YBCB Character Introductions

These are the character introductions (+ illustrations) from the physical books for each season. Spoilers to the current translations will be omitted and updated accordingly as the story progresses.

Season 1 Character Introductions

From right to left:

Shaodi Yu. High school student. Black, straight hair and violet eyes, pale white skin. Has foreign mixed blood. Due to trauma from the murder-suicide of his entire family, he became unwilling/unable to speak. However, he has an attentive personality and is extremely skilled in language arts.

Yu Yin. University student. Has naturally curly hair that is usually dyed brown (long-lasting dye). Enjoys having fun, has a slightly active personality. Often goes to nightclubs to enjoy nightlife with classmates, but will also become very serious when facing proper matters. Possesses yin-yang eyes.

Yu Tong. Ah Yin’s father. Policeman. Black haired baby-face (has the appearance of a high school student). Extremely gentle and kindhearted personality. Skilled at cooking.  Has poor vision due to a serious car accident.

Yu Xia. Yu Tong’s twin brother, Ah Yin’s uncle [“second dad”]. Policeman. Has a highly explosive temper but is very efficient at anything he does. He will always beat a certain person he refers to as “brat”. Currently a captain of a police unit. Spends nearly every day of the year running around various crime scenes to investigate cases.

Yan Si. A forensic investigator that oversteps boundaries. Temporarily at this city’s police station to support the forensic work. Likes anything interesting, but often works overtime, limiting his ability to have fun.

Season 2 Character Introductions

From right to left:

Yu Yin. A new member of society that possesses yin-yang eyes. Although he does enjoy having fun, he will act with propriety. He despises senseless matters.

Shaodi Yu. The sole survivor of a familicide. Strong ability in language, literature, and memory. Loves desserts. Possesses violet eyes.

Dong Feng. Strong ability in 3D shapes, memory, and analysis. Unwilling to form relationships with others, yet also unable to stop worrying about them. Has anorexic tendencies. Hates red grapes.

Fang Xiao Hai. Ah Fang’s younger sister. Manager + protector of a nightclub. A fierce and explosive, yet straightforward spiritual repellent. Currently adores Yu Tong, her “Mr. Cop”.

Ah Fang. Ah Yin’s friends. Previously one of the school’s mediators. The older brother type that always takes care of others. Likes basketball and exercising.

Yi Tai. Previously one of the school’s mediators. Appears to be easygoing, but often ends up making those around him run around in circles. Neither just nor evil.

From right to left:

Yu Tong. Part of the criminal administrative unit. Ah Yin’s father. A mature man with a baby-face that is kindhearted, steadfast, and polite, but can be sinister when necessary.

Yu Xia. Captain of a police unit. Ah Yin’s uncle [“second dad”].  Irritable personality. Likes using his fists to punish crimes. Despite his baby face, he has extraordinary martial arts skills.

Jiu Shen. Criminal investigator. An earnest young man that always does his utmost. Despises and fears unscientific things.

Li Zi Hong. Criminal prosecutor. Dong Feng’s senior from university. Serious and hardworking in his job. Likes video games and mountain climbing.

Yan Si. Forensic investigator. Likes anything interesting. Takes it upon himself to be a pain in the ass. Extremely frivolous.

Ye Huan En. Part of the inspector’s unit. Amiable, and a support-type rather than a leader-type. Raises a beloved cat named Chicken Jerky and a beloved dog named Fish Jerky.

8 thoughts on “YBCB Character Introductions

  1. The twins are not that ‘babyface’ there. So, I guess Yu Yin is more to his mother feature.

    Please write the omitted part too
    If you want to avoid spoiler, then use highlight or smth so people that dislike spoiler can avoid it.
    I’m obviously the type okay with spoiler.


    1. I don’t have the ability to do anything like highlight or covering words with the free WP domain I am using. I omitted them mostly because they do not appear in the first season at all so they are not relevant to my translations. They appear in the second season only, which means they would not mean much to anyone unless they have read the second season (which would mean they could read the original Chinese without my translation of these character descriptions anyways).


  2. I say, many of the illustrations arent what I picture them to be. But its the official right? I’ll just get used to it…😣
    Well, i’m able to recognize Jiu Shen and xiao yu instantly 😁. The most impacful fact is… Yan Si actually taller than Li Zhi Hong?? 😨😨😨 You must be kidding me! I’m halfway shiping then you know and Yan Si should be the shorter ones…! 😡
    Thank you for the characters introduction, Taffy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yan Si’s height caught me off-guard too, but after I thought about it more, I could totally see him using his height advantage over Li Zi Hong and annoying him more with it xD Personally though, Yan Si (looked a bit older/more sensible than I thought) and Yu Yin (forgot about his dyed birds-nest hair!) were the only ones that I found a bit unexpected – everyone else matched well in my opinion haha.


  3. Lol just decided to take a look at the official art and some of them I can sit well – others just kind of throwing me off guard (Yan Si’s height was like a chair to the back of the head, I thought he was shorter than Li Zhi Hong. Even his hair is longer than what I imagined) Dong Feng seems slightly manly compared to his delicate features in the novel, and the twins look older than I imagined. Everyone else weren’t exactly what I pictured them to be, but they have similar vibes so I can more or less accept the designs. (Except Yan Si, I don’t know if I should just censor him with my previous rendering of him or go through the 4 stages of grief and just accept canon)

    Liked by 1 person

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