YBCB V3C10 + Epilogue

And that’s a wrap for volume 3! I love the moment in the epilogue between Yu Yin and Yu…although it does make you wonder when Yu Yin will figure out what Yu has really been up to…and his relationship with Teng Qi.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter Ten

He heard Ding Wei Han let out a terrified yelp before quickly backpedaling.

Yu Yin reflexively jumped back up and immediately pinched his own face, but it didn’t feel like his entire face had mysteriously changed. In fact, when he turned to look at his face in the window of the house across, it didn’t look any different.

But just now was…?

He stood in place. After receiving such a scare, Ding Wei Han sprinted over to start banging on the steel door, clearly wanting to run away as far as possible. His manner was worlds apart from the murderous aura he had sported just now.

The cellphones on the ground were still constantly going off from texts. Now, they were also ringing from incoming calls. Both his and Ding Wei Han’s phones were in a constant cacophony.

Yu Yin crossed the short distance to pick up his own, already broken phone, which still had a pitch-black screen. “Don’t you want to listen in a bit?” He coldly smirked and turned the phone so that it faced the person that was trying to flee, and then pressed the receiver button.

After pressing it, the sound coming from the phone was immediately amplified.

It was the empty sound of wind blowing, nearly identical to that of the night winds at the moment. It sounded like an intangible breathing contrasting a stark silence, a noise that sent shivers down the spine.

The amplified sound originally also transmitted the noise coming from the security personnel currently examining their car. Then, that sound gradually seemed to grow more and more distant, as if the person had originally been standing there, and was now traveling upwards.

The noise coming from the security staff was now covered by the wind.

Starting from the first floor, it moved up to the second floor, then the third…

As Ding Wei Han heard it getting further and further from its original spot, he woodenly turned to look on the other side, where the sign hung on the short wall.

Almost in slow motion, they first saw the crimson-dyed, blue-green hair that was dripping a liquid substance onto its skin. Then they saw the ash-grey eyes emitting a green light, locked onto the two of them. Then the smashed face…piece of piece, it silently rose up.

Ding Wei Han gaped at the sight, unable to speak a word.

The phone let out a faint noise. Just as the person across them reached a standing position on the wall with its clothed shoes, it opened its mouth, its voice instead coming out from the phone in Yu Yin’s hand:


The voice spoke slowly, but it surpassed the speaker’s capability by transmitting directly into their ears. Each word was elongated as it was broken up by the blowing wind.

This sentence seemed to flip some kind of switch on Ding Wei Han, as he suddenly jumped and shouted, “It’s mine! That thing belongs to me!” He backed away until he bumped into the steel door with a thud. The person standing on the wall narrowed its odd, green eyes, but its line of sight remained locked onto Ding Wei Han.

Without any warning, an extremely loud bang came from the steel door, as if someone had heavily punched it.

Yu Yin, who was just as startled by this, felt his hand loosen its grip. As a result, his phone crashed onto the ground for the second time that day with a depressing crack. “Fuck!”

Time to buy a new one.

Ding Wei Han immediately scuttled away from the entryway, his hand pressed against left chest pocket as he focused intently on the door. He then shifted his gaze towards the person on the wall. “This is mine, this is mine…”

The clamor from the door immediately ceased.

The phone that had smashed onto the ground, as well as the other phone lying on the other side, went silent as well.

Yu Yin stared at the “person” on the wall. As if it had heard Ding Wei Han’s reply, a smile that carried absolutely no warmth slowly unfurled on “his” face. Then, with a twitch of the face, the originally purple-white splotched skin split apart so that they could clearly see the dark shadows of muscle currently writhing around.

“Just wait and see.”

The voice genuinely seemed to come from his mouth this time.

In the next second, another boom resounded from the door behind them. This time, it was directly kicked open by someone, and the entire door flung out all the way before rebounding back on its hinges. The passage connecting to the staircase was visible from behind the door, and another person that shouldn’t have possibly been here at this time appeared.

“What are you two doing here!” The person turned on the rooftop lights, the blinding white light simultaneously illuminating all three faces. Yu Yin could see the person that had arrived was the staff member named Teng Qi. “Ding Wei Han, Student Yu?”

