I’m TaffyGirl13, or Taffy for short. I am fluent in Chinese and English, and edit, translation check, and translate for various series. I use my own knowledge of Chinese to translate, with the help of dictionaries and Baidu for words I don’t know, or when I’m trying to find better ways to translate certain terms (mainly idioms >.>)

Currently, my ongoing solo translation projects are Yu Brothers’ Case Book, Fu Xing Dong Lai, and THE REAL AWAKENING. I also have a side project, Close Combat Mage. There is no set schedule of releases for any series. I am translating for fun in my own free time, and do not claim any ownership over the original work by the author. Please do not repost my translations anywhere. You can check out more details on my FAQ page.

I also help translate and edit several series on PrinceRevolution, and have helped novels on Giraffe Corps, Gravity Tales, Shiroyukineko, etc. in the past. I have been translating since 2015 and have helped many projects in the past, so you might see my name randomly floating around.

I no longer have an editor, so if you spot any mistakes in my translations feel free to comment or message me, and I will correct them as soon as possible. :)

You can contact me by commenting, leaving a message in the Discord, or emailing me at: taffygirl13@gmail.com.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for introducing us to CCM and translating it. Please keep up the great work. I’ll be following your site and when the translated chapters reach atleast 40 then I will start reading CCM, from the synopsis I’ve read it sound very interesting!

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  2. thanks for picking up CCM!!! just my personal thoughts here but don’t pick up another series. just try and push out as many chapters of CCM. Especially due to the authors likeness of making 1 chapter into 2. (IE. part 1 and part 2 crap.) So I know i personally would love to see 2 chapters a day if you have the time (plus will help your Chinese lol). But anyways thank you for picking up CCM so fast!!!


    1. PMG translator uses notsaneinthebrain as his name what a troll

      Ty for picking up CCM if you have time and want to open donations please do I’ll be sure to contribute some one of my three most favourite series no.1 will still be tales of demons and gods =<


  3. tales of demons and gods have moved to wuxiaworld. thought you would like to know since it is in you recomand list


  4. Sorry, I’m already extremely busy with school, and barely have enough time to translate my own series. I don’t have the time to pick up another one. I wish you good luck though!


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