This is an insanely long chapter…but the last scene made me laugh so hard. And finally, a bit more about White Triangle is explained! I had to look up a map of Rome to understand the descriptions of their base though :’)

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter 4: School ceremony’s restless charm

In the depths of the alley, a garbage truck and various trash were piled and sitting on both sides of the road. The back doors of the residences and shops were tightly shut. Two figures clothed in black leather stood on the dim path, intensely switching between offense and defence with four people in white coats.

White Triangle and the Grand Night Patrol were fighting. It was a fierce battle that was a matter of life or death.

Not too far from the path were three white-coated people fallen to the ground, blood dyeing their clothes an irregular crimson. On the other side, a man wearing casual clothes was leaning with his back against the wall, panting heavily.

The man’s ears had turned into blue-green fins. His neck and face were covered in tiny, fine blue scales.

Sharp claws popped out of a black-clothed person’s palm as the other person swung their long, venomous stinger. Their attacks were strong, but they were both wounded.

While White Triangle pulled out a silver chained blade to face the Grand Night Patrol that had been forced back together, a burst of wind suddenly disrupted the chains’ movements, embedding them into the walls on either side.

The late support wearing black clothing descended. Shiran flipped down to stand in front of the Grand Night Patrol. Leon immediately brandished his dual blades to engage in close combat with White Triangle. Like a death god hunting in the night, he mercilessly beheaded his targets.

“So slow…” The werewolf patrol coldly criticised Shiran.

“Sorry, there was a bit of a mishap. What is the current situation?”

“A hard battle.”


“Annihilate all enemies in sight.”

Shiran lightly sighed and then smiled. He summoned thin, blade-like void discs to shoot at White Triangle. Like an angel bringing about the final destruction of the world, the massacre was launched into full swing. White Triangle suffered defeat after defeat. Two had their throats slashed by Leon’s swords, while one was covered in cuts from Shiran’s wind blades, to the point where they could barely walk.

“Don’t kill them all. We need one to stay alive,” the scorpion spirit reminded from where he was crouching to heal the injured sea spirit.

“As long as they still have their mouth and head, it’s good enough.” As Leon responded, he cut off the survivor’s arm.

The opponent let out a miserable scream and fell to their knees.

“Who orchestrated the Great Heidelberg Purge twenty-four years ago?” Leon frostily interrogated as he glared down at the enemy.

The man that had lost his arm was gasping for breath, but he arrogantly glared back at Leon. “Go die…Yin beast.”

Leon powerfully stabbed the tip of a sword into the man’s thigh, nailing him to the ground.

“You still have one arm, one leg, a pair of eyes, and all of your organs. We can take our time.”

“Leon, don’t—” Shiran was just about to stop him when he was interrupted by the scorpion spirit’s scream.

They all turned to see the scorpion spirit fallen onto the ground. The skin on his neck and shoulders had blackened, as though it had been scorched by blazing flames. Next to him stood a deathly pale, semi transparent woman that had appeared without them noticing.

The woman’s hands and eyes were covered in bandages with runes scribbled across them. A black fog flowed out from her right palm.

“Damn it, it’s a cursed soul. They sent out a soul master!”

A few seconds later, another group of white-clothed people came pouring in from the other end of the alley to head into battle.

“Withdraw!” The werewolf patrol commanded. He slung his injured comrade over a shoulder while reaching out with his opposite hand to pick up the sea spirit. However, just then, a silver chain shot out and wrapped around the sea spirit before dragging it away.

“Tch!” The werewolf patrol watched the sea spirit fall into White Triangle’s hands, yet could only give up on rescuing his companion because the cursed soul was closing in on him. “Split up and move separately! If you end up alive, report back later!” With this, he began to sprint towards the other end of the alley with his teammate on his back, hiding in the weaving turns of the alley.

Leon unsheathed his swords and leapt up. At the same time, he threw multiple daggers at the White Triangle members. The sound of clashing metal and screams rang out in unison. However, while attacking, a crack appeared in his defence. A cross-shaped lance shot out towards his back.

Whoosh! A powerful wind wall knocked the lance down, causing it to crash into the ground with a faint thud.

“Be careful,” Shiran smiled at Leon. “Like Fu Xing, you need to be watched over too.”

“Meddlesome…” Leon snorted, then swiftly left the scene. “We need to quickly pick up that idiot and return to the academy!” White Triangle’s reinforcements were growing in number. While he did not fear engaging in battle, he did not want Fu Xing to get affected.

Shiran chuckled and pulled out his cellphone. Then, his expression immediately changed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I set a detection spell on Fu Xing’s cellphone.” Shiran took a deep breath. “He’s currently moving towards us…”

Leon frowned and viciously burst out a string of extremely uncouth words.

“We need to hurry!”

As the Grand Night Patrol and the others withdrew, the World Sanctification Court members remained behind to assess the disaster.

They relied on connections to people with higher status and power to seal off the scene, preventing ordinary people from detecting the reality of this hidden world. The ambulance arrived, but could not save any lives. They could only cover their companions’ bodies with white cloth and load each one into the vehicle.

Honourable even in defeat—dying in battle was the highest medal of honour in the World Sanctification Court.

The leader took out a cellphone to listen to his subordinates’ reports while communicating back to the higher-ups.