“Hello.” Yu Yin lifted his hand to give a wave.

When they looked backwards, Chen Yong Hao had already disappeared.

As soon as the door was opened and the lights were turned on, Ding Wei Han seemed to completely forget everything that had just happened, and wordlessly began to walk out the exit with a deathly-pale face.

“Wait a minute! Stop him!”

Immediately reacting to Yu Yin’s shout, Teng Qi reached out his arm to block his colleague at the door. “I think you both need to give a good explanation for what you are doing here in the middle of the night, causing the security staff to contact me and ask me to come and look.”

“It’s none of your business!” Ding Wei Han maliciously spit out before subconsciously glancing back at the wall. He then refocused his sight on the person blocking the doorway.

“Chen Yong Hao’s lottery ticket is on him!” Before Teng Qi could voice any question, Yu Yin immediately butted in while pointing at the other person, “Inside his inner chest pocket—”

Before he had even finished speaking, Ding Wei Han immediately clutched his clothes reflexively. Teng Qi, who was standing next to him, narrowed his eyes and directly grabbed him, flinging his jacket open to grab at the inner pocket.

A small piece of white paper was drawn out under the white light.

“That’s mine!” Ding Wei Han sharply protested, his eyes reddening as he pounced to wrestle the little piece of paper back.

Teng Qi swiftly took a step back. He ignored his colleague that subsequently collided with the door frame and quickly inspected the paper. His expression turned grave as he turned to ask Yu Yin, “This thing belongs to Chen Yong Hao?”

“That’s right!”

“How can you prove that? If you say fingerprints, mine are now on it too.” Teng Qi coldly glanced at Ding Wei Han, who still wanted to leap at it, before re-shifting his gaze to the other person.

“Aside from fingerprints, I obviously have other evidence too. But I need confirmation first that you won’t help your colleague after hearing it, and will continue to help Chen Yong Hao instead.” Yu Yin looked at the critical lottery ticket being held by the other person.

“OK, I give you my word.” Teng Qi took out his own phone and turned on its recording function before tossing it at the person in front of him. “Speak.”

Yu Yin caught the new phone. After checking the display, he took a deep breath before saying, “That night I bumped into Chen Yong Hao, I was just coming out from a salon owned by an acquaintance. Because it was pretty late, I bought some snacks, which I later ended up gifting to Chen Yong Hao. So if I’m not mistaken, aside from the lottery ticket possessing my fingerprints, it should also have traces of the grease from the stewed food or something similar on it. After all, the food was wrapped on the stall’s counter.”

“Mm, that is reasonable.” Teng Qi took out a handkerchief to wrap around the thin piece of paper. “Do you have any more key evidence?”

“Of course I do. I heard that Chen Yong Hao really liked a drink that’s hard to buy. I’ve seen the empty bottles for that drink on the roof, so he probably had some that night. If lucky, that might have stuck on there too. I’m sure that coming to his favorite place in such an excited mood would definitely result in him looking at it while drinking. And finally…” Yu Yin paused for a moment and tightly gripped the phone. “I got my hair dyed that night. The shop owner told me that the dye I had used was slow to dry, but since I was rushed to buy stuff that night, I left before it had completely dried. At some point afterwards, I touched my own hair, so aside from my fingerprints, I can bet that there are also traces of that dye on the lottery ticket, even if just a bit!”

“Fuck! You think that makes it yours? Could I not also have eaten stewed snacks, had some drinks, and dyed my hair after buying a lottery ticket? That thing was originally mine!” Ding Wei Han’s face was flushed red, still wanting to grab the ticket back. However, Teng Qi would not let him do so.

“Of course I can confirm that it is definitely Chen Yong Hao’s!” Yu Yin’s voice also increased in volume. When he saw that this person showed no signs of repentance, he immediately grew furious. “I can bet you that the dye that my senior used on my hair that night can’t be found anywhere else in all of Taiwan! The dye hasn’t yet been authorised for sale on the market; he wanted to use it on me as a test. Is that proof enough for you?!”

The winds around them suddenly picked up.

