The chapters in this volume are crazy long. I thought this one was already long, but the next one is even longer and it doesn’t help that all my series seem to have decided to have long chapters at the same time…We’ll see how long it takes me considering my current work schedule makes it near impossible to do anything on weekdays. I did love this chapter though, it definitely made me laugh. And Yi Tai may have just pushed Yan Si back down from my bias list after this chapter.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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YBCB SS: Roommates and Mysteries

As promised, here is the side story about Yan Si and Li Zi Hong back when they were roommates in university! They have such an amazing friendship xD

Speaking of side stories, I recently read some great YBCB fanfictions. If you can read Chinese, I strongly recommend this one in particular. It’s about Yu Yin suddenly de-aging one day, and he goes around talking to the “grown-up” versions of his friends and family and asking them if they remember the conversations he had with them as a kid (reference to CNY SS). The characters are written so perfectly, and it’s cool to see all the references to the actual content! And little Ah Yin is super adorable as always <3

Feel free to message me on Discord if you would like more Chinese YBCB fanfiction recommendations~

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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YBCB2: V4C13 + Epilogue

No matter how many times I read this chapter (or really, this entire volume, but mostly this chapter), it never fails to make my heart hurt…and make me feel so conflicted. Do you guys think Zheng Zhong Hui deserved his ending? I’m not entirely sure…but I also feel like a “happy ending” for this case was impossible from the beginning when the “ghost story” occurred so many years ago.

And ugh, the pain and guilt that they are all forced to go through…Li Zi Hong, Dong Feng, Yu Yin…T.T At least the Epilogue is sweet.

On a brighter note, my next post will be a Side Story! It’s a snapshot of Li Zi Hong and Yan Si from their days as roommates in university. I thought it would be fitting (and uplifting) after the events of this volume. I also have been too busy with grad school applications to translate much (it doesn’t help that these chapters have all been on the longer side), so releases may slow and/or pause just a bit, though I’ll continue trying my best! Next volume stars Jiu Shen as the “main character”, and most of it is from his perspective.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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