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Chapter 9: Friendship is like a kidney stone; you think it’s destroyed but it actually doesn’t disappear that easily

The day of the school ceremony’s finale.

2-C’s booth was thriving even in the early morning. Dan Juan had stayed up the entire night to finish more uniforms, both male and female. The number of female customers subsequently surged upwards.

“Fu Xing, your ballot count is still shooting up!” Vicki and Venn returned from outside and excitedly shared the newest update. “You’ve already entered the top five!”

“What?” This news made everyone present surprised and curious. “How did that happen?”

“All the visitor ballots were put in your ballot box.” Vicki recalled back and said, “Seems like the Coscart and Teria families voted for you? Plus a ton of ballots from the southern campus. Why would they help you, Fu Xing?”

Brad turned to look at Fu Xing and flatly asked, “You know Kyle and Muzter?”

“Er…I chatted with them once, and I think we got along pretty well?”

“Only someone that’s dead or both deaf and blind would be able to get along with them pretty well.” Dan Juan sneered, “Which type are you, He Fu Xing?”

No one spoke, and an unbearable awkwardness took form once again. However, they did not have the time to freeze for too long, as the constant stream of customers made it impossible for them to consider anything else.

Fu Xing silently helped tidy things up.

In the afternoon, Samukawa’s black winged rabbit familiar appeared inside the shop with a voice message.

—The situation is looking bad; return immediately.

Unease rushed through his heart. He used a spare moment during the afternoon shift changes to hurriedly leave the classroom and race straight to the warehouse.


“What happened?” Fu Xing pushed open the door and cut straight to the point. “Who is currently first place?”

“Leon Sagveiss.”


“The Coscart and Teria families poured all their ballots into your box, but because those two families have quite a few enemies, they unexpectedly caused the other families to unite together and vote for Leon…”

“How could that…” This was completely unexpected! “Then what about the medal? Any progress in the investigation?”

“The substitute has already been completed and it’s been sent out. But the original still hasn’t been found.” Samukawa’s frown deepened. “Speaking of this, there’s something else extremely strange; the brownie that had been on duty that night went missing.”

“It ran away?”

“No, it completely evaporated into thin air and vanished from campus. There aren’t many places that brownies can live in. Shalom is their paradise, a place they wouldn’t leave. Besides, when they enter the academy to become laborers here, they sign an enchanted contract that forbids them from leaving campus as they please. Because brownies are low-level special animate beings, it would be hard to ensure they wouldn’t spill Shalom-related information as a means to survive if they got caught by White Triangle…”

“How could it have gone missing? Don’t tell me it…” Died?

“There isn’t even a dead body to be found. Shalom is large, so it would be very easy to hide a corpse. However, I used a detection spell, and there aren’t any corpses within the campus grounds that match.” Samukawa paused before continuing, “Unless the corpse is in Sunset Forest.”

“But why would someone want to steal that kind of thing? Have there been such thefts before?”

“No.” Samukawa raised his head and stared at Fu Xing with a stern and weighted gaze. “I am also very curious about why so many accidents have occured in these past two years. With half of them being related to you.”

“I don’t know…” Fu Xing avoided Samukawa’s eyes to evade the uncomfortable question.

“He Fu Xing, what secret do you really hold?”

“I don’t know!” He didn’t know anything! He was just an ordinary and incompetent, amateur bat spirit, and nothing more!

Samukawa peered at Fu Xing in silence for a few seconds, then lightly sighed.

“Forget it, just go back to class…I will think of a way.”

Fu Xing dropped his head. “Sorry…”

Samukawa did not respond. He stood and stepped into the warehouse.

“The ballots are open for ten more hours. You’d better do your best.”


The main bailey opened its doors at 5 PM. The walls between each room had been dropped so that the entire castle’s first and second floor were connected to form an enormous palace hall.

A tide of people dressed to attend the banquet slowly entered one after another. Fu Xing had been assigned as a receptionist at the entrance. He stood outside the hall to give out purple iris brooches to the guests.

Kyle and Muzter appeared in tuxedos. Fu Xing walked up to them, and they went to stand by a pillar with less people.

