New Theme!

I’m bored with my current theme so I changed it! so I found a few new ones and I’d like you guys to vote for the one you like best!

Update: I have closed the poll early since I decided to change the theme while I posted a chapter, and a lot more people voted than I’d anticipated anyways. It was a close run between Hero, Sela, and Lovebirds, and I ultimately went with Sela because I felt it matched the site atmosphere more and because my editor likes it more.

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Cheating Craft Anime

The Emon animation brand, Haoliners, will be releasing a series of animated shorts (~10min long episodes) to adapt Cheating Craft on October 5. From my research, it seems the manhua is pretty popular, and the animation will most likely be loosely based off the manhua, although it seems to have its own original  characters as well, and the art style is newly created.

From the last time I checked the manhua raws, it’s just finished V4. There was quite a bit of filler, so I’m not sure if it’ll continue on to V5 just yet. In my honest opinion, while the manhua is adapted to have a bit more action and humor, I still much prefer the novel. The manhua, aside from creating its own content and modifying some of the original content, also skips a lot of the story (ie. the prologue with Abby doesn’t exist). While they seem to work their way fine around it, I find the story much less clearer and harder to follow with missing context everywhere. The art is amazing though. (On a side note, the translations are quite slow, I’m not even sure if it’s currently still a continuing project or not).

You can check out more information about the upcoming animation here and here. There’s also a short promotion video you can watch~

Important Announcement

Due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, I am being forced to go to China for an internship this summer. This internship requires me to work from 9-5:30 every day (+2 hrs travel time), in addition to something like homework assignments, on top of some independent studying that I have to get done for the next school semester. China also has Google blocked, so I cannot get help on my translations from my editors and translation checkers.

As a result, I will not be able to provide chapters for the two months that I will be there for.

I’m sure that most of you know just how much I love translating, and I wish that these were not the circumstances that I have found myself in as well. However, this is the reality, and I unfortunately can only accept it. As a result, please bear with me during this period.

If you send me any emails in the meantime, I may not be able to see or respond, as since I mentioned earlier, Google is blocked in China. While I do have a VPN, it’s not very stable and doesn’t always work. Thus, I apologize if I don’t respond. However, you can try contacting me through the Discord chat. Even if I’m not online, drop a PM, and I’ll eventually respond.

I will be leaving the evening of 5/25, so I will release all the chapters I owe that week before then, before going on my hiatus. Watch out for the messages on my posts so that you know which is the last chapter for the week (and for the next two months).

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. I will strive to improve my Chinese in the meantime, and hopefully give you better and faster translations when I return.

tl;dr I will be on two month hiatus starting 5/25. This week’s chapters will all be released before then.

Important Announcement

The next 2 weeks will be finals week for me, so there may be 3 chapters, and there may not be  3 chapters during this period, I’m really not sure. If in the next 2 weeks, less than 6 chapters are released, I will make up for them afterwards (probably in a mass release), and I should hopefully be able to release more over summer break once I get my plans organized.

Thank you so much for understanding.

New Chat!

So as I’m sure some of you may have noticed, the tlk chat has gone. This is mainly due to the fact that it periodically goes down. I’ve been considering possible alternatives for a while now, but I hadn’t really decided on one until now. But since a couple of people have brought it up to me, I made a new one here. It uses Discord, which has both a browser and app version, so it’s up to you which you’d like to use. An account also isn’t necessary, but it makes certain things easier, and will give you more permissions. I’ve also added the link under Quick Links on the side.

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Author’s Note + Some Comments

There was an author’s note at the end of 247-248 that I didn’t put at the end of the chapter by mistake, as I was in a rush to get all the chapters out. I have updated the end of ch248 now to include it. I highly encourage everyone to read it. There is another author’s note at the end of 249-250 that is much clearer and more detailed than this one, but I still think it’s best to read both. I will make sure to add the second author’s note at the end of ch250, whenever that is released.

There have been an astounding number of comments and views with this mass release, and it’s really amazed me. I thank everyone for their support! It seems that the site will hit 4M sooner than I had anticipated :O

To clear some things up:
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