“Five Yin beasts appeared. One has been ‘reclaimed’, two are heavily wounded and are fleeing north. The two that joined later are moving to the southwest corner.” He paused for a few seconds. “Correction, of the northbound Yin beasts, one is heavily injured, one is dead.” The man was observing the pocket watch in his hands. One of the weak glows flashed twice before burning out.

“A very good performance. Thank you for the hard work,” the man praised from the other end.

“Wait, there’s one more!” A glow slowly moved along a strange and random route from the southwest corner headed towards the northeast corner. “It is near you, Sir Fidel…”

“Leave it to me.”

Fu Xing sat in the coffee shop feeling extremely uneasy.

Not long after Leon and Shiran left, Fu Xing noticed that the people inside the coffee shop were starting to pay attention to him.

First was the female university student sitting diagonally across from him. Then it was two working males behind him on the right. After that was a red-haired middle-aged auntie that entered the shop later with a weaved basket, as well as the middle-aged man at the bar. All were covertly sizing him up.

The waiter continuously refilled his water and the owner personally served him so many free appetizers that he felt like throwing up.

There was also a gorgeous and mature woman that kept brushing past Fu Xing to go to the bathroom. The frequency was so high and the actions were so obvious that even the slow-witted Fu Xing had realised it.

Does that woman have dysentery? Why does she keep running to the bathroom?

Er, no. There’s something strange…

When his eyes accidentally met the female university student’s, she lowered her head in embarrassment.

He glanced towards the bar where the young man with a refined appearance raised his glass to openly propose a toast to Fu Xing from a distance. This action incited a bunch of annoyed murmurs from the other people in the shop.

The red-haired auntie seemed to harden her resolve. She loosened her hair and undid the top two buttons in front of her chest, revealing her deep cleavage. Then she began moving towards Fu Xing’s table with a wild and thirsty look on her face.

Fu Xing hurriedly stood and raced out of the shop.

As he dashed down the road, the people walking around turned to stare at him with fervent gazes like fans that had just spotted a superstar on the street. A few even attempted going up to Fu Xing and following his movements.

What the hell! Don’t tell me this is caused by Margaret’s potion? Didn’t she say it would just boost people’s favourable feelings towards me?

Fu Xing turned into a small alley and sprinted through aimlessly. The winding alley allowed him to successfully shake off the observing crowds.


Seems like it’s fine now. I need to quickly call Shiran—ah, I don’t have Shiran’s number.

A sense of helplessness and panic enveloped him.

Leon…hurry back!

Fu Xing suddenly recalled that Samukawa had wanted him to search for the whereabouts of Shalom’s Star, which he hadn’t even started doing. The situation on campus had already been bad enough; he hadn’t imagined he would land himself in an even more disastrous situation.

Did Leon really take Shalom’s Star? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t he have deceived me…

Expectations and doubts—the two contradictory emotions tugged his heart in opposite directions.

Suddenly, a silver net covered in talismans fell over Fu Xing from above, forcibly breaking his train of thoughts.

“What?!” Is this from the bunch of people just now? They’re even using nets? What kind of advanced play is this?! Damn it, I really don’t want my organs to be improperly exploited!

“Caught you, Yin beast!”

Fu Xing fearfully stood still, his eyes wide as he instinctively raised both his hands up. “Don’t rob me, I don’t have money!” Then he scrambled to take small steps backwards so that his back was up against the wall. That way, the other person could not end up stealing his chastity after being unable to steal any money.

The other party curiously peered at Fu Xing. “The kid from Palace Square?”

Fu Xing’s head shot up to stare at the person that looked a bit familiar. “What?”

“Looks like your foreign language has yet to improve.” The man switched to Chinese. “Do you still remember me? We met before in Stuttgart.”

“Ohhh! I think so!”

“This time it’s Marseilles? Switching to studying French?”

“Hehe, I’m just here to play…” Fu Xing thought back to how he had previously claimed himself to be a study-abroad student. He scratched his head and chuckled in embarrassment.

The man glanced at his pocket watch and was shocked to discover random ripples appear on the surface. The light brightened and dimmed intermittently. After flashing randomly for a while, it eventually went completely dark.

“Broken again?” I just got it fixed by the research unit last time. It shouldn’t be malfunctioning again.

The man cautiously kept his eyes locked onto Fu Xing with one hand gripping the pocket watch and the other hand deep in his pocket to grip the silver blade hiding there. He did not dare to act rashly. “Do you…feel any pain?”

“Nope.” Fu Xing tugged at the silver net and inquisitively studied the section in his grip. “What an exquisite net.”

Seeing Fu Xing completely unharmed, the man chuckled at himself and withdrew his hand from his pocket to pull the net back.

“What is this net used for?”

“Hunting…certain things.”

Fu Xing nodded in comprehension. “I hadn’t expected you to be part of the hygiene committee.”

The man was taken aback. “What?”

“Isn’t this used to capture stray dogs?” Why else would you be tossing nets around in a city?

A laugh burst out from the man. “I guess you can say that.”

But what I’m hunting down is a much more dangerous, eviler existence…

“What are you doing here?”

“Hm…er, my friends and I split up, and I guess I got lost.”

“Lost again?” The man looked Fu Xing up and down for a while. “You seem to have become…somewhat different.”

He could not pinpoint exactly what had changed. In any case, it made him feel—

A strong tenderness that made him protective…

An urgent ring sounded out. The man answered his cellphone.

“My detector is broken again. What is the current status?”