“Sorry, we tried our best.” Kyle frowned, seemingly very bothered by the results of the ballot count.

“It’s fine! I’m really very grateful for you guys!” Fu Xing sincerely expressed his thanks. “Um, Isaac…agreed to your request?”



“But he didn’t reject either. He said he would consider.” The corners of Kyle’s lips tilted upwards slightly. “That is already a much better improvement from before.”

“I see.”

“Good luck.” Kyle tightly gripped Fu Xing’s hands. “Don’t give up too early.”

“Thank you!” Fu Xing originally wanted to say something more to Kyle. But out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a figure that shifted his attention. 

Leon had arrived at the scene wearing a dark-coloured suit.

“Sorry! I’ll be taking my leave first!”

Fu Xing hastily bid farewell and immediately raced towards the person that had filled his mind with worries for multiple days.


Leon stood amidst the crowd like a ruler of the night. He turned his head towards the noise and indifferently watched Fu Xing rushing over with large strides.

Fu Xing panted out, “Um, can I talk to you privately?”


“It’s a very important matter.” Fu Xing sincerely pleaded, “Please, I know you hate me; I know that no matter what I do, I won’t be able to make up for things or redeem myself. But I have something I want to talk to you about. Is that okay?”

Leon frostily looked at Fu Xing for several seconds and closed his eyes. Then he reopened them and shot an impatient glance to the side.

“Let’s go.”

“Thank you!” Fu Xing smiled with heartfelt joy and followed Leon to the side lawn outside the main bailey.


“There’s no one here. Go on and speak,” Leon coldly urged.

Fu Xing took a deep breath. “Can you withdraw from the contest?”

“For what reason?” Leon crossed his arms over his chest and sneered in disdain, “You want to win that badly? I didn’t think you would want victory so badly that you’d even throw away your dignity.”

Fu Xing gritted his teeth and hung his head. “Say what you like, I just need to win this contest!”

“What do you want to prove?”

“I want to prove that I’m not incompetent.” Fu Xing lifted his eyes to look straight at Leon. “But it has nothing to do with the contest!” 

What he really wanted to prove was that he could resolve an issue by himself!

“So? What exactly is it for?” Leon peered at Fu Xing, waiting for the answer.

Fu Xing’s jaw remained clenched as he did not reply.

“That’s all you wanted to talk about?” Leon snorted. “Sorry, but I can’t be persuaded by such botched words.” With this, he turned to leave.

The final string holding onto his rationality snapped. Fu Xing could not bear it any longer.

“It’s for you! Bastard!” Ahhhhh! I don’t care anymore! “I don’t want to see my friend die!”

Leon stopped in his tracks. “What did you say?”

“I lost Shalom’s Star. Samukawa and I made a counterfeit replacement, but it has a light elf crystal embedded instead. The moment you are bestowed the prize, you’ll be turned into a pile of eraser shavings, waiting to be buried!” Everything poured out from Fu Xing. All the secrets, all the truths that he had silently endured for so many days, were now made known.

“So you were worried about your lies being seen through and of everyone finding out about your mistake?”

“Who’s worried about that! I was worried you would die!” Fu Xing suddenly burst out into uncontrollable tears as he cried, “I don’t want you to die, Leon! You can’t die! I don’t want to sleep alone! I don’t want my room to become a funeral hall! Leon—Leon! Waaaaaahhhhh—”

The forlorn weeping sounded like he was mourning over lost parents.

Leon stared at the messy-faced Fu Xing and let out a long sigh.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier…” Leon’s voice was now gentle and soft, though Fu Xing was too wrapped in combined grief and indignation to tell.

“I was afraid you guys would hate me. I’m already absolutely no good, and I keep causing problems! It had been difficult enough to become a transporter, yet I couldn’t even do such a simple task properly…”

“So you preferred to seek the southern campus for help instead of seeking us?”

“I didn’t want to burden you guys!” Fu Xing sniffled, “I didn’t want…you guys to worry about me…”

Leon closed his eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling in exasperation.

“Why are you so stupid…” Leon opened his eyes, then turned towards some shrubbery on the side. “Alright, the answer to the riddle has been revealed. Come on out.”

