Who are you?

I’m Taffy, or TaffyGirl13. I’ve been one of the main translators of Close Combat Mage since translations for it first started (it was previously hosted on Pika Translations), and have been interested in the story since. I also translate the Taiwanese light novel series Yu Brothers’ Case Book (which was previously translated on CreativeNovels), and Cheating Craft (currently on indefinite hiatus).

As translating is just a hobby I do in my free time, I translate whatever I want and whenever I want, which is why I’m involved with many other groups such as GiraffeCorps and PrinceRevolution, as well as Gravity, Japtem, Shiroyukineko, etc. in the past. You may see my name in other random places as well. More can be found on my About page.

What’s the release schedule?

I’m sure this is the most important question to readers. As of now, I will not have a set release schedule, mainly because I am extremely busy with working full-time. I translate in my free time for fun (instead of reading), but unfortunately, I don’t have that much free time with my irregular work schedule, so updates are sporadic.

I try to make sure the chapters are error-free before release (since as an editor myself, I am particular about errors. On that note, please notify me if you see an error that was missed in a chapter). Because there is no set schedule, make sure to follow this site if you want to keep up with updates!

While I personally prefer schedules, I simply don’t want to promise chapters at specific times when I cannot guarantee them. Therefore, there will not be a set schedule until I am confident that I can stick to it 100%.

Why are the CCM chapters split into “pt.1 and pt.2”, and why do some of the chapter titles not have relevance to the chapter?

The official site the raws are posted on make money by locking some chapters to ‘VIP’ members only, meaning you have to pay to read them (which is the reason for the alternative raws link on the index page). Starting from chapter 81 of the raws, the site/author combines every 2 chapters together (ie. 81-82, 83-84), which I can only assume is something related to making them VIP access only. Since the chapters are combined, there is only one title, which tends to be related to the latter chapter of the two. I and my editors typically split the combined chapter about halfway to release separate, approximately equal length chapters as we feel is appropriate. This is why sometimes the ‘pt.1’ chapters don’t have much relevance to the title, and why the chapters are split into ‘parts’. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about possible spoilers in the title for the ‘pt.1’ chapters.

Can you change the site appearance?

I’m a completely money-free site, so I unfortunately do not have many customizing choices. However, if you prefer a certain theme or color that is offered for free on WordPress, feel free to recommend it to me and I’ll take a look at it. 😀 I’m open to any suggestions.

Why isn’t my comment showing up on the site?

All first-time commenters must have their comments approved first; they will stay pending until I get around to approving them. This is to avoid spam. If this is your first time commenting, be patient; I will approve the comment as I see fit when I have the time. After the first comment has been approved, you can comment freely without having it pend first.

Can I donate?

I do not accept donations. However, I do always appreciate thankful, thoughtful, and nice comments. 😉

Are there ads on the site?

No, I do not have any ads on the site. If you see any here, they are from WordPress, and I do not profit from these. Similarly, I cannot remove them since I am only using the basic, free WordPress template, and I apologise if it’s an inconvenience.

Are you a girl or a guy?

Neither, I am a robot!

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below, and I will try my best to answer them. You can also often find me in my chat. Thanks for your support and understanding!


3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. marcusblade1 says:

    Dear Taffy, I wanted to thank you for translating CCM. I am glad you returned and can say without a doubt you are truly a diligent person. I do not know if you also translate Japanese but if so or know someone that does please email me back. I have a light novel I think you would like.

    Liked by 1 person

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