“The targets are heading towards the southwest corner, two blocks away from your location.” The person on the opposite end paused for a second. “Our side lost another three people…”

The man’s expression shifted abruptly, his good-natured smile vanishing to instantly turn into a frostiness that would make anyone shiver.

“Er, are you busy? I won’t bother you then.” Fu Xing was frightened by the other’s expression and wanted to withdraw.

What happened? Did someone get bitten by a wild dog? What a vicious stray!

“No, this place is very dangerous at the moment.” The man grabbed Fu Xing’s hand. “Stay together with me.”

Fu Xing was taken aback and slightly hesitant. However, he had no other options at this point. Furthermore, this man did not seem as crazed as the others had been, so staying by his side was safer.

Before Shiran’s call, it would be best if he moved together with this friend.

The man kept his grip on Fu Xing while quickly passing through the alley. Along the way, he never stopped using his cellphone to communicate with his companions. That serious and stern manner reminded Fu Xing of Leon.

“What’s your name?” Fu Xing asked in curiosity.

“Fidel. You?”

“He Fu—”

KABOOM! A shadow descended from above and a tornado twisted around Fu Xing, At the same time, a dagger shot out towards Fidel.

Fidel quickly dodged and furiously glared at the uninvited guests.

“Yin beasts!”

Fidel whipped out the gun at his waist and shot silver bullets at the opponent.

Fu Xing was shoved to one side. The shadow simultaneously brandished two swords to forcibly slash the bullets in half.

This exchange occurred in an instant. Fu Xing was confused and disoriented with absolutely no idea what the situation was.

What-what’s going on?

It’s Leon?

A warm hand rested on Fu Xing’s shoulder. “Are you alright?”

Fu Xing turned his head to see Shiran’s face full of concern.

“I’m fine.” What’s wrong?

Shiran smiled in relief. “Close your eyes.”

Fu Xing complied.

The next second, Shiran pulled out a flash grenade from his bag and tossed it out. Instantly, an intense light exploded.

Fidel had no time to defend against the fierce visual stimulus. He let out a low curse and used his hands to cover his eyes. Leon took this chance to dash over and knock him down.

He originally wanted to kill the opponent with a single stab, but he had seen how this man had kept Fu Xing behind him the entire way to carefully protect the latter just now. While Leon had no idea why White Triangle would protect Fu Xing, this point alone prevented him from killing on the spot.

“You can die later,” Leon coldly sneered at Fidel kneeling on the ground.

Then the three of them leapt up into the air and summoned a wind spirit. The transparent elemental guardian spirit carried the three up and swiftly transported them to the port where the teleportation room was.

Fidel just barely managed to open his eyes. He pushed himself off the ground and picked up his dropped yet constantly ringing cellphone.

“Sir Fidel!”

“I’m fine.” Fidel sat down by the road as he struggled to catch his breath. “The Yin beasts took a human with them. We have a hostage in their hands…”

The person on the other end of the phone let out a sad sigh. “There was a darkblood among the Yin beasts just now. That human will probably turn into food soon. We have no way to save him…”

Fidel gritted his teeth in self-reproach. He curled his hands into fists and slammed them into the ground.

I’m the one that harmed him…

“Immediately return to headquarters.”

The city of Rome. Next to Chiesa Santa Maria across from Lungotevere Farnesina stood a pure-white gothic-style building that was a combination of majestic and gorgeous. Disguised as a monastery, the World Sanctification Court was crouched in the southeast corner of Vatican City like a shadow. In accordance to the purpose of its existence, blades danced about in the darkness unbeknownst to outsiders. It spilled blood to protect the lives of its own oblivious kind that they lived in harmony with.

On the outside, it looked like a ten-feet tall classical chapel. However, it had been expanded to have seven underground levels that served as the World Sanctification Court’s true base.

Fidel passed through the layers of checkpoints and guards to board the elevator that directly moved to the centre of the court located on the seventh level below the church.

When the elevator doors opened, what met his eyes was a vast, pure-white hall. Right in the centre of the hall was a tiered platform. There was a massive, milky-white sculpture in the middle of the platform. It was a large chunk of white agate that had been exquisitely carved into a unicorn, its legs bent and its head held high. In front of its majestic and imposing face was a scale measuring good and evil.

In the ground right behind the sculpture was a triangular pool. Like a mirror, it reflected a towering, tall figure. The man possessed a face that was as fine as carved jewels, and his long black hair was tied behind his head. He quietly peered into the rippleless surface. He did not look like a human, but rather carried a bit of an unusual demon-like charm.

This was the World Sanctification Court’s 77th Sacred Patriarch, Elijah—the same name as the prophet and leader in the Holy Bible.

The sacred patriarchs of every generation were reincarnations of the same soul. All of them shared a special trait.

Regardless of what race their family was or what appearance their birth parents had, the patriarchs always had pure black hair, dark violet eyes, and an exquisite face. While they each had different characters and personalities, they would receive accumulated memories passed down from every generation.

Every generation’s patriarch possessed a supernatural ability. Some had recall abilities, some had physical abilities, some had strengthened senses, some could read minds. The patriarch’s supernatural ability was never outside these types, switching between these with each generation.

Only the current patriarch’s ability had never appeared before—



“How did it go?” Elijah calmly asked.

“One Yin beast was captured. One was heavily wounded, three escaped.”

“What about our casualties?”

“In the Fifth Army’s Seventh Unit…three men have returned.” The rest had died in battle.