“Ah?” Fu Xing was confused.

The shrubbery shook slightly, and the people hiding behind it walked out one after another.

Emerald, Rocort, Dan Juan, Momiji, Taeharu, Brad, and Zhu Yue all appeared with helpless expressions.

“You guys?” Fu Xing stared at the crowd in shock.

“You can’t hide your worries at all, just like a dung beetle vainly attempting to hide a ball of manure with its ass.” Dan Juan snarled, “What did you do to Hu Rong? He appeared in front of me in a suit and his hair in a 3:7 part. It nearly scared me into incontinence!” Although his words were angry, his face could not hide his obvious amusement.

Fu Xing blinked, astonished by Hu Rong’s actions.

“Margaret came and apologised to me. She said some other things too.” Emerald indifferently looked at Fu Xing. “I don’t blame you, but I haven’t forgiven you either.”


“Unless you help me sell summer herbal skincare products, I won’t let this matter end.”

A stunned chuckle escaped from Fu Xing’s lips.

Ah, so greedy, haggling over every little thing. This is the actual Emerald!

“Shiroizumi hired someone to drop off three boxes of Xueshan clear wine at my dorm room, and even added a card.” Momiji wore a smile on her face. “For him, this counts as the most tactful behaviour he’s ever shown.”

Brad directly grabbed Fu Xing. “You actually joined hands with Ryner? I’ll make you pay for this later!”

“Did you think we wouldn’t notice you acting unusual?” Zhu Yue shook her head, unable to simply agree with it. “You made us very worried…”

“You idiot!” Rocort huffed with a pout.

“You fool,” Leon coldly muttered.

“You enticing shou.” Not to be outdone, Taeharu fired another shot.

The sudden appearance of these strange words made everyone look at Taeharu.

“Those words aren’t suited to be used here,” Zhu Yue reminded with a smile.

Fu Xing struggled to restrain his surge of emotions. He bowed from the waist and loudly declared, “Sorry!”

“You should’ve apologised ages ago!” Brad fiercely knocked Fu Xing in the head. “We’ll settle the account after the school ceremony ends!”

Fu Xing rubbed the back of his head and painfully straightened up. “Er, so now what? There are only five hours left until the final ballot count.”

“Relax, there’s no need to worry about that kind of thing.”


“There are still three hours left of the school fair. Fu Xing, let’s stroll around together.” Zhu Yue warmly patted Fu Xing’s head. “You’ve been busy these past few days, so I’m sure you haven’t been able to properly take a look.”

“B-But—” Can I? Do I not need to do anything?

“You have to make up for giving us the cold shoulder all this time,” Momiji smiled charmingly as she grabbed Fu Xing’s wrist.

“I’m still on duty—”

“Is being on duty more important than us?” Emerald retorted.

“How could that be!” Fu Xing took off his Aquarius coat and casually swung it over his shoulder. “Let’s go then!”

Walking with his friends together under the starry moonlit night, Fu Xing felt his heart filled with something.

Something known as happiness.


The campus fair was now on its third day. The booths were virtually the same as they had been the previous two days, but since Fu Xing had been so worried, he had been too occupied to notice the myriad of stalls. He had not been in the right mindset to stop and take a look anyways; he had merely taken a quick glance around. Now, he was truly in the mood to properly appreciate it.

There were not many booths from the first years. Most of them had signed up for performances. 2-B’s booth occupied the widest space; a third of the northeast courtyard lawn was their territory. They had set up a long canopy. As far as the eye could see, it looked like a shrunken version of a Taiwanese night market: goldfish-scooping, ring toss, BB gun-shooting, darts, fried chicken cutlets, boba drinks…everything that should have been there was there.

At the very end of the long canopy was a tiny standalone space with a Chinese-style banner outside it that said: “Birthdate fortune-telling—Free”.

Fu Xing walked over to the fortune-telling stand and was surprised to find that the person sitting there dressed in Qing-dynasty clothing like a traveling doctor was Flora.

“Hi, long time no see.”

“It hasn’t been long, not even a week has passed.”

