The Great Icebears had lifespans of 800 years, and were typically all 400-500 years old. The younger ones all stayed deep within Icebound Valley; only the ones of at least 500 years of age were dispatched to the entrance.

Suo Jia looked off in the direction of Icebound Valley, and immediately realized that these giant creatures mostly likely possessed extremely high intelligence. Other people might not have understood this point, but Suo Jia definitely did.

The Diamond Dragon, for example, had already entered its long term phase, and possessed the intelligence of a 10 year old human. It could completely understand everything Suo Jia said, and move according to his commands. It was just that Suo Jia couldn’t understand the Diamond Dragon’s words.

According to historical records, an 800 year old Diamond Dragon possessed the intelligence of a person who was at least 40 years old. Even if the Diamond Dragon was on the less intelligent side, it would still have the IQ of at least a 20 year old human.

In other words, drawing these creatures out by relying on superior human intelligence and then eliminating them individually would definitely not happen. Did that mean…that these Great Icebears were really impossible to break through?

“Wait!” While pondering this, Suo Jia seemed to see a light flash before his eyes. Since these bears possessed such high intelligence, then…couldn’t he try communicating with them? As a merchant, Suo Jia definitely understood one thing: in this world, there was no such thing as an impossible transaction.

It could be said that loyalty didn’t really exist; it was just the result of betrayal having a worthless bargaining chip. It could also be said that self-restraint didn’t exist; it was simply the result of something not having enough temptation.

However, in terms of communication, language became an issue. Although Suo Jia’s knowledge wasn’t that extensive, he pretty much knew everything that he ever needed to know. But, up until now, he’d never heard of anyone being able to speak the language of a beast!

“Chirp chirp.” While Suo Jia was thinking this over, the Diamond Dragon suddenly chirped excitedly. Suo Jia questioningly turned to look at the dragon, and his eyes abruptly lit up. If a human could communicate with another human, then could one magical beast communicate with another magical beast?

Suo Jia quickly used telepathy to tell the Diamond Dragon this. After hearing this, the Diamond Dragon nodded without any hesitation and then strode towards the entrance of Icebound Valley.

Upon arriving, the Diamond Dragon let out a loud cry. Unfortunately, since the Diamond Dragon’s body was so small, the sound of its cry couldn’t travel very far, no matter how hard it tried.

“Rumble! Rumble…” While the Diamond Dragon was making a clamor, a loud rumbling sound could be heard as the Giant Icebears from within the valley once again leapt up to run out. Their four limbs raced across the ground as they charged aggressively at the dragon.

As it watched the Giant Icebears gradually approach, the Diamond Dragon spread its wings as it continued to shout out, indicating that it wouldn’t attack. However…the group of Giant Icebears clearly didn’t care about the Diamond Dragon’s intentions, and, with a wave of some of their large paws, the Diamond Dragon’s Glacial Armor instantly crumbled.

Fortunately, the Diamond Dragon could fly, and it swiftly leapt out from the broken pieces of its Glacial Armor, dodging around the Giant Icebears’ attacks. Just at that moment, the dozens of Giant Icebears almost simultaneously raised their feet, and then stamped down hard with a bang.

“Not good!” Suo Jia gasped with an expression of horror on his face. He frantically began to race out, with the intent of saving the DIamond Dragon. However, before he’d gone more than a few steps, Xiang Yun held Suo Jia back. Wouldn’t charging over like that just be equivalent to seeking death?

Held back by Xiang Yun, Suo Jia was just about to roar out before Nicole urgently said, “Young Master Suo Jia, you don’t have to worry, the Diamond Dragon is fine. Look over there, isn’t it flying back right now?”

Suo Jia doubtfully turned his head to look over, and indeed…the Diamond Dragon had already risen into the air, and was flying over at full speed. The pack of Giant Icebears continued to roar helplessly at the air for a bit before turning around and walking back into Icebound Valley again.