Elijah was silent for a few seconds. “Have their names carved onto the memorial monument…”

The 77th Patriarch had used his steely temperament and untraditional methods to help the World Sanctification Court gain more victories during the Holy War. Or rather, he had reduced the number of losses and decreased the odds of being annihilated.


“After you are done, extract their souls and turn them into cursed souls,” Elijah flatly stated.

Tough and extreme methods were also crucial to attaining victory. 

Fidel was slightly taken aback. Uncertain, he asked, “Why not let the deceased rest in peace?”

“The guards of the World Sanctification Court must fight for the sake of the world even if they die. In addition, upon turning into cursed souls, they break free of death’s fetters.”


“I have a premonition that the bugle marking the end of the war will soon sound out.” 

This was the oracle he had perceived.

Everything would come to an end soon.

A strange and indescribable chaos would swallow everything and put an end to all of this fighting.

However, he was not certain if this ambiguous oracle was implying their demise or their victory.

“What about samples?”

“They have already been treated to become soul jade and will immediately be manufactured into new mini hunting apparatuses.”

Hunting apparatuses were tools that the 77th Sacred Patriarch had invented.

It was an instrument that combined secret enchantments and science together in a special compass. Embedded inside were soul crystals from Yin beasts that acted as the operating core.

The Yin beast’s soul crystal would resonate with its companions, which would then be displayed on the detector. However, it was restricted to a five-kilometre range. 

“No need.” Elijiah walked towards the other corner of the hall.

There was a gigantic glass sphere roughly two metres in diameter suspended in midair. The surface of the glass was covered in white runes, and there were various sized, opal-like beads inlaid all over—soul jades.

There was a slightly smaller semi-transparent, indigo spheroid contained below the glass. It had latitude and longitude lines interweaving across the surface, just like a mini version of Earth.

I’m still missing a few…then the large hunting apparatus will be complete.

When the time came, every Yin beast in the world would be displayed before his eyes without a single one out of sight.

The world would be purged—the final day of sanctification.

The transportation portal kicked into motion, stopped, then opened. They had left the cool night by the Mediterranean Sea and returned to the Alps where Shalom was.

“I will report back to the Aquarius higher-ups.” Shiran glanced at Fu Xing and Leon. “I believe there is no need for anyone else to know of Fu Xing joining our trip.”

Leon did not speak but silently expressed his agreement.

“We will meet next time. It was my pleasure to work together.” As Shiran passed Leon, he lowered his voice to say, “You should carefully consider my earlier proposition.”

Leon snorted. Then he turned and opened the door of the transportation room to head on his own towards the dorms.

Fu Xing quickened his steps to chase after. “Leon…”


“Are you angry?”

“Angry?” Leon scoffed. “Angry about your stupidity? Angry about you ignoring your safety and rashly wandered around a street where White Triangle was hiding? Or angry about your interfering actions?”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose. Everyone in the coffee shop was staring at me, and everyone on the streets as well! It was super weird!”

Leon glared at Fu Xing with a strange glint in his eyes. “Isn’t your ego a bit too much? Don’t tell me you drank alcohol?”

“As if. It’s because of Ma—” Fu Xing hurriedly snapped his mouth shut.

He had nearly let slip the matter of the charm spell.



Hmph, if we’re talking about drinking, Leon has no right to criticise me.

The night wind made Fu Xing sneeze. He unconsciously pulled the coat draped over his shoulder closer to his body.

Shiran’s coat.

Leon glared at Fu Xing, disgust once again springing up unbidden. “You are very weak. Extremely weak. Weak people should be self-aware and keep themselves from falling into danger.” Leon coldly stated, “It’s not as though every person is idle enough to collect your corpse even if you did want to commit suicide.”

Fu Xing hung his head. The term “weak people” struck a piercing blow to the grievance in his heart.

“…I was just worried about you.” After saying this, Fu Xing dragged his dejected figure slowly towards the joint classroom.

Leon watched Fu Xing’s back. Then he gritted his teeth and let out a furious growl before spinning around and merging with the dark.

7 PM, right at the end of the evening break time. The paths across campus were filled with students heading towards their night classes. As Fu Xing walked towards the dorms, he immediately sensed the crowd’s eyes focusing on him. Fortunately, they were not as fervent as the ones on the streets of Marseilles.

The concentrated gazes held mixed bewilderment, as though they felt a bit surprised to be drawn towards Fu Xing. Yet they could not find anything unusual about it either.

When he opened the door of the joint classroom, his 2-C classmates were already inside. Zhu Yue was standing at the front to lead the meeting while Brad was sitting next to the podium like a guard with the firm resolve to maintain order so that the meeting could progress. The moveable blackboard had the division of labour written on it.

Fu Xing quietly entered and went to the spot he usually sat in.

“What have you discussed so far?” Fu Xing forced a fake smile as he quietly asked the adjacent Rocort, who was holding a family-sized tub of ice cream to wolf down.

“We just finished allocating the work, then some people said things and there were some arguments too. Mn, in any case, my job is just to stand at the doorway and smile at every girl.”

Fu Xing looked up to study the blackboard. He found Rocort’s name listed under the item of “solicitation”.

“Why isn’t my name there?”

“There was an argument just now over that as well. It seems like people said Fu Xing was very important, but also not important. Eh, basically, you haven’t been assigned a job yet.”

“I’m guessing you were just eating the entire time. What about Emerald?”