“Your booth is really…astonishing.” Fu Xing gazed out at the people going in and out of 2-B’s booth. “This is Flora’s idea, isn’t it.”

“Yep. Since I’m someone from the kingdom of night markets, I naturally had to act the part.”

“It’s super impressive to be able to accomplish this much.”

“It wasn’t entirely on me.” Flora lowered her head. “The people in our class aren’t very useful, but they’re at least excellent in terms of cooperativeness.”

This was Flora’s first time praising someone. Fu Xing noticed that 2-B’s students were working very hard. Perhaps Flora’s strong position had allowed everyone to gradually grow accustomed to the tyrant’s rule. After all, Flora had the ability and strength to scare people into submission.

“You know fortune-telling?”

“How could I possibly know something so unscientific?”

“Then you—”

“Just need enough information.”

“Is it really free?”

“Fortune-telling is free.”

“Can you earn—”

At this point, a girl walked in to take a seat in front of the booth. Fu Xing hurriedly retreated to a side, secretly observing the two’s interactions.

The girl flipped her long hair behind her. “I want to ask about romantic issues.”

“You’re 3-C’s flower spirit, Laura, aren’t you.”

The girl was stunned. “How did you know?”

“The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.”

Laura nodded. “I recently—”

Before she had finished her sentence, Flora immediately stated, “Your boyfriend is not involved with your first-year junior sister.”

Laura was taken aback once again. “How did you know? I haven’t even asked yet!”

“The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.”

Laura clicked her tongue in amazement. “Great Master, you are truly amazing.”

“I’m alright.”

With her worries resolved, Laura was clearly quite elated. She stood and prepared to leave.

“Thank you, Great Master. Then—”

“Your boyfriend, 3-D’s wereleopard Shia, has a thing going with his first-year junior brother.”

Laura’s expression immediately changed. “What?! Impossible.”

“Want to see evidence?” Flora smirked to reveal a profiteering expression. “One piece is ten euros.”

Five minutes later, Laura left behind seventy euros and held seven photos, her complexion as green as the bills as she furiously stormed out.

Fu Xing was dumbstruck.

Too formidable, Flora!

“Is the school fair fun?” Flora suddenly asked.

“You haven’t walked around?”

“No time, busy earning money to cover for the losses.”

“Your booth should be earning quite a lot, right?” Why work so hard?

Flora sighed softly. “We were scammed. It counts as negligence on my part, it wasn’t in my calculations…”

Fu Xing originally wanted to ask further, but he was suddenly cut off by Brad’s appearance.

“This place seems pretty interesting.” Brad looked at Flora, “I heard you planned everything?”

Momiji and Taeharu just happened to pass by together hand in hand. When they spotted Fu Xing and Brad, they also approached to listen out of curiosity.

“Yes,” Flora stiffly replied as she sat upright with a stiff posture.

“Amazing.” Brad praised, “Can you give us a tour?”

“Of course.” Flora stood and picked up a “On Break” sign underneath the desk to place on the table. She left the little fortune-telling station to lead Brad and the others to view her class’s booth.

“That’s goldfish-scooping. one euro per attempt with two nets. Then there’s BB gun-shooting, ring toss, water balloons…and they have small prizes that can be earned in exchange.”

“How do you play this thing?” Brad asked, prepared to eagerly fork out money.

“If you want to play, I recommend you go to 3-A.”


Flora’s expression turned a bit complicated. “3-A’s booth is practically identical to ours. I was just about to go and check it out too, let’s go together.”

Despite the doubts in their hearts, they followed Flora through the campus to arrive at the granite flower garden in the northwest corner. 

There, they saw a long canopy appear before their eyes, practically identical to 2-B’s in terms of style and staging. The things behind sold underneath the canopy were the exact same.

Flora stood motionless and took the initiative to frostily explain, “3-A’s Aquarius officers receive the booth plans. Everything from their concept to their goods are identical to our class’s.”

“So you guys were copied?”

“I inquired about it before, but the only answer I received was that it was ‘a coincidence’.”

Seems super unfair…so that’s why Flora had to set up the fortune-telling stall to compensate for losses…

Flora appeared collected, but Fu Xing noticed that her hands were tightly curled into fists, her knuckles white.

