CCM 349

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Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: Frosty

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Chapter 349 – Impossible Transaction Pt. 2

Upon flying back to the Giant Icebear King’s side, the little pet opened its mouth and spat out the four colored potions. It extended a claw, trying its best to draw out a picture so that the Giant Icebear King could understand what it was trying to say.

The Giant Icebear King lazily opened one eye to look at the little creature before it again, and didn’t move. Seeing this, the Diamond Dragon simply stretched its talons out to pick up the four colored potions, toss them into its own mouth, and vigorously chew. With a large gulp, the Diamond Dragon showed an expression of content.

Afterwards, the Diamond Dragon pointed at the four colored potions on the ground, then once more at the Giant Icebear King’s mouth, gesturing for it to eat the potions. Seeing the four potions, the Giant Icebear King indolently opened its great mouth and, with a curl of its tongue, put all of the potions in its mouth.

The Diamond Dragon watched on with great anticipation. Those four colored potions made it feel so comfortable, as if it was floating without physical restrictions, so the Giant Icebear King would definitely enjoy them as well…

Unfortunately, the Diamond Dragon had overlooked the difference in its body size compared to the Giant Icebear King’s, as well as the difference between their strengths. What stimulated the little pet was something that the Giant Icebear King couldn’t even feel; it was basically the same thing as eating some rocks.

Despite waiting for a while, no reaction could be seen from the Giant Icebear King, who instead began snoring; fortunately, no other Giant Icebears dared to be in its vicinity. Otherwise, without the Giant Icebear King’s protection, the little pet would’ve probably been killed for sure.

With the lack of a better option, the Diamond Dragon rose up into the air and desolately flew back outside Icebound Valley. It really wanted to help its master, but it looked like the Giant Icebear King didn’t really like what the Diamond Dragon had brought over.

Although the little pet was just a magical beast, it wasn’t like magical beasts had low intelligence. In reality, both the Black Dragon King and the Diamond Dragon King all had intelligence levels higher than that of a human. Those that believed magical beasts were dumber than humans were the real idiots.

Having been by Suo Jia’s side this whole time, the Diamond Dragon had witnessed many of Suo Jia’s interactions with other people. Although the Diamond Dragon couldn’t understand anything at its current state, it did understand that if one wanted something, one had to present something of equal value in exchange for it.

Of course, this was also related to how Suo Jia had raised it. Most of the time, the Diamond Dragon didn’t have the chance to enjoy the four colored potions, but, as soon as it won a battle, Suo Jia would naturally pull out some potions to reward it. This counted as another type of exchange.

Soon, the Diamond Dragon had left the valley and returned to Suo Jia’s group. At the sight of the Diamond Dragon’s depressed mood, Suo Jia seemed to have understood something.

In disbelief, Suo Jia asked incredulously, “Little pet! You…did you take those four colored potions just now to try to initiate a transaction?”

The Diamond Dragon nodded. Suo Jia couldn’t help but gape in shock. He hadn’t imagined that the Diamond Dragon’s IQ was so high already, to the point where it had learned how to make deals!

However, Suo Jia knew that any of the Giant Icebears wouldn’t have reacted to the four colored potions, let alone the Giant Icebear King. From a pure strength level, Suo Jia was still much weaker than even the most average Giant Icebear.

Judging from the Diamond Dragon’s expression, it didn’t seem like the Giant Icebear King had been satisfied with the item being exchanged, which was also a very natural outcome. However…this wasn’t the fundamental issue of the transaction; the main problem was that the item couldn’t necessarily make the opposite party interested!

As a merchant, Suo Jia believed that in order to obtain what one needed the most, they had to give something the opposite party needed the most in exchange. If it was not something essential, the transaction would not go through.

Suo Jia rubbed his chin in deep thought, contemplating a question: what would the Giant Icebear like the most? Blazing Liquor? That was impossible. By nature, ice elemental creatures hated things that emitted heat the most. If Suo Jia really gave the Blazing Liquor to the little pet to exchange, it would most likely not be able to return alive.