“He went to handle the matter of some goods and renting equipment.” Rocort suddenly paused in his eating and peered at Fu Xing. “Fu Xing…”

There were scattered bits of milky-white ice cream on Rocort’s handsome face. He stuck out his tongue to lick the ice next to his mouth and swallowed.

Extremely provocatively.


“I’ll give…this entire tub to you!” He then shoved the family-sized tub of ice cream into Fu Xing’s hands.

“Oh, thanks…”

“Can I go and play over at your room later?”

“Er, that should be fine…” He thought of Leon; would Rocort’s visit make his roommate even angrier?

“Can we sleep together tonight?”

“Um, that might not be very convenient. The bed’s tiny…”

“I can sleep on the floor.” Rocort earnestly said, “But your hand has to be hanging down for me to hold onto.”

That heartfelt, spoiled act was enough to make even Fu Xing’s heart throb faintly despite being male.

Fu Xing shook his head. “Actually, you should just stay in your own dorm!”

Holy shit, I nearly stepped foot into a taboo paradise. Rocort is literally a pheromone-emitting machine!

“Ohoho, it’s the little show-off Fu Xing.” Momiji had at some point moved closer. She charmingly smiled and carefully scrutinised Fu Xing. “You look a bit different today…”

“It’s probably because I changed my shower gel, haha.”

“Is that so?” Momiji slowly walked up to Fu Xing and boldly sat on his desk. She lifted her long and slender legs, causing the skirt to slide back and reveal her slim and exquisite pale thighs.

“Are you free tonight?” Momiji reached out to caress the edge of Fu Xing’s ear with her finger. “Come to my room. I can help you bathe using my shower gel…”

“I want to join as well!” Taeharu chimed in.

“Nuh uh.” Momiji smiled and wagged her pointer finger. “Because Fu Xing will be very tired tonight.”

Fu Xing’s entire face was bright red. “Momiji—”

“You vulgar woman! Don’t turn this place into a red-light district—” Dan Juan could not stay in his seat nearby and he forcibly cut in between them. When he saw Fu Xing, he suddenly raised a brow. “He Fu Xing.”


“Your grades are beyond rotten. You can tell how many people are in the class just by your rank.”

“So what?!” What kind of fight are you trying to pick!

“Come to my room after class, I’ll help you revise.” Dan Juan lightly coughed and pushed his glasses up. “No need to thank me. I have always possessed a high amount of attention and devotion towards those who are weaker. Everyone already knows that.”

“Using a harsh attitude of shaming and looking down on the other person to leave them resentful and heartbroken is how you express your devotion?” Rachel smirked.

“Low intelligence and a mediocre appearance may not be remediable, but at least virtue and self-esteem can be improved.”

“Can you please stop bringing up my intelligence?”

“Yeah! Besides, Fu Xing is going to eat desserts with me tonight!” Rocort pulled Fu Xing behind him. “Shoo, shoo, shoo. Foxes should go eat tofu, and spiders should go eat mulberry leaves!”

“Mulberry leaves, my ass! It’s silkworms that eat those!” Dan Juan roared, “Eating that kind of garbage food will turn him into garbage sooner or later! He’s already trash enough!”


“Excuse me, if you have any ideas, please raise your hands and speak…” Zhu Yue, who was standing at the front of the classroom to lead the meeting, interrupted their dispute somewhat unhappily.

She gazed towards the source of the ruckus and spotted Fu Xing. Then her expression instantly changed, a light pink colouring her cheeks like a bashful young lady feeling embarrassed.

 “Fu Xing…you’re…a formidable shou!” At the same time, she flashed him a thumbs-up with dubious implications, as though she was offering the highest possible praise.

“What the hell is that!” The bizarre term made Fu Xing’s hair stand on end.

“What are you guys being noisy in the back for!” Brad stood and his eyes swept towards Fu Xing, the source of the chaos. Then, his eyes suddenly widened.

“Brad?” Crap, don’t tell me Brad is also—

Brad glared at Fu Xing, then took a deep breath and sternly declared, “If you have any ideas, please raise your hand to speak. Don’t make it hard on Zhu Yue.”

Fu Xing was astonished. “Got it.” Why is Brad fine? Is he unaffected by the spell?

“Last time, everyone suggested a booth that sells delicacies from different countries. I’ve already listed out the details and distributed the work; we just might have some issues with execution. Fu Xing, could you be responsible for the purchasing of the materials for Taiwanese snacks and deciding the menu?”

“Er, I might not be able to. Samukawa gave me a ton of things to do, and I still have assignments from Aquarius.”

“I see…” Zhu Yue peered at the notebook in her hands with faint distress, seemingly trapped in a dilemma.

“Why don’t you just get that woman named Margaret to do it?” Yayoi lazily interjected, “Didn’t she continue butting into the afternoon meeting with crazy zeal?”

“Margaret came?” 

“Yeah, but her attitude was too terrible so no one paid her any mind. In the end, she realised she wasn’t welcome and left,” Tonya added. “We don’t need to leave everything to He Fu Xing, right?”

“That’s right.”

This was the first time Fu Xing had interacted with these two girls, as they were usually in their own little circle. As Yayoi and Tonya were standoffish to others, the fact that they were suddenly speaking up for Fu Xing was a very unusual experience for him.

Margaret’s charm spell is seriously too powerful…

But why does Margaret want to blend with the class so much? Does she have some type of motive?

“When did Margaret leave?” Fu Xing quietly asked Dan Juan.