“Lame,” Brad snorted in disdain. “Is there any way to make them suffer losses?”

Flora raised her head to look at Brad. “Yes, if all the prizes are won away.”

“Is that possible?”

Flora’s lips curled upwards into a self-confident smirk. “Of course.”

“Then allow me to see for myself, first-generation cat spirit.” Brad had anticipation written all over his face.

“Actually, there’s a trick to this.” Flora led the crowd over to the BB gun-shooting area and paid the fee. Then she began to explain like a professional instructor.

“First, load all the bullets.” Flora raised the gun and smoothly poured in the brightly coloured beads. “Then—” She pointed the muzzle at the 3-A student standing next to the stall. “Aim it at the peddler’s eyes. While they’re unable to open their eyes, sweep through the prizes on the shelves.”

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!


Anguished howls rang out. Flora leapt up and waved her claws to slice off a corner of the shelf holding up the prizes. The entire piece immediately collapsed, spilling the prizes all over the ground.

“The secret to certain victory for the water balloon darts follows virtually the same principle.” Flora stormed over to the table and grabbed a bunch of darts. “Aim the darts at the peddler’s vital points.” As she spoke, she threw the steel darts at the 3-A students running over.

Anguished howls sounded out once more.

“Then, while they are unable to move, steal the goods on the shelves.”

Right as Flora was about to jump, Brad and Fu Xing simultaneously reached out to grab her in tacit agreement. Then they seized the right timing to slip out and get as far away as possible from the trouble.

“Flora, what are you doing!”

“Too crazy.”

“But quite exciting, hehe.” Momiji laughed in great amusement.

“Who asked them to copy my idea?” Flora stubbornly declared, “If they have the courage to steal, then they should have the courage to assume responsibility.”

“But your way of handling it is too excessive!”

“Excessive?” Flora sneered in contempt, “I haven’t even demonstrated the way to pass the ring toss.”

“How is that done?” Taeharu curiously asked.

“First, lift up a bottle and smash it down hard on the peddler’s hand. Before they regain consciousness—”

“Enough, enough!” Fu Xing scrambled to stop Flora from continuing to corrupt children.

“Hahaha,” Brad laughed out loud. “You’re plenty fierce. I admire your style.” Then he patted Flora’s shoulder twice.

“Mn.” Flora nodded, appearing to not have any reaction.

However, when she began to walk again, she started with the leg and arm on the same side.


The climax of the banquet–the moonlit ball–was about to begin.

There were two hours left before the vote count.

Leon and Fu Xing had a difference of ninety-one ballots.

When they returned to the main bailey hall, both levels were filled with students.

Like a queen’s majestic entrance, Momiji led Taeharu to the centre of the dance floor with crowds of admirers surrounding them; Zhu Yue and Flora ran to the corner with multiple cameras, sharing who knew what with each other; Dan Juan, who had stayed up two nights in a row, sat off to the side by himself and shut his eyes to doze off; Rocort, who kept fussing nonstop about wanting to eat sweets, was led by Emerald to the self-service dining area on the second level.

Leon remained by Fu Xing, who was leaning against the wall to rest.

Soft music sounded out, and the people in the middle began to form pairs to effortlessly dance. 

Fu Xing spotted two conspicuous figures in the centre of the dance floor: his sister and Ryner.

Fu Qing was wearing a dark wine-red evening gown tonight, which was a beautiful contrast with her long and straight black hair and her snow-white skin. She was one of the main focal points that drew everyone’s eyes.

By her side was Ryner, whose handsomeness shone as he stood tall and straight. However, Fu Xing felt that Ryner’s complexion was a bit pale and haggard, and his walking posture was a bit unnatural.

Sis…What in the world did you do to him…

“Want to dance?” Leon’s voice rang out.

“No thanks, I can’t dance. Plus I don’t have a dance partner.”

“I can be your dance partner and teach you at the same time…” A gentle voice lightly sounded through Fu Xing’s ears.

Fu Xing froze, then lifted his head to see something that gave him a bad feeling.

“What are you holding in your hand?”