“That is more than enough.”

Footsteps sounded out from the staircase behind them, and a voice said, “I’ll have to trouble everyone present to freeze and hand over any items in hand.”

Two identical faces appeared one after another at the entrance. The only difference between them was that one sported glasses, while the other was clouded with fury.

“We are the police. You are arrested on account of attempted murder.” The two policemen charged forward to seize Ding Wei Han, who had immediately broken into a run in attempt to flee, and held him down onto the ground.

Yu Tong glanced at the caught person before walking over while pushing up his glasses. “Mr. Teng, please hand over the item in your hands. I’ll also have to trouble you to come back to the station with us.”

Teng Qi shrugged and handed over the paper wrapped in the handkerchief to the cop approaching him.

“Ah Yin, are you completely unable to understand human communication?!” Yu Xia stomped over like a wild beast, directly throwing a fist down onto the head of his family’s son before grabbing the recording device.

“Violence! I want to charge this cop for using violence!” Yu Yin shouted while clutching his head.

On natural reflex, all the policemen immediately turned away, not daring to wade into the muddy waters, or else they could end up being killed unknowingly.

“I protest! You guys are covering for…argh!” Yu Yin was punched a second time before being promptly dragged away by the ear.

Jiu Shen, who had hurriedly followed behind, quickly took photos of everything left behind on the scene before picking them up as evidence.

After seeing the three people being brought away, Yu Tong looked back at the balcony.

For some reason, he felt like he had seen four figures just now. Perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him…

“What’s wrong?” After kicking the others down the stairs, Yu Xia turned to look over at his identical brother.

“Nothing, I just feel like something is a bit strange.”

“Are you referring to the security people downstairs?”

“Yes. For some reason, they keep circling the car to inspect it, even though it’s clearly very normal with nothing wrong. I’m not sure where exactly it’s broken…”

When they had arrived, they had seen two or three security personnel pointing at the perfectly intact car as they examined it left and right with bewildered expressions while insistently repeating something like a person jumping off and crashing onto the car.

But they hadn’t seen any signs of the car being smashed; in fact, it didn’t even have a single scratch.

Yu Xia let out a cold scoff.

“It’s probably their brains that are broken.”


Almost everyone’s brains were broken from burn-out that evening.

The investigation lasted through the entire night.

The testimonies from the person that had been seized on the rooftop, as well as the witnesses from before, were compared to the evidence brought back by the search team.

“So sleepy.” Yu Yin yawned from the chair he was sitting in as a related person.

“Was the murderer really Ding Wei Han?” Chu Jin He, who was the second related person, still didn’t quite dare to believe it. He had been called over in the middle of the night. Upon arriving at the station, he had been shocked to discover that the suspect being pointed at was not someone unfamiliar to him.

“That’s right, the lottery ticket has already been confirmed to be the first one from the current cycle.” He had even seen Jiu Shen-Gē cup it in both hands while trembling with fear. He probably hadn’t imagined that there would ever be a day when he would be inspecting twenty million, and had therefore been beyond cautious. Thinking up to this point, Yu Yin let out another yawn. Typically, a person would become very relaxed after a moment of extreme tension, so all he wanted to do now was collapse on the ground for a while. He could talk again later after sleeping for a few hours.

“Why didn’t you ask me to go along with you?” Chu Jin He narrowed his eyes and asked in a slightly reproachful tone.

I was afraid you would ruin it if you had come along…Yu Yin coughed and mildly answered, “Forgot.” Who was he kidding? If he had been there back when Yu Yin had revealed everything, Yu Yin could bet that Chu Jin He would have pushed the culprit off the building during the struggle.

Chu Jin He simply eyed him silently.

Each filled with their own thoughts, they did not continue talking with each other. Just as the hour hand on the clock wall moved to point at five, Yu Tong finally appeared at the other end of the hall.