“When it was close to evening time. She left around the same time Emerald did, probably five minutes later or so.” Dan Juan frowned. “Why, are you interested in her? What terrible taste.”

“I’m not…” Fu Xing had a vague idea of what Margaret wanted now.

The meeting continued to advance. Since the ingredients could not be purchased directly from the suppliers before their deadline, in addition to a few material shortages, their original proposal was completely overthrown.

“There are only seven days left until the closing ceremony, and four days left until the school fair. We have had zero progress. Should we still set up a booth?” Zhu Yue asked everyone in a distressed tone.

“We wouldn’t have enough time for the talent show at this point either. Besides, who knows what our class could perform…”

“Plus the performance requires money to make the props and costumes. We wouldn’t make any profit,” Fu Xing instantly blurted out. “Selling things is more practical.”

“You really are becoming more and more like Emerald.” Zhu Yue chuckled. “Is it because you often enter each other’s rooms in the dead of the night to deepen your companionship and exchange fluids?”

“Zhu Yue, I don’t understand you…” Nor do I want to understand. I feel like it would be horrifying.

“Then do you have any thoughts, Fu Xing? What kind of booth would be popular?”

If it were as usual, Fu Xing would definitely spout a bunch of knowledge that no one else understood, then talk about points that no one else would have come up with: both feasible ideas and ridiculous ideas.

Everyone waited for Fu Xing to speak, waited to tease him, to applaud him.

However, now the matters of the stolen medal and the out-of-control charm spell occupied his entire mind. His thoughts drew a complete blank, his heart in utter chaos.

“Er, um…sorry, I don’t have any ideas…” Fu Xing scratched his head and absentmindedly said, “Just open a normal restaurant or coffee shop. That’s the safest way…”

This answer made everyone somewhat stunned, as well as slightly disappointed.

“I see.” Zhu Yue tried her best to smile. “Thank you for your suggestion.”

The atmosphere of the class meeting instantly turned cold.

In the remaining time, Dan Juan, Rocort, Momiji, Taeharu, and many other students focused their attention on Fu Xing, continuously disrupting the meeting. Zhu Yue bitterly kept up a front while Brad supported her the entire way, striving to maintain order. Fu Xing thought he would be reprimanded as the source of the noise, but Brad only shot him disapproving looks without saying anything.

After persevering for about five more minutes, they hastily concluded to have “coffee shop” as the theme.

Throughout the course of events, Fu Xing had not stopped feeling apologetic. However, he wasn’t sure why he felt guilty and uneasy. 

There were too many things worrying him. He did not have the mental capacity to contemplate such things.

This school ceremony had turned him into a mess. He just hoped that once it ended, everything would return to normal…

While leaving the classroom, Fu Xing was practically snatched back to the dorms by Rocort and Dan Juan, one person on either side. Momiji and Taeharu brazenly trespassed directly through the balcony.

“Good evening, Leon.” Fu Xing awkwardly said to Leon, who was sitting by the window to read. Leon’s expression had returned to its usual cool state. However, Fu Xing could tell that Leon was very displeased.

Leon did not comment on the visitors. He simply strode into his own bed area, clearly indicating that he did not wish to be disturbed.

Looks like Leon is still mad…

Fu Xing let out a soft sigh.

“Fu Xing, eat this.” Rocort fished out a cream puff from his backpack and passed it to Fu Xing. 

Fu Xing hesitantly accepted the cream puff. On the one hand, he seriously questioned how the naked cream puff had been maintained so well in the chaotic backpack; on the other hand, he wasn’t certain if he should be placing this thing into his mouth.

If he recalled correctly, cream puffs had been served along with the meals two nights ago.

“You don’t like it?”

“Uh, I don’t really feel like eating sweets right now…”

“That’s fine.” Rocort stuck his head into his backpack and withdrew two large pieces of garlic bread. “You can have this.”

Fu Xing stared blankly for a moment before accepting it. “Thanks.”

If I say I don’t wish to eat snacks right now and I want to eat a proper meal instead, I wonder if Rocort would be able to straight-up fish out a plate of pasta from his backpack…

“What’s with this!” As soon as Dan Juan stepped inside Fu Xing’s bed area, he immediately complained loudly, “Such a filthy sight; it’s basically the slums! Ugh damn it! Why didn’t you dump your trash can even though it’s full? It’s so stinky! And don’t you know that paper takeout boxes and plastic bottles should be recycled?! Holy shit, why do you have so many cookie crumbs on your floor! And that blanket and clothes! When I came here last time, it was pretty normal. He Fu Xing, what in the world have you been doing?!”

“I’ve been busy recently, so there hasn’t been time to clean…” In reality, ever since he had purchased his PSP online, he had become too absorbed into games, even forgetting about both sleep and food.

“Busy breeding bugs and lice to keep as pets?!” Dan Juan muttered as he seized the chance to start tidying things. When he opened the closet, he burst out into another peal of complaints.

“Don’t just keep prattling on like an old grandma,” Momiji smirked. Then she laughed and sat on the bed without permission, casually scooping up the clothes haphazardly tossed on the bed. “Fu Xing, are these your pajamas?”

The cotton top with Pompompurin print was scrunched up into a ball, evidently having been thrown on the bed after changing out of them. Fu Xing scrambled to snatch it back. “Don’t laugh at me…”

“Fu Xing, what is this?” Rocort picked up the black, palm-sized gaming console next to the pillow and curiously inspected it.

“A PSP.”

“Is it fun? What do you play?”

