• What is the release schedule/frequency for ________?

I’m sure this is the most important question to readers. As of now, I will not have a set release schedule/frequency for any series, mainly because I am extremely busy with working full-time. I translate in my limited free time. Despite not having a set schedule/frequency, my releases are generally consistent anyways, as I’m usually free around the same times.

Because there is no set schedule, make sure to follow the series on Novel Updates, follow my site, or join the Discord server if you want to keep up with updates! You can find the project status and the NU page links on the sidebar of the Home Page.

  • How do I report a mistake or a wrong link in a chapter?

I do not currently have an editor for any of my series and I try to make sure the chapters are error-free before release. However, it’s always easy for things to slip through when reviewing one’s own work, so please notify me in the comments if you see an error or a wrong link in a chapter.

  • Can I re-post your translations elsewhere? 

No. If you find any of my translations elsewhere, they were taken without my permission.

  • Can I translate your work into another language?

No, please translate from the author’s original work. This is the best way to support the author, plus every translation will inevitably delineate further from the original work. Most importantly, I do not want to risk my translations being taken down because another translator (using my translations as a base) was illegally profiting from it without the novel copyrights. However, if you would like guidance on obtaining the raws or deciding on certain terms, feel free to contact me for help.

  • Can I donate?

I do not accept donations or any type of monetary commissions, as I do not own the official copyrights to these novels. I translate as a hobby only. Please support the original authors if you can instead (you can find links to the books on the Index pages, or contact me for more guidance if needed). However, I do always appreciate thankful, thoughtful, and nice comments. ;)

  • Are there ads on the site?

No, I do not have any ads on the site, for the same reason I do not accept donations. If you see any here, they are from WordPress, and I do not profit from these. Similarly, I cannot remove them since I am only using the basic, free WordPress template, and I apologize if it’s an inconvenience. Feel free to use adblock if you have that option.

  • Why are the CCM chapters split into “pt.1 and pt.2”, and why do some of the chapter titles not have relevance to the chapter?

The official site the raws are posted on make money by locking some chapters to ‘VIP’ members only, meaning you have to pay to read them. The VIP chapters are all combined chapters (ie. 81-82, 83-84). Since the chapters are combined, there is only one title, which tends to be related to the latter chapter of the two. I typically split the combined chapter about halfway to release separate, approximately equal length chapters as I feel is appropriate. This is why sometimes the ‘pt.1’ chapters don’t have much relevance to the title, and why the chapters are split into ‘parts’. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about possible spoilers in the title for the ‘pt.1’ chapters.

  • Can you change the site appearance?

This is a completely money-free site, so I unfortunately do not have many customization options. However, if you prefer a certain theme or color that is offered for free on WordPress, feel free to recommend it to me and I’ll take a look at it. :D

  • Why isn’t my comment showing up on the site?

All first-time commenters must have their comments approved first; they will stay pending until I get around to approving them. This is to avoid spam. If this is your first time commenting, be patient; I will approve the comment as I see fit when I have the time. After the first comment has been approved, you can comment freely without having it pend first.

  • Do you have e-pub/pdf versions of your series and/or can I make them? 

I do not currently have any e-pub/pdf versions of any of my series that I am aware of. If you do find any, they were done without my permission. If you would like to make them, please message me and we can discuss further.

  • Can I request a series for you to translate?

The simple answer is no. Not because I would not be interested, but simply because I do not have the time and resources. But there are many other lovely translators out there that I am sure would be willing to pick up any suggested series.

If you have any more questions, you can comment them below and I will try my best to answer them. You can also find me in my Discord. Thanks for your support and understanding!

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Dear Taffy, I wanted to thank you for translating CCM. I am glad you returned and can say without a doubt you are truly a diligent person. I do not know if you also translate Japanese but if so or know someone that does please email me back. I have a light novel I think you would like.

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  2. well you can change theme between two refresh time(in other words,when you stay during one dtls handshake).Well,blabbings aside
    1.Right click(on the designated webpage) and click inspect
    2.You’ll be directed to html source page adjacent to the right side of the page
    3.on the top,3 no. icon from the right(yes settings),click it
    4.refresh the developer tool(i just go to the experiment tile,random click some box,then click the close button at the right top)
    5.Refresh the dev tool
    6.You’ll get many options.One of them is bgcolor(with black color).Then right beside it you’ll see a six digit hexa decimal number(with hash tag).You would want to click it,then it’ll be selected.Then just type”#ffffff” (or you can pick any suitable hexa decimal number by googling html color picker)

    you’re done

    p.s:i’m just a new learner to html language,so do pardon my lack of knowledge.I think it’ll help many readers ignorant of html in the wordpress site.I just find the black background so strenuous for my eye


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