“Dad, can we go home yet?” Yu Yin, who was on the verge of falling asleep on the spot, immediately jumped up and asked this question. “It should be fine now, for the most part. The analysis results just came out. That lottery ticket really did have your hair dye on it, as well as the other things. It just didn’t have traces of the drink. We’ve already called the people at the salon to confirm that the dye still hasn’t gone onto the market, and also received a sample. Moreover, Jiu Shen also ran a test on the clothes Chen Yong Hao wore that day, and found Ding Wei Han’s entire handprint on the back part…” Yu Tong glanced at the person next to him and paused for a moment before continuing, “In short, since we have confirmed that Chen Yong Hao did not commit suicide, the next part will be investigating it as a murder case. The rest is up to how the court wants to deal with it.”

Chu Jin He clenched his fists once before letting out a long sigh of relief.

“Also, Ding Wei Han had some dealings with those gangsters you two encountered a few days ago. Ah Yin, when you found him, it seems that he had just happened to be on the phone with them. Apparently, Chen Yong Hao’s father owed them a large debt, and the gangsters seemingly forced him into hiding. Until now, they have yet to find him. Knowing this, Ding Wei Han came into contact with those people and tried to take over the case. However, Teng Qi ended up winning it over, and the gangsters that had been unable to receive their additional interest, were still going back and forth with Ding Wei Han. Yu Xia is currently questioning them on deeply involved they were.” Yu Tong shut the files in his hands and shrugged. “This is all information that has not been made public yet, so I’ll have to request for you two to not spread it anywhere under any circumstances.”

“I have a question.” Yu Yin raised his hand and scratched his head. “Why was he in contact with the creditors of Chen Yong Hao’s family?”

“That’s because forcing his family into an urgent situation was the only way Chen Yong Hao would willingly agree to let him take the case. But according to Mr. Teng Qi, Chen Yong Hao had noticed they had dealings with each other before, which was why he was hesitant. Afterwards, he ended up asking Teng Qi to deal with it instead. I’m sure Ding Wei Han was extremely discontent with this, so the gangsters went to disturb him…but the possibility of it being instigated cannot be eliminated,” Yu Tong answered, having already questioned them to clarify all these facts.

“I see.” No wonder the attitude of the hoodlums had been so strange.

Wait…that night?

Yu Yin suddenly recalled another matter, and his entire mind suddenly cleared in realisation.

If that’s the case, then that first encounter with those hoodlums and that thing underneath the table we played the coin summoning game on are all connected!

“That’s right, regarding the matter of you breaking into the company without permission, Mr. Teng has already helped cover for you. In his testimony, he told us that he asked you to—”

“Dad! I suddenly remembered I have something to do, can I go now?”

Before his dad had finished speaking, Yu Yin slapped his cheeks a few times and urgently interrupted him.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Tong asked him in a puzzled tone when he saw Yu Yin’s sudden strange behavior.

“Something urgent, I can’t explain well all at once.” Chu Jin He, whose expression was also extremely confused, was dragged by Yu Yin out the door. “If I need help with anything later, I’ll contact you guys!”

“Oi, hey! Ah Yin?”

Yu Tong watched his son tow the other related person with him, disappearing outside the staircase. He gave up on trying to shout after them, and simply shook his head. Either way, there wasn’t much else to the case anymore, so he just let them go.

Yu Tong looked down at the new information about the case in his hands and sighed.

“Why do you not look very happy?” Teng Qi had arrived at some point and was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He had just sent a message to his management to request a day off for making up sleep. “I thought you be very happy about finding the murderer, and the suicide case being flipped to become a murder case…hah.”

“He was never a suicide case to begin with, so it wasn’t actually flipped into a murder case. It was just that the falsehoods were changed to facts.” Yu Tong rubbed his chin and took off his glasses. He walked over to the vending machine to grab two drinks, tossing one of the bottles over. “If you could have told us everything you knew earlier, this case probably would have been exposed much earlier…”

Teng Qi shrugged and pulled the drink open. “Even if I didn’t say them, you all managed to beautifully resolve the case. Now, our company will have to repair and deal with the aftermath left by Ding Wei Han, who already damaged our reputation.”

“I don’t think it can be called ‘beautifully’ resolved.” Yu Tong narrowed his eyes as he looked at the serial number on the case files. “If someone had to die for some money in order for the case to be closed, it couldn’t ever be called beautiful…”

“If twenty million were placed in front of you today, would you be tempted?” Teng Qi sniffed the artificially flavored drink as the corner of his mouth curved upwards, as if asking an inadvertent question.