“I’ve been playing this one recently. It’s a rhythm game.” Fu Xing opened the screen, and a pretty green-clothed girl with long green pigtails appeared, then began to sway back and forth with the rhythm. He passed the console over to Rocort. “You can take a look.”

“Ooooh!” Rocort cried out in fascination.

As Fu Xing watched the adorable face on the screen, the corners of his lips unconsciously rose. “Hehe, isn’t it very moe…”

“Super cute.” Rocort nodded. “Does she take off all her clothes when you pass?”

“No she doesn’t!”

“Is that so?” Rocort scratched his head. “Then will she open her legs and say something like ‘Gege, this is my first time’? Or will Fu Xing use a strange tool to give her a body checkup?”

“What the hell! It’s not that type of game!”

“I see.” Rocort nodded. “So it’s not the same as the games in the folder named ‘Extracurricular Extended Learning’ on Fu Xing’s computer?”

“No duh—Oi!” Damn it, he actually sold me out!

Momiji peered at Fu Xing with a smile that did not reach her eyes. “Oho? Fu Xing? Is that true?”

“Fu Xing has been studying some super profound things.” Rocort rested his chin on one hand as he astutely stated, “There’s also a ‘Supplementary Education Materials’ folder that has tons of videos!”

“Shut up—”

Momiji threw an arm around Fu Xing’s shoulder. “Fiction can never compare to reality. Why don’t we try putting it into actual practice?” 

“So vulgar!” Dan Juan snorted from where he was crouched organising things. Then he analysed in an instructive tone, “You should stop before going too far, or else you might end up with carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides, if you fool around too much, your intelligence will drop too. It would be extremely detrimental to your already scant IQ.”

“Ugh, can you not stay quiet while you tidy up?!” Fu Xing seriously wanted to ram his head into the wall!

“Fu Xing is such a naughty child.” Momiji poked Fu Xing’s face.

“I’m already eighteen!” Damn it! I hate being treated as a kid!

“Fu Xing, you’re kind of like a chikan.” Taeharu giggled and said, “Do you have a camera on your bag to secretly take photos of girls?”

Fu Xing and Momiji instantly paled in horror. “Who taught you that term?!”

“Flora~” Taeharu innocently said, “She told me I have to watch out for people like that.”

“Fu Xing, you like this type?” Rocort thoughtfully peered at the screen.

“Mhm. Don’t you think she’s very cute and moe?”

Rocort nodded, then earnestly asked, “If I dress up like this, would you be happy?”

“What the hell are you saying?!”

“No? Then what if Dan Juan dresses like this? Or Leon? Or Brad? Who would you be happy to see in this kind of getup?”

“I beg of you to never say such a horrifying thing ever again…” Fu Xing was extremely terrified of the images that appeared in his mind. “Why not mention any girls! Aren’t there girls here too?”

“Because Momiji and the others are adorable even without dressing like this.”

“Ohohoho, what a good kid. Although your words are true, it’s still heartwarming to hear.” Momiji happily stroked Rocort’s hair.

“Stop talking about weird things!” Dan Juan, who had been unable to resist cleaning up after entering the room, was now half buried in a messy closet, rummaging through the randomly scattered items. “Is this clothing clean or dirty? Oh, this sour stink is quite invigorating, it makes me think of my hometown’s fermented cabbage! If you leave this pile of socks for another day or two, it’ll start growing mushrooms! Also, is this your underwear?”

Fu Xing frantically dashed over to whisk away the boxers with Snoopy print. “Stop going through my things! I’ll sort everything out myself!”

Another noise came from the window. Then, Zhu Yue stuck her head into the room with a slightly embarrassed smile. “Sorry, can I interrupt?”

“And me.” A petite figure appeared right after.

“Zhu Yue, Flora?” Fu Xing pulled the window open to let the people inside. “Is something the matter?”

Flora stared at Fu Xing, rubbing her chin as she sized him up. “Zhu Yue said you are now more shou-like and very likable, so I was curious and came to check it out.”


“Mn, indeed.” Flora suddenly turned and walked back to the window.

“You’re leaving?”

“I’m just going back to grab a camera.” Then she nimbly leapt into the darkness.

Fu Xing watched Flora leave, feeling slightly relieved. He turned his gaze towards Zhu Yue. “You can sit wherever. This place is a bit crowded right now…”

“Thank you.” Zhu Yue walked into the room and found a corner that was not too far or too close to Fu Xing. “I just wanted to discuss some matters related to the school fair.”

“Er, sorry, I have a ton of assignments these days, so I can’t help much…”

“That’s fine. Fu Xing has helped plenty…”

Zhu Yue chuckled lightly. She looked at Fu Xing with the kindness of Virgin Mary in her beautiful smile. Her palms unconsciously reached out towards Fu Xing’s face, then slid downwards and fell to the middle of his shirt collar. 

“What would this shirt collar look like if it was roughly torn open?”

“Zhu-Zhu Yue?”

“What would your whimpers of yearning to be loved sound like? How would you look after being tied up? What colour would the lovebites and scratches branded on your skin be?”

Zhu Yue grinned as her eyes glowed from her girlish dreams. “Is it Leon? No, I think Brad wouldn’t be bad either…Of course, Rocort and Emerald are exceptional choices as well. Ahhh…or should they all go together like stars surrounding their moon? What a delightfully beautiful feast of passion—”

“Zhu Yue?” He had no idea what she was saying, but he had a very bad feeling!