Suo Jia was shocked at the sight. At the same time, Roger excitedly stated, “It turns out that…the Giant Icebear’s trampling ability is only effective on land creatures. It has no effect in the air!”

“No!” Nicole shook her head and rebuked with a grave expression, “It states very clearly in the information my grandfather left behind that flying creatures only have a certain probability of being able to escape the effect, they aren’t completely immune. This isn’t anything like a blind spot in the Giant Icebears’ attack!”

Upon hearing this, the others, who’d thought they’d managed to find a loophole, let out sighs. At the same time, Nicole firmly stated, “This time, it’s because the Diamond Dragon’s body is small, and dragons are hard to kill. You can’t be so haphazard next time.”

Suo Jia shuddered. He could risk other things, but Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t go out and gamble with the Diamond Dragon’s life on the line. Moreover, Suo Jia firmly believed that Nicole wouldn’t lie. This trampling ability probably wasn’t ineffective in the air.

“Chirp chirp…” The Diamond Dragon angrily chirped at Suo Jia, flapped its wings, and then began flying towards Icebound Valley once more. No matter how much Suo Jia shouted at it, it didn’t turn back.

As Suo Jia watched the Diamond Dragon’s body quickly disappear around the corner, he anxiously tried to chase after it. But just as he circled around the mountain, Suo Jia helplessly discovered that the Diamond Dragon had already flown into Icebound Valley.

However, Suo Jia let out a sigh of relief, having seen the Diamond Dragon flying. Fortunately…the pet’s flying height probably surpassed the Giant Icebears’ attack range, so it was safe in the air. However…what exactly was it trying to do?

Putting aside Suo Jia and the others’ anxious worrying, the Diamond Dragon was diligently flapping its wings and flying over to Icebound Valley. After a long while, the great ruins of a shrine appeared before them. In front of the ruins site a thick, sturdy, extremely large, white bear, that stood nearly 15 meters tall, contentedly pacing around.

“Chirp chirp!” The Diamond Dragon sharply cried out at the large bear below it.

At the sound of the Diamond Dragon’s voice, the Giant Icebear raised its head inquisitively to look over in its direction, and lazily responded with a low cry of its own.

After hearing the Giant Icebear King’s low cry, the Diamond Dragon excitedly descended from the air, landing on the Giant Icebear King’s nose. It continuously waved its front claws around, and the noises coming from its mouth did not cease.

Regretfully, the languages of the Great Frost Wyrm and the Giant Icebear were clearly unintelligible as well. Luckily, after its long relationship with Suo Jia, the Diamond Dragon had picked up some simple body language. Although it wasn’t very complete, Suo Jia could at least figure out what it was saying based on its actions.

Now, it was really a test of the Giant Icebear King’s intelligence. Unfortunately, the Giant Icebear King didn’t seem to understand what the Diamond Dragon was saying. It lazily closed its eyes, its large paw quickly swatting at the area in front of its nose in an attempt to chase the Diamond Dragon away.

It was a good thing that the Diamond Dragon still hadn’t let down its guard, and rose into the air the instant the Giant Icebear King had raised its paw. If it had dodged even half a moment late, the Diamond Dragon would most likely have been flattened, like a fly being swatted.

The Diamond Dragon aimed a last, helpless glance at the Giant Icebear King, before turning around to fly out of Icebound Valley. Suo Jia and the others watched as the Diamond Dragon soon appeared at the valley entrance and swiftly raced towards them, lightly landing in Suo Jia’s arms.

Having just fought and flown a long distance, the Diamond Dragon, probably due to fatigue, opened its mouth and quickly licked its lips as it began to drool. Seeing this, Suo Jia dotingly chuckled, and, as a form of reward, pulled out two more bundles of four colored potions and tossed them at the Diamond Dragon.

The Diamond Dragon caught the potions in its mouth, and, just as it was prepared to enjoy the sweet treat…its eyes suddenly lit up, and it quickly flew out of Suo Jia’s embrace. With the four colored potions in its mouth, it flew full speed towards Icebound Valley again.

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