Leon glanced down at the glass in his right hand. “A drink.”

“Lend it to me for a second.” Fu Xing took the wine glass and sniffed it, recognising the fragrance.

Although it was a low concentration of alcohol, it was already enough for Leon to change.

“Are you alright?” Fu Xing asked, scared witless.

“Not too well.” Leon gently rubbed his forehead and then smiled mockingly at himself. “I can’t believe I wanted to ask you to dance like this. Hah…”

Fu Xing relaxed slightly. It seemed that Leon was not yet ridiculously drunk.

“Wait here for a moment.” 

Leon strode out of the hall. Five minutes later, he returned with a set of clothes.


“Change into this.” Leon pushed the clothing towards Fu Xing. “I went back to the class to retrieve it; it suits you very well. There’s a wig as well.”

Fu Xing uneasily opened the clothes to reveal a light blue Alice-style lolita dress.

“Th-this is girl’s clothing!” Fu Xing cried out.

“It is.” Leon’s lips curved into an intoxicatingly charming smile. “How can you dance if you haven’t changed into a nice dress?”

“But I don’t want to—”

Leon’s expression instantly switched back into its usual icy sternness. “Refusal. Is. Forbidden.” His tone carried an unquestionable authoritativeness. The next second, it turned back into a smile that was as gentle as the spring breeze. “Hurry up and change into it, Fu Xing.”

Fu Xing paled.

This was the worst disaster. Being half-drunk is more terrifying than being completely drunk! The current Leon is like the combination of a demon and an angel!


“Right. Now. I do not wish to say it a second time.”

“As you command!” Fu Xing clutched the clothes and rushed to leave the scene.

Ten minutes later, an Alice with pigtails tied back in dark blue ribbons arrived.

Fu Xing felt both ashamed and embarrassed; it seemed like every person he passed was looking at him.

“Ah, what an enchanting lily of the valley.” Leon strode up to Fu Xing and lifted Fu Xing’s hand up to his lips. “Please dance with me and blossom for my sake.”

The girls around them that overheard wore envious and infatuated expressions as they fired jealous gazes at Fu Xing.

Fu Xing’s face stiffened even more.

What the hell is that?! What lily of the valley? I only have a chrysanthemum! Plus I don’t want to blossom at all! Damn it! Rotten Leon! Bastard bastard bastard!

With Leon half pushing and half pulling, half duping and half threatening, Fu Xing had no choice but to surrender to the tyrannical abuse and really did reluctantly dance to one song. In the middle, he even brushed past Fu Qing and Momiji, and he had clearly seen them shake with laughter!

They’re way too much!

With much difficulty, Fu Xing used the excuse of spraining his foot to just barely receive Leon’s approval to leave before the second song played. He raced out frantically, swiftly changing out of the embarrassing clothes.

When he returned to the hall, the final note had died down. Everyone began to disperse from the dance floor.

Fu Xing returned to Leon’s side and saw that Leon appeared significantly sobered up. Moreover, he had absolutely no memory of what had just happened.


The main lights lit up one after another, brightly illuminating the inside of the castle. Zhu Yue and the others appeared and gathered around Fu Xing.

As the school ceremony’s finale, the results of the Shalom’s Star ballot would soon be announced.

There were five minutes left until midnight.

The MC entered the stage to start the poll count. The top ten name plates were hung on the scoreboard, with each contestant’s ballot box correspondingly placed underneath. Currently, there was a ninety-one ballot difference between Fu Xing and Leon.

“The twenty-seventh Shalom school ceremony is about to end. I will now announce the results to the Shalom’s Star ballot that everyone has been waiting for.” The MC glanced at the scoreboard. “The contest this time was quite intense and equally marvelous. Many unexpected phenomena occurred before the end. While there are still two minutes remaining before the deadline, there is no doubt that the winner of this Shalom’s Star is Leon Sag—”

“Wait.” Leon raised his hand as he interrupted the MC’s announcement.

“Is something the matter?”

“I haven’t voted yet.”

Under the crowd’s stares, Leon calmly walked up to the stage to his own name plate. Then he picked up the ballot box underneath and directly tore open the seal. He lifted it and…boldly poured all the ballots into Fu Xing’s ballot box.