“Ah…ahem!” Zhu Yue returned to her senses and blushed bright red. “Sorry! I forgot myself!”

Everyone simultaneously stared at Zhu Yue, momentarily dumbstruck by her strange words just now. They were not quite sure how to react.

Fortunately, a sudden knocking on the door relieved them from their predicament.

“Sorry for the interruption.” When Brad saw the large crowd gathered inside, he was slightly taken aback. “What the hell? Do you all have nothing to do?”

“What did you come here for then?” Dan Juan was holding folded clothes with one hand and detergent in his other hand. His pants were rolled up to his knees, making him look very much at home. “If you have nothing to do here, then please leave. Don’t get in the way of my cleaning!”

Brad raised a brow. “You can go ahead.” Then he very purposefully knocked down a water kettle with a casual swing. The water kettle lid popped open on the floor and drenched the floor. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“What are you doing?!” Dan Juan lunged forwards to crouch down and carefully inspect the stains on the floor. “Damn it, don’t you know that carpet is extremely difficult to clean when wet?”

“The mop is located in the cleaning cabinet on the first floor,” Brad nicely reminded. “Good luck.”

“You can’t use a mop! You need to use a towel to absorb the water then blow it dry with a dryer! The temperature can’t be too high, or else it’ll damage the cloth! Ahhh—bastard!” Dan Juan randomly tossed the miscellaneous items in his hands and raced out of the room.

“Now it’s much quieter.” Brad smiled, then walked over to Fu Xing’s bed area. After a moment of hesitation, he awkwardly went over to a spot in between Fu Xing and Zhu Yue and stiffly sat down.

“Mm, please continue.”

“Continue what?”

“Continue your conversation.” Brad lightly coughed. “You can ignore my existence.”

“What the hell?!”

Momiji and Taeharu exchanged a look and couldn’t help but giggle. Brad shot them a glare.

“We were just discussing the school fair.” Zhu Yue kindly explained, “Fu Xing always has so many ideas and thoughts so I was really hoping he could participate.”

“Zhu Yue…”

Brad looked at Fu Xing. “What, you have a problem?”

“It’s kind of inconvenient for me. I’m going to be super busy for the next few days…” Fu Xing’s voice progressively became quieter as he spoke, and he couldn’t keep himself from shrinking back.

He figured that Brad, who was always speaking up for Zhu Yue, would definitely lash out at him and make him agree.

“Is that so?”  Brad nodded. “In that case, just go do your work. We’ll figure out the class-related matters.”

Fu Xing was stunned.

Heavens, when did the Zhu Yue-centric Brad become so easy to communicate with? Don’t tell me this is also the effect of the charm spell?

He knew that the charm spell would boost other people’s favourable opinions towards him. However, why did the effect seem different from how he imagined it to be?

“Oi oi, Brad.” Rocort, who was squatting on the side to study the gaming console, tugged at the corner of Brad’s clothes.


“Are you willing to dress up like this for Fu Xing?” Rocort held out the console in front of Brad. “Fu Xing said he really likes it.”

Brad stared at the screen, his expression stiffening.

“Rocort, don’t make things up!” Fu Xing rushed to clear his name. However, what made him uneasy was the fact that Brad appeared to be seriously engaging in a battle between man and heaven.

What’s the hesitation for! Brad would just directly reject and then angrily shout, “Go eat shit!”

“…It’s a bit difficult,” Brad forced himself to squeeze out this reply.

“There’s absolutely no need to contemplate this kind of thing for so long, is there?!”

Everyone gathered in the room began to make a racket, enjoying themselves as they usually did. However, every person was focused on Fu Xing.

Fu Xing suddenly felt extremely confused.

While he was happy to be so popular, it felt…how could he describe it…as though it was a bit ungenuine.

It was like the original state of things had fallen into complete disarray. No one was like themselves anymore, and it felt more unnatural than when they had swapped bodies.

He liked their original characters more…

His cellphone suddenly rang. The number on the screen was one he had never seen before. When he answered it, Samukawa’s furious reprimanding came from the speaker.

“Where are you?” There was a string of beeping sounds from keys being pressed mixed between his voice.


“Why is it so quiet? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Come here immediately? Did you hear me? Fuck! Why is the volume so low! This is beyond rotten!”

“Because you’re holding it backwards. Also, pressing the number buttons will only cause more noise, not increase the volume.” Zi Ye’s voice faintly came from the other end.

“Be quiet! Just come here immediately!”

Fu Xing hung up the phone and apologetically looked at his roomful of friends.

“Sorry, I have business so I’ll have to leave first. Samukawa needs my help…”

Everyone had crestfallen expressions. 

“Why don’t we all go together! The more people there are, the easier it is to finish things,” Momiji suggested.

“Yeah! Fu Xing’s been busy for the whole day, and now it’s so late. You must be exhausted, no?” Zhu Yue added, “The earlier you can finish, the earlier you can rest.”

“Er, that might not be possible.” He was indeed exhausted, but he could not agree to his companions’ proposal. “There are some things…er, that should count as more classified business. Outsiders probably can’t really join in…”

“I see…” The looks of disappointment appeared on their faces once more.

“Sorry, it’s really going to be chaotic for a while…” Fu Xing’s words carried a hidden connotation, though only he could understand the double meaning. “Things will definitely return to normal soon.”

Things will definitely return to normal soon. Hopefully.

I will try my best…

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