This thought process wasn’t without reason. Actually, the Diamond Dragon had snuck a sip of the Blazing Liquor before, and had ended up intensely sick for 3-4 days, with its body extremely weakened as it suffered pain worse than death. The Giant Icebear King was just like the Diamond Dragon; it was also a peak-level ice elemental magical beast!

Suo Jia turned around and shouted at his three companions without much hope, “Hey! Do you guys know anything bears like? Any particular things they take pleasure in?”

In response, Roger immediately shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know. However…Suo Jia hadn’t been hoping he’d know in the first place. The one that had the greatest chance of knowing the answer would be Nicole. As a treasure hunter, she was supposed to be an expert in this field!

However, under Suo Jia’s gaze, Nicole shook her head and said, “This…is something I don’t know either. What things do they enjoy? We only research their battle characteristics, not the details of their lives!”

Suo Jia gave a sign of despair and looked off towards Icebound Valley in the distance. He really wanted to leave immediately, but couldn’t commit to the decision either. After all, obtaining a Giant Icebear’s monster core would allow the Diamond Dragon’s strength to shoot up as rapidly as a rocket.

While Suo Jia was hesitating, Xiang Yun lightly coughed, and said in a low voice, “Um…Captain Suo Jia, why don’t you ask me?”

“Hm?” Suo Jia doubtfully turned around and dubiously asked Xiang Yun, “Brother, don’t tell me that you know what bears like?”

“Hehe…” With a smug smile, Xiang Yun nodded. “I just happen to live on a mountain with plenty of bears, so I have some grasp of what bears are like.”

“Wow!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but become ecstatic at these words. In his excitement, he grabbed Xiang Yun’s arm and urged, “Quickly! Tell me, what do bears like?”

“Mmm…” Xiang Yun murmured, and asked quietly, “Bears are extremely gluttonous creatures. Guess, what do bears like to eat the most?”

Nicole answered in disdain, “Is there even a need to ask that? Obviously, it’s meat!”

“Wrong!” Xiang Yun firmly cut off Nicole’s answer. At the same time, Roger asked in disbelief, “Brother, if bears don’t like to eat meat, don’t tell me that they like to eat grass?”

Xiang Yun shot Roger a look of contempt. “What do you think bears are? Let me tell you, bears don’t even eat dead things, why would they go eat grass?”

Xiang Yun proudly looked at Suo Jia and stated, “Let me tell you. Bears are the greediest animals, and you would never be able to guess what they love eating the most. If I hadn’t personally witnessed it countless times, I wouldn’t have believed they loved eating this kind of thing either!”

“Heavens…” Suo Jia covered his eyes in pain, “I beg of you, Brother, if you really do know, can you stop baiting us, and just say it? This is very important to me!”

“Hehe…” With an embarrassed smile, Xiang Yun said deliberately, “I remember there was a time I went on a mountain to train in the martial arts and crossed paths with a hive of killer bees. Just from seeing the hive hanging down from the tree, I had the strong urge to eat the honey inside!”

Although nobody knew what Xiang Yun wanted to say, the others patiently continued to listen as Xiang Yun continued, “Just as I was about to act, I noticed a black shadow had stealthily appeared next to the hive and swatted it down. Afterwards…without paying any regard to the fact that its face and nose were swelling from the venomous killer bees’ stings, it avariciously split the hive apart and deliciously ate all of the honey inside!”

With this, Xiang Yun turned to face the other three and smiled, “Why don’t you guys guess what exactly this thing that risked the danger to swat down a hive and eat the honey within it was?

Suo Jia gasped in astonishment, “Heavens, how could a creature like that exist?! A whole hive of killer bees is fierce enough to sting a wild beast to death! Killer bee stingers are as large and sharp as toothpicks, and they have extremely fatal venom!”

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  1. takumi168 says:

    I forgot bears like honey… to much national geographic, watching grizzlies eat salmon…that being said these are ice bears…how was I suppose to make connection to black bears.


  2. AkumaxSealer says:

    Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
    Chubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff.
    He’s Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
    Willy, nilly, silly old bear.

    Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
    Chubby, little cubby, all stuffed with fluff.
    He’s Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh.
    Willy, nilly silly old bear.


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