“…It’s with charity.”


Yu Tong closed his eyes to remove his glasses to wipe the lenses before putting them back on. “That year my wife and I got into a car accident, the other person’s compensation for both injury and insurance resulted in a total of 22.5 million after deducting funeral costs. It’s all gone to charity.”

“I understand, my apologies.”

It was silent for a while.

The first one to restart, and simultaneously end the conversation, was Yu Tong. “I have really troubled you much tonight, Mr. Teng. You may go home now. If we still need anything else, we will contact you then. Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

“This is nothing. In the future, you can always come find me just to chat if you have time. You don’t have to come only when a case is involved.” Teng Qi amiably said as he tossed the empty drink bottle into the recycling bin.

“Alright, I will have to trouble you again then,” Yu Tong replied with a smile. He then heard a coworker’s shout, and turned towards the sound.

“That’s right, Shaodi Yu was already adopted by you, right?”


Yu Tong abruptly turned back around to stare at the person before him in shock.

“Never mind, it was just a passing thought.”

Then, Teng Qi turned and left with a smile.


“What did you drag me out here for?”

After the entire case had been resolved, Chu Jin He had been pulled out of the police station for some bizarre reason, and he was very confused. “Is something else the matter?”

After hearing that Yu Yin had helped to find the murderer, Chu Jin He’s attitude towards him had improved for the better.

“We’re going to take a trip to Chen Yong Hao’s home.” Because his motorbike was still over there, Yu Yin had grabbed someone that both knew the way and had a car. Along the way, he had also borrowed a safety helmet from a police officer he recognised.

“Take a trip to his home…oh, that’s right, I forgot about telling Auntie about this. If she knew that the murderer was caught, she would definitely be happy.” As soon as Chu Jin He recalled this matter he had forgotten, his movements also quickened.

“That’s not it, we’re not going to his home to give his family a report…ah, forget it, I’ll tell you once we get there. Let’s just head over first!” Yu Yin pushed at the other person, urgently wanting to confirm if his thoughts were correct as a chilling feeling spread throughout his body.

Aside from Chen Yong Hao, they had overlooked someone else this entire time.

It was a bit past five in the morning. Aside from some convenience stores, there were a few breakfast restaurants and fast food places open.

The two of them randomly bought quick meals along the way, and swiftly rushed down a certain alley.

It was still very early.

The funeral hall had been completely torn down now. The things that had been removed had yet to be brought away. Since the body had not yet been buried, the things had been temporarily placed off to one side in order to not hinder the neighbors for too long. In addition, they had to wait for the right time to rebuild it.

Upon arriving, the alley was extremely quiet. There were one or two old people walking out together to head to the park and do their morning exercises and such.

The sky was still a bit dusky.

By the time they got off the car, it was right before six.

“The younger sister goes to school at seven, and should be waking up in a bit.” Chu Jin He looked at the shut door, and after some thought, put some of the extra breakfast outside the closed window.

“My objective isn’t over there, no need to especially wake them up.” Yu Yin ripped open his own portion of breakfast to eat it in the back seat of the car. Luckily, the fast food place had coffee. Otherwise, he would really die today…

I’m really about to die from lack of sleep here.

“That’s right, exactly what are you so anxious over?” Chu Jin He tried to ask as he bit into his sandwich, as he was still completely lost.

“Do you remember what we talked about before regarding Chen Yong Hao’s dad?”

“I remember. After that guy accumulated the debt, he didn’t dare to show his face, and instead left all of the debt on Yong Hao and the others before disappearing.” As soon as he spoke of that person, Chu Jin He immediately started to grow angry.

“Back before we first played the coin summoning, I saw something on top of those hoodlums’ table…”

“Something?” Yu Yin scratched his head, unsure of how to explain. “Later, that thing appeared under the coin summoning table.”

Chu Jin He froze and turned to look at him. “What are you trying to say?”