Everyone present was dumbstruck.

The MC stared blankly. “Er, student Sagveiss…you…”

“These are my ballots, aren’t they?”

“Um, yes.”

“Can I not use my own possessions?”


“Do the rules forbid others from giving their own ballots to others?” Leon continued to ask.

“Er, no, but—”

“Dan Juan.” Leon turned his head to call out the person below the stage.

The called out Dan Juan immediately went up prepared. With a dictionary-thick hardcover edition of Shalom Academy Rules in hand, he clearly declared, “Academy Rules, section seven: Event Rules, chapter five, page eighteen, paragraph nine, line one-two-nine: All ballots earned by a Shalom’s Star contestant are considered as the contestant’s possessions and can be used as desired.” He closed the book upon finishing his words.

There was only silence below; no one knew how to react.

“Um, so, then—” The MC uncertainly looked at Headmaster Sanbi sitting in a special seat.

The face that was always calm and reserved now seemed happy.

The MC paused, then regained his professionalism and loudly announced the contest results.

“The winner of this Shalom’s Star is—Class 2-C’s He Fu Xing.”

There was dead silence. Then, Zhu Yue, Momiji, Taeharu, and the others clapped loudly. Soon after, the scattered students of 2-C followed suit. The applause began to spread outwards like a tide and the entire main bailey was filled with thunderous applause.

Fu Xing’s face was completely blank. He had not imagined Leon would use this move to help him. With everyone’s support, he stepped onto the stage.

“Thank you,” Fu Xing sincerely said as he looked at Leon.

“I simply did not want to turn into ash…” Leon coldly muttered.

Isaac slowly entered the stage wearing a white robe, the sealed box in his hands. Then he opened the sealed box in front of Sanbi.

Sanbi removed the gorgeous, sparkling Shalom’s Star and placed it on the left side of Fu Xing’s chest.


“Thank you…”

Sanbi smiled and said, “The rules are dead, while the people using them are alive. The one with the ability to willingly donate one’s ballots to their competitor is who people would truly support, who possesses the true charisma of a leader.”

Sanbi turned to face the crowd. “The most beautiful period of a human’s life is their school life during their youth. Those wildly rebellious three years in a restricted campus environment creates a brightness that is worthy of being reflected on for the rest of one’s life.

“Special animate beings have very long lifespans. Their youth is endless, with death from old age being an endpoint that is out of reach. Because it is unlimited, it cannot be treasured either. Through this school ceremony, I hope that every student can leave behind a beautiful memory that is both dazzling and hard to erase—this is precisely the value and meaning of life. This is precisely what we special animate beings are unskilled in.”

The people below began to applaud.

Fu Xing felt that Sanbi’s words had called out to many people, as well as reminded himself.

If he were just an ordinary human being, would his senior high life be this glorious? If he had known that he was a special animate being from the beginning, then would he still have found his time in Shalom so joyful?

No matter what, he was glad he was himself at this very moment.

The bell struck midnight. Shalom’s Star ballot officially came to an end.

At this point, the MC suddenly cut in, “There is another award to be issued, a special popularity award based on voluntary voter donations. One person’s ballot count was also very high, but as their identity was never found, their qualifications to compete were removed. Instead, a prize was prepared using voter contributions.”

The MC snapped his fingers, and someone below immediately lifted a prize certificate with the winner’s photo at the centre of the frame.

“Ah, that’s—” Fu Xing recognised Samukawa: the shota version of Samukawa.

That’s the photo Zi Ye took!

Fu Xing exchanged a look with Leon and the others, and they all tacitly grinned.

Good job, Zi Ye! They mentally gave him a thumbs-up.

The tumultuous school ceremony–the school ceremony that went through crisis after crisis–drew an ending mark with a water spirit’s waterworks show. At three in the morning, the curtain officially dropped.

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  1. Can you please update Yu Brother’s Casebook I want to know what happen after it.🙏🙏🙏🙏update itSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. Please check the announcement on my website. Due to personal reasons, I haven’t been able to translate much – FXDL was already translated so I just needed to upload it.


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