When Yu Yin thought back to the very beginning, he was very certain that they had truly overlooked something. After quickly finishing his breakfast, he jumped down from his seat. “Do you still remember that night when we were chased by those gangsters, we ran from the corner of that alley all the way back to Chen Yong Hao’s home?”

“I remember…wait, that night…”

As if suddenly recalling something, Chu Jin He gave a blank stare. “I always thought I had just misheard, but was there another sound coming from behind us that night?”

Because they had been too nervous back then, and because the gangsters had ended up opening fire at the end, he had completely forgotten the appearance of the third sound during the short distance they had run that day.

It had followed them closely from behind: the sound of someone running in slippers.

It hadn’t been him or Yu Yin, and definitely had not been those hoodlums. It was as if it had been running for its life right behind them. But after they had charged into the house, they hadn’t seen anyone else, as if the echo had just been an illusion.

“So you really did hear it too.” Seems like he’s pretty much finished eating as well? Yu Yin waved at him to start walking in that direction at a leisurely pace, unlike how they had gone the previous day. “I heard that sound first appeared here around half a year ago. It didn’t exist before then, but one day, in the middle of the night, everyone living here heard it, and it has been present since.”

“Half, half a year ago?” Chu Jin He trembled in shock as he followed behind, with a feeling that he knew what it was.

“I’ve said before that those people are unrelated to Chen Yong Hao…but they’re actually the creditors chasing after Chen Yong Hao’s father.” They turned the corner and quickly saw the scene from that night: the house and the front yard. It was absolutely empty. “So this is my hypothesis: half a year ago, because Ding Wei Han was trying to get this large case, he and the gangsters worked together to force their family to quickly return the money. They hoped that under the massive pressure, the Chen family would be able to transfer all the liability over.

“With this kind of prerequisite, those hoodlums’ method of demanding repayment probably became more intense.”

Yu Yin pushed open the old and broken front door of the single-story house and stepped onto the patch of fresh dirt.

“That night, without anyone knowing, someone was being chased by creditors. He originally wanted to run back home, but he could no longer go back there. The sound stayed there as the person was carried away and accidentally beaten to death by the creditors, and has disappeared for half a year.”

“Wait, wait a minute, what are you saying?!” Shocked, Chu Jin He stood at the doorway. He then saw Yu Yin dig away at the patch of fresh dirt with his bare hands.

“The reason Ding Wei Han went to see those guys after they were captured was to confirm they wouldn’t spill anything regarding this matter. When the gangsters later called him asking for a bail and a lawyer, his reaction was so excessive and aggressive that I felt like they must have had close ties.” Yu Yin pointed at the hard object that had appeared underneath the dirt and narrowed his eyes. He then flipped a chunk of dirt over. “That’s right, I once saw a family photo in Chen Yong Hao’s room. When I think about it more closely, it actually shared a slight resemblance to that thing underneath the coin summoning table.”

Although the quick glance wasn’t quite enough to ascertain that.

It was now a bit past six in the morning. The nearby residents were beginning to open their doors as the children heading to school stood at the entrance and shouted at their parents to hurry up.

Sunlight began to radiate out from behind the clouds.

Standing atop his own shadow, Chu Jin He took a step back in astonishment.

A single, white skeletal hand had appeared underneath the fresh dirt. Next to it was a tossed and half-buried pair of ordinary blue and white colored slippers.

Yu Yin stood up and dusted off the dirt on his hands. “Let’s call the police.”

Then, everything would really come to an end.


Smoke was coming out from the funeral hall.

The thin, white streams of smoke dispersed in the air.

“Ah Yin, over here.”

Chu Jin He, who was dressed in all blank and standing next to some other people, waved at the person that had just arrived at the alley entrance. The funeral hall behind him had two photos. Upon closer look, the two people in the photos shared some resemblance.

“Is the funeral procession tomorrow?” Yu Yin quietly asked as he looked at the other people at the funeral hall. Yu Tong and Yu Xia got off the same car, and after Yu Xia had given his greetings to the other person, he had circled around to pass over some money offering.

“That’s right, the date has been decided. It’s all tomorrow.” Chu Jin He sighed and looked up at the sky with a faint smile. “Those murderers will be sent to be punished by the law tomorrow as well…and everything will be resolved that way.”

“Mm.” Yu Yin nodded and followed behind to light some incense. There were flowers gifted by others all around the area.

Unlike before, the strange atmosphere that had been in the funeral hall before had completely disappeared. Now, only an air of grievance was present.

After everything had been brought to light, many people had charged over to the outside of the detention room, shouting for Ding Wei Han to pay the price. Most likely, if he was fortunate enough to get out, he probably wouldn’t be able to live very happily.

Students won’t always be students. Eventually there will come a day where they all go into society.

When that time where they are no longer constrained by the school comes, who knows what those students will do to him.

“We don’t want Ding Wei Han to just die as well.” Chu Jin He smiled at him. “Our goal is to make sure he suffers through life without being able to die. After all, murder is instantaneous, and just having him feel pain for a mere moment is letting him off too lightly. He has to use his entire life to repent for the person he had killed for money.”

Yu Yin looked at him, knowing that anything he said wouldn’t be able to move these people.

It was a price, a price that had to be paid after being seized.

“Did Teng-dàgē not come?” Yu Yin looked around and changed the topic.

“Teng-dàgē came yesterday and gave quite a large sum of money. Mama Chen had left Yong Hao’s lottery ticket under Teng-dàgē’s jurisdiction to deal with. I heard that with the ticket, in addition to the compensation and insurance for murder, the Chen family can get nearly six million total…because two people died. Teng-dàgē will help them manage the money after the debts have been cleared and help Yong Hao’s family change their lifestyles…I heard that he’s studied financial management before.” Chu Jin He dryly laughed and wiped his eyes. “You should go ahead and look around. I have to go help with some other matters, since there are still a lot of things waiting for us.”

“Go ahead and do what you need to do.”

After saying goodbye to Chu Jin He, Yu Yin turned around and saw Yu, who had come very late, get off the car. He walked over while tugging at his black clothes.

The two of them went to a relatively more remote area so as not to disturb others from their work.

“You’ve been really busy recently. How’s studying going?” Yu Yin looked at the youth standing next to him as he asked this question, seemingly just to pass the time.

The two adults in his family had gone in to provide explanations to some of the Chen family’s questions and would still be a while.

Yu nodded, indicating that there hadn’t been any problems.

“Sigh, I’ve been busy working recently…I originally wanted to buy you a tablet computer as a gift, since you seemed to really like reading things, and it would be easier to look things up on the internet. But because my phone was recently broken again, I had to first buy a phone.”

He pulled out two identical phones from his pocket, one black and one white. Yu Yin passed the white phone over and said, “I only had enough money to buy a phone. This one is yours. If you have any troubles in the future, you can just directly call me or anyone else.”

Originally, he had figured his phone could last a while longer after being fixed. But since it had been smashed three times in succession recently, it was already broken beyond repair. Thus, Yu Yin could only temporarily put his original plan on hold and buy phones instead.

The violet eyes stared at him with an astonished expression.

“Go on and take it. I’ve already paid the fees in advance, just don’t abuse it,” Yu Yin said as he pushed the white cellphone forwards.

As if confirming it, Yu carefully reached out to poke at the cellphone in doubt.

Unable to wait for his exasperatingly slow movements, Yu Yin directly grabbed Yu’s hand and forcefully shoved the phone into his grasp. “I’ve already asked, there are also games that you can play on there, as well as a stylus for you to use for writing on the screen. Or you can just use buttons to type. From now on, you don’t have to go through the trouble of carrying around a large notebook to write.”

Yu clutched the ice-cold phone and furiously nodded before running away.

Seeing what was probably his action of joy, Yu Yin also faintly smiled.

From where he stood, he could see the window of the Chen family’s home. On the other side of the window was the aged face of Chen Yong Hao’s mother.

Her face was covered in tears.

“What would I do with this kind of money, what’s the point of this money…” the mother murmured repeatedly, her broken voice dissipating in the air.

After sending away the people in the funeral hall, the cold numbers were left to forever replace the existence of the two people.

However, those numbers couldn’t possibly fulfil the dream of their entire family traveling the world.

Yu Yin sighed and powered on his new cellphone.

Less than a second later, he immediately received a text notification.

It didn’t have a sender displayed. He slowly opened the message.

“Thank you…I wish I could have known you guys earlier. Thanks so much for that night. The food was delicious, and my sister loved it too…goodbye.”

There, the text ended.

After reading the short message, the corners of Yu Yin’s mouth tilted upwards and he pressed the delete button.

He knew that these kinds of texts would never exist again.

The things that were supposed to leave would have to leave in the end. They couldn’t exist forever.

The screen continued to load until the message was completely erased.

Yu Yin grinned as he looked over at the photo in the funeral hall nearby. The person in the picture was also smiling with an expression of ease, as if glad that everything had been resolved.

Yu Yin shut his phone and finally sighed in relief.

“Bye-bye, Chen Yong Hao.”

I wish you a safe journey.

Like that, everything had come to an end.

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17 thoughts on “YBCB V3C10 + Epilogue

    1. The twist with the second victim in the end really reminds me of why I love this series so much! From the beginning, the main perpetrator was fairly obvious so that whole progression was predictable, but then that sudden twist that had been lurking behind the scenes the entire time really surprised me.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. What a polite ghost CYH is. /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ It’s just so sad that his mother and sister will have to bury him so early. I’m sure he’s glad the debt managed to be paid off, at least…. Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He’s really just such a nice guy, both alive and dead. He wouldn’t normally have asked for Yu Yin’s help if he was alive, but since he has his limits while dead, he was forced to turn to Yu Yin for the sake of his family. I’m sure that if presented a chance, he would help Yu Yin again as a token of gratitude :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But CYH sure was persistent both alive and dead. He chased YY when he’s alive and presistently called and sent texts until he agreed. That part destroyed all semblances of suspense🤣🤣🤣


  2. What happened to the security personnel?

    Thanks for translating this novel. Is there another arc?


    1. For the most part, each volume is its own arc. Season 1 has a total of 8 volumes, and season 2 has a total of 9 volumes, so probably around 15-17 arcs total for the entire series.


    2. Nothing happened to the security personnel. Teng Qi told them that he called Yu Yin to the company, which cleared their suspicion of him breaking in, and I think they were just forced to assume that the “collision with the person jumping off” was their hallucination…because they would never know it was actually the ghost of Yong Hao.


  3. Welp, it’s a sad but fulfilling ending. I agree with Mama Chen. The cold numbers couldn’t ever possibly replace the two important people in the family. Nothing would fill their hearts for a long period of time. I’m glad that Chen Yong Hao got his ending peacefully. He was such a good guy and he deserves to be happy. Thanks for translating this♡

    Liked by 3 people

  4. This time i could read the whole 3rd vol before night. But, the ghost this time kinda funny & “helpfull”. Hahaha…
    Everything still predictable, i just don’t understand why the thugs dig the “grave” again. Corpse supposed to ditched as far as possible and not to brought to daylight (or nightlight) again(vol1&2 reminder). I mean the fresh dirt. If its half a year, and not digged up again, it wouldn’t be that fresh. To get rid of it? Move it? Under police nose…Nah. i couldn’t get their motive except to gives clue for readers. Well, i got the clues right, But my brain can’t accept it. Just WHYYYYY??? Tell me thugs!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful translation. Now i really got curious about this Teng. Who is he to Xiao Yu…? Well i know he will became “regular” after beat up the thugs. That kinda cool. Lol. Guess it the time to continue reading.


  5. The ghost is actually a good assistant this volume. That aside man a tragedy for a family and a bittersweet ending to this volume. TT-TT
    In the end, Yong Hao was a bit too high profiled after he won the lottery :/
    If only he kept himself low profiled until he paid off the debt using the cashed in lottery winning, he could’ve lived. Still the main fault was that Deng guy who was too damn greedy for his own good.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Damn I teared a little after reading that final text message :'(.

    Thanks for the 3 volumes (that i’ve read) so far, it’s been amazing :>

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yu yin really need to learn some self-defense. His tendencies to walk and be dragged into troubles are too